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Phone game : How to chat a girl with texts ?

phone game

Men and women, many are wondering “how to chat by texts”. We will see here some rules to flirt a girl by texts. But many of these tips also apply to women.


How to chat a girl by texts ?

In fact, I have already written an article about how to chat by text, I advise you to go watch it to start.

And here I answer the question “should I call the girl or send her messages?


The purpose of chatting via texts?

The purpose of chatting by texts is to see or see the girl again. No more no less.

If you have connected to a dating site, the goal is to meet her to fuck her. And if you met her in street or night, the goal is to see her again to fuck her.

The goal here is not to shake the noodle to exchange banalities for several weeks. Most of the interactions that pay come true in a week!


How do you know if you will sleep with this girl?

Sexualization can help you know if you are going to sleep with the girl after the date. Flirting by text is a good way to learn to sexualize your interactions without stress. This will delight the most shy!

Test her with texts and see if you are dealing with a chick who is cold-eyed or if it’s more like a girl who likes to live day to day and does not take too much headaches. Then, adapt! There is not a single magic recipe to chat by texts.

Attention, if you have already seen the girl in real life, you will have less work to do on the attraction. Indeed, if she gave you her number, it’s probably that she already likes you, that she is at least a little attracted. Here, you should a little more insist on the comfort phase.

If you have never seen the girl in real life, then you will have to (in addition to creating some comfort and sexualizing so you do not end up on a date with a frigid girl) create attraction.

Here’s how to chat a girl by text!

Personally, I am of the opinion that nothing serves to move to go to a date with a girl who puts barriers on her sexuality from the beginning. When it starts so complicated, how do you want the relationship to be simple then?

Flirting via texts can therefore make a good selection between girls who will make you waste your time and those who will delight the monster that is hidden in your underpants.



When to contact the girl again?

Several schools compete on the subject. My opinion is that there is on the one hand the intellectual masturbators and on the other those who really practice seduction on the ground.

You should recontact the girl and chat her by text when you feel like it, but not in too long. Because it is always better to act too early than too late. You will notice that it is the same answer as the question “when to kiss a girl” because it is a universal law.

What is the best time to write texts to a girl?

I already told you, the best time is when you feel like it. But if you want to maximize your chances of getting an answer, avoid writing when you are drunk at 3 am when you come home from the club and she’s sleeping. It’s pitiful and desperate!

We must also calibrate according to what she does with her life. Between noon and two or the evening from 18h, it does not seem too bad for a girl who works and who has no children.

How to avoid wasting time?

Personally, before investing myself in writing texts to a girl, I prefer to agree a date or a niche for an appointment. I do this upstream and if she is not happy because she finds me too urgent, I next!

Personally, the fear of rejection or rush, I do not give a fuck. I think that girls really play their princesses too much with guys, and that it goes from bad to worse. If she thinks that one of the 40 sex-starving people who are willing to never contradict her and pay her anything she wants is better than me in bed, I leave her in her stupidity.

The girls are bad in pick-up

It is obvious that the girls are more and more zero in pick-up (not all but the majority). Blame the guys who do too much for them. And if no one tells them, it will continue. You have to rush them a little, make them question themselves, make them think.

A friend from Lyon’s LAIR told the following story about this problem, which I find uplifting: “Recently a girl I was talking to brought her best friend in the conversation on Facebook. In “we share” mode. I did humor with that kind of “cool, a 3some”. Then the girl made me understand that she was old fashioned and she was looking for a guy who would not flirt her friend. So it was a test! I made her admit that she had fucked up, it was she who had created this conversation, not me. I had not asked for anything and it would have been lying to pretend I had not considered the threesome. But as a girl on the apps, she still did not want to see me: well yeah, there are 79 guys waiting behind in “pseudo-loveur sex-starved” mode. At least she will not talk about her friend to the next one.”

Phone game


What to do with girls?

You have to practice prizing girls. And above all, do not hesitate to flirt several at the same time. That’s how to really flirt with texts!


Phone game is different

Phone game is different from flirting face to face. So you should think about “warming up” your messages with one or two smileys. Especially if you do humor second degree or innuendo, it would be a pity that the girl does not understand. But do not put too much risk to go for a dirty kikoo.

I advise you not to heal your messages with punctuation and capitalization. A little nonchalance will do you the greatest good! But on the other hand, if you are an illiterate, take care of your messages, it will always look pretty “busy” like that.

Differentiate yourself from the mass

Having the courage to approach a girl in real life, it differentiates you from the crowd. Even if you’re just going with a ‘hi how are you doing? ”

But when you pick up by text, write “Hi how are you?” »Or « what do you do?” It’s pitiful and it’s the best way she does not answer you.

Try to be a little original, to tease her and even play the game of questions.

How to create attraction?

Avoid playing the guy weak, in demand. Do not make her undergo an interrogation, etc.

Do not send 10-line messages if she answers in two words. But, conversely, do not write two words if she sends you very worked messages. Try to invest, or seem to invest, always slightly less than her.

Personally, I prefer to send short messages by texts and write more via Facebook or on a dating site. Because I prefer my computer keyboard to my phone!

Avoid big misspellings!

Avoid pseudo-romantic texts like “I had a wonderful evening, if you agree to see me again, I will be the happiest of men”. Seriously, stay an alpha challenge!

Do not send 15 messages in a row. Give her time to answer. Do not send more than 3 unanswered messages, otherwise you may well be accused of harassment by an extremist feminist!

The sexting

To go further on the question “how to chat a girl by texts”, study the question of sexting. It’s top, sextos, to chat by SMS!

If you are looking for sexting ideas or tips to flirt with sexto, I have already done two articles on the subject: here and here. Go see them, it’s worth the trip!

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The art of seduction in real life

art seduction

I am going to talk to you in this article about the art of seduction, because it seems to me too often misunderstood. Indeed, most people who criticize me have not understood anything to what I do. So easy to throw stones at me without having taken the trouble to take a look at my work. The art of seduction is scary to many people so, failing to have the courage to learn to seduce, they prefer to criticize those who tackle this big challenge. It’s infinitely easier…


The art of seduction, the movie

The art of SEDUCTION, the real one, does not have much to do with the film of the same name in which Jean-François, a psychotherapist falls in love with one of his patients. When she stops therapy, he finally feels free to seduce her but finds herself paralyzed in front of her. Jean-François then accumulates all the clumsiness. He decides to turn to Julien, one of his patients who consults him for obsessive compulsive disorder linked to pick up.

Nevertheless, The art of seduction, the film, focuses on several important things. The first is that it is a good idea to learn seduction so as not to be paralyzed in front of the woman of her life. The second is that stress can make even the most classy or clever men look ridiculous in front of a woman, and learning seduction to learn how to manage it is beneficial. The third is that we can be ugly and be good at seduction. Everyone can learn to be clever in seduction. Some notions of psychology and a little experience can make all the difference in a romantic encounter.

