69 sex techniques

69 sex techniques for impressing your girlfriend/boyfriend in bed !

🔥 Find out here 69 effective sex techniques, that can be used by everyone, for impressing your girlfriend or your boyfriend. 🔥

What the fuck ?

It’s not about wacky techniques, nor seen-and-reviewed sore spots, just renamed with a buzzword like U, T, K-spot, etc.

These are 69 effective techniques , quite easy to implement, and which will take you to the next level sexually speaking. I’m going to show them to you so that, starting tonight, you’ll be a better leg in bed.

Your friend will feel like this :

I have arranged the techniques by category: “rather for men”, “rather for women”. Then in sub-categories: “warming someone”, “fingering “, “caresses”, “oral sex”, “squirt”, “penetration”, “increasing the power of orgasm”, “holding longer”, “spicing up things”, “what to do after sex”, “other” (tricks for better masturbating, how to orgasme together at the same time or how to improve pleasure for those who have trouble using condoms), etc.

Who’ll enjoy this video training ?

Men, women and couples !

A word of advice: watch everything! Because the techniques “rather for men” can concern women: for example, fingering a woman can be used by a woman who would like to have a threesome. Or for explaining to her boyfriend how to finger her better. Likewise, techniques such as edging , which consist of giving your partner the strongest possible orgasm, concern men as well as women, because they work with a cunnilingus just like with as fellatio. So the training is for everybody.

I’m going to show you all with my new friend the Tantaly Britney doll as well as a vagina and a dildo.

What if I’ve read The Awesome lovers’s manual ?

You’ll love it too !

This training is halfway between The Awesome lovers’s manual (47$) / The Good Lovers’s manual sex-guide for women (57$), which explain sex to you as well as a good book can do, and with Tuto X training (545$), tutorial for which I hired two models who agreed to show you everything for real on video. It is therefore a continuation (an extension) of these previous sex formations.

You will find the tutorial “69 sex techniques” on video with a written support.

Can I watch an extract for free ?

OK ! I give you 3 sex techniques for free !

(This video is also available on p*rnhub channel Fabrice Julien Le Grivois)

How much for these awesome 69 techniques shown and explained ?

1 technique = 1$

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Fabrice Julien, French sex coach since 2010

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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