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Fabrice’s story

The birth of a pick-up artist

Dear readers,

My name is Fabrice X, I was born on February 17, 1989. I live in south of France since always.

To the nursery school, I had my “first girlfriend”. I mean, a girl who was holding my hand… awesome !

At school, I have been in love (some people will say “One Itis”) with two girls, but they never were interested in me. The evidence : they never invited me to their birthday parties. I wanted to cry !

To the middle school, I have been in love with four girls and interested in about ten. A never had a girlfriend there. But nevertheless, I remember that a chick waited for me in front of the building, before classes. “Do you want to date me?” she asked. I smiled because I was totally surprised, but I was happy, I liked her. “Oh no, you have a dental appliance” she changed her mind, then she turned and left and never talked to me again. However, my mother said “yes, you’re cute, don’t worry”, she thought I was a womanizer… I really didn’t understand! So, I was obsessed by girls, I was frustrated and desperate because of them.

When I entered high school, all my buddies talked about losing their virginities, I still wondered how it is to touch a girl’s lips with my mouth. Fortunately, we took a trip to Italia with the Latinist class, during which I met a girl (good looking) who kissed me. I was 16. I was so ashamed, I never told her she was my first kiss. We were on a relationship until I was 17, even if she was a kind of ball-breaker…  It’s at that age and with her that I had my first time. Catastrophic, by the way : she had her periods and didn’t let me finish “it hurts”. Another day, she gave me a handjob, it was good, then she said that because of me she developed tendonitis. And she cheated on me. We broke up.  Some years later, she gave me another handjob then said “your dick is not big enough for me” (she is crazy, my cock is OK). Girls can be bitchs if you let them do.

During my last year of high school, I didn’t touched a girl. I hung out with “cool dudes” so I saw them with a lot of cute girls… who of course weren’t interested in me. Some were far from handsome and succeeded, so, I said to myself “you’re probably really ugly”. The boys liked me because I was fun and provocateur, but cute girls didn’t see in me a boy who could doggystyle them in the toilets. By the way, I didn’t image girls in that way, at that time, I was sensitive and romantic. One day, they made a list of the class’ boys and had fun giving marks out of twenty : a girl quite ugly gave me my best mark 12/20 but for others girls, I was around 7. I really didn’t understand (even if I was used to it), but in a mirror, I didn’t think I was THAT ugly.

The situation has improved during the following years, when I started having beards (some said “you’re cute” but never gone further). For example, I had sex with a girl of my prom during a party. That was not a glorious chapter, so after, we evading each other. Or whether, a girl I picked up on the Internet gave me a handjob at my place after I fingered her during hours (I liked cute : cute and fun). That same night, without my asking anything, I received a message “sorry I don’t understand what happened but I don’t wanna in a relationship so don’t get your hopes too high. Outch. The following year, I have been “in a relationship” during several months with a fat girl who was fun but didn’t attracted me. I was ashamed in the street with her. She is good a handjob, but it doesn’t excuse everything. The icing on the cake : she cheated on me too. This was the drop of vaginal lubrication the straw that broke the camel’s back. I so decided to take charge of my sexual life.

So I had sex with 4 girls when I discovered the Game (the community of the seduction on the Internet), near 5 years ago. I was passionate right away, it was a revelation, a true vocation. It wasn’t easy at the beginning : I had a lot a limited beliefs, it scared me to approach the girls I liked, I didn’t know what to say, etc. It required a lot of efforts and work : worth it !  I have no regrets : we can say that it improved my life, and opened my eyes on a lot of realities and it armoured me against the glance of others. I feel free !

I quickly had results, I even slept with some gorgeous girls during my first year of Game. Changing some details can have huge consequences. It must be said that I did a lot a personal development and learned psychology (hard work). Moreover, in France, there is no good website to help you becoming a Pick Up Artist : blogs are mainly published by preachy people and kill-joys in a relationship, self-styled “seducers”, which goal isn’t to make their readers succeed, but to let them bad enough that they buy their useless stuff, hoping improving their life. I am lucky to do not be bad in English, because it is the reading of some American ebooks and the watch of Anglophones seminars that played an important role.

One and a half year ago, I started keeping a diary on a French forum. It was successful : many men sent me messages in order to tell me that it motivates them reading my adventures, that they never thought some things could be possible and that it helped them a lot to improve their relations with women.

Today, I wanna share my adventures with the highest number of people because I think it’s my turn to help other men to improve their lives. So, I will publish here my diary 2012/2013, then I will add my current stories. It is useless to precise that I change the name of the girls (on a scrupulous concern for confidentiality) but apart from that : stories are true. They happened to me. I tell them in the form of a diary.

I hope the Game will change your life too. May the God of Game be with you.

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