Where to begin

I created this page to facilitate the reading of my blog to new visitors.

The point is you won’t read in any order, you won’t mix everything. This will facilitate your undersanding of the Game and of the opposite sex because it will be much more educational than if you clicked randomly on articles.

Obviously, if you read what follows, you’ll understand the Game and women. I have invested time and energy so I hope you’ll enjoy how I take it personally to make quality products!


First of all, you can download Diary of a French PUA (my first diary that tells my adventures from the time when I started to be really effective, its goal is to show you what is possible with a correct game). Of course, you can start with The basics of seduction if you’re really lost.

Then, you should read How to sublimate your body language because this ebook will increase your success.

Finally, More than 1,000 alpha sexy funny lines (a dedication to the cocky-funny of DeAngelo: the point here is to give you lots of ideas to never get mute during a pickup, to never be out of ideas to answer her tests nor out of conversation topics).


Good luck,

Your friend,

Fabrice Julien

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