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How to make love: All about how to make love to a woman

how to make love

In this article, I will explain how to make love and more specifically how to make love to a woman. Word of sexpert!

FYI, I already wrote an article on how to make a woman orgasm, which completes the present text.


How to make love: the positions

The modified missionary:


This is the best position for small sexes. She has the impression of banging a guy with a big cock (longer and wider). She is much more likely to enjoy than with the normal missionary (even if your sex is normal size).

How to make love in an improved missionary? Put a cousin in the lower back. Return to her as a normal missionary. Then put your legs on your shoulders…

Thanks to the angle in which you will fuck her, she will have the sensation that you have a bigger cock (an optical illusion in the pussy).

You can then put your head close to hers…

What type of sex do you want to give her? Emotional? Kiss her mouth and her neck. Dominant? Use the dirty talk

You do not have to pound her all the time but move all the time even if it’s slow.


The lying down doggystyle:


The doggy lying down it’s not too much time to tell her romantic words, it’s more time to be dominant… the moment to fuck her hard. To understand how to make love doggy style, you must integrate that.

You can go deeper into this position (orgasm by the G-spot): lie down, the pillow is optional, and take her so that your sex touches the wall at the top of her pussy (always this same G-spot), lie on her, put an arm around her neck, or put her head in the pillow or bring her head to hers to make dirty talk. By the way, it’s also an extra position for anal sex.

Whether in this position or in others, know that at any time you can asked her to touch (caressing the clit as she likes) or touch her yourself with one of your hands WHILE you penetrate her. This double stimulation contains all the elements to make come any girl!


The normal missionary:

Nothing more to say, just watch it on Google.


The normal doggystyle:

how to make love to a woman

How many positions should you do? Focus on one for a long time… but make at least three. That’s how to make love to a woman.

Know that women need to be constantly stimulated. So kiss her or caress her while you fuck her. It will contribute to your success in your quest to answer the question how to make love.


Standing Doggy: Use the Power of Your Entire Body


It gives you more power, it gives her more orgasms, so feel your manhood and your bestiality in this position. But the size difference between you can be a problem here. In this case take something (a support) to get you up (or to raise her).


The cross: you take her with a good angle for her


A unique angle of penetration: she will feel much more open. It’s good for the dirty talk too. Good for the eye contact. You really connect to your lover in this position.


The screw: the missionary by the side


How to make love to a woman? You can do it on the edge of the bed: it is a technique for G-spot. It is also a good position because it is not made for longevity. You are in this position, so it is possible to make sex more dominant.


The scissor : the four legs are crossed


A unique angle of penetration. You have to be flexible a minimum. One of your legs under hers. She can control the rhythm. That’s how to make love when you want the woman to control a little.


The lotus: intimate position


Very high level of sharing emotions: it is a position to make love in the literal sense. She straddles you, gets on your feet, stands on your back. You can support her from behind too (the lower back will be her center of gravity, so to speak). There, for the time, it is a good position to tell her romantic things. It is a very romantic position, often very popular with women.


How to make love to a woman, what if you let her go in amazon?


In this position, you can get fucked by your girlfriend. But you can also lift your legs and fuck her as you have decided.


How to make love: The bad lovers

The goal is to be hard, stay hard, and give her orgasms. The bad lovers are like: 2 back and forth and hop they ejaculate because too excited, those who ejaculate even before entering her, those who finish as soon as they go doggy style… you must also give her vaginal orgasms. That’s how to make love to a woman!


Sex makes the relationship

Why learning how to make love? Remember, if you are too bad, she will go elsewhere. Good sex = good relationship. Bad sex = bad relationship.

I know it’s humiliating to see her go with another man because we’re not good enough in bed (= we give him less pleasure than the other).

You must train to keep as much as you want and thus create more sexual alchemy between you.


The soft cock

If you’re the type to have a soft cock: there is a problem in your head… maybe you do not really want her? Or you think too much, too nervous, anxious, etc.

Do not become a mechanical robot: you must understand that they are fucking with the whole man, not just with a dick. You are not a removable penis.

Do not worry TOO MUCH about satisfying the girl.


Women love sex

If you think that women do not like sex, that they prefer dinners and trips… YOU ARE WRONG! THEY LOVE SEX! THE GOOD SEX! Sex is life!

Whether your cock is big or small, wide or narrow, it does not matter much. That’s the truth about how to make love.



You can train in front of a porn: masturbate, excite yourself more and then stop. Take a deep breath and relax to do not come. Do it ten times in a row and let it out. When you are ready, you can do the same thing in a girl.

If you do not last between 25-45 minutes, she probably will not have time to orgasm vaginally and may simulate. Always try to do at least 2 or 3 positions.

How to make love longer? If you think you will come then stop the shelling and make small circles with your sex time to go down a little.


Sharing pleasure

How to make love? Share your pleasure with her by grabbing or clawing her back, buttocks or neck.

One last thing: do not make fun of “pussy farts”. A lot of girls complex on it when it’s nothing in fact.

You can pinch your ear or other part of your body so you do not ejaculate or use the perineal technique (it’s a really advanced thing that I only partially master so I will not talk about it anymore but you you must know that you have muscles under your sex and that by training you can contract when ejaculation will rise and so you will stop it: you will have orgasm but stay hard.That’s the goal.) Finally well there we’re not even talking of another level but of another type of sexuality… perhaps too disconnected from the common man.


How to make love: Become a sexpert

All the guys want to be good in bed, they want to know how to make love, but most do not know how to do it (because of a lack of knowledge and know-how). They do not even know what the “standards” are when you talk about sex. How to become a god in bed? Read The awesome lover’s manual and look at module 8 of my training Cyprine.


How to make love?

When you are a sexpert, you should be able to give orgasms to 95% of women. What do you still need at this reading level? Practice. And to reread me once to fully assimilate.

You must remove this thing that ruins everything in bed: the lack of confidence in you. Below, a brief summary of the essentials…


The time

If you are too bad in bed, she will forget you: sex must be good.

How to make love? You must last at least 20/25mn. If you think you’ve come too fast, or if you’re wondering if you came too fast, then sorry but that’s surely the case.


Fingers, tongue, sex

You can totally give her orgasms before sex with your fingers or through oral stimulation. Eat her pussy, use your tongue and fingers to touch her everywhere. Pull her hair, kiss her neck, play with her breasts. All this is welcome!

How long should foreplay be ? At least 30mn.


The massage

Make sure she is relaxed… otherwise use the stroke of the massage to relax before initiating sex (they will initiate very rarely so assume that you must take initiatives). They must be relaxed to orgasm. Your affection will relax them.

Massage: do not be too sweet. Use the right pressure that suits her. Massage to the shoulders. Elbows. Why not even a foot massage? In any case calibrate and adapt to your partner! After the massage, warm her up!


You have control

How to make love? Take control, push her gently, manage to get down between her thighs, get her wet, the outside of her pussy must be stimulated, do not be too aggressive too quickly.

If at first you do not succeed, try again: sex education is important. Spontaneity in sex is important, so stay clear and surprise her. And above all do not get discouraged !!!

When you get better in bed, you will gain more confidence, and you will fuck more because you will have a better game.


The size

The size of the penis may matter, but it is a story of personal preference. It takes at least 4 centimeters to give her orgasms. And an emotional connection. But bigger does not mean better.

The better she gets into sexual action, the better for you and for her.

Women are subject to nature. Sorry but it’s a little bit true…


Show your animal side but not too much

When you kiss her, do not be a total animal, do not put too much tongue. Do not wash too much everywhere…

Study her reactions a bit to see if you are doing this well.

Do not have dry hands.

How to make Love ? Rub her clit a bit & go slowly at first.

