The Awesome Lover’s Manual (Sex-Guide For Men)

the awesome lovers manual

A PUA teaches you how to give women orgasms !

How to make them come like crazy ?

I’ve got some questions :
– Do you want to turn women on even before touching their pussy ??
– Do you want to know several ways to finger them ??
– Do you want to know how to lick in a better way than Hank Moody ?
– Where is her fucking clitoris and how to take care of it ?
– How do you know if it was a real orgasm or if she faked ?
– What should you do with your hands during the sexual intercourse?
– Do you want me to recommend you some positions to drive them crazy?
– Do you want to last longer?
– Do you wanna get hard all the time in the bed?

My point while writing this ebook is to help you to give to girls the most incredible sexual experiences of their lives ! I guess I’m not the first pretentious guy who wants to write such an ebook… but I am Cyprineman, sexpert famous for licking pussies like a God (it’s my gift)..


But, I won’t only talk about licking pussies here. I also want you to know at the end of your reading the spots on girls’ body to touch – and how to touch them the good way – to make them scream “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH you’re the best lover of my life” !

I will explain to you the good mindset that lead to some good sex, and the good things to do when you are having sex with her : how to warm her, how to finger her, what key-positions to master, how to last long enough to satisfy them, how to stay hard, how to recognize a real orgasm, etc. I want this ebook to be exhaustive. Everything about sex here.


After my ebook about Online Dating, I thus propose you by now another practical ebook (by opposition to theoretical) : no intellectual masturbation. Only things you can use next time you’ll sleep with a girl… to drive her crazy. It’s not very complicated things, but it’s things you must know and use. I want to keep it simple but effective. For example, about lasting longer : we will talk about “tricks” that help but we’ll stay on realistic things… because anyway the more you’re used to fuck and used to fuck beauties, the more you’ll last and become good naturally.


And it’s not just about giving orgasms and connecting with the other sex, it’s so much more than that… When you are a good fuck, you feel proud… you feel like a real man. You feel like you have an ace up in your sleeve that gives you a mysterious confidence. All the women and men that you meet will treat you with respect because of this sexual confidence. Sexual skills really do MAKE the man and people can tell because it gives you an aura.


Very few men are good in bed. Really good, I mean. Knowing you’re good will give you an incredible advantage in your mind. To get the girl and to keep her if you wish… because she’ll be addicted. You will invert the balance of power between men and women by proposing her something rare: a good lover.


You will not anymore be afraid of the competition. If you knew how many guys I saw going into trouble while trying to pick up a girl then not daring to turn up at her place the day of the meeting because they were afraid of screwing her badly. You already have an advantage on the others… because rare are the guys who agree to learn on the sex. They are way too proud! And even if they brag, it is a taboo subject for them!


By the way, how do we know that we are a good leg? When the girls tell it to you every time you sleep with one of them, for example. When you inspire them comments like “fuck but where did you learn that, you, it was awesome!”  That happens to me all the time now (nevertheless I leave by far) then sorry if I am a little big headed now ! 😉

Over time, what happened was that through my own experimentation, I became able to make women cum ONCE AND OFTEN MULTIPLE TIMES. I could get hard and stay hard for ONE HOUR if I wanted to.

I am going to reveal you why so many people say that sex is wonderful and you’ll finally understand why in the practice it is not often that awesome !

56% of men who have affairs say they are in love with their wives. Currently, women are initiating 70% of divorces. 25% of married women will also have an extramarital affair (for 40% of men). 54% of people will never know their partner has cheated. 30% of people on dating site are not single, 38% of people on those sites are looking for one night stands (source : IFOP).

After you’ve read this book and internalize the programs I’ve prepared for you, you will feel so confident about your skills and knowledge in bed that you will not be paranoid nor insecure about your lover (or girlfriend, or wife) leaving you for some other dude (or woman) with more money, better looks, and better sexual skills than you. You won’t have sexual complexes anymore!

Number one reason why women cheat is because they are not sexually satisfied in bed (sorry if it happened to you). Millions of guys are having problems satisfying their women sexually, and it’s creating horrendous relationship problems like depression, cheating, divorce…

If you are thinking that being just OK in bed is all you want, that it is enough, think again! We are in a COMPETITIVE environment ! Do you know in how many discreet ways the girls can cheat – and I’m not only speaking mentally – but physically actually meet up with someone and fuck (I’ve often been this someone)… and you NEVER know about it??? Online dating, social networks, all kinds of sites for men and women who want to have discreet affairs. Temptation will definitely be there for her to cheat. Men try to pick up women ALL THE TIME. EVEN IF THEY’RE MARRIED ! If you’re not good in bed, you’re in danger…

These problems you’re having, problems I used to have : these are the problems of an inexperienced (and lost in front of this mysterious science) lover. With that said, you don’t need to have sex with 100 girls like me to get enough experience and be good in the bed. Once you know WHY most guys struggle in bed, it becomes easy to flip the switch and rock her world.

No more not feeling like a man. I don’t want guys who did nothing to deserve that feeling this pain and this shame like I did.  You have a dick : it’s a responsibility. Learn how to use it. Be proud of it ! Prove yourself worthy of that ! You are less of a man if you decide not to man-up and change what’s wrong in your bed !

