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One night stand : how to find and propose to be a sexfriend ?

a one night stand or a sexfriend relationship

A one night stand, at the base, it’s a shot of a night. That is to say, a sexual relationship, nothing more since the participants do not intend to develop a lasting relationship, or even to meet again.

Sometimes we talk about regular sex, or sexfriends. This is when the partners have sex from time to time but without feeling engaged.


How to find a sexfriend ?

There are many sites on the internet that can help you to find a one night stand or a sexfriend easily.

Tinder has been much criticized for this, because politically correct love to criticize sex without commitment. But it’s one of the best I know. There is also Adopteunmec. Finally, currently, the means to find a good sexfriend or a one night stand are not lacking.

If not, you can also propose a one night stand to a girl of your entourage. Or to a girl you have just flirted in the street, in a bar or in a club.

sexfriend or one night stand



How to propose a one night stand or a sexfriend to a girl?


The first problem that arises when proposing a one night stand or a sexfriend relationship to a girl is ethics. Should you tell her clearly that you only want a sexfriend (at least to begin) or is it necessary to play the transit lover until you reach your goals?

In any case, if you asked yourself this question, you have identified part of the problem. If a girl said loudly that she wants only sex, she might be treated as a bitch.

Indeed, women have the fantasy (secret) of the unknown and good sex easy but they have above all a priority: they want to protect their reputation.

Men, they, have no problem to assume to want to fuck easily without headache or feeling. Although I have the impression that there are more and more guys who become Puritan, well-being, tight-asss and blue flower.

The problem in all this is that some let hope the girls. They tell themselves that if they were frank by saying frankly to the girls that they just wanted to fuck, they would not be interested. This is of course wrong, because there are a lot of girls who have nothing against the idea of ​​sex, but it’s mostly being an asshole.

a one night stand or a sexfriend relationship


Sexfriend OR couple?

The a one night stand or a sexfriend relationship allows to spend pleasant moments between consenting adults, and it’s always taken on life. Whether it leads to a relationship or not, it is better to have orgasmed than have spent another ninth TV evening with your cat.

However, sometimes partners get involved. Sometimes, at the bend of an “innocuous” fuck, the two realize that they share an intense sexual and emotional connection. And that can lead to beautiful stories.

It seems to me a much better start than to qualify intellectually for a month around drinks and restaurants. Because after a month of time, money and energy invested, when you go to sleep together: maybe you will not be compatible. Maybe it will be shit, maybe you’ll be too bad for her or she’s expecting something else, etc. If there is no sexual and emotional connection between you, it’s better if you know it quickly, right?

So, letting a potential couple sparkle or even the opportunity to see you again to become regular plans is a good idea but only if you really think. Otherwise, it’s still like being an asshole.

Selling ​​the dream and making plans on the comet just to fuck… no! I had a friend who did that in high school, he said “I love you” to the girls just to fuck them. What an example not to follow!


Why would not you want a couple?

If you want to be sure to succeed in your first year of seduction, because this is where we progress the most, I do not advise you to couple or have too many regular sexfriends.

Indeed, fucking one day out of two your regular sexfriends, this is the best way to no longer go out picking women up, not to have faith, to stay in your comfort zone and therefore not to progress.


Why would not she want a couple?

Although women love to say they are looking for love and everything, they are often far from closed to the idea of ​​a hot sexfriend. If it was her favorite rock star who proposed her to fuck, do you really think the girl would need to be invited to the restaurant 3 times before removing her panties?

a one night stand or a sexfriend relationship


There are girls who want a one night stand, even with a guy lambda, if only to change their minds or because they come out of a story and want to meet the needs of their bodies.

Examples are not lacking: recently separated, divorced, taking career, wants to take revenge on her guy who cheats on her, nympho, libertine in an open relationship, etc.

In summary, I do not advise you to assume that women always want commitment and promise before sleeping with a man. This is false but it is a very widespread limiting belief that is likely to make you lose easy shots.

Be careful though because some girls really think that sex without feeling has no interest… it is also a limiting belief that can prevent them from enjoying during their full life. Some women have never been properly fucked, so they do not know that sex for sex, it can be super good… A good a one night stand or a sexfriend relationship would probably do them the greatest good!


How to qualify?

They do what they want with their bodies and that’s good because that’s exactly what young Womanizers like me do too. There may be a match!

Moreover, if you are 40 and over, this is also the best way to fuck young girls: you allow them to enjoy your sexual experience during private meetings while they do not have to face the people look “ah but it looks like you’re going out with your father!”

However, for a a one night stand or a sexfriend relationship, what makes the difference between you and the 150 dogs in heat  she meets every day or who send her pictures of their cock after 2 texts?

You have to stand out from the competition. This is where the game is even more useful.

Obviously, if you have a reputation as a fun guy and a good fucker, it will do a lot of work for you. Personally, there are some girls who offer me sometimes one night stands. Some even travel 300km to come enjoy with me. It’s awesome, right?


Conversation topics

With you, life is not a headache! To encourage the discussion to lead to a one night stand or a sexfriend relationship, prefer light subjects.

Do not ask a woman who seems to want to fuck if she has a guy or what. Do not bring the conversation on it. Do not talk about things that can destroy sexual tension. Prefer 100 times talking about sex.

But you must cover your proposal all the same: you do not say “I propose a a one night stand or a sexfriend relationship”. You say rather “it must be too good to be in you… I really want it right away as in a bubble out of time and our lives. I propose you a sex session easy, fast, intense, passionate, without judgment…”

Carve some side carpe diem, which will be your added value, as the Rake in The art of seduction.

one night stand sexfriend


Reassure her

Regarding a possible relationship couple, tell her that if you share a strong intellectual and sexual connection it will be done alone. Otherwise, it is always taken from life and washed well it can be used again.