How to make love? Dual action = stimulate the clitoris + put fingers in her pussy.


What is appropriate or not in dirty talk?

What is really important is the timing… some girls get upset if you treat them sluts in front of people. Ask “do you like it when you are dominated?” ; “How do you like that, naughty girl?” Introduce it alone at home, you do not try to humiliate her. She must understand it: it’s just for fun. It’s a romantic story into dominance.



Girls love surprises, they love sex in the morning too. Many girls are willing to fuck in the morning.

Change the routine sometimes, do not fall into unhealthy habits. They want variety so they do not get bored.

The sextoys, it’s funny. A toy should not intimidate you. It’s not at all the same as a guy… it’s more like a therapist.


Relax her

About the one night stands : plan a drink or two before to relax well. We less talk of romance in this case.



How many orgasms should she have? Some women enjoy little so one is already good. Others easily enjoy so for them 1 orgasm it will be the minimum. Sometimes I give 12 orgasms to some girls

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How to make a woman orgasm ?

How to make a woman orgasm

It is urgent that I write an article to explain how to make a woman orgasm. Read on and you will understand why!

I had already written a more technical article on how to make a girl come, with videos and everything, I advise you to go take a look!

And: yes, we can make a girl orgasm the first time we fuck her.

How to make a woman orgasm

Women’s sexual misery

The FIFG has conducted a survey on female orgasm. According to this survey, conducted among 1006 women representative of the French population, orgasm is something rare.

Only 33% of women report reaching orgasm in their last sex session. Only 25% of women have an orgasm once a month or more. 7% of women say they never enjoyed.

Very sad reality, which justifies why I must explain to you how to make a woman enjoy.


Enjoying, getting a kick out and orgasm

First of all, what is the difference between “enjoying”, “getting your feet” and “having an orgasm”?

To enjoy means to feel pleasure (not necessarily sexual).

To take one’s foot is to have a lot of pleasure (mainly sexual).

To have an orgasm is to reach the last stage of pleasure. Attention, by abuse of language, I sometimes say that I enjoyed or that the girl enjoyed to say that she had an orgasm.

But the thing is that sometimes sex can be very good without having orgasm. The woman can find it very good, so gets her foot, but do not reach orgasm.

When I tell you that I will explain how to make a woman come, I want to say that I will explain how to give her much pleasure… until orgasm!


The state of mind: generosity

I know that many people think of their own pleasure first. It is above all a common state of mind among men.

But we must understand that it is really rewarding and exciting to see the other take his or her foot!

So, a good state of mind is to give and receive. Get a lot of fun and give as much if not more. That’s how to make a woman come!


How to make a woman orgasm… The atmosphere is important

How to make a woman enjoy? The mind is of enormous importance to make a woman enjoy. So much that some girls can even orgasm through a simple mental stimulation, as in erotic hypnosis sessions. Or thanks to a good phone game.

But a girl too stressed, or who does not know her body, could block even with the best stimulation (physical or mental) of the world.

To accept to have an orgasm is to accept the loss of control… and that, all women are not capable. However, with an orgasm accompaniment, you can increase your chances of getting a woman to enjoy.

An accompaniment to orgasm is to encourage the girl to enjoy, reassure her, teach her to relax, tell her that you understand but you will not let go until she has come, etc.

You can also help the woman to forget herself through an exciting atmosphere. Why not give her an erotic massage? Why not watching an X movie together? There are so many exciting things you can do to clear your head, relax her and make her want to fuck.

What is the link with “how to make a woman enjoy”? Well, the more she will be receptive to the idea that you take her, as when realizing a fantasy, the more likely she is to enjoy easily.

How to make a woman orgasm


Preparation of the penetration

Caress her hair… Kiss her. Then, kiss her neck, lick her belly, her breasts. Why not even her buttocks. How to make a woman enjoy? Take care of her whole body, she must be totally stimulated.

Then you can consider leading her to orgasm during foreplay.

Thanks to the techniques of fingering and cunnilingus that I explain in The awesome lover’s manual, you should without problem be able to make enjoy a woman before even penetration.

The sexual act

How to make a woman come? Regarding the sexual act, prefer positions that allow your sex to tap on her G-spot G. Or to rub her clitoris.

These are the two keys to make a woman enjoy by sexual stimulation but I can not guarantee you what will be most suitable for the woman you are going to fuck tomorrow: each has her own specificities.

How to make a woman orgasm


The after-sex

After sex, your work is not finished. Ask the girl what would make her want to next time. Ask her for a little feedback on the sex session you just had together.

Attention all the same, do not let yourself be devalued by a bitch who would hate you and try to belittle you.

After your orgasm, take her a few seconds in your arms.

Offer to lick her if you are done but she has not orgasmed yet.

After sex you can hug for a minimum of 5/10 minutes… just stay connected.

Ask her what are her fantasies? Ask her to share her secrets with you, “What are your secret fantasies? 2 guys for you alone? With another girl? ”

How to make an woman come even stronger next time? Ask her what she would like to do/try next time?

If you did not like something, tell her.. tell her what you liked. Be a pedagogue, emphasize the positive!

Ask if she liked watching you lick her (in the eyes or not). Or that you look her in the eyes while sucking.

Ask sparingly how many times she has orgasmed (attention to seeking approval)…

Important: ask her if she likes girls too. So you sow the seeds of your future threesome in her mind. All participants will have to be part of something organized like this.

Even married with her, you can invite girls for a limited time in your relationship… if she likes them too (reserved for special occasions).

How to bring the subject to make a threesome?

During movies, ask her if she thinks the actress is sexy. Whisper in her ear, tell her (when she is in a good mood) that you would like to kiss her by watching her licking a pussy. If she looks up, gear up!

How to make your threesome go well?

Your girlfriend wants your attention, she should not feel sidelined… so do not be selfish during a threesome.

Do not look only the most beautiful or the new woman. Remember, it’s a privilege that she agrees to do that and do not take a big head, otherwise it will never happen again.

It can be a fantasy for her too to fuck a girl but keep in mind that she wants in any case that you take care of her.

Well, that’s how to make a woman come. I hope you enjoyed it, and women too! 😉

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How to become a porn actor or fuck a porn actress?

In this article I will explain how you can become a porn actor (if it’s your fantasy), or just how to fuck a porn actress.

The porn scene is a very closed environment

It must be understood that the porn scene is a very closed environment. Pornstars and producers fuck each other, party with each other, hang out with each other, support each other, and so on.

At the same time, who could blame them? Some have found a good way to sleep with really beautiful, sexy and hot in bed women while making money. In addition, many people are jealous of the environment and call the girls “whores”. So, people who work in the X industry prefer to stay between them and that’s understandable.

The problem is that if you are not in the middle, you can contact as many porn actresses and as many producers as you want, you will be ignored or even humiliated.

If you are open-minded and determined, the goal is to get into the band. But how to make a porn movie (amateur or not) and to play in? How to become a porn actor from scratch?

porn actress
John B. Root/


How to penetrate the porn scene?

To be part of the band, you must have a certain number of films to your credit. You must either have played in a porn movie or have produced one.

Basically, to enter the world of porn, you need to prove yourself as an actor, actor-producer or agent.

But how to make a film if producers and actresses ignore you?

Finding an actress for her X movie is the most difficult step.


How to find a porn actress?

If you want to find a porn actress to fuck her in your movie and become a porn actor but you have no contact in the middle, it’s going to be a hassle.

I had been looking for one for a long time when I wanted to do a video sex class for my training Cyprine (my famous tutorial X). But I quickly gave up because the ones I found were really expensive or not hot enough (sorry).