I will tell you now the story of a dude who asked me how to give strong powerful orgasms. But this guy pissed me off because he wasn’t humble nor modest : he told me he was sleeping with dozens of girls at the same time and was already a God in the bed. So I logically asked him why he wanted my advice.

To make a long story short, I took the guy aside and he finally revealed to me he’d only had sex twice and he came in under two minutes. A lot of guys get trapped in the same ego-trap. They lie to others, lie to themselves, and don’t even know why ! On my blog like on this ebook, I want us to be honest with the another ones…

It’s the same thing with seduction : most of guys are way too proud. They reject the advices but read my blog all the same. This is ridiculous. You need to admit when what you’re doing isn’t working (or could work better) instead of making yourself too proud to prove we-don’t-know-what. If you think you’re yet a fucking sex god porn star, this program’s obviously not for you.

Otherwise, you’ve got to realize that you CAN improve your sexual skills. No matter how bad you are today (or not), they WILL improve. And no matter how good you think you are (or really are), you can still get better and get new ideas. It’s OK to get help to become excellent. I think we are on Earth to help each others. Myself continue again and again to document and to experiment! But I want to help only motivated people, fighters who deserve it by giving themselves the means!

NO ONE IS A NATURAL GOD WHEN IT COMES TO SEX. Guys that have a lot of sex really early in their lives and get experience with a wide variety of hot women might seem “natural”, but they are not because they learned too, like us. Differently, but they did. And only if their girls were curious…

The crazy thing is that there’s proof everywhere that people can evolve in bed, and they do change, but you just don’t see it because you don’t watch your best friend nor your next door neighbor having sex. You don’t watch other people having sex. The only sex that you see is with your girl… or in pornography, which is completely different, they’re professional naturally gifted (and it’s often faked). You have to learn the skills.

You won’t see the change unless you believe it. If you’re thinking “this isn’t going to work” then it won’t (or not much) ! But if you keep doing what you’ve always been doing, you’re going to get the same results! And bad ones, for sure !

Of course we are not animals so I will give you ideas to make the temperature rise before having sex… as a delivery for both of you. I do not plan to be disrespectful nor misogynist here. START TODAY actively believing that you can have good or great sex with (quality) women no matter where you are today on the sex-scale and that they will thank you for that (they’ll suck your cock with appetite). Because it is my mission, to make you become a real animal in the bed ! And I accepted it!

You can give women orgasms and your girl is capable of having mind-blowing “Full body Orgasms.” We can say that these orgasms are overwhelming because when women have such an orgasm they don’t know how many times nor how long they came. It’s an awesome experience for them !

HUNDREDS of guys write to me saying that their girl is different. That this stuff works on “slutty” girls (or whores) but their lover is a more serious, more classy woman. OF COURSE, DUDES ! Guys, what you’ve not understood is that women respond incredibly to Incredible Sex. These are just psychological principles. You are having a belief system problem and you’re blind so start trying with putting some inner conviction in it before saying it doesn’t work. Don’t be stupid, every woman has a goodgirl and a badgirl side… but often hidden…

Your lover IS sexual you just AREN’T GOOD. If you doubt about it, it’s just because you’re not good enough so she reveals you this part of her. She doesn’t tell you just to protect you. Let go off your ego and improve. I understand that is intimidating and that it hurts… but this book is here to help you. I’ve seen even the most uptight, tight-ass, coldest wives or working girls act like crazy slut teenage school girls after having sex with me. And that, believe in me, it is fun!!! (And in addition it is a good deed!)

When you’re having sex, it’s just you naked on top of her. You’re equal. Creating an amazing, mind-blowing sexual experience for a woman is all about your sexual abilities, which are completely LEARNED. And you’ll learn in the next pages…

If you want to be “the man” or better a “real man” in her eyes then : become good in bed! It will change EVERY aspect of your sexual life! It will even change YOUR MIND by improving your inner  confidence !

Motivation is more than important to apply my stuff. Have you got the desire and/or the need to improve in the bed ?

If yes, welcome to this ebook that will tell you all my basics and advanced stuff to totally rock your bed. 47€ for this PDF file (200 pages).

In addition, this ebook will focus on :
– the orgasm in general (physiologically and psychologically speaking) ;
– knowing when she fakes orgasm and why she does that ;
– why orgasms make people fall in love ;
– the erogenous zones ;
– how to break the last minute resistance ;
– alcohol and sex ;
– the supplements and drugs ;
– how to get hard naturally in spite of stress ;
– how to last long even if we’re fucking really excited ;
– how women works when it comes to sex (mentality) ;
– what kind of lovers drive them crazy ? ;
– what turn them on in bed ? what do they expect from you ? ;
– how you can use porn to improve ;
– the kinesthetic pattern of the kiss that really turn them on ;
– how to use massages to drive them crazy ;
– how to finger them ;
– how the female sex works ;
– the welcomed method to give very powerful orgasms ;
– how to master pussy licking ;
– the position so that your sex looks bigger ;
– all the key-positions to make them come ;
– what is a bad lover ? ;
– how to be a good kisser? ;
– what to do after sex ? ;
– how to make her want to make a threesome ? ;
– my opinion on the sextoys ;
– the contraception and the sexual diseases ;
– the best condoms ever according to me ;
– the female ejaculation ;
– the sexual fantasies of women ;
– the G-spot ;
– the clitoris ;
– some ideas to pepper the act ;
– the tantrism ;
– a lot of other stuff…

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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