Do not be an emotional dependent guy who needs to be in a couple more than sex. It’s really like a frustrated chick thing that lives alone with her cats and looks at romantic comedies all night long. Do not lower yourself to this level, please!

In addition, you have to communicate that you are a little demanding: you do not want you to sleep with her just because she is there, like a piece of meat, but because it is HER.

You have to prize her and qualify her on things (if possible not physical details).

An important thing is openness. Do not judge yourself or others too harshly for their natural desires.

Remove the social pressure, remove the fear of judgment and you will have a good chance of having sex!

Finally, insist that after a sex drive, you have never insulted, denigrated, disrespected a woman, spread rumors about her, etc.

The ideal for a one night stand or a sexfriend relationship is that she is ready to assume her fantasies and desires without being judged.


Read to go further

The truth (which disturbs) on the relations men / women

In this book I explain the ideal state of mind. What to communicate and how to do to get the plans going. I strongly advise you to read it because it has been a trigger for many men.

Friendzone and Sexualization

In this ebook, I explain how to sexualize an interaction. And you will need it if you want to fuck lots of girls.

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Why meeting on the street?

meeting on the street

Meeting people on the street is possible and it is not even difficult. Having sex women met in the street is also possible… but it is a little more difficult. For example, for my Cyprine training, I had to do 3 intensive days of street pick-up before I managed to instant fuckclose.

Otherwise, I already kissed and fucked some other chicks whose number I had taken in the street. In fact, street pick-up is not what I prefer, but I think it should be practiced anyway.

Why ? Below are 7 reasons to meet on the street.

1/ Because it is very formative. Making encounters in the street teaches you a lot about yourself, about others and about the possibilities.

2/ Because we can meet a lot of girls that we would have met if not. Indeed, some chicks are not registered on any dating site and never go out in nightclubs…

3/ Because being in the right places at the right time is way to play on the statistics by approaching a lot… and thus to find a right match. For example, in a big city like Paris, you can approach all day: the number of girls seems unlimited and only fatigue can stop you… it is a good way to provoke your chance!

4/ In the street, you can talk without screaming, unlike nightclubs. In addition, you quickly see if there is a connection with the other person unlike with dating sites that do not let pass all the elements of the body language.

5/ Because we are fed up that the man loses his balls in France. I heard that there will soon be a law preventing men from approaching women in the street? What next ?! We have to organize resistance !!! Let’s not let the feminazies and the fucking politically correct assholes cut us off what remains of our balls.

6/ Because it’s free and a meeting “like our grandparents did”… well, it’s rather romantic.

7/ Because some girls have the fantasy of getting approached in the street.

Now, here are 3 reasons to be wary of the street pick-up.

1 / Because you can come across a chick who has the brain turned over by Marion Seclin and her girlfriends from Madmoizelle: she will probably try to send you into jail by lying and pretending you assaulted her by touching her ass like 70 guys before while you would actually just had time to say “hi, I saw you…” and that nobody else spoke to her during the day.

2/ Because with the current media campaign that seeks to prevent encounters on the streets (the only meeting environment where you do not have to pay) and which is clearly aimed at making people more and more solitary, so weak and manipulable, a lot of women will send you to Hell more or less politely when you’ll approach them. Even if they were actually very happy to talk to a man even though they were very happy that you reassured them about their seductive power and even if they secretly dreamed of meeting a man like you. So, the success rate when you pick-up on the street is very low…

3/ Because of the current campaign of demonization of the street pick-up, you will be assimilated to a stalker when you talk to people about your passion for street pick-up. This can hurt your reputation. The noisy minority of riff-raff sexual harassers has beaten the majority of guys class, respectful and well-intentioned.

Sorry but between the fragile jealous of your ability and most of the chicks (who would be unable to approach the street) who do not recognize that it takes a lot of courage to do that, the quasi-entire society will be merciless with you… you have to know and prepare yourself!

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The fear of women

The fear of womenMany men are afraid of women. But most of them do not even admit it to themselves because it is a taboo subject.

By putting my feet in the dish, I expect to receive a lot of insults in the comments “blahblahblah I am not afraid of women if I do not approach and if I practice only the missionary in bed it is just a question of respect…
– Shut up !”

Yeah, if you listen to the guys, they are all Don Juan who are not fags and who are very hot. But if you listen to the chicks, the average man in France, in our time, has lost his balls. The sexy guy a little macho, who is not afraid of anything, that chicks usually likes in TV shows or movies, is only a fantasy that is far from representing male sex.

Being afraid of women is a very common phenomenon. This is what I will make you aware of in this article (and you need to be aware of it because women are also increasingly afraid of men so we will not get out of it if no one does anything). Then I will give you some solutions to improve your love and sex life!

Before you begin, a little reminder: what are the symptoms of fear? Tangled throat, sweaty hands, tachycardia, stomach pain, ants in the limbs, paralysis, inability to concentrate, etc.


Are you able to approach an unknown girl ?

The fear of approaching women is the most obvious problem. And it makes sense because the approach is the first phase of a male-female interaction. If we do not go through this step, we cannot go further (except with dating sites).

Are you the kind of guy who hesitates, who procrastinates the day he will approach strangers, who invents apologies for doing nothing? If so, you are afraid of women. Are you the type of guys who approaches but who is silent in front of the girls or who is unable to say something interesting then who begins an investigation like Colombo “what is your name? How old are you ? Do you come here often ? What do you do in life ?” Again, if you have recognized yourself, then you are afraid of women.

Ah shit, I should have warned you that it was better to put your ego aside before reading this article.