Well, where it is a little megalo, it is to speak of ART of seduction. Seducing is not necessarily an art but rather a skill. Except that talking about ART of SEDUCTION gives a mystical dimension to the thing then people get galvanized of this term.

L’Art de séduire (Zelig Films distribution)


The art of SEDUCTION in real life

My blog aims to teach men who want, how to fly in their meetings with women. I want to help them put the odds on their side. Not less.

But we must understand that the ART of SEDUCTION in real life does not necessarily look like the one we are presented in Hollywood movies, like Hitch. In practice, girls are almost all different, although they often have something in common. And their reactions are unpredictable, even if many say and do the same things as others while thinking themselves very original, open-minded, intelligent, etc. We can not work from generalities on a specific case and vice versa.

What I can teach you

I can teach you not to miss your chance with a beautiful and brilliant stranger. No longer hesitate to approach. No longer live in doubt or in fear of women.

The art of SEDUCTION will help you to approach and seduce women you like in all situations. In the street, on the Internet, in bars or clubs, at work…

I can introduce you to my philosophy in which female rejection and friendzone do not exist. Because everything is above all a question of state of mind.


How does the ART of SEDUCTION work?

So, I know that what I promise you may seem too good to be true. You say to yourself that if you go in there, in the apprenticeship of the ART of SEDUCTION, you will inevitably sell your soul to the devil. But no, the ART OF SEDUCTION is above all personal development.

I am not an asshole, nor a bastard nor a manipulator. I know that many people would like to think the opposite because it would somehow justify their inaction. But I use personal development as a cornerstone to help you master THE ART OF SEDUCING. A simple reading of my blog will show you!

It is therefore a healthy and natural seduction that I propose, and that is what many people do not want to understand. People have trouble integrating this because they would have no more decision to criticize the ART OF SEDUCING. And then, looking at themselves in the mirror, they would not find an answer to the question “why do not I move my ass to have the sex and love life I want?” Yes, seduction, that can be learned! We can learn to seduce, incredible !!!

People generally prefer to “look good” pretending that everything is fine, that they have a great sex and love life, while it is rarely the case, in fact. Often, they lie to themselves and it’s still the worst they can do.

Only quacks teach the art of SEDUIRE?

Be careful, I’m not a quack either. I know, however, that there are many in this environment. With me, there is no miracle cure that holds seduction. No “with this phrase, all girls will fall like flies”. Besides, there is rarely a miracle solution, in any field of life, by the way. But with work: stay assured, you can greatly progress in the ART OF SEDUCTION. And that’s the purpose of life, right? Learning about others and yourself, experimenting, getting out of your comfort zone, improving yourself …

My ebooks have already helped hundreds of men to seduce/flirt/kiss. In short, to master this famous ART OF SEDUCTION !

If you like my blog, do not hesitate to read my ebooks to “deepen” the question.

If you really want to help me: instead of buying alcohol or expensive clothes, buy my products… so you’ll get along with the girls, you’ll avoid throwing money out the window and me it will make me want to continue to share my work on this blog. It’s a win-win scenario!


Answers to those who criticize the ART OF SEDUCING:

To go further, here are some articles where I dismounted the arguments of my detractors. This is an answer to all the people who are against the idea that seduction can be learned and who hate the idea that there is an ART OF SEDUCING. If you are suspicious or if you have a doubt about what the ART DE SEDUCTION can bring you, do not hesitate to read them.

The articles in question:

Answers to my detractors and why I’m right
Comment of the article involved in controversy « Testimony: I infiltrated the community of the PUA »
Conclusion : I am finally happy in this crazy world

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How to pick a girl up ? (The full course)

In this article, we will see how to flirt a girl. We’ll also see when to kiss a girl.

Note that you should read the article on how to seduce a girl.

How to pick a girl up


How to flirt with a girl: the essential social skills

How to pick up a girl ? Knowing how to talk about anything with a stranger requires certain skills, some of them come to mind immediately. I think, in particular, that you have to know how to bounce on one sentence, how to listen to the other, how to be light, how to avoid angry subjects. In short, have a minimum of common sense.


How to pick up a girl ? Using your common sense

Sometimes, I observe some clampin lambda and I wonder if they have a minimum of logic: what use is it to reflect on a political event to a seller at Carrefour? You could hurt her deepest convictions, and even so, there are many more interesting topics and less headaches, which they just might make her have a good time.


Is the art of conversation technical?

When I hear some nazes say that Bob AFC is a natural beginner, I want to tear off the keys on my keyboard and jump through the window while naked.

A natural beginner does not exist, and in case you have not noticed yet, while some can talk 20 minutes of acoustic amp with a crazy old met at the bus stop while they do not know nothing about it, others are not even able to engage after the fateful “hello” addressed to the pretty, slightly naughty brunette sitting at their rank in college.

How to pick up a girl ? Like everything that is technical, some have the thing, some not. Those who do not have to work harder to get level, but they will eventually understand the thing. That’s why I kill myself saying that personal development is the basis of the base: we have nothing without anything in life, so we must get out of the ass to progress.


How to chat a girl: the importance of the first name

How to pick up a girl ? I just read an article, with one or two nice tips to apply when introducing you to someone. If like me, you are not damned to remember a name, read well. It is appropriate to take the name of the person to greet, immediately by saying hello.

How to pick up a girl ? Compliment the person on her name “Ah Zahia, I love this name is very exotic.” Pretend an annoying outside noise to make the name repeat if you have ever forgotten or not understood. It’s completely stupid, but people like you to remember their name, and repeating it during the discussion creates intimacy.


Intimate distance

Also try to find the right distance depending on the location. Do not be fooled 50 meters from her in a big empty room but do not come and stick to 30 centimeters either.

How to pick up a girl ? As far as possible, choose a social distance at the beginning of the interaction, even if you are closer to her. Do not enter her inner circle from the beginning. Adopt a seductive look, that is to say cool and relaxed. Do not slouch like a clod on the couch, but do not stand upright like a military at attention. Be comfortable.

Also note that your body attitude rubs off on your emotions (hard to make you think you’re sad while you’re doing antics, right?) If you have a cool guy positioning, you will feel cool, and will be even cooler.

That’s what I can say, a kind of virtuous circle. Take a pleasant voice and avoid gestures that betray any anxiety. If you feel that you are gesticulating too much, correct yourself. This kind of problem is solved through breathing.


Positivity and energy level

How to flirt a girl on the street? You do not have much time, you came up with an opener and swayed a bogus excuse to explain that you have little time to grant her. And what do you want? Do you want her to want to see you again?

So rather than complicate the task, you have to play it simple, you have to make her laugh. If you are full of energy and happy as I do not know what, she will necessarily be unless her dog just died or other. It does not necessarily requieres a high level of energy to flirt in the street, but in bars it is strongly recommended.