There were some girls who were escort AND porn actresses that I could have engaged but, finally, I gave up. Not easy to become a porn actor!


Turn a girlfriend into an actress X

The option I chose was to ask a girl I knew to play in my porn. This is how I made the educational sextape that you can view in the Cyprine training (module 8).

To convince one of your girlfriends to play in your movie X and somehow become a porn actor, yoy will obviously have to be convincing.

So, personally, I always keep this fantasy deep inside me, sleeping with a professional porn actress.


How much does a porn actress cost?

For a beginner, you need to count €300 minimum.

Regarding a French, a little known and pretty, be ready to put 500-600 €.

For a foreign, an international pornstar, you must invest about 1000 €, taking into account travel expenses.

The producer is the one who pays and organizes everything. So, since you will probably have to be an actor-producer at first, these costs will be your responsibility.

When you see a badly filmed porn with a disgusting guy who fucks a super hot girl, it’s probably that the guy paid for his own movie.

porn actor
Niccolò Caranti — Travail personnel


Where to find a porn actress for a first porn movie?

How to recruit actresses? On Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you can contact guys who are in the porn industry to give them a commission and the actresses you know the name to propose to fuck in your movie or with you.

On social networks, actresses are cheaper (no commission) and more accessible (when they manage their account themselves).

But we must understand that most guys secretly dream of banging their favorite actress or becoming a porn actor. And that there are also a lot of crazy ones who fantasize about it. So, actresses are not reassured at the idea of ​​working with guys who are not known in the middle.

In order for her to agree to shoot with you, the girl must feel safe and be sure of being paid.

What can guarantee it ? If you have an official structure, a corporation, or if you know people in the business who vouch for you. You will also probably have to present a recent and clean STD test.

If you are new and you do not know anyone, it is hard, so you have to play the card of honesty: tell her that you are a beginner producer and cross your fingers.

As for meeting an actress X on a libertine site or in a libertine club, you would really have to be lucky.


Everything is easier for the pros

Once you have your structure or you have slept with two three porn actresses who can guarantee for you, you can finally be credible and register on the casting sites, agent sites, etc.

I’m thinking here of Brill babes, Sandy’s models, etc. In France, I do not know some but it must exist.

Moreover, many producers bring girls from the Eastern countries or live there. I think of Pierre Woodman who can fuck a lot of international pornstars. In France, there are some guys who are doing well (I’m not talking about Jacquie et Michel) with French actresses: Olivier Sweetprod, Pascap OP of French Bukkake…

how to become a porn actress
Pierre Woodman


How to become a porn actor?

Becoming a porn actor is difficult too. Either you must have something special physically (be hot, very big dock, etc.) or you must have contacts. But, again, making a casting or friends in the middle, it’s not easy. Even less if you do not live in Paris and do not spend your holidays in Cap d’Agde!

It must be understood here also that most guys usually dream of playing in a porn but that, when they have the opportunity, are scared and get cold feet. To become a porn actor, you must not be cold!

As a result, producers are not very keen on hiring amateurs. Most movies you see at Jacquie and Michel or elsewhere: it’s not necessarily always people like you and me but often people in the middle not (yet) known.

In summary, how to fuck an actress X? Making a movie where you play in and fucking her. If the film is good and you can market it, you can make money and do it again. The second solution is to become a porn actor and be paid for a scene. The third is to penetrate the environment by producing movies and flirt the girls on filming or in private parties.

Anyway, do not dream that you will make 5€000 per scene, it is quite poorly paid for a man this job, for the actors anyway. Women, on the other hand, are better paid because it is for them that people usually watch.


How to become a porn actress when you are a girl?

For a girl, it’s easier to become a porn actress than for a man to become a porn actor because all the big sites put permanent ads “looking for new female talents”. Make two or three short films and you will surely have proposals at Jacquie et Michel Elite or Marc Dorcel!

What precautions to take? Protect yourself during filming because there are crap (MST) that sometimes turn in the middle. And be ready to be insulted (“whores”) by guys who dream paradoxically often about fucking you (you have to be ready to sacrifice your reputation). Understand that the videos may stay online for several years so if it’s just a whim, just to do a little tour of 3 months in the porn industry, it’s up to you to see if it’s really worth it…

But it seems to be a fascinating and fulfilling world.

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How to do it for the first time?

first time
Picture : La vie d’Adèle

You will find here a file on the first time. With whom and how to do it for the first time? Are there differences between boys and girls for the first time?

Personally, I think I made the first time of 5 or 6 girls. So I think I can give you relevant advice to help you and guide you.


My first time

To put you in the mood, I suggest you read this article where I tell my first time.

My first time was a bit disastrous but I made the first few times of a lot of girls for whom it went really well. I think it is among others because my first time went wrong that I made a point of honor to make it a pleasant moment for others.


First time: With her boyfriend or with a guy like that?

I’m sometimes asked “how do I know if it’s the right one?” And I never understand what it means to be the right one.

I do not think that girls necessarily need to marry the guy who defecates them, we are no longer in the Middle Ages… and we live in France!

Then, to know if you can go or not, it’s up to you, but I advise you to gauge the guy a little: ideally, you need a respectful guy, not selfish in bed, who is able to reassure you while encouraging you to get out of your comfort zone, etc. It’s a bit of luck, because you never really know people. I think back to writing these lines to the adventure I had with this young Marseillaise who used me as a man-object to discover carnal pleasures.

Be careful, this is not a reason to do anything and with anyone!

Legend or reality?

It is often advisable to make one’s first time with a boyfriend, with whom we have been for several months. But the truth is that a stranger with a good mind can do just fine. Question of luck, again.

I have already deflowered girls the day I met them. I am thinking in particular of a little Arab who bore her virginity as a burden at age 25 and who explicitly asked me to deflower her. I did it. She wanted on her terms: in the shadows and without much talk before.

I warmed her well, we took our time, I licked the time it took for her to open well so it doesn’t hurt. Because the first time, it can hurt… but if you go slowly and prepare well the ground, it can be only a formality and do very little harm.

Regarding boys: do it at least with a girl you like, do not ruin it with the first fat ass came. Love is at the center of everything in our society, so it is certain that if you have feelings for the girl it is always better but if there is only physical attraction, it may be enough . Indeed, sex is something very animal. Just do not say “I love you” just to sleep: it would be acting like an asshole and then break hearts.

Picture : Amélie Poulain


The positions

I recommend not to neglect the preliminaries, even for a first time. Licking the girl and touching the guy’s cock, getting lots of kisses everywhere, on the breasts, on the chest, etc. All of this helps to build trust and prepare the body for action.

When we are in the situation, instinct and nature take over and it is a little alone. But do not over stress and don’t start asking 1000 questions at the last moment.

The basic position is the missionary (girl lying on her back, boy lying on her). But if it does not fit in this position (sometimes the girl contracted her vagina enormously without realizing it), it is better to lay the boy on the back and the girl gets on top to sink his cock as she wants.

It is often said that guys are ejaculating very fast for their first time. In fact it is the stress that can do that: he can either come quickly or soften. But I think the girl can be understanding for the first time. If you want advice on sex, I refer you to the The awesome lover’s manual rather than porn. In short, play with your breath to relax and succeed your first time!

What I want to emphasize here is that, for the first time, do not put too much pressure on yourself, no one expects from you an extraordinary performance.


When one has done it yet and the other has not

Two beginners together is even more difficult!

So, if one of you did it, it’s cool, but it must be understanding and caring. Or understanding and caring. It’s a team effort and I find it an honor to make someone’s first time!

When I met Virginie, she was a virgin and I taught her everything, for her pleasure and mine. But we took our time, because that’s what she needed.

In this text, Virginie tells how she lost her virginity with me.