Well. Where does this fucking fear come from ? The fear of approaching women is mostly related to the fear of the eyes of others…

It is the fear of being misunderstood if you approach a woman… it is the fear that a fucking feminist will throw on you to kill you while insulting you like a filthy beast “perverse stalker“! Yeah, I admit, thanks to Marion Seclin and her hateful friends, we live in a rather anxious climate that absolutely does not help men and women to be sexually fulfilled (this is a little the general psychosis and the guilt of everyone). Above all, we must not neglect the number of crazy hysterical women who circulate in the streets with the firm will to cut the balls to the first man who will speak to them.

The fear of approaching women is also the fear that the girl you are going to approach because she is sexy (she looks like Nabilla) and because she makes you hard is in fact a terrorist or the wife of a nervous guy who would unhesitatingly take out a knife from his pocket to stab you before even you speak. Yeah, I know, it’s politically incorrect to talk about insecurity in France and to say that there are people who are a bit crazy walking with impunity with weapons in the streets but that is the truth.

You may think that in case of an altercation, you could count on the solidarity of  other people and get you out of it alive? Well, all the lobotomized politically correct people will find it normal for you to get impaled because you are, according to them, the dirty stalker of a “poor defenseless women”. I may darken the picture a little, maybe the people around you would just not move, too happy that it is not they who are being murdered.


Are you able to sexualize with a girl you do not know well?

If the answer is “no” then you are afraid of women.

This may be related to a lack of experience, past bad experiences, an education that made you a too “nice” guy, to a physical complex (ears that stick out, big nose, small cock, premature ejaculator, not able to get hard, etc.)

How can you get out of it ? Fuck a lot of chicks, stop being afraid of being awesome in bed (at worst, it’s not so bad, we all started as a beginner one day), stop thinking that you need to be a romantic to sleep with a girl, stop being afraid of being thought of as a pervert, tell yourself that women love sex as much if not more than we do. In other words: stop sacralizing the woman. Also, stop putting the women on a pedestal! It looks like the whole present generation of men has been castrated…


Are you afraid to make yourself respected in your relationship?

Do you say “yes” to everything for fear of losing your girlfriend? Are you so afraid of upsetting her that you obey as soon as she demand something? Have you stopped to make yourself respected in privacy?

If so, you’ve lost your balls and you’re afraid of your wife… But do not worry, you’re not alone. Yeah, few men are able to stand up in front of their chick (with respect, of course, I do not speak here of beating her).

There are too many white knights and too many princesses in France! In short, how can you heal? I know it’s not easy (there’s no quick fix) but you’ll have to reframe your girlfriend or leave her and start on good bases with another (respect yourself, damn!)


So, I hope you are reassured about your situation. Accepting your fear is the first step to get out of it. You are not alone !

The fear of women

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What gift to offer to your girlfriend or wife?

What gift to offer to your girlfriend or wifeWhen one asks the question “what to offer to my girlfriend? “Or” what to offer to my wife?” One should not to think about the financial value but rather to the sentimental value of the object. A good gift is something that touches her and that she will use with pleasure by thinking of you. As far as money is concerned, the more you know her for a long time, the more you can invest without risking being screwed.

Gifts that are not expensive but can be very fun:
– A book (if she likes to read) that you can dedicate to her “to my darling brunette, your koala of love”.
– A CD of a band that she likes or the DVD of a film that she likes or that she wants to see. It will show her that you are listening to her and that is the most important thing… It makes her understand that she is unique and non-interchangeable in your eyes.
– A scented candle, a massage oil or an essential oil if she likes think kind of stuff. The babes love what smells good, in general.
– Develop and frame a photo of you two that has a special meaning.
– Visit together a difficult of access and romantic place (for sports or VIP women).

Jewelery (variable prices):

There are not many women who do not like jewelry. But in any case, do not offer a ring if you do not plan to marry the girl. A ring, it has a damn symbolic value. Pay attention ! A bracelet or a necklace, it seems to me a priori to be a better idea… Earrings also, it can be not bad.

On the other hand, as men, it is often difficult to understand something and to know what a beautiful jewel is. So, I have a trick: I like to walk casually in stores with my girlfriend and pay attention to what she likes. I do not buy her when she seems to love something but I come back alone a few days later to take the jewel she has been eyeing!

Then, if the girl often puts the jewel you offered her, then it is that she likes you very much.

A garment (variable prices):

Same strategy as with jewelry. A top or a dress, it often makes its small effect! But it is necessary to choose well, and this is the most delicate moment…

Shoes or bag (variable prices):


Lingerie (in general it is quite expensive except some brands like Etam):

For Christmas, for her birthday or just like that, offering lingerie to a girl means communicating that you love her body. It’s sexy, erotic, and so on. And the best part of all this is that, normally, the lingerie will only be seen on her by you. This way, you create a certain complicity between you two. Besides, if you offer her that kind of stuff, it will encourage her to pay attention to her body and not become fat.

gift woman

Perfume (usually quite expensive):

The perfume is usually quite expensive. If you go to stores like Sephora, you will also find a lot of creams and stuff that go well with perfume… in general, chicks love this kind of stuff.

But to be sure that your girlfriend will like this perfume you have specifically chosen, make her smell it among others during your next visit to a store and ask her what she thinks. Do not her him of course why you make her smell perfumes « oh just like that! » Then, keep in mind the kind of stuff she seems to like!

A week-end somewhere (gift for two):

The chicks generally like to go on weekends with their man. The best is to plan a romantic week-end like a snowy cottage in winter where to make love on the skin of a beast in front of the fireplace. Or it’s cool to include an activity during your weekend, such as taking two tickets for the show of an artist she likes.

Avoid at all costs non-romantic gifts:

What is a non-romantic gift? A mixer, a microwave, a dildo belt, and so on. You understood the idea…

Even worse: A scales, a subscription in gym (is she at?) Attention to what it means !!!

And you, what are your best gift ideas?

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How to understand women? (+ books you need to read)

understand women

Understanding women … ahlala, how difficult it can be for a man! I have personally fumbled for several years before I see clear enough in it.