Emotional contagion

How to pick up a girl ? If you land in your life all smiles, fun and cool, she will become fun and cool: the human being tends to similarity and her spirit swears by the positive, a smile is contagious, a jovial and dynamic state of mind also.

If you are a catalyst for positive emotions, she will associate you with something positive, and she will want to see you again, so taking a number will be just a formality.

Of course not everything is so simple, and we often run into closed girls (poorly deactivated flight reflex, girl in a bad state of mind, girl who is in fact a simple shit). It is then necessary to practice the gradual opening.

How to pick up a girl ? If she betrays by her body language, or her voice, a lack of any opening, lower a tone and resume a little more seriously, once she hangs you can increase your energy level, and so hers. Note that sometimes we just fall on stupid girls, next.


Social Intelligence

Make the distinction. Sometimes the girl is not open. Just as you are sometimes sad or angry because of the job or a lambda story, she is perhaps horny at will but remains a human being with her personal problems.

How to pick up a girl ? Already, we have to make the distinction between the basic bitch who likes to belittle people and the girl who is not open because of her negative emotions.

The basic bitch does not deserve your interest, there are idiots everywhere and toxic individuals deserve only your contempt. If you have the feeling that her naze attitude is only temporary and that you feel the motivation to dig a little her case, there is a way to do it.



Going back first, you come up with a level of energy far too much higher than her. She had a crappy day, for example, so do not be the weird guy. Lower a tone, take a topic a little more serious and try to understand.

If she opens up to you, bounce it “ah your boss pisses you off, yeah me too, besides I planned to kill him, you know how in such a movie… you saw it?”. Once you’ve done it, go back to where you’re going.

The goal is to end the interaction by leaving her in a more positive state than when she did not know you yet.

how to pick a girl up
Picture : L’arnacoeur


How to flirt a girl: Make conversation

How to pick up a girl ? Chatting with a girl is the most reliable way to root out information. The information will be used to calibrate accurately, to qualify/disqualify.

I recommend the following to those who already have enough social fluency to hold a conversation with anyone, as part of an evening where they can take their time (the others might get confused a little).


Conversation topics

How to pick up a girl ? Already, know that there are no key topics. There are certainly the fundamentals (men/women relations for example), but no subject is absolutely to proscribe. It can be psychology like computers, sports or ecology, we don’t give a shit.

Of course, she will not deliver emotionally to you if you exchange your opinions on the new iPhone, but if your goal is to simply create complicity, do not avoid a sexless subject at all costs. Since you know how to bounce back, wait for the opportunity and then deviate the conversation to something more personal: “Besides my ex had this application…”

That said, avoid, like the plague, certain subjects, style: politics or positions. In general, I avoid opinions too decided, I do not take too much for this or that cause or in any case I do not talk about it during the meeting, I expect to know her better, it avoids once again to hurt her personal convictions (and that she also hits mine).

Then anyway it’s not funny. There are plenty of countries where talking politics with friends is not polite, in France because we love to complain, we often discuss stupid topics. Avoid them.


Frame the conversation

How to pick up a girl ? Do not let the conversation go anywhere, but do not try to contain it: you could be considered an interested guy, and it would heat up on radars… So it should be non-directive, subtly bypass some obstacles, don’t speak to say nothing (it is weird, and we do not want to be a weirdo), and overcome some resistance as and when.

It is preferable that this is the target that takes the initiative of a sexual conversation for example, it will avoid the “oh but why we speak of doggy style already? Oh yes, it’s you, obsessed”. Finally, at the limit we do not care, we do not care completely, but if you try to lead and frame a discussion, it’s better if she thinks the idea comes from her. Personally, I sexualize pretty fast in general, but I tease immediately after so that the girl thinks that it is she who has the dirty mind. It’s not a beginner thing but that’s what I advise you to do if you are comfortable.


The nicknames

How to pick up a girl ? Repeating one’s name from time to time creates intimacy, and even if it’s not really subtle, I always like to find rotten nicknames to annoy them, but also to pretend that I’ve always known them: “Blablablabla… not true Juju?
– Yes it’s true that blah blah… but do not call me Juju fuck.”


A small check-up

Always ask yourself these questions:
– Do I ask hrt (too much) often?
– Can I get her confidences?
– Am I attentive to her reactions?
– Do I react at the right moment?
– Can I listen to her ?
– Am I funny/light?
– Am I answering her shit-tests?
– Do I decode her emotions well?


Work on your faulty points

How to pick up a girl ? To be able to speak a girl without feeling that she is being interrogated is a major asset. Always unbalance the conversation a little on her side so that she gives in, that’s good because people love to talk about themselves in general. Especially the girls.

If you manage to arouse her emotion, bounce on it to amplify her state of openness, stay light, nice and interesting without revealing too much, creating an aura of mystery: it is obvious that she will open up to you and will even ask so that you meet up again. She can even take the initiative to ask for your number.

If you do well your job, expect this kind of reaction “We do not know each other enough and I tell you my life”, “I told you too much” or “Since earlier I talk about me, what about you?”. That’s how to flirt a girl…


Do not you fool it

Make the nuance between highlighting and broasting. Telling your little piece of history or your anecdotes without trying to shine, it is done in the subtlety and not with bragging.

Do like good journalists, and ask original and relevant questions if possible, and especially open questions.


Avoid closed questions

Closed questions refer to the brain and logic, open questions refer to emotions and imagination. Reminder: we answer a closed question by a simple yes or no, or a simple word, style “you went to the movies? “.

An open question forces her to think/remember: “What do you think of this movie? “. The complete course on communication here.



Try to hold a conversation by feeding only questions, or try adding questions at the end of your sentences. Make the difference with a normal conversation.

Do it subtly after a lambda phrase (your opener for example): “Hi. What do you think of … ?” Or “Yes it’s true. Last time it was like that too. By the way, do you think that …? » Respond to the person with only a minimum of words.

How to pick up a girl ? Make the most of your body language (shoulder shake, smile, expression with the eyes), and retort only with “oh really?” Or “awesome, tell me more about…”. In short, show that you are also active in the role of the listener, who is commonly passive.

This encourages the speaker to continue, and thus to deliver more information. Feeling listened to is pleasant, and seeing that the other is really interested in what you say makes you want to prolong the conversation.


The art of banality

How to pick up a girl ? When two people meet, or more concretely just after you have spoken, the discussion is not immediately intimate.

We usually exchange a few banalities and then we naturally switch to a more intimate and relaxed conversation, it is usually there that we do a little cooky and funny and tease a little the girl.

The more serious first sentence of discussion is needed to disable the flight reflexes, to show the girl that one is a normal guy who just wants to talk.

Try to notice when you are transitioning from the first phase of the discussion to the second: the friendly discussion.


Stay focused

This exercise allows you to stay focused on your goal by identifying the different stages that lead to it, this objective can be “take her number and then leave”, “invite her out”, whatever… As exercise to practice: during a conversation with buddies, always try to divert the conversation from the original subject by bouncing on a lambda info.