Here, I tell the first time of Virginie, how complicated it was, and our first meeting.


What is the average age of the first time?

The average age of the first report is 17 years and 3 months for boys and 17 years and 6 months for girls. It has not changed in 20 years.

Nearly half of people choose the family roof for their first time.

40% say they are disappointed with their first time. Which does not stop them from loving sex afterwards.


What are the things to avoid?

The rules

If possible, avoid making her first time during her period, it’s already complicated enough like that, no need to add!

The derogatory remarks

Also avoid criticizing or commenting on the body or how does the other. I know it’s a stressful moment and that stress sometimes makes us say or do bullshit… but in these circumstances, it’s particularly vexing and it can traumatize for life. Prefer to shut up rather than say offensive bullshit.

The preservative

Far be it from me to remind you that we have better feelings and that “it fits better” without a condom. Indeed, it is better to take good habits from the beginning of your sexuality to avoid catching diseases and therefore use contraception.


Other questions ? The comments are there for that…

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How to make a cunnilingus? (Written by the king of pussy-licking)

pussy licking

good cunnilingusI guess that I am not the first pretentious who wants to give advice on how to do a cunnilingus … but I am Cyprineman, sexpert famous for his gift: being the king of pussy-licking in Lyon and Aix-en-Provence.


Cunnilingus preliminaries

Cunnilingus is an act of domination

The cunnilingus is an act of domination because you control the pleasure of your partner. Hold her firmly if she moves her legs too much and you will feel even more than you have control!

Cunnilingus has long been considered humiliating for humans in some cultures, but today, it’s all over, equality between men and women forces, morals change!

I personally set the example by performing a sextape for my training Cyprine with my accomplice where I really show you what a good cunni is and gathering testimonials of many girls with whom I slept who testified that my cunnis had made them a hell of an effect !!!


Kiss her erogenous zones to warm her up

Know that there are never too many preliminaries. Excite her until she begs you to take her (verbally or not).

Start slowly. Lick her neck. Get closer. Put a hand on her pussy. Do not fool her or anything crazy: just touch her, caress her gently… and go forward.

Attack her back, her hips, her shoulders, the top of her pussy. Continue the stimulation. Create sexual tension. Make want to suck you. Until she can not handle more.

Do not comment what you are doing “ohlala what is happening to us I’m going to fuck you”: it could wake up the logical part of her brain and block her. We address the emotional part of the girl’s brain!

good cunnilingus

Go finally between her legs but do not rush on her pussy!

First lick the inside of her thighs, near her pussy.

Go down again and heat her legs, then her lips gently then gently spread the lips of her pussy. Kiss and lick her tits, her lower abdomen and her thighs before you get interested in her sex.

To begin: kiss her breasts, go down kissing her little belly, her belly button and then continue down to attack the point that interests us. This should not be too easy for her, the anticipation will raise her desire, just like in seduction.

At first, use your tongue to make the area wet. By putting a cushion under her buttocks, you give her an ideal position. Do not blow in the vagina, it’s very unpleasant. Explore the recesses of her vagina and lips with your tongue in “hard tongue” mode. Browse her sex in different ways, lick, penetrate, turn, lap, suck…


Different ways to make a cunni

In fact, some like to put their mouths like a duckface (it helps a little at first) and position it on her clit. Normally, you feel it under your tongue, this damn clitoris, like a little hard button…

It is very rare that I had to go blind but it happened because it is very discreet in some. That said, by following the different diagrams that I included in this article: you know in which zone it must be and it is enough to lick there (being always just on it is not always optimal).

I think licking is good but sucking is excellent too: suck it as she sucks your cock that would not be hard yet. And no, it does not make you a fag. For her to give you her rhythm, position your mouth on her clit and do not move, let her indicate the angle. Put your fingers in her vagina (in “hey come here” mode) and touch her body too while you suck/lick her.

Continue: pay attention to the non-verbal feedback she sends back to you to find out if she likes it. Continue what works! Place your fingers against her sex by making a V oriented with the bottom towards the buttocks and the top towards her belly: it is the zone to be treated during the cunnilingus (a mark).

help to lick a pussy


Make a good cunnilingus

Go easy at first. Take as much time as you want. But you need at least 10 minutes (or 30, depending on the girl), so find a comfortable position. Keep nails short, clean and filed.

Use a thin but hard tongue like a cat that drinks water. You do most of the work with the sharp 1 centimeter of your muscular tongue. From top to bottom? Circularly? It’s you who choose, you can alternate too. Meanwhile, your hands caress her.

Make longer preliminaries so that she relaxes more… do not force sex, give her desire rather. Be attentive to the indications she will give you in spite of herself…

Do not blow in her vagina. Especially not ! It’s dangerous !!! Watch out for that!

If you have a doubt about your performance, ask her for the pace and pressure when playing with her clitoris… there are some who are really sensitive and it can hurt or scare them especially when cold or approaching orgasm. Be careful with the teeth, just as she must be careful when she does a blowjob: respect.


Make a woman enjoy by cunnilingus

The girls do not always show their pleasure immediately as soon as you touch their sex. But after a while, their legs are shaking.

When she approaches orgasm, she may ask you to stop or shake your legs. At this point, place your hands in a ring around her thighs to prevent her from choking on you when she is going to cum. But continue! There are some who are afraid of orgasm because it is something very intense…

Have a finger in her during orgasm and you will feel her vagina contract. Stop as soon as she reaches orgasm because after that becomes very sensitive. I like to stop just when they orgasm and watch spasms! It seems they enjoy themselves after!

If she approaches orgasm, she can mean stop by tightening her legs. I do not advise you to obey: make her enjoy like never before. If she does not give it back to you, give it anyway, for the sake of giving (God will give it to you or she will thank you afterwards). Do cunnis because you have to show that you like your partner’s body. If the smell bothers you then breathe through your mouth but be careful put your nose so that you do not suffocate either.


What to do after cunnilingus?

Do not kiss her directly after cunnilingus… before, wipe at least on the sheets or against her legs. It’s politeness!

To make her a cunni is much easier than to penetrate her. But often when the tongue is inside, everything comes inside! So you know what to promise them instead of promising them a good dick!

Afterwards, to make herlose his head, it’s also good to finger her at the same time as you lick her. To find out where you are on the scale of orgasm, it’s a story of listening to your bodily reactions, breathing, etc. I often imagine myself opening a safe when I lick a girl! And I want to blow the lock!


All women are not fans of cunni

But a good cunni can still give pleasure to almost all women. You can either lick her as you would eat an ice cream or as a cat lapping water. If you have a tired tongue or jaw, do the fingering technique + caressing the clit with your thumb, the time to recover a little.

For smells, do not take your nose in her pussy, rather position yourself above. You can put your nose on her Pubis Mount and pull your tongue out. You can put a finger between your nose and the hole too: you do not have to stick to her vagina.

More tips on this in The awesome lover’s manual.

Attention if she is on her period, do not make me say what I did not say (you can stroke her clit but no fingers in it). If you have hair in your mouth, remove it discreetly… If she really has too much hair, remember that you do not have to lick either, it’s a choice. Give her the choice to kiss you or not directly after your cunni (wipe yourself quietly).

If she ejaculates (squirts) in your face during pussy-licking : it’s almost only water, for info it never happened to me that a girl has a really powerful jet that expels me so do not be afraid.

Be enduring and powerful: if you are bored, draw the alphabet on her sex. I advise you to put the condom during cunni, neither seen nor known, then you fuck her directly… she will be well wet.