It must be admitted that men and women may be equal, we are not similar. There are big differences in terms of hormones, genetic heritage, worldview, education, customs and so on.

Understanding women seems important to me as it helps both to seduce (and sleep with women) and to live enriching relationships.

In this article, I will give you keys to better understand female psychology. Then, I will guide you to two books to read to better understand them (because 1000 words would not be enough).

1/ The fundamental error

One must not try to reason by pretending that women are men. When it comes to seduction, they think absolutely not the same way as us!

Even if we are attracted to the opposite sex (we are 80% attracted by a physical… they are by a social situation, a trust, etc.) Many men are wrong by trying to become more “beautiful” to seduce. It can not hurt, of course, but the main problem is not there. As long as they do not have a better understanding of what women are looking for in a relationship or an adventure, they will go blindly and lose a lot of time and energy.

In relationships, there are also a great deal of communication problems and misunderstandings between men and women: the fact that one does not necessarily put the same modalities on a “relationship” sometimes leads to big crises. To avoid this, I suggest you stop thinking that the other works exactly like you.

2/ Women adore emotions, men love logic:

There is nothing absolute in this rule but let’s say that, generally, women love romantic comedies more often than men. The emotions that the reading of a Fifty Shade of Gray transmits to them make them vibrate while this book leaves me unmoved.

This is why women sometimes give the impression of illogical behavior and their actions do not stick to their speech. A chick may very well not wanting to sleep with you but doing it anyway if you spend an evening together that turns her on like crazy! Likewise, she can let you undress her one day when she wants but she could say “no” if you try your luck another day (luckily, they go back to bed more easily then with a guy with whom they have already slept)…

Often women varies…

3/ Women protect their reputation

You must absolutely understand and accept that, in France, you live in a society where women pay great attention to their reputation.

A girl who sleeps with a lot of men, if this is known by bad people, will give her a reputation of bitch or whore: and it is not easy for a woman…

This reputation as an easy girl can excite guys, but they probably will not want a serious relationship with a girl reputed to be easy… as for the other girls, they will be the first to criticize a “competitor” to destroy her socially and keep the guys for them.

If you want to sleep easily with a lot of girls, you have to either provide them with an excuse such as “he’s handsome/he’s famous” or make the sexual act easy by taking initiatives or guarantee them discretion.

If a chick wants you but resists “for the principle”, it is probably she wants to make you good impression not to close the possibility of long relationship.

But be careful not to be too “soft” with a woman, at the risk of finishing in the friendzone and becoming unfuckable in her eyes.

4/ Women love sex

Many men are bad or selfish in bed (while believing to be very good). A girl can therefore forget some principles and sleep more easily with a man if she knows that she has no STD, that he will make her orgasm like a little crazy and that he will not judge her.

It must be understood that sexuality has a very important place in the life of a woman. They have much more erogenous zones than us, can feel more pleasure, etc.

Sorry to break the myth but women are not small fragile beings: so, if you fuck them, do not hesitate to fuck them very hard so that they are satisfied!

5/ Women choose (a little) and are very afraid of the rejection

To a lesser extent, women choose their partners… Indeed, in our French society, it is up to the man to take the first step. They only have to answer “yes” or “no”.

BUT they are not necessarily approached by men they like… and even if they are approached by guys they like, they may not necessarily say “yes” right away and easily for fear of being thought of as easy girl.

Similarly, it is tricky for them to send us too obvious approach invitations for fear of being thought of as a bitch who warms all the guys.

6/ Women are afraid of falling into an unstable man

The girls want to avoid at all costs guys who seem weird (for their own safety).

A man is usually much heavier and stronger than a woman: being in bed with this big beast is therefore something that requires a minimum of trust or confidence. Likewise, imagine that the guy becomes mad at the slightest annoyance and kills her? A woman is afraid of this kind of behavior and will therefore try to test you to avoid any problem.

For this, she can try to push you to the fault, use shit-tests or try to make you boast to eliminate you… do not fall into the trap!

7/ Every woman is different

You and your friends are men… but you are not completely alike with the same way of thinking about all subjects, is not it? Well, as far as women are concerned, it is the same thing… there are main lines that are common to most women, and then there are small details that differ.

For example, there are some who are more open-minded than others, others more pains in the ass than others, and so on.

8/ Homogamy

Men as women, we are sensitive to homogamy: we love what looks like us!

So understand that a Marseilles riffraff might find you absolutely not attractive if you are a kind of “classy boy” while you could easily seduce a well-born (but naughty) chick.

9/ Women master seduction

You only have to see the covers of women’s magazines… women, from an early age, see in seduction their main weapon to face life. But they can not shout it on all the roofs at the risk of being labeled “slut”.

So it’s not easy between the two sexes… and, in addition, some repressed lesbians like Marion Seclin feel compelled to dig even more the gap between men and women by preventing them from meeting in the street and creating an anxiety-filled climate of mistrust between us.

Fortunately I am convinced that we will not be able to hate each other because both sexes are irresistibly attracted to the another one and because every heterosexual woman keeps the hope of meeting “the man of his life » (just as men who believe a little to the charming princess).

10/ Two complete books to understand women

There would be a lot to say but I have already done 4 pages there… so I will stop and give you some tracks to go further (if you want to).

The two main books I have written to help you understand male and female behaviors are:
Evopsy & Seduction which is an analysis of our love behaviors according to the theory of Evolution. Much of the feminine behavior and paradoxes that we experience in society can be explained by the history of our species and the adaptation of our primitive instincts to modern life. Go and see, I put at your disposal a free extract of the book!
The (inconvenient) truth about gender relations that is a book that speaks a lot about the social pressure women feel and how to handle it to sleep with them (it is a work of general interest because they have as much desire as you). Again, I put you on line a free extract, have a look!

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Let’s escape the friendzone !