Then, test with people recently met: “In fact I work in programming, and I always liked the technical stuff. »; “I’m a little like that too, besides when I was little… blah blah.”

Little more, and if you are good at this little game only, because it’s quite boring otherwise: try to determine by raising the redundant vocabulary, if your interlocutor is more a visual, an auditory or kinesthetic.

Example: if she prefers to use as an expression “I see what you mean” rather than “I feel that you want to come here”, it is more a visual than a kinesthetic. This will allow you to more effectively touch your imagination and sensitivity. With a hearing girl, it would be rather “imagine the sound of wind blablabla…” while with a visual one would make “just imagine this sunset…”

How to pick a girl up


How to flirt with a girl: techniques

No stress

How to pick up a girl ? It has often been said, but I repeat: in seduction, girls are looking for cool guys and posed, well in their sneakers and with a big cock (just kidding). Think for two minutes and understand that talking about your passions or your first flirtation in order to stall a death anchor that kills you a bit later is meaningless and will have little effect if you sweat. like a marathon runner or stammering during the interaction.

What I mean by this is that if you have the attitude of a guy completely stressed, no matter what you tell her, at the end of the interaction she will keep in mind that you are a stressed guy .



First of all, it’s important to know how to smile. I have not just reinvented the world of psychology, but emotions are contagious. Show a social smile if the person in front of you is not able to draw a real one.

To work on your smile, lie in front of a mirror and play a little acting. Shoot a funeral and smile suddenly. Take a head of guy who enjoys and smile suddenly. Pretend to cry and snap, smile.

Simulate a lot of emotionsand force yourself to smile impromptu, it takes two minutes and allows you to work spontaneity and the sincerity of your smile.

Do it when you are alone, it will avoid you to go for a crazy. A sincere smile is created around the eyes, a fake is asymmetrical and a little longer to appear. There is no point in smiling throughout the interaction like a fool, you would be a fool or a jerk.


The eye contact

We do not all have the eyes of a big dark like Sir Banderas, but working the depth of his eyes can be useful (just watch the actors, or for a while, learn to always note the color of the eyes of your interlocutor, it will force you to dive your eyes in hers (exercise really useful)).

Stay planted there, staring at each other as if she were a marvel or I do not know what an incredible animal might make her uncomfortable, and make you feel uncomfortable in return. Between two guys, fixing is to provoke non-verbally.

How to pick up a girl ? Do not necessarily support her gaze for a decade. However, it is interesting to support the one of your target in some cases, and therefore not to have a shy eye contact.


A test

This is a form of testing since she may, for example, want to see if you finally assume your desire for her, or simply seek to play with you. We are all fans of these moments, are not we?

During the discussion, look in the eyes, in turn, all the members taking part in the conversation. This is very important, if you do not do it, some people will feel ignored and excluded.

If you are alone, it’s cool to take a look at yours from time to time, when you speak, and when you finish especially.

Do not hesitate to use a look of convenience (fix her forehead: neutrality) rather than your feet (shame of something) between two gloomy glances like Johnny Depp.

The rule here is to look in the eye when we speak (95% of the time) and avoid the gaze of the other when it is she who speaks (except 5% of the time). Be careful, the percentages are only indicative. The idea is that you do not go for a psychopath who always looks intently in the eyes, or for a guy unsure who can not support a look.


Kinos and body language

How to pick up a girl ? It is interesting to study the body language while remembering that a single sign is not enough to give a certain interpretation of the state of mind of the girl, it is the accumulation of these signs alone which allows a good interpretation.

But, we forget a little the essential, which is that a girl is a human being. And all do not like to be touched (there are some who are not used to, there are some who do not like contact, there are some who like to be pains in the ass…)


Auditive, Visual or Kinesthetic?

There are 3 big families of people. The visuals (about 50% of the Western population) are more sensitive to what refers to sight, auditory hearing, kinesthetic touch, tactile sensations.

How to pick up a girl ? If you want to talk to her emotional side and titillate her imagination, you will use a vocabulary and a way of acting specific to each of these families. For this still needs to calibrate with accuracy… Personally, it annoys me to do it, must be attentive and it pisses me off. That said, if I notice by chance that a chick is an auditory (for example), it’s clear that I will probably use this info at one time or another.

How to pick a girl up


How to flirt a girl: summary

How to pick up a girl ? In summary, after having touched, we maintain a real eye contact in the eyes as in love movies, we smile and then start the conversation. We pay attention to her and our body language (open and relaxed).

It is possible to look away or to swing a neutral look (on her forehead) when she is launched. We smile from time to time because we are a hot guy when we smile. It’s cool.

We feed the conversation with open questions, go into the more relaxed phase and we start to calibrate the girl a little, we go into active listening mode and we react to what she tells us. Afterwards, we put her at our energy level if necessary. We must stay focused on our goal.

If you are able to do all that, then the sexualization of the conversation becomes a pleasant and normal passage since in the logic of things. It is also valid to conclude. Rather than force events, do what is logical, it will result in something natural.


Be ready to answer girls’ tests

Good… what about the test of confidence (shit-test)? Do we throw this notion squarely in the trash or do we explain that indeed girls swing from time to time, but it is so serious that?

If a girl asks you to pick her up by car at her house before going to the movies, it’s gonna be to test your manhood or maybe you just want her to pick her up before going to cinema.

You have to know how to stay lucid and logical from time to time: girls do not test us all the time. In my opinion, a girl can swing you a test but it’s still quite rare, and it testifies to the fact that she noted an inconsistency in your game and she seeks to decide.

How to pick up a girl ? To answer a test “Do you do that to all girls? I say, “I do not know, what is Beigbeder’s last book?” Or the famous “agree and amplify” “Yes yes, to all, even my mom”. There are 36,000 ways to respond, and all are good as long as they fit your personality.

It’s a reflection of the confidence you have in yourself, because almost everything goes on as long as it’s consistent with your character, and that character gives you confidence.


How to flirt a girl: kiss her?

How to shine, in conclusion? Stop thinking. This is one of the reasons that makes it easy to pick up by being drunk.

From the moment when we are alone with the girl and she looks at us with doe eyes, and we start to say to each other “Uh… well… doe eyes… I like that, but I sense that this is the moment when I have to do something. I do not like that much. And if she repulsed me? I dunno. I do not know anymore. But what do I know? Who am I ? Where am I going ? In what state I wander ? What is the purpose of my life? Where did I put the keys to my car?” So here we are screwed.

If we tend to think too much at the base, in a situation of “stress” and I voluntarily put quotation marks because we all know that it is not one: it is even worse. When she looks at us with eyes that scream fly: we must kiss her directly, without metaphysical meditation.