Positions for cunnilingus:

The lick (positions):

positions cunnilingus

The Forbidden fruit :

Very good for oral sex, very intimate. But it takes a lot of trust and attraction between the partners because it leaves the woman exposed, vulnerable. She must be relaxed, your two hands on the top of her buttocks to keep her pussy open and lick her clit. Open it with your finger and the clit will point the tip of its nose out so that you can gently suck it. It is very good as first sexual position or to prepare an animal doggystyle.

See foreplay as sex: all that is sexual anyway so see that as part of the act.

Do not press the sex too much, do not skip the preliminaries, there is no time limit for that. The sex will be better after.

Keep the women stimulated throughout the foreplay and act.


The Viennese oyster:

Very intimate position for oral sex: she can masturbate or suck you while you lick her.

This is not a 69, she may as well turn her back and take your cock in her hand. She can sit up as well (but I did not find a picture like that sorry).


Lick her pussy while she sleeps:

Queen’s awakening…


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How to make a good erotic massage to a woman?

erotic massage

erotic massageWhy learning how to massage women or to give an erotic massage? The category “lesbian porn” is full of videos of erotic massages. Erotic massage is a practice that makes many women fantasize. I’m going to talk here about erotic massage for women: make it your specialty and you will drive a lot of girls crazy of you! If you are a couple, it seems ideal to spice up your antics…


Massage to sexualize

The massage as preliminary

You can not start a car in the middle of winter and go fast right away. You have to heat up the engine a bit… and prepare it for shifting gears. With women, it’s the same!

So, you can give her a massage to warm her up, they usually like massages and it can seem like an innocent proposition: it can deactivate a possible Last Minute Resistance (but in the collective unconscious, they implicitly accept the fuck in 90% of cases if they let a guy massage them).


A massage to relax

Make yourself comfortable, and relax: when you massage your partner or behave intimately with her, she will feel how you feel. We call it being in phase. It’s pure emotional contagion.

You can not make your partner comfortable or get her to relax unless you do it yourself. It is necessary to show the example: for this, you can take some great inspirations in your lower abdomen, to relax your body and your mind with each expiration.

It will balance and refocus you.


Prepare the atmosphere for the massage

Make the place where you plan to act, a pleasant place. It is also important, when doing a massage, to keep the girl literally “hot” .

Keep in mind that you will always be warmer than the person lying down, especially if you have an energetic massage. Cover the parts of the woman’s body that you are not working on with a blanket or towel.

It’s important for them to be warm and comfortable, so they can relax completely.

candaulist massage


Run an innocent massage in erotic massage

With no rough hands, start softly and sensually… do not press too hard unless she asks.

During the massage, you can:
– Tell her to put on her underwear and then unzip her top casually ;
– Make small circles in her hair with the tips of your fingers;
– Massage her thighs, go back to her sex casually and then back down her thighs. Massage her buttocks too;
– Lick the hollow of her neck, of her ear lobes;
– Innocently approach your sex of hers then move away casually while continuing your massage;
– Do not bite her nipples too much, but lick or caress instead;
– The hollow of her knees, elbows, ankles: all this is all too often forgotten during the foreplay;
– You can follow her column with your tongue during a massage. Guaranteed sensations!
– Stroke her sex through her underwear.

I regularly used the technique of massage to sleep with girls, like in this adventure with a physio or this one with a very pretty girl.

That’s why, as a seducer it is important to learn how to massage a woman, how to give a good massage to a woman…


Have you ever tried body-body massage?

This is when you use your entire body to massage hers (of course both half-naked). It’s very exciting and it can quickly slip so much sexual tension can escalate! That’s how to make a good massage to a woman!

You must understand that society is trying to make you feel guilty about loving sex, or even just thinking about it… but it is actually a life energy (and a vital energy).

Shame or guilt are not good things when you talk about sex… sex is always better with people who are comfortable with their sexuality. I prefer girls who are in peace with who they really are.


How to make a good erotic massage?

Positioning for an erotic massage

She and you have to relax… this is one of the most important steps. Work from the neck and go down. Get rid of the tension.

Sexual energy is not only in the vagina, it is everywhere.

Put her in the position that makes she lies on her back with her legs up.

Put some oil on your hand and rub his mount of Venus (the pubis) as if you washed it and enter it with your hands.

For oil, prefer aromatherapy bottled rather than baby oil or whatever… and most importantly, take natural oils!

Why putting a cousin under her buttocks and knees to make her feel more comfortable?


How to take good care of a woman during an erotic massage?

Attention, an erotic massage is not necessarily a tantric massage, nor a libertine massage but on the other hand it is always a naughty massage. (Nor even a Yoni massage.)

Start to finger her using the fingering techniques I already told you about.

Go as deep as possible. From top to bottom. The first movements should be soft then go for it stronger.

In all directions this time, not only from top to bottom. Do not go too hard if she is very sensitive, listen to her if she says “stop” or “more gently”. You can also make circles inside her vagina with your fingers.

Every girl is different so we have to see what each one enjoys. The routine is flexible. If the girl is not yet awake sexually, it may even seem too intense for her, for the first time.

It is sometimes necessary to accompany the woman to orgasm: tell her to let go, that she can make noise if she wants, etc.


Calibration for a good erotic massage

Look at her face to see what she’s doing best and do it more. By the way, do not forget to massage her breasts.

If, at the approach of orgasm, contact with your fingers “hurts” her, you will either have to make wider circles around the clitoris, or go with your tongue or penetrate with your sex.

She may be ejaculating, do not hesitate to go see this page for tips to make a woman ejaculate. How to make a girl squirt ?

When she is well relaxed and ready, her pussy will normally be full of blood.

She will thus feel more emotions sensations and not just in the area of ​​her rump.



Erotic massage suite

Once her vagina is elastic, tell her to turn face down (this massage position is not bad for the feeling of security and comfort it provides).

Put a cushion under her feet.

Start by massaging her upper back.

Then, intensive fingering and tell her to talk, to let go!

Move back and forth, up and down, in circles.

With your other hand, press down on the bottom of her belly, on the place called the “Mount of Venus”. It will put more pressure on her G-spot and increase her pleasure. Listen to her instructions. If she tells you to go faster or harder, do it.

If your partner tells you that she feels the urge to pee, answer that it’s normal and she can let go. In a few minutes, she should start to ejaculate. You may even see a small jet or a few drops of liquid come out or gush from her vagina at that time.

Anyway, this kind of warm up will make her feel much more intimate with the person with whom she is about to make love. This is what I call the whole body massage.

If you enjoy doing this to her, she will also appreciate you doing it to her. All this must seem natural.

If you are in a relationship, you can practice it regularly before sex, to be sure that your partner is relaxed.


Erotic massage as a profession

If you are Parisian and want a good erotic massage, I suggest you call my friend Vincent Body-Expert.

In Lyon and Aix-en-Provence, on the other hand, I do not know anyone who does erotic massage for women… but it must exist.

If this interests you, know that for the price, it takes about €300, but it is often cheaper for students.

Anyway, attention, I must precise that being erotic masseur is not prostitution, it’s just an erotic massage that aims to relax and allow to realize this fantasy common to many women! 😉

Concerning what can happen next, you must see how much the woman and the masseur are libertines. For the anecdote, Vincent told me the other day that sometimes husbands accompany their wives during the erotic massage and that it is a fabulous preliminary! There are even some who are candaulists (they practice candaulisme) and who are really turned on by it without jealousy (we can call it candaulist massages)…

erotic massage


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How to turn a woman on : everything you need to know!

How to turn a woman onIn this article, I will reveal all you need to know to understand how to turn a woman on.

To sleep with a woman, especially if she does not like you more than that, she must be excited. But how to turn a woman on ?

This can be done through your physique, your attitude, your reputation, the context, the atmosphere, etc.