I – How to get out of the friendzone ?


Let's escape the friendzone !

There are many alarmist articles on the Internet that will tell you that it is impossible to get out of the friendzone. Others will tell you that the friendzone is an illusion. Because in fact everything is always possible. Sometimes not right away. Sometimes, of course, not at all.


Are you, in her eyes, a non-lover? If your lovely lady is asking you to serve her, confides in you, is consoled by you, asking you to carry her bags when you go shopping it’s that she sees you as her boyfriend… but WITHOUT the sexual side. I’m not saying that there is no unconsciously romantic aspect to all this, but it’s still completely platonic. It can last a century without ever moving on.

No doubt you have never let her the time nor the opportunity to consider you as a straight man, endowed with libido and potentially interested.

Do not blam her (note that a person feeling guilty would probably send you to Hell, even if that person is wrong – it’s easier). No tears or hangdog look (you’d spoil all your future chances by being pathetic). Do not try to rationally convince her that you’re what’s best for her.

Tell her something like:

“I need to talk to you five minutes, just the two of us… I enjoy our friendship but I want more. I did not premeditated but I like you, I have feelings for you…
– Ah … I do not know what to say. I love you much, but as a friend. I am sorry.
– I understand, I do not blame you. I just had to tell you.”

The goal is not she fucks with you after confession. On the contrary, following this revelation, it is very likely that you will take distance from each other for a while. The aim is to cause her a first awareness: YOU’re not her asexual friend but a potential lover.

Warning: if she reacts badly, gives you unhealthy intentions, projetcs all her paranoia on you… if as soon as you speak to her of love, she accuses you of being a pig, a silly person, a weirdo… flee ! A girl who would react like that suffers from too much trauma to live a healthy romantic relationship.

Get out of her life:

You have every reason not to show yourself for a while. Let her digest the information. “This is a guy who can feel desire in my presence? That’s crazy !” On your side, you’ll reinvent yourself.

Take time to see your friends, your family, to do sports, to go out with other girls, etc. Invest yourself really in the game and you’ll metamorphose!

Have fun. To do not think of her, occupy your mind with lots of positive things, making plans. This phase can last a long while so, have a life, socialize and do not fuck up 6 long months for one single person who does not even want you.

The comeback:

When you’re a new man, continue to be nice to her, but nothing more. Everything in your attitude should suggest that you have turned the page and you see other girls. But do not verbalize it.

Stay mysterious, do not hesitate to say nonchalantly, “I gotta go, I’m in a rush, Lea’s waiting for me. Kisses, see you soon “. Then say a kindly “take care of yourself,” accompanied by a quick kiss on the cheek. If she asks you who is Lea, use a shitty excuse of pressed guy through which your target will imagine what you want her to imagine : “She’s a friend!”

With your target, NO date or anything looking like it in any way. The romantic dinners are over (keep it for when you’ll really be together as a couple), no long walks in the park, no hugs… and invite her when your friends are present.

Your hangs out must be shorter but more exciting, choose a party in a bar full of people over a  head-to-head cinema with her. Subtly flirt with other girls under her nose (do not overdo it). Also flirt a tad with her, but let her know that it’s just politeness: “It suits you well, this haircut,” then go back to your conversation with Natacha. Or, come to her party with a pretty friend. The game will be subtle, I never repeat enough, the goal is to make her curious. “And if I was wrong to do not believe in him, to reject him?”

Dress up better :

Take care of your look so you appear less stupid.

Wear a sexy fragrance:

Have you come, gentlemen, for being hypnotized by a feminine scent that evokes the door open to all pleasures? Well for women, it’s the same. Smell is near the center of emotions (think of Proust’s madeleine). Many women admit that if a bad smell can kill any desire in them, a good toilet water evocative of softness and masculinity can work wonders. A friend told me that, in the subway, she sometimes felt guys who had the same perfume as me and that it reminded her of our sex sessions.

Here is a sentence for sexualizing about perfume, “You should stop using this perfume on you. It’s very sexy, and I’m afraid one day I’ll jump on you…”

Control your body language:

If your nervousness in front of the elected of your heart stirred you in every way… Learn to control your emotions and to adopt a more composed and affirmed body language.

Do not hesitate to talk about sex:

Of course, do not go into the details. But there is no question that you are thought of as a monk. If one day in a conversation, one of your friends made a comment about a practice, be worldly enough to don’t look surprised or close-minded. Do not look embarrassed : usually, it won’t be about revealing intimate details of your relationships or your partners.

Be touchy :

This is certainly not about groping her nor taking her hand like a little boy who found his mom after school. When you talk to her, touch her elbow or forearm briefly to emphasize a part of the conversation. Above all, do not pay attention to the fact that you touch… obviously if you sweat profusely, she will lose respect for you. Be serene, you are now a touch-type with women.

It is from this touch, which will increase according to her responsiveness, she will realize your potential. This may take time, but not too much. If the girl is absolutely not receptive, GIVE UP! If she touches you back, if her touch is more intimate, more erotic it means that you are on the good way. Gradually, an occasion of kissing her should appear. Do not miss this opportunity and score ! 😉

If you are young, shy and have never had the opportunity to analyze what happens when a woman wants to kiss : know that it is about a series of microscopic details that stuck together, form a puzzle about the size of an elephant in a china shop. Observe: she sits next to you or is approaching, lets you touch her or touches you, she throws you small eyes, lets you take her hand or takes your hand, she looks at you in the eyes but also toward your lips…

Yes, but why wouldn’t it be up to her to take action? It is a fair consideration. The answer: It IS THE WAY IT IS. So, courage!

If she refuses to kiss, well, too bad. You have already done too much, get up, take your leave. No hard feelings, but you must move on.

If you are successful, congratulations.