We stay ourselves

It’s not even about violence, it’s just a question of relaxing by not thinking about anything. Change your vision of the game: if a girl goes to see a guy to propose to fuck, there is a very good chance that he says yes, unless she is toothless and has more mustache than the baker of my ex neighborhood, frankly, the vast majority of straight will answer by the affirmative. Except those who will shit on themselves.

So, why half of the girls would push the advances of a good guy? Stop making excuses, Neil Strauss, Gael Garcia Bernal, and Al Pacino, also are small, it does not stop them from shining. Not making up excuses is the first step in understanding how to flirt with a girl.

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How to seduce a girl? (The full course)

On this page, we will see how to seduce a girl. But it is possible to seduce girls in different ways: for a relationship, to make a sexfriend, for a one night stand, etc. So, we will deal with the different possibilities. We will also see here how to seduce a girl who is in a relationship.

Feel free to read this article to discover how to pick up a girl.

How to seduce a girl (The full course)


How to seduce a girl according to the type of relationship you want

Regarding the question “how to seduce a girl” in the sense of the qualities that a woman is looking for in a man, I differentiate several axes: what are the qualities that a woman seeks to couple, for a project sexfriends, to get married or for a one night stand.


How to seduce a girl to make a sexfriend

She can be content with a guy with whom she has a good time, cocky & funny as we like to say, a guy who will give her pleasure in bed and who will be discreet.


How to seduce a girl for a one night stand

For a one night stand, a man who knew how to make her wet by skillfully destroying hihers apprehensions, sorry, reassuring her, may suffice.


How to seduce a girl for a relationship

For a couple, she will probably look for a laid-back man, with some stability in his life, etc.


Become the Perfect Man to seduce women?

“How to seduce a woman?” Is not a question that has a universal answer. According to their experience of life, what is a quality for one is not one for the other. Some prefer a docile man, and others who sometimes do not admit it, a man more or less indomitable. Some will prefer a tall man, others will not care if he is small.

Most of the qualities that the Perfect Man would have are universal but not all. This is why your vision of the Perfect Man will never be quite the same as the one of the chick you want to seduce, or your neighbor, colleague, friend, sushi delivery… So why aiming for a vain ideal? The only thing you can do: constantly seek improvement, never stay on top of your achievements, always try to be better and above all happy.

What are the almost universal qualities that women value in men? I will answer you and that is probably what you will find most sincere and effective to understand how to seduce a girl.

Maggie from Palm Springs, United States — Brad

How to seduce a girl: the ideas about physics and culture

Well. From what I observe in everyday life.


Be beautiful to seduce

Being hot was good when you were a college student and had a Skyblog. The minettes commented “hot” and we had a ticket. Honestly, as an adult, I do not think that being plastically handsome is heavier in the scales than elegant. As long as you do not miss 5 teeth or anything, we do not care.



To read books, to know oneself in literature, in painting… Yes, perhaps, finally surely. But in a student context and even in most other environments, nobody wants to listen to stories of shades of blue on canvases of the nineteenth century.

It’s not to be mean or anything, it’s just that the girl wants to laugh and have fun first, and if she’s listening to you spew out a bunch of things about Plato, it’s probably she’s want to fuck with you anyway, not necessarily interested. Think about it.



I do not say that you have to be grown like a turnip, but this vision of seduction seems to me to be that of the American series: the guy who has wheat, super cultivated, super active, super beautiful, super everything, and that soon as he enters a room, the girls turn around and touch each other’s panties, chuckling… these are misconceptions that will not help you to really understand how to seduce a girl.


Keep these qualities for later

For my part, I would not start spreading my culture with a girl I met in a bar. Because I do not need that to fuck her. All this stuff, I would put them in the box “interesting and flourishing man”, and not necessarily attractive, because even if it can be, the girl does not need to know all that to be seduced.

If I come to address the topics inherent in my passions with a girl, it would probably be part of a mutual qualification for a relationship or, at least after having fucked, not before.

How to seduce a girl


How to seduce a girl: passive seduction

The dress code

Without necessarily having a killer look, simply be elegant. It may not be enough for the chicks, but at least it will avoid being disqualified because we are dressed like a nerdy. That’s how to seduce a girl!


Body language

What could be summed up in some basics like not being slouched, being open, smiling… The body language of a confident guy, basta. This is another key to understanding how to seduce a girl.



Talk a little with everyone, be cool, make the joke “If I drink alcohol I am an alcoholic and if I drink Fanta, I’m fantastic?” Speak philosophy if it sings to you as long as you stay in the spirit of the conversation.


To do the first step

Nice example of how to seduce a girl I heardfrom a friend who wanted to approach a girl at his college. He had been at the bus stop with her and another girl of her class. Instead of talking to the girl that he wanted to take the number, he spoke to the one of his class “Yeah, the courses right now it’s hard, besides coming every morning to revise with this cold, blah blah”, this kind of banalities said on the tone of fun with some amusing anecdotes.

His target was listening in spite of herself, and something that my friend said made her laugh, so he grabbed the opportunity to include her in the conversation. The end. But if my friend had not included the girl in the conversation, after asking her number and do what he had to do, he could have seduced hours and hours passively, there is a 99% chance that he would never have slept with her. She would have laughed, he would have continued to clown, then everyone would be home quietly.

Indeed, even if the girl is interested, we live in a civilization where the guys must take the lead. I always laugh when I hear guys say “it would be better if the girls approached and not the other way around”, because I am totally against: we approach so we choose. Those who go to coal give themselves the choice, it’s awesome. How many chicks are frustrated by the fact that the guy they liked did not come talking to them? I do not know, but a lot in my opinion. Even among the girls I know, there are lots of them.



It’s better to have money for the obvious social bonus it brings, or even for the quality of life. Must be politically correct not to recognize that “money = girls”, but not having money does not prevent to bang high-school girls. I think that if a girl wants to fuck with a guy, her financial and social situation does not matter anymore. So a 29 year old lawyer in a room with a single bed? Why not.


The reputation

Let’s ask the following situation, and God knows that it happened to me often: you are at a party, asked to be there at 9pm. You arrive around 11 pm so people have had the opportunity to talk about you. When you introduce yourself to the blonde with big breasts, she whispers with a smile “Ah, it’s you Fabrice? Is it true that…” It’s Machin-Truc who told me that. Indeed, your friends who were on time, have built a reputation for fun guy and good fucker.

You already have enough value in her eyes for her to consider rubbing your body. It is true that at this point, part of the job is already done. So yeah, we can decide to do a lot of really complicated stuff, and after balancing the cum on the peroxide, consider that it was thanks to our Jedi skills that the mission was a great success. The truth is that in some cases, the girl had already practically decided to fuck with you before you even arrived. The important thing is this “practically”. She was already interested but interest is not enough.

How to seduce a girl


How to seduce a girl: interest is not enough

There are a lot of reasons why a girl who is interested will not sleep with you, and that’s what I’m going to deal with now. How to seduce a girl, how to interest a girl and how to sleep with a girl are three very different questions that have different answers.