For example, in this field report, I managed to sleep with a girl without she likes me more than that, just thanks to the atmosphere of the party…

Yes, sometimes, it’s enough to be at the right time, in the right place, with a girl who wants to fuck!

Personally, I have already been “used” by girls who perfectly knew their body and I have loved it.

It is certainly not very romantic to say that for some “a cock is a cock” but it is always a pleasure to give orgasms.


How to turn a woman on : let’s play with sexual tension

It is necessary to emphasize the sexual tension between the woman and you

How to turn a woman on is a kind of badly asked question because, without doing anything special, there is a tension between a woman and you. It’s natural and automatic.

That means :
– that there is no need to do or say anything special;
– that most women are naturally attracted to you.

If you notice, just after you have asked a woman something, she will pause and look at you. She will want to know if you are sincere or if you are going to pretend that you are laughing while sketching an embarrassed smile.

She will also try to see how you handle the sexual tension during these few seconds. She wants to know if you are missing. If you are weak. Yes, your reaction will largely determine her answer.

In order to intensify the sexual tension, I recommend you learn to use the weapons that are your your look and your ability to touch. That’s how to turn a woman on!

If you are not familiar with the concept of sexual tension, I invite you to read this article that I dedicated to this concept.

How to turn a woman on


How not to kill the sexual tension between a woman and you

I think it’s more important to know what not to do to dispel tension than to understand how to create it.

What kills the tension is:
– talking too much;
– laughing out loud ;
– reacting excessively;
– fidgeting;
– betraying embarrassment with facial expressions, etc.

I consider those things to be sexual tension killers because most seduction strategies usually focus on what you need to say or do. But there is nothing special to say or do.

However, all your life, you have done things to reduce this tension. You have tried to make the people around you feel comfortable.

You do it with your friends, your colleagues and the women you like: when things become intense or ambiguous, you play the clown that makes everyone laugh.

Even when girls reject you, you are more concerned about their comfort than yours. You do not want to bother them. Ah, what a nice boy! This is bad because these actions are perceived as a sign of weakness, of supplication.

A woman will never be attracted to a guy who cannot endure MORE sexual tension than she does. That’s what you need to know to understand to turn a woman on!

Finally, it’s a little battle : who endure the most sexual tension:
– eye contact: who will look elsewhere first;
– presentations: who will withdraw his or her hand first;
– silence: who will speak first;
– resistance: who will try to dissipate the tension first…

Who will break everything and feel the need to talk about “what is happening” ?!

For a full and detailed lesson on sexual tension, read The (Inconvenient) Truth about Gender Relations.


To turn a woman on, you must forget the illusion of feminine purity

Women love cock

You must stop believing that women do not like sex.

They are not small, fragile things either.

Men like to keep this illusion of purity of female sexuality because they think that it will prevent them from being cuckolds.

Indeed, if the girls are not nasty, then they have no reason to cheat on them.

Serious mistake! Not “fucking” a woman savagely like a little bitch is actually one of the best ways to get her seeking her sexual satisfaction elsewhere…

Forget also the idea that a woman needs to be in love to have pleasure, it is also a legend perpetuated by badly fucked women and bad legs !

In short, the message that you must remember here is “women love sex but can not shout it on all roofs because of social pressure.” Knowing how to fuck well, and even better, how to have a reputation as a good fucker: that’s how to turn a woman on !


Women also have sexual fantasies

Now that you know that saying that women fuck to please us is highly hypocritical, you can hear that women have a rich sex life.

And that can be good for you! Allowing a woman to realize one of her fantasies is, for example, a way to turn her on to the highest degree.

Here are the top female fantasies:
– Making love in nature;
– With a stranger;
– Making love in a public place;
– With a celebrity;
– Making an orgy;
– With a woman ;
– Making a threesome with two men;
– A threesome with two women and a man;
– The fantasy of the uniform;
– Being the favorite of a harem;
– Making love in the workplace
– Being compelled by force (with her consent anyway);
– A quick shot without preliminary;
– In the elevator ;
– Being watched while while making love;
– In a car ;
– Swinging;
– Making love with someone you do not have to, or maybe in a place you should not (forbidden).

How to turn a woman on


How to excite a woman in bed?

How to excite a woman: the good attitude

Without seeming needy, show her that you desire her. This is about assuming your sexual desire. That’s how to turn a girl on in bed!

Do not forget to communicate that you are comfortable with your sexuality, sexualize, laugh and make her laugh, be teasing and especially avoid bragging.

Less is more: doing too much could well turn against you by dissipating a lot of sexual tension…


The right state of mind to turn a woman on

We all know that knowledge is power. When you do not know what makes women crazy, you do not have the sexual power needed to be the best lover you can be in absolute terms.

Women know that they are guided by their emotions, so they try to control them at best. But they do not want to control themselves all the time. They want you to dominate, tease and stimulate them mentally and physically. But they want to choose who will make them crazy.

You must learn the techniques and see what works best with your partner and in the right context.

So really, nothing is wrong in your body. What’s wrong with you is how you use your body because of a bad state of mind and false beliefs about your sexuality. My belief is “I can give orgasms to women whenever I want. ” And yours ?


The first sexual characteristic that excites women is AUTHORITY or DOMINANCE.

Women do not want another woman. If they were, they would be lesbians.

They want a man. You must be dominant in bed. You must show that you are taking things in hand. That does not mean you have to hit her like a sick person, or be physically aggressive with her. It is not the goal. You always want to treat women with respect, but in a dominant way. They want a man. You must be manly. You must be a sexually alpha male.

Show her that you are taking charge by leading the dance. “I’m going to do what I love and you’ll love it.” That’s how to turn a woman on!

It’s even more attractive for women, whether during sex or during a date, to be guided by the man.

That’s how things have worked since the time of the caves. Evolution has shown that men must be the strongest, the most dominant, and that women must follow the leadership of men. Being dominant is a state of mind and a way of behaving. So, without being misogynist, you have to show that you know how to take things in hand.

When you are in a state of authority, what will logically come to you is the dirty talk. Try saying things like, “baby, I love to fuck you,” or “I love fucking you like that. You’re mine. Do you like that? I’ll make you come until your cardio can not keep up.” And to just say piggy things, like “You like it when I fuck you, naughty girl.” A lot of stuff like that.


Start slowly with the dirty talk because when you have never done it before and you start, it can be a lot for her.

When I started out and did not know how to excite a woman yet, I thought I looked weird and just pervert by doing that… but in fact you can afford a lot of things in action. You would not call her “my little slut” in front of your children or when other people could hear you. So it’s a timing story, to be IN THE MOMENT.

The third part of authority is physical pain. I do not speak here of “pain” as some sado-masos do by whipping or pouring hot wax on it, but by “pain” I speak of some small stimulating spankings. For example, when you take her doggy style, give her a pat and see what it gives. You can grab her hands too, for example as a missionary, and hold tightly behind her head. But do not hurt her or insult her badly ever (the only ones who like that have problems, I think)!

Authority can also consist of: fucking stronger. Move faster, more powerfully and go deeper. A good way to show authority is by popping her clothes to show her how passionate you are (do not tear anything, eh).

It’s very dominant all that. Like pushing her slightly so that she falls on the bed. Then to climb on her…

Because, whether she knows it or not, she will be less attracted to you if she is always the one who decides everything, even if she thinks that you are just trying to be nice and romantic by leaving her the choice. I hope I answer your question better : how to turn a woman on ?


“Tell me you want my cock deep inside you!” This is called POSSESSION!