II – The friendzone with your ex

You want to get your ex back, the one who has firmly stowed you in her Friendzone? If you want my opinion, this is a bad idea, but…

First, you need to understand, at a moment in her life, she obviously liked you if she was in a relationship with you. It’s already a big advantage you have over the lambda friendzoned. She was (and potentially still is) attracted to you. Then the relationship ended (and it’s more what you should dig: why?) If your friendship is working and that your relationship went wrong, it is a shame: you need to find out what has sealed your relationship and destroy the thoughts that keep her away from you.

You have probably opted for the “friendship” in order to stay close to her… but deep within yourself, it’s a new relationship together you want if you crave this chapter.

Your strategy will not be much different than the normal friendzoned. You will avoid being too sticky, to be at her service, to comfort her too much. You will show you changed, you’re now more attractive, more coveted…

If that’s not enough, know when to give up. All vessels are not made to be glued. That does not necessarily mean that you are not good enough for her. Or that she is not good enough for you. It just means that together, it doesn’t work.

Cry a little bit if you want but realize that if you really are a winner, you have to get back in the saddle. If you’re in the hole, a personal development process can only make you feel better!

Stop spending time and energy for a girl who clearly doesn’t want you. Respect yourself! Isn’t it in fact an excuse for not having to go on the field and approach girls ? Come out of your comfort zone! It will change your mind…


III – Wanna go further ?

Feel free to check my ebook “Friendzone & Sexualization” ! 😉

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Homogamy in seduction

Homogamy in seductionDo we 100% choose the girl with whom we wake up every morning, or the girl we left when the sacrosanct puree was expelled? I mean, from beginning to end, was I the real decision-maker of this relationship? Is she my girlfriend, my wife, or my one night stands because I chose her among ALL the others?

You will think (unless you are a victim of a vodka-martini-GHB (don’t laugh, it can happen to you) or an arranged wedding (I do not hope so, I have to stop putting parentheses in parentheses because it becomes complicated to follow) YES, you approached her because she seemed hot to you, you seduced her, and you honored her in your king size bed. And that was your decision.

In fact it was. The only drawback here is that some of you have chosen it, but among a panel of restricted women. If all the options are not available, can we then talk about a real choice? What I’m going to talk about here is homogamy.

Homogamy is, in addition to one more very complicated word in your flowery vocabulary, a concept that roughly tells us that we are looking for a partner that socially looks like us. Often in spite of ourselves, because we do not think of looking elsewhere. We can also talk about phenotypic homogamy (big ones get married with big ones, dwarves with dwarfs, blond ones with blondes) but I find this story of who looks alike physically assembled a little bad, and not frankly interesting . So I will deal only with social homogamy.

Before, people married by necessity, to exchange land or titles, money or privileges, no need to be a great specialist in history to know it, a simple reading of Moliere and you will show it: before, we did not decide. “Marriage puts everyone in his order,” La Bruyere observed. The concept of love marriage dates a priori (I do not fount it in my hat, but in a study report of a sociology student) from the nineteenth century, during which a form of romantic literature was born. The mentalities changed, the regimes also, new freedoms appeared and the notion of love thunderbolt reappeared (it existed in the courtly literature, everyone heard about Tristan and Iseut, but it was not hidden it ended badly. 300 years later, the entire planet undergoes the films with Julia Roberts). Out of fairy tales, we start talking about encounters due to fate or at random, Mr. Martin can now ask Madame Dupont in marriage because he finds her to his taste, without having a knife under his throat. Today, we can even sign up and shop on Adopteunmec and the concept of a one-night stand is admitted.

In reality, and even if one has to be wary of the figures, some statistical studies reveal certain possible combinations between certain individuals. It is unlikely that an actor will frequent a La Poste employee ; In contrast to this possibility, we realize that the majority of the actors make out with… actresses, or at least people working in the showbizz. To notice and understand this phenomenon is to realize that there is very little room left for coincidence, chance or destiny during an encounter. What La Bruyere noticed is always true, except for women of great beauty, just like in his time certain favorites.

At the moment of seduction, men and women defend their social interests. Specific feminine “capital” still relies, whatever may be said of it, on physics and character, when male capital is more based on social excellence. It is partly for this reason that the men of power or the fortunate are always accompanied by, if I may say so, real hot babes. It is on this theory of “capitals” that a few techniques well known in seduction are based, such as demonstrations of high value to increase your social capital, “negs” to bring down the one of the chick … When “Capitals” are equal, heterogamy is possible. He is rich and poor? If her breasts are firm and her smile is Colgate, it works.

If this vision seems a little too dogmatic (and it is true that I tend to simplify matters a little), it is nevertheless verifiable in everyday life. This theory explains why a very intelligent man seduces (social excellence) when a woman with this quality does not attract so much (the intellect is not a criterion of reference for us guys, yeah). Note: Couples including two protagonists with too many capital often break under social pressure.

The choice of a similar one is also explained by a proximity of the contexts (schools, neighborhoods, bars) where the probability of meeting someone of his social group is high. A student will go out first of all in a bar full of students, a question of coherence, he wants to meet a population that belongs to his reality, people whose value will be close to his own. An officer will choose rather lounges or bars with a more “lounge” atmosphere, frequented by executives. Foreigners on vacation, expatriates and Erasmus students all tend to go to places where they are likely to meet people from their countries. It is this small community side that leads to the opening of French or Irish pubs abroad. The proof of this phenomenon of regroupment is that you know that to fuck some MILFs, you will have to go to such a bar, and that to fuck some Scandinavian student, it will be rather in another one…

Intermediate and higher professions tend to meet at their places of study or work. I am talking here of lawyers, teachers, managers, salesmen. As for the employees or the workers, they seem to find love in more public places (supermarket, park, ball…) Attention, these are only general trends. In cold countries or rainy regions, people spend a lot of nights in apartments with friends, although this phenomenon is less pronounced in France than elsewhere, and it is generally in this kind of receptions that it’s easy to make out with chicks. How many couples say when asked how they met: “Oh it’s a common friend who blablablabla…”? A lot. Here again, homogamy there will be, since the majority of your friends belong to your social class.