You have to assume that you are a man

First, and this seems to me the most common situation: this is the case of the guy who has no balls.

I know a Brad Pitt-style guy, but in clubs I am always more effective than him. Why ? Because he does not assume, he does not go to contact. Yet the indicators of interest are raining, but he remains inactive.

Afraid of failure? I do not know. The Inactive is 99% of the male population.


You must be faster than others

Now, imagine that the girl is interested by a dozen guys, that guys who have the balls to assume the interest she has towards them, do you sincerely believe that she will fuck with the 10?

The answer is no. Maybe one in every 100 or a thousand girls does it, and this one will live with the heavy burden of a reputation as a hussy. It’s a shame, I’m not saying it’s good or it’s bad, I just find that a guy who succeeds in fucking 5 women in a week would be considered a God while a girl validating the same performance would go for a slut.


By the way, why?

For a normal guy, getting fucked is an obstacle course, while for a normal girl it’s just a matter of choice. To yield is therefore considered as a manifestation of weakness. This is how the world works, and that is why the seducer must break down the barriers raised by social pressure and the prohibitions of education and customary morality. You have to know how to play fine, think to isolate the girl at the right moment, to make her understand that you will not judge her, that she can trust you and co. It’s not jokes, must be a little sensible and psychologist.


You must not go back

As a third example, I discuss the fact that a girl interested in what she has heard positively from you (or even because you are beautiful, it remains a creator of interest) can quickly disillusion. Scenario: You disembark in the evening, and you make your observation tower.

The pretty brunette who stands in a corner of the terrace makes you glances very pronounced: she is interested. You approach her awkwardly, but it passes. Except that you are not really funny and a certain nervousness is felt, her interest suddenly decreases and you notice her disappointment at the same time as yours, you end up discouraging. Finally, the mayonnaise does not take, she shows signs of impatience and ends up planting you there with a phony excuse.

The interest that existed was gone, even your look and your good face were not enough to save the day. There is an attractive attitude to adopt to validate and develop this interest. You have to realize that to understand how to seduce a girl.


To be beautiful is not enough when you are a man

If the interest that a girl likes us was enough for sex, then the handsome guys would fuck 34 chicks a week. Although some try to make believe that they fuck 10 a week without effort, we know very well that there is 99.9% liers.

In addition to a few attitudes to logically not have (sticky guy, needy, weird, effeminate) and basic behavior to have (confident, virile) there is ONE thing to do. You probably meet 50 interesting women (physically or whatever) a day: do you want them all?

It’s the same for them, she may have noticed you among the mass, but it does not mean that she wants you absolutely. This is where seduction proves its existence, why YOU and not another? She was probably interested in 2 or 3 guys that night, but it is on your cock that she is jumping. Yours… when she had the choice.

How to seduce a girl? It is therefore necessary to turn female interest into sexual attraction, no more but no less. And to do so, there is a pack of tools to use without misusing congruently with the character you play: touch, sexual humor, you know them…

How to seduce a girl


Make people talk about them and what they like to seduce them

Most of the time, the average person (male or female) prefers to tell his or her life rather than listen to another telling his own. We must therefore take advantage of this ugly defect that people have. How to seduce a girl? Make her talk about her and what she likes.


Do not idealize the girl you want to seduce

Your target also probably has this defect because, no, she is not perfect:
*Speaking of her, the hottie delivers personal information, she does not necessarily filter everything she says, being carried away by the flow of words.

*Just turn the conversation to the subject that teaches you the most, framing her with questions. It’s not a question here of knowing that his dog’s name is Patrick and that he is drooling everywhere like a rage, the purpose of the conversation is to introduce a form of conclusion. If the girl leaves in her delirium, do not hesitate to interrupt her and reframe her. “Today was horrible, I was in the library with Julie and a guy came to see us to flirt with us…
– Oh? Do not you like spontaneous guys?
– Yes, but blah … »

*Do not give much information about you (this post is for beginners who do not yet know how to place the demonstrations of high value.) And keep a bit of mystery.



In general, after talking for 4 hours of her, the Very Hot Girl becomes aware of having said too much “Oh my god, but since just now we talk about me, we should talk about you”. No need to take into account, in general, they do not even pay attention to your answer and start again their blah. “Oh yes, you were in the library? Here it reminds me last time when I was there with a friend…”

The information gathered during this “almost monologue” on her last vacation must obviously serve. Do not hesitate, in your questions, to make her talk about her “sensations” or her “emotions”. That the girl is cackling is necessary for calibration (is she kinesthetic or visual? Player or not player?)


Avoid falling into the friendzone

One must know a minimum holding the conversation, I should perhaps have insisted more on framing the discussion in my explanation on how to seduce a girl. Making her talk should not put us in the “friendzone”. Fortunately, if you push on particular topics, it is easy to sexualize. People love talking about them, it’s a fact.

Some people do not like because they are of a discreet naturalness, that said the majority is not like that. There is nothing absolute about flirting, in the same way that you can not say “all people like to talk about them” we can not say “all girls react in this way”. We must always adapt.

If you do not agree with that, you’re going against the advice of specialists in behavioral psychology, I’m not trying to make an argument of authority, but it’s something that you can check statistically. We must stop saying “No it’s not true, it will not work, because it does not work with this type of person or that guy”. Apply this kind of remark to all the methods, because they are all open to criticism and none unfortunately works on 100% of the targets.



How to seduce a girl in a relationship?

I have long meditated on the fact of posting this article or not, it is somehow the evil incarnate. It is an overview of existing tools to conclude with a girl already in a couple, manipulating her to distract her from her boyfriend. How to seduce a girl in a relationship?


Manipulate to don’t be manipulated

I write this message so that you understand this technique, and for you to avoid that it happens to you: one must learn to manipulate to no longer be. This tactic is made for guys who do not want their chicks to be seduced by another, I wrote as if you were the one who wants to bang a girl already in a relationship, so that you put yourself in the skin of the character . This is a long-term strategy, if you want a quick result: turn to other methods.


The couple who beats the wing

A girl who has been in a relationship for 2 years, for example, has the feeling of having lost her time, of having missed something. And if by chance she does not have this impression, make her feel it. The fear of missing something is happily entrenched in all of us, and especially among girls aged 17 to 26, thank Mother Nature.

It must also be taken into account that guys who have been married for a long time do not care about their girlfriends, or at least they care less than before. They do not seduce her as before: sex has become a routine, kisses are not so languorous, general attention has diminished. But we all know that girls need attention, the guys meanwhile, think that after a few months everything is acquired, because the behavior of the bitch makes them believe: they no longer dodge kisses as at the seduction phase, etc. This error is exactly the one we needed! It is thanks to that that we will win.


See the girl face-to-face

Once you have had the opportunity to see the girl after a party or an evening, under any pretext, it is appropriate to carry out the study of his boyfriend. What is he doing in life ? How old is he ? How long have they been together? So many superficial questions in appearance but that will allow you to take stock of the situation.

