Manual for men who want to get hard and last a long time in bed !

how to last and get hard erections

This guide is for men who want a HARD boner and who want to be TOUGH ! 🔥

Women generally need penetration to last between 10 and 30 minutes to get a kick out of it! (With a hard dick.) So even if you’re not premature ejaculator (i.e. you last longer than 3 minutes), you need help if your girl is not orgasming ! It’s not enough…

Let me ask you a few questions:

When you can’t get a hard with a woman, do you feel that you are losing part of your manhood?

When you come very (too) quickly with a woman, do you have the impression of not being at the maximum of your masculinity?

Have you ever thought that, for being truly satisfied, a girl should better sleep with someone other than you? Or even to cheat on you?

Now imagine having very strong erections and managing to last as long as you want. Would you love yourself more? Get more pleasure yourself ? Would your partner be more satisfied? Would you feel proud of yourself? More confident, too?

What if I told you that it is possible to get a HARD erection on demand? And to control your ejaculation? Seriously… you can learn to be a good lover, have a good boner and how to control your cock!


Sexual impotence or erectile dysfunction consists either in the lasting impossibility of obtaining a valid erection, or of not being able to maintain it (if it is obtained) with sufficient penile rigidity for the performance of the sexual act at the precise moment of penetration, or not being able to “finish” your sexual intercourse with an ejaculation.

Erection and ejaculation disorders are a taboo subject. But working on it will benefit you AND your partner. You are therefore courageous and generous in wanting to improve (even aiming for perfection) in this domain. 🔥

last longer in bed

If you are kind of victim in life who just wants to complain and stay a premature ejaculator or a loser all your life, then what follows is not for you.

The contents of the guide:

Understand where these problems come from (physical and psychological causes);

Tricks to put in place to get a hard-on and last longer tonight (solutions that can be used immediately);

Solutions to put in place for “natural” results in the long run (you will be harder and will last longer without making any special efforts);

More than 20 potential solutions to your problem in order to find the one (or those) that work for you. They work even if the girl you’re going to have sex with is intimidating you, even if it’s your first time sleeping with her, and even if you have no experience so far… and even if she wants to do it in the dark !

A Sex-Tao and Tantra course to help you train in ejaculatory control;

Practices to do alone and practices to do with your girl ;

We also talk about those who have trouble “finishing”. That is to say, those who have a more or less hard-on but who fail to ejaculate or orgasm.

We will see how to avoid “accidents” in bed as much as possible.

My story of former premature

The first few times I had sex with a girl, I lasted about 20 seconds. You can imagine the disappointed faces of the girls… and mine, a little ashamed.

I pick up these girls, it took time and energy, but I couldn’t enjoy it in bed.

Worse, gradually, I lost my self-confidence, I experienced it as a humiliation. Every time I slept with a girl, I felt real apprehension about coming too quickly.

I stressed myself out so much that I sometimes didn’t even have a hard-on in front of a girl I liked. I masturbated and it came back but I lost my erection every 2 minutes during coitus. What a shame!

Several girls I liked didn’t want to sleep with me again or see me again because of the bad first impression I had made on them sexually. Few have given me a second chance.

So I decided to take care of this problem. I read ebooks, followed training videos and trained a lot.

Result: today, I am the best leg of the life of many women, I control my cock, and I am very fulfilled sexually. Women tell me that they have rarely felt such hard sex and look at me with admiring eyes after the act. Like a sex machine.

I wish every man knew that. That feeling of masculinity and power!

So much that I became a sexuality coach, with more than 250’000 subscribers on my Youtube (French) channel : Le Grivois. And more than 3000 daily visitors on my website.

Price and discretion

At $29€, the price is ridiculous compared to the benefits you will derive from it. How much is it worth to be the best lover of a woman’s life? To orgasm like crazy and master your dick? To no longer live the shame of being a premature ejaculator?

You can start reading in a minute (PDF ebook format). No delivery charges, no need to wait for the package, none of that… just click the button below and I’ll give you all my best tips, tricks and techniques. A summary of everything I learned and my 10 years of experience as an incredible fucker.

The purchase is obviously confidential, 100% discreet. I totally understand you for wanting to remain discreet on this subject.

Take control of your love and sex life! Unleash your hit potential!

Your seduction coach,
Fabrice Julien

PS: No, it’s not too good to be true.

PPS: click here to read the introduction to the ebook.

last long in bed

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