Nothing absolute in what follows. There are (as always in seduction) counter-examples, I’m just writing about generalities. Do you think the riff-raff of Marseille are having sex? Yeah, they’re banging girls. Except that they are making out with chicks that are part of their realities, chicks who like vulgar men in Lacoste sweat suit. From the moment the social/cultural differences are too marked, it is for the cock a real barrier not so permeable posed on the vagina. These are just chicks who do not live in the same reality: try a Lacoste and they will start to consider you, it is not jokes. For thoses bitches from Marseille, if you do not wear TN and a jog, it is dead. It’s not the same world, that’s all. I guess you also do not want to spend a lot of time and energy for this kind of girls…

So either you change your dress style and enter their world, or you change your targets. It’s life. What I am trying to say there is that your appearance and lifestyle determine what type of chick you are going to fuck. This is a point that some guys do not take into account. Those who are more in the Gothic style will fuck hotties, but hotties with Gothic style too. Sometimes I have the impression that some people want to fuck girls who have nothing to do with them, if some make out with models it’s because they have the style (and the way of life too) that goes with it, got it? And that’s stuff that you and you alone have influence on. You have to be aware of who you are and what you want to increase your chances of reaching your goal.

Having some style and being a little class is not complicated, simple details make the difference. A dress style too different places you in her eyes right away in a different social class. After what you have just read, you understand why showing a social difference will not help you… I defuse in advance the guys who will answer me that one can pick up by wearing a fluorescent green shorts and a pink shirt, that they have already done with girls by going out of training and so in a jog, yes and me too, but nothing is absolute, we just try here to improve and correct ourselves to optimize our chances. So optimize yours so as not to be a Jean-Claude Dusse.

Individuals tend to assemble according to their social resemblances. Both man and woman strive during the seduction phase, to spread out their social capital, if capitals correspond totally or nearly, it greatly increases the chances of establishing a relationship. Show the highest possible capital !

Having a capital too high will not stop you from seducing a girl to capital a little lower, but the reverse is not true. Or in any case, the opposite is more complicated. Varying the hunting locations allows to meet a wide range of girls (not the girls, the range), stay open to the possibility of an interesting encounter anytime and anywhere, no matter the place or moment, your future sexfriend can hide where you least expect it. Doing street pick up is also one of the best ways to meet girls from all walks of life.

Once upon a time there was a young Padawan who had practiced almost this language: “Yes, I do get bored practicing street pick up and I do not know what, I only sleep with the girls in my social circle” The fact that the street is nothing boring, sticking to this kind of behavior makes him pass by a multitude of great girls.

Increase your capital by personal development, by having a pleasing or at least correct dress style, being physically (and mentally) in shape, being passionate and cultivated. In other words, if you cannot be The Alpha, do not be a lambda: place yourself above the mass to broaden your field of vision and therefore your choices in women’s matters. Having the choice in the girls that will potentially share your life, that’s the thing. And note that all women are not good to be seduced.

Extract from : Communication, seduction and manipulation

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The stoic appearance

The stoic appearance
Friendzone isometric background with outdoor scenery and man with broken heart standing on pavement with signboard vector illustration

I found this story on the Internet:

One day at the office, a woman had pain in her lower back. She naturally turned to her right colleague to evoke how good would be a massage. Without lifting his eyes from his screen, he replied casually:

– I had many projects for your lower back, but it was not massage …

The woman said she could no longer concentrate on her work during the whole afternoon. The words were evocative, under the apparent calm, which had made the comments even sexier. Somewhat disreputable image crossed the mind of the woman in a fraction of seconds. Feeling desired turned her on.


The dual communication is to deliver a highly sexual messages while maintaining a neutral appearance. It’s verbalizing some of what you would want here and right now, but without libidinous air nor biting lips nor leering.

For maximum effect, the contrast between your stoic attitude and actions that you mention must be striking. The smile that says “I know what I’m doing,” or “this is a joke” is still permitted. But only after you said your bullshit.

Here is an example of sentence that you can easily place with a stoic look at a girl you feel receptive. She says: “Now what?
– We’re going home, we remove our clothes and I give you some orgasms?”

If she answers by laughing but doesn’t contradict you: sexual tension detected!

I repeat, you must not let appear any discomfort or unease. Do not blush, do not open big eyes and do not look at your shoes. All the effectiveness of this technique relies on self-control.

Moreover, the fact of not seeing your stress will help the girl to take life easy and to respond positively to your advances (even jokingly). Sometimes chicks flirt “for fun”. We must therefore quickly test the limits and the unexpected kiss I mentioned earlier is quite effective for this.

You can show your interest very explicitly if you use proper body language.

We must test the limits quickly to distinguish between “those who are just playing” and those who really want to enjoy with you!

Extract from : Friendzone & Sexualization

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Show your interest !

Because of their shyness and fear of rejection, many men make the mistake of behaving as if they were not interested. This is a mistake because a girl in this situation says to herself “either he doesn’t like me, whether he likes me but tried nothing so he has no balls.” What cuts her desire in both cases!

She must feel that you sexually want her. But you are no longer a kid, you no longer say “hi do you want to make out with me?” A good way to show your desire is to give her a REASON. If possible, something that suits you. It is a way to encourage her to behave that way with you.

“You have guts. A woman who has guts, I find it sexy. ”
“You have a little naughty side… hmm I like it. ”
“Good point”
when she does or says something that goes in the good sense…

Giving a reason is fundamental because you show you like her for what she does, not only for her physical appearance… and you leave some doubt by revealing only a partial interest: you do not say you like her totally but only her good sides, which means that you do not idealize her and would not hesitate to criticize her shortcomings.