The goal is to find his weaknesses. Is he creative? Does he have a lot of friends? etc. Do not do an interrogation, it must be natural. Ask the kind of question that will allow you to point out your weaknesses, so you’ll notice them at the same time as the girl, if she has not already done so. Demonstrate value while his weak points are underlined. His weaknesses have become your assets:
– He does not go out much ? You go out all the time, with your friends, besides you have lots of friends.
– He does not like his unrewarding work? You love yours, which offers great future prospects.


Break her routine

To seduce a girl as a couple, break the routine of her couple, instead of watching a movie with her on Friday night as he does, make him dream! Tell him you’re going to take him to your lakeside home, this peaceful place in the heart of nature where you feel relaxed and rested… in short, I stop my delirious blue flower. You do not have a house by the lake? Me neither, and we don’t care. Be careful though, check that he has never done this kind of thing before, otherwise you could remind her the good time she took with her Romeo…

How to seduce a girl in a relationship? Most couples live the routine: break hers, show her that with you, it does not exist. Surprise her! Make her laugh! Be romantic, be a gentleman, be the one her boyfriend just forgot to be. She will realize as well what she is going through. The girl must feel a sense of deprivation, frustration. She must feel like she’s wasting time when she’s not with you. Give her perches by making her understand that she must be spontaneous and interesting: Carpe Diem must become her philosophy.

Ignore the existence of his boyfriend

How to seduce a girl in a relationship? Never talk about his guy. After studying it in the first part, totally ignore its existence. You do not want her to think about him when she’s with you, you just want her to enjoy your time together. If she ever comes to talk about him, listen to her, but stop her from getting lost in a big discussion, listen to her and always agree with what she’s saying about her guy, that’s Very important. Swing this stuff from time to time “Oh, really? I understand you, I can not believe he did that … “or” Oh yes, it’s weird … “. Do not get too involved in the subject.


Crack her

How to seduce a girl in a relationship? Spend time with her. This is actually the most important and delicate part because she does not have to perceive the good time she takes with you like the one she spends with her best friend, then go home and fuck with her boyfriend.

The goal is to create comfort so that she falls in love with you. To make her fall in love or at least make her crack, it is essential to spend time with her. To avoid becoming “just friends” by spending time with her, sexualize your exchanges, touch her, put a lock of hair behind her ear and tell her that you find her hairstyle beautiful , tell her that her breasts smell good, that kind of thing.

When you take her to her stop or at home, when you are separated, tell her that you loved this moment with her, and that she can call you whenever she wants to have a good time. Some will find it a bit cutesy and even say that it amounts to stretching the stick to be beaten (it’s about who controls the game) but not me, because it is essential to occupy her thoughts and propose the forbidden fruit! This is how to seduce a girl, couple or not!


Enjoy an error from her boyfriend

Be careful, never act when everything goes well with him, wait for a misstep. The moment when she will call you to tell you that she is upset by this or that thing he has done. This will reduce your chances of getting rid of dramatically. She will not follow you anywhere if he has just given her 50 roses, you realize it (bad conscience, all that). That’s why the previous step is important, because if you did it right, she’ll contact you when her boyfriend makes a mistake. When you see her, kiss her, most of the work is already done. That’s how to sleep with a girl in a relationship.


Seducing a girl in a relationship is bad?

Keep in mind, however, that the “virtuosos of the pick-up” may be sublime when it comes to pick up a girl, but keeping a girl is another story.

Do not forget that if she cheats on him she wants it too. Stop taking girls for victims. If she agrees it’s her life and if she decides to deceive her man knowingly, then I do not see why we should deprive ourselves.

Knowing the risks: OK, but if she wants to and we are honest with her, the other things do not matter. Point bar.

The point of the article is to make you think that you have to show more value than her guy and that you have to play it a little bit finer than with a girl who is single. The debates it’s good/it’s not good to fuck a girlfriend of another one or “yeah but if the guy is a lierand he promised stuff but did not think it and the girl has destroyed her couple for nothing ????” Go open those shits elsewhere.

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How to approach a girl effectively in any situation?

How to approach a girl effectively

In this article I will explain why you are afraid to approach a girl when you should not. I will also explain why this pressure that the guys put on themselves when approaching a woman is overrated. And finally, I’ll explain how to approach girls effectively and everywhere: how to approach a woman on the street, how to approach a girl in a bar, how to approach a girl in a club, how to approach an unknown on the Internet, etc.

Before starting my presentation, I refer you to this article which is a summary of the best advice on “how to approach a girl”.

And to this article that will help you understand how to dare to approach a girl.

Now you’re ready to read the truth about how to approach a girl!

How to approach a girl effectively


Fear when approaching a girl

When we talk to a woman, basically, we do not care that it’s going well or badly. The only purpose of the collision is to launch and not to procrastinate. We do not want to be afraid to talk to strangers anymore. The reaction of the girl in question does not matter. You have to stop worrying about things that are not worth it, and get rid of that baseless social pressure.


Approaching a woman is not sorcerer

Approaching, it’s really not rocket science, as Jamy would say. This is not a judgment on your seduction abilities. Indeed, when I say “approaching a girl” I do not speak of your real ability to lift a girl who is already a little interested by you. Passing this interest from “a little interested” to “very interested” is seduction. That’s all. Approaching a girl is simply to find, in the sea of ​​possibilities, girls who are potentially interested and not to take care of the rest… It is necessary to make a fast sorting. To approach, to seduce, to conclude, it is a question of statistics.


The different reactions that we can meet

It does not matter if the girl reacts positively (green light), if the interaction is really weird (orange light) or if she suggests you go fuck yourself (red light). You approached a girl, you dared, bravo. It was the only thing that mattered, no matter what the reaction was. If it goes wrong, go graze more green meadows.

Neither seduction nor dragging are sciences that require bac+8. There are only three types of reactions you can get:
– Red light: vulgar, aggressive, naughty girl, etc.
– Orange: shy girl, polite, hesitant, etc.
– Green light: girl very excited to meet you.

Obviously, if you only meet red lights, it’s because something is wrong in your game. We should therefore review the basics (see the two articles I advised at the beginning) to better understand how to approach a girl.


Sometimes we come across bits

Approaching a girl is easy. But you should not believe that you will always be greeted enthusiastically. Go gaily but be mentally prepared for each of the three potential reactions.

I see guys approaching and being outraged when they get a “red light” reaction. I see guys being ready to end the interaction when it starts slowly with a shy girl or falling in love with a girl who simply strives to be polite by responding briefly and detached.


You will always be stressed when approaching a girl

Understand that you will feel anxiety regardless of how you feel. Even if it works like clockwork, you feel tension because she appreciates you. If it goes slowly, then you will feel this tension called “social anxiety”. If she ignores you or says something nasty, you’ll probably be pissed off. No matter how you react to it, approaching will make you live strong emotions.