Possession can also be dangerous, so make sure that she does not turn out to be crazy outside the bedroom (for example if she asks you all the time you were with whom, in which case you will need to reframe her). But when you fuck her so much that she feels like your cock is part of her body and her pussy is yours, things become a TERRITORY story. It’s pretty good news but make sure you crop it if it becomes unhealthy for her. Same for you!

How to excite a woman in bed? You must learn to separate experience and real life.

Also, you must be able to – with dominance – start to caress her, and put her in a mood to fuck even when she had not planned to sleep with you. You must be able to get her excited enough to make it happen.

Doggy style is the best way to show that you are the boss of the interaction. Do not ask her if you can take her doggy style. Just guide her in position with your hands and go for it! Or tell her “turn around”!


The PRESENCE is to live the moment and not worrying about anything other than what is happening here and now.

It’s not just you who have to be totally present but she too. Because you do not want her to think about anything, but rather she feels. Women are creatures of emotions.

One of the signs that you are both in the moment is that there is no stress. Your muscles are not too tight, you do not think of things like, “Did I finish this file at the office? Or even “does she like that?” That’s one of the worst things, “does she like that?” If you ask yourself this kind of question during the act, then you are not in the present moment and in addition you are seeking for approval.

At first, it’s normal, you’re really going to ask yourself “does she like that?” But then, it’ll become obvious to you that she likes it, and you will not care if she likes it or not. It will be natural. You’ll know she loves to fuck with you.

And remember: the best way to not be too tense in life is to play on your breath. With this wonderful tool you will be able to last as much as you want in bed as well as staying hard.


Do not think too much about your cock or your performance. Nothing like, “Is my cock big enough? Am I hard enough? Did I last enough? Am I good in bed? “

As soon as you ask yourself these questions, “Am I hard enough? What happens often?” You soften. “Have I lasted enough? ” What is happening? You ejaculate or soften. “Am I good enough?” You put yourself in the validation position… what stresses you!

Sometimes she wants to feel wanted in a very loving way. Other times, she just wants to be a piece of meat. Women want to feel different emotions through sex.

Emotions also explain a lot of problems that guys face in bed. They will get married or take a new girlfriend, and in the beginning sex will be very good. And then it’s going to tire them. This is because, at the beginning, there is a lot of emotions between the man and the woman. They are madly in love or attracted. The bodies are new. Many things upset them at first. And then these emotions diminish with time and habit.

Did you know that teasing creates anticipation. Anticipation that in turn creates excitement… So, teasing = anticipation = excitement. Also use this tool. And the way to do it well to excite her is: kiss her passionately, blow in ears, until suddenly she clings to you, and then push her back. Play the “hard to get/push and pull”. Do what a woman does when you try to have her. Continue with the preliminaries, and then push her gently and provocatively… until she finally cannot handle more, and begs you to come inside her.

When you tell her things, be sure you really think them. Most guys have a hard time lying about their emotions. So, if you’re not with a girl you like, whether it’s sexually or otherwise, she’ll probably feel it and be mad at you.


Emotional variety is what really matters.

It consists in embodying different types of lovers so that things are constantly renewed and exciting. That’s how to turn a woman on !

Sometimes you will be the bad boy who fucks her like a bitch, and you really fuck her hard. In particular doggystyle. With a big spanking. You’re going to let you go completely, OK? Or you’re going to fuck her in a place and at a time when you do not have to, like at her parents or in a public place. It will cause new emotions in her.

Or you could tell her a story, a fantasy. Something worthy of a novel.

Other times, you can tell her how much you love her and how much you want to be with her. This type of very soft sex could allow you to be even more connected to each other… The trick to draw with these two examples is that the emotional variety engendered by the fact of being different types of lovers is very important.

Make different positions: it also helps because different positions generate different sensations. If you do different positions, telling her different things, you can have different interactions completely, and it will change the type of sex, because it will add emotional and physical variety.

But positions alone are not so different from each other. You only need to master 4 or 5 basic positions. You should be able to give them different emotions and have a variety of sexual experiences from these key positions. Which ones? It depends on your mood and your desires of the moment.

In missionary, you can make love to her. You can also fuck her. You can talk to her tenderly. Or use the dirty talk. There are so many different things you can do from the missionary: it can really change her feelings and the kind of orgasm she has.


Finally, another thing to add to the variety is the SPONTANEITY.

If you still fuck on Sunday night at 10pm, it’s not very spontaneous. You must fuck at different times. Sometimes in the middle of the day, if you can. Try to meet up somewhere in the middle of the day to fuck. Try different times to make love. Be spontaneous! You should never expect sex. If planned, there will not be enough emotional stimulation. Variety or surprise would be lacking. And in the long run it might seem to her monotonous, the sex with you.

So make sure the sex is as spontaneous, daring and surprising as possible. Yeah, you will often fuck in the evening before going to bed, and in the morning when you wake up, but try as much as you can not planning everything. Do it in the shower, or go for a little road trip and both fuck all along in all the motorway service areas.

You want sex with you to stay as spontaneous and exciting as possible (if you care about the girl of course). That’s how to turn a woman on !

The fantasies, as we have seen, are a great tool to add variety too, because it allows you to feel a lot of emotions, and it allows you to have fun at the same time, which is really good. It’s a good combination of emotions.

Once again, when you make her feel a lot of emotions, you give her a lot of orgasms. And she will tend to fall madly in love with you. And fantasies are a great way to give her lots of orgasms.

The main way to add variety is to change emotions. Change her feelings. It must stay fresh all this but be a different type of lover, be spontaneous and use the fantasies as a tool to spice up your sex life to never get bored (avoid the fucking routine).

Wow, I really developed how to excite a woman there !!!

How to turn a woman on


How to turn a woman on with messages or SMS?

Writing has always had an erotic dimension. Just see the number of women who love erotic texts.

I have personally made more than one hundred women want to come to my house to make love just because with my erotic texts on Adopteunmec.

I had made an article some time ago to explain how to write a good erotic text.

And my erotic texts are available in Secrets for seducing on the Internet !

I also did a full course to learn how to flirt by texts.


How to make the desire of a woman come up once at home?

You can watch an erotic movie (or even a porn) together.

Otherwise, why not proposing to give her a massage in underwear?

How to excite a woman? There is also the solution to make a game whose pledge is to remove a garment.

There are plenty of ways to bring sex into the equation! And sometimes there’s no need to do anything special.


Sexual techniques to turn a woman on in bed

It’s good to promise a woman some wonders sexually speaking… but the best is still to ensure for real at the time of the act, otherwise you may be a little ridiculous!

For more on developing sexual techniques, I invite you to read The awesome lover’s manual !

There is also the page “how to make a girl enjoy” that can help you!

You will learn all there is to know about fingering, cunnilingus, effective sexual positions to lead a woman to orgasm, etc.

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Take my wife: Cuckolding, watching your partner with another man

CuckoldingOne of the things that surprised me the most when I started to frequent the libertine world was that many men had a fantasy of seeing me taking their wife.

The term “candaulism” and its English equivalent “cuckolding” were twenty times more searched on the Internet in 2016 than in 2004. But you shouldn’t think that this is a simple phenomenon of fashion since this libertine practice has existed since Cusaule (741 BC). Let’s say that the advent of the Internet has just facilitated the realization of this fantasy.


According to Wikipedia, Candaulism is a sexual practice related to the excitement of seeing your partner exposed to the looks of other men, or even having sex with another person.

In fact, this practice, which combines voyeurism and exhibitionism, is close to swinging. However, we are not talking here about swinging partners. In general, the guy who has this fantasy is not directly involved in the sexual act that takes place before his eyes. He only produces a personal satisfaction.

Do not think that the libertine man who practices candaulism with his wife does not love her. On the contrary, it is usually very loving men who, excited to observe the reaction of others in front of their partner, turn to this practice. Moreover, they are not jealous because they are sure that their wives love them in return.