In a nutshell: nothing is won in advance for her! This is key!

If you wish to make a compliment, the best is that you can withdraw it at any time, so it is double-edged. “You have such pretty hands, it would be perfect if you did not gnaw your fingernails!” To don’t be confused with a hateful sarcasm.

If you want to encourage them to adopt a certain attitude towards you or to put in her head that she wants to fuck you, you can test this type of compliments “I love your lips / your lipstick”; “They are beautiful, your heels. In addition, it’s sexy, heels.”

What I like to do also is to bend over chicks at times when they do not expect it. Then, if there are no backward movement, I Frenchkiss them. It is good, it makes them dream! And me, it makes me live a sympathetic little rise of adrenaline. Once, I went for a drink with an old friend I liked for a while. At the end of our meeting, we said goodbye. I bent over as if to say goodbye normally but I kissed her on the mouth. And then I kissed her more languidly. We have not slept together after but it’s always something taken on life. You must be a little bit crazy life !!!

She must feel that you want her sexually.

A good way to show your desire is to give a REASON. If possible, choose something that suits you.

Giving a reason is fundamental because you show you like her for what she does, not only for her physical appearance.

Make double-edged compliments, then pretend you have no tact if she is outraged. It’s funny !

Do not communicate you love her entierely but only her good sides, which means that you do not idealize her and would not hesitate to criticize her shortcomings. Nothing is beforehand won for her!

Do not hesitate to go for a kiss when you feel like it, even if it’s a bit out of context.

Extract from : Friendzone & Sexualization

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Dare to take risks

One thing that helped me the most to become a “professional sexualizator” is to set myself little challenges.

In fact, it really amuses me to say or do daring things, sometimes coming out of nowhere. Sometimes it’s the fact of putting the foot in it that makes me laugh the most.

By doing that, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the range of possibilities is actually much bigger than what I thought: the more I dared to try things, the more I had success. Sometimes in unlikely situations, simply because I had dared to try something to provoke!

After all, didn’t God say, “Ask and you shall receive?”

The reactions of the girls in front of my boldness were so legendary that it was very fun. Sometimes I had fun, other times, I had fun and I had sex. My mindset was that the session would be funny anyway. This is a really positive vibe! And being positive, it is important to seduce.

I advise you to have fun to put yourself small challenges ie to say or do at least one bold thing during your pick up sessions and your dates.

Do it for fun and it will be better! I rarely was in danger because of my attitude. In fact, we can go very far without danger. And oddly, the only time it was hard for my ass, I had not done much for. I just fell on bad clients (crazy).

You can start small, to take the snap, and then move further and further! You will find that the nerves pay a lot in life (in seduction but also in many other areas).

Have fun and bet on humor. It can be enjoyable if you do not take yourself too seriously and enjoy the moment with the girl. Play on the words, misunderstandings, allusions, associations of ideas and dared queries. Try, dare things, be a tease! Gradually, you’ll learn how to calibrate. But, especially in the beginning, this is not the most important. The most important is to get you out of your comfort zone and get away with your limiting beliefs. For example, in night clubs, realize that absolutely nothing can prevent you from asking a girl with who there’s a good feeling to show you her breasts. I did this several times and some did. The others were shocked, too bad for them !

And dare to assume sexualization. It is easy to lose that goal of sight during a date because it is much easier to remain inactive fingers crossed waiting for the job to be done on its own… but you’re not on the field to twiddle your thumbs!

So yes, in an ideal world, the girls would do half the job. They would invite you in one way or another to dare. But in real life, they are even more timid and shy than you. And besides being  scared, they think it is a good idea for testing a guy to let him do to see if he dares to take initiatives. That’s really all good for them!

So: dare to take initiatives, you have nothing to lose !!!


Fucking romantics

If you think spending a night lying next to her on a bed, without trying anything, will make you score points in the eyes of a woman… you’re wrong. It’s a just something that will make you lose the woman’s sexual interest for you. The girls want you to try, they even await it from you and would be surprised otherwise.

Otherwise, they may:
– Think you are gay;
– Think that you do not have balls;
– Think you do not like them.

My brother was invited by a girl he liked. She proposed him to go watching the “DVD” in her room. Result? He tried nothing so they really watched a DVD and she has never invited him again. He still has regrets. MY OWN BROTHER ACTED LIKE A PUSSY, FUCK!

When I was younger, a girl came at my place. We liked each other but I have not tried anything once in bed, although we had spent a nice evening. Result? She left during the night with a fake excuse “my brother is in the hospital, I have got to go.” She never came back to see me. We never fucked. What a lot of regrets! Once in the bed of a bitch, generally just a spark is enough to ignite her. She, meanwhile, had no problem finding another dick…

Once, the most beautiful girl of my prom point blank said “kiss me.” I was a bit unsettled, I wanted to play the hard to get so I said no. Then I have not stopped hoping that she asks me again. But it never happened… what a surprise!

Another time, a little blonde came for the tea at my place. We talked a lot side by side on the couch and then she left. From home, she sent me an email asking me if I was gay. I said no. She then asked if I liked her. I said yes. She finally asked me why I had tried nothing. I said “I do not know.” It’s true that it was very stupid. But she has not came back to me so far… she said that I had missed my chance. So they expect us to try something!

My current policy is to never have regrets. All these mishaps have vaccinated me… One day, I got sick and bowl, and I decided to have a preventive attitude. Since that day, I excessively sexualize my interactions and I do not regret it!

If you do not want to lose a girl’s interest, you should show your balls!

You must dare sexualization : it’s your alpha male mission!

You have to try something, and too early is better than too late!

You must absolutely avoid having remorse!

Even if the battle is already lost, try to have no regrets!

Extract from : Friendzone & Sexualization