The motivations of candaulism:

– The man is excited to see his partner making love with another (this is the fantasy of many guys to want to see their wife penetrated by another cock).
– He wants to see other bodies with his partner because it can revive the flame, especially after a few years of common life.
– He no longer feels able to fill his wife then want other men to deal with this task, because he loves her…
– He wants to better observe the enjoyment of his partner from the outside.
– He is proud to “lend” his spouse for a few hours or for an evening because it pleases him to see that his wife also excites other guys.
– He fills a homosexual fantasy by seeing another man naked and erect.
– He fulfills his desires as a voyeurist.
– Let’s specify that some men who love submission adore the fact of being humiliated by being cuckold. You have to respect that!

Attention, the voyeur man plays a big part in this practice, even if, a priori, he is only an interested observer:

– He participates in the choice of his wife’s partner(s).
– He often writes the script.
– He can interrupt the fuck at any time.

But you have to be careful because this practice can have negative effects on the couple. Indeed, if the lady is dissatisfied with the relationship and wants to take a lover, her partner opens the doors of adultery to her. For this to be beneficial to both people of the couple, that it spices up their sex life, they must:

– Have excellent communication.
– Both of them feel a sexual arousal in front of this opportunity.
– Make sure that they find good partners together.
– Determine the conditions of this adventure before even going to the act.
– Be comfortable with the nudity of a third.
– Determine if the experiment will be photographed or filmed.
– Protect against sexually transmitted infections.
– Talk after the experience, to evaluate the discomforts and the pleasure felt.

Other Warnings:

– The couple could live major conflicts once the fantasy realized, especially if the man is possessive. Jealousy could undermine the relationship after the act.
– The sex life of the couple can be transformed… for better or for worse.
– A certain resentment can be established if the woman accepts caresses or positions that she previously refused with her husband (sodomy, for example).
– The woman could be uncomfortable, facing her spouse, if she enjoys more than with him.
– The lovers of one evening might decide to see each other again in secret.
– The guest, for his part, may experience discomfort or even erectile difficulties due to the particular context.

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Dirty talk: a fantasy for many women and men?

dirty talk
Image : Sexe intentions


Dirty talk is a form of verbal communication used as a sexual stimulant during preliminaries or sexual intercourse. The dirty talk is a role-play in which your partner and you forget your prudishness and let express your sexual desire and your animal side.


Many women like to hear diary talk in bed (some even love insults… but in this case, we get dangerously close to BDSM!)

Besides, in doing research to write this article, I noticed that many female sites describe dirty talk as a common female fantasy. Good news : it’s a practice that also excites me a lot because it places me a little in a position of dominance (I’m not saying that a man must subdue a woman because we are equal… but the fact is, in bed, many women enjoy being dominated and many men love to be in a position of dominance).

Many men who are educated by feminism and are full of limiting beliefs think that talking to a woman like a bitch is a lack of respect (and it is because, said this way, it can be like aggression). Except that if it excites your partner and makes her orgasm, isn’t it rather the fact of depriving her of what she likes that is a lack of respect?

A survey corroborates my point: it showed that while 36% of people have difficulty expressing their sexual desires, 44% say they like dirty talk in bed.

Moreover, the Marquis de Sade would also agree with me about the importance of the art of dirty talk to drive your partners crazy with desire since he wrote « une femme bande par l’oreille (a woman gets hard with her ear) ».

Whispering naughty things to your girlfriend is therefore fun, exciting and very effective.

How to start with dirty talk?

Above all, you have to build a climate of trust with the woman to whom you want to talk dirty. Indeed, some not really open-minded chicks could confuse you (you, the expert in dirty talk) with an asshole who does not know how to talk to women: fuck ! So you need to prepare the ground a little before warming her.

For the shy people, one of the best ways to introduce naughty exchanges is to start with texts, because a written message puts less pressure (on you and women)!

This will increase the sexual tension between the two of you. But do not try to precipitate things if you begin : start with light messages… try to go farther and farther … as far as possible!

Be careful, you are not the only one who can transgress the limits and speak crudely… if she likes it, let the girl take the initiative and answer her either by playing the shy guy or the big pervert (depends on your own style).

What’s a good dirty talk?

The first important thing is to make it simple! The two most common mistakes are wanting to do too much or not to assume and inhibit. No need to think too much: just express your desire with the words.

You will also need to vary your words: a minimum of creativity is always welcome.

Finally, when you make love, the ice breaks and it becomes more and more easy to let it go! It is, for example, effective to whisper naughty things to her in the ear while you take her in a position like missionary or doggystyle.

“I’ve been waiting for you all day”; “Do you feel it, right there, my dick?” “; “Put away those thighs that I devour you”; “I’ll make you enjoy it until you’re exhausted…”

What is interesting with this form of flirting is that you might be surprised by your partner’s reaction. The more you tease and more some women react in a hardcore way. Some said to me “I want you to fuck me RIGHT NOW”; “You gonna give me that big cock, yes?” “; “I must suck you like your bitch to thank you!” ”

What if she reacts badly?

Do not be sexist but know that some women like to hear “You’re a big slut, you” or even “You love my cock, eh, slut.” Do not forget that this is a role-playing game to spice up the sex and that not all women go to that point.

The pleasure comes from going beyond the limits by surprising and provoking (dirty talk is a fantasy, so there’s any other meaning to your words than the obvious one). But the girl must understand it and agree with. Moreover each person has his/her own limits …

Some are more tight-ass than others: you may come across a chick who will get shocked and ask you to speak to her “correctly” (it’s quite rare) just as you can fall on a chick who’ll love to challenge you and excite you by playing the hottie.

If the girl seems rather shy, if you’re not sure how she reacts, then do some testing. The main idea to remember is that these words have a strong and sexual emotional charge in the girl’s brain. The art is to pack them well and use them gradually to achieve the desired effect.

Do not be afraid to fail : start soberly, improvise, create your own phrases and have fun together!

Anyway, be gambler and provocative and prefer to go with your gut. We are sometimes too afraid to lose the girl by going too hard when it is often the best thing to do.

Nevertheless, if a woman asks you to stop talking to her like a bitch, which rarely happens when it is well drafted, do not argue and stick to it.

To go further, know that I speak of many female and male fantasies in The awesome lover’s manual ! 😉

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Photos of the 10 best positions in bed

Photos of the 10 best positions in bed

Photos of the 10 best positions in bedHere, in picture, the 10 best positions of the kamasutra (in my opinion).

You absolutely need to test each at least once in your life (you have no excuse because I selected some rather easy ones)!

1/ Normal doggy style

Perfect for those who love their little bitch.


2/ Standing doggystyle

Much more power (the girl can be in doggy position in front of you on a bed).


3/ The lying down doggystyle

There you can even stroke her clit at the same time.


4/ The spoon

Perfect for Sunday morning. You can sodomize her too (spoon anal).


5/ The missionnary

Classic but effective. For weeknights when you are tired but with a hard cock.


6/ The missionnary with elevated legs

It turns her pelvis and you fall directly on her G-spot!


7/ The Andromaque

If you like to get fucked ride. After all, you’re a stallion, right?


8/ The rodeo

This way, you can watch her ass…


9/ The lotus

Perfect if you wanna eat her boobs !


10/ The kneeling blowjob

What a sense of dominance in this position! I love finishing like this


And you, what is your favorite position in bed (or elsewhere)?

It’s hard, however, to select the best positions in bed and to find photos (not censurable now I mistrust) to illustrate …

See you soon !

PS = do not forget to take a look at The awesome lover’s manual ! 😉