Approaching a girl: mission accomplished

We do not wait for everything to work perfectly or the first time. Sometimes they will laugh or smile at you with all their teeth… good for you, but that was not the goal. The only goal was that you go ahead and stop putting off the day you take your sex life into your own hands. You must overcome your approach anxiety ASAP.

Mission accomplished, you can now go on according to her reaction. For example, making a shy girl comfortable.


Keep a list of good meetings

Keep a list of all the good things that the courage to approach unknowns has brought you. In a few years, you will hardly remember any of the negative reactions you have received. In the end, only the good times remain.

How to approach a girl effectively


How to approach a girl that you know?

Keep in a corner of your little head that our secret society is called “community of seduction” and not “community of sociability”. That said, the more you are a social animal, the more opportunities you will have to use your seduction skills.

In open environments such as the street and the clubs, I advise you to go very direct.

But in closed environments, like at work, or in one’s social circle, be rather sociable and indirect. How to flirt with a girl you know? Be sociable but stretch out so that the relationship becomes more intimate and you see whether it takes it or not. This is how to approach a girl that you know!


Sensual or sociable?

With women, you want the relationship to become sensual and serious. However, with other people (her friends, your friends) you want her to observe your sociable and friendly side. There are clearly easy situations where you will directly attack by being sensual and zap all the social part. But you will necessarily need your social skills at some point. THAT’S ALL THE INTEREST OF CALIBRATION!


How to approach an unknown?

You are not dealing with a stranger, you are giving her a chance to meet you. Because you are an attractive, interesting man with a lot to offer: you know that she would love to meet you but she is too afraid to come near you. Besides, you were nervous too when you took the first step.

I do not care if you’re very handsome or cool or whatever because even if you’re Brad Pitt’s look-alike, the best you can get by behaving passively are girls around you. But you still have to start the interaction. Give them the opportunity to jump on your cock. It’s up to you…

How to approach a girl ? It is the state of mind that prevails.


State of mind: I do not approach her, I test her

You act socially, but in reality you are looking for cool and attractive girls who love to smile and are not afraid of adventure. You have, of course, approached her but you are just testing her.

I usually give women two chances to meet me. Basically, if she’s nasty or shy, I’ll give her a second chance to realize that she’s talking to an attractive guy who knows her business. I do not feel the need to waste time convincing someone she should talk to me. I know that I am an attractive man with a lot to offer. I have already been validated by more women than reason. All the rest is bonus.

Especially since I’m not interested in women who do not realize the chance they have to fall on a guy like me who would make them come like crazy. There are almost 4 billion women on the planet and it’s too much for me to sleep with all in one life.


State of mind: I am sociable but on my own terms

You are nice but you do not have to bother with bitches. Do not stay where you are not welcome. Flee groups that reject you. It’s rare, but some people are really hateful by nature. No problem. Move on to the next girl and do not let those crazies ruin your spirits. “It was a pleasure to meet you, little pussy. ”

Let it piss. Do not try to analyze human stupidity, otherwise you would go crazy. This is the price to pay to be a sociable guy, but you’re better than that so calmly complete your mission. If something really weird happens, like when a girl yells at you, you can use this story as an introduction to the next one.

It will be counterintuitive enough to find out what works and what does not work. As if success with women was linked to chance. I’m talking about techniques (the most wacky can work) and results. For example, you may have banged a super hottie the day before and get rejected by a poor fat girl today. It’s a joke. The seduction and a fortiori the pick-up are big jokes. It was the truth about how to approach a girl!

How to approach a girl effectively


Approaching a girl: myths and mistakes

There is a myth that as soon as you have dared to approach her, a woman must listen to you. That your seduction abilities are so developed that she must be instantly captivated by what you say and she will beg you to fuck her. This urban legend puts too much pressure on the players (those who live in the reality of acts).


Approaching a woman is nothing more than starting an interaction

What people have trouble understanding is that engaging in conversation is SOCIAL and does not have much to do with SEDUCTION in itself… it’s not an indicator of what point you are good with women.

Being able to engage in conversations only means that you have enough confidence to take the first step towards people. Notice, it’s already a good start.

However, if you really want to evaluate yourself, try to see how sensual you are. If I introduced you to a woman and put you next to her on a couch for 5 minutes, could you seduce her? I bet you could. Good!

I have never been the best to start conversations. I’m too much of an asshole for that… But I do not care because it has nothing to do with my ability to seduce. I’m never formal about aggressive reactions. Especially that sometimes, it pisses me off so much to fall on sub-shills that I provoke them “you drink alcohol? It’s not good for your diet.” Sometimes I just have fun.

If you approach a woman and she does not care about your mouth, it does not mean that you are bad with women. Not at all. It does not mean anything. Aapproaching a girl is nothing.


How to approach a girl? The techniques…

I do not care about how to approach a woman. I have always ignored information such as the angle of attack, indirect openers, routines… I simply do what goes through my mind at the precise moment when I see her. Then I try to lead my boat based on her reaction to me.

Say something daring. This will guide the conversation about fun. Everyone is looking for fun. Is not it the goal to have fun when you go out?

I suggest you free yourself from everything you have read and heard about the art of approaching. Start off. Forget everything you thought you knew, mostly bullshit written by inactive theoreticians. You now have all the cards in hand to fuck and have fun. Get rejected and smile.

Nothing that happens when you show yourself SOCIABLE has to do with your seduction abilities. Being sociable will not undress the girl, so why worrying about this part of the process?


Be a sex man

However, being sociable can put you in many situations where you can become SENSUAL. And your sensuality will undress the girls.

Talk to everyone and do not take negative reactions too seriously. Because being sociable is nothing. And talking is nothing. You jerk off, seriously. No fuss.

Approaching a girl is not fun. To approach a woman, sometimes, it sucks. Stop waiting to become good. You will never become good. Have you already spoken to 1000 groups? It’s good. But you are still bad. You are bad but it does not matter because approaching is only, in my opinion, a way to sort through quickly between potentially interested girls and others.


You have to be confident

I’m tired of hearing the same advice always “be confident, buddy.” It’s been ten years that we are working on it and we still have not figured out how to eradicate the fear of the approach (the anxiety approach). So, of course, we can explain to you why you are afraid: 10,000 years ago, a caveman could have smashed my head with a club if I had approached the wrong female. Interesting information but does not concern me in any way. We can advise you to destroy your ego. You may be ordered to approach non-stop girls for 48 hours. But after all that, back to the starting point. Let’s stop bullshit. Approaching a girl that sucks. It always fears and it will always be shit. If it was really fun then everyone would do it all the time without flinching.

Personally, I like to be humble when approaching a girl.


Let’s stop lying

It’s not fun for me to approach people when I’m an experienced and sociable person. Fear has never really disappeared and will probably never go away. Some days, I can feel very confident but not be in the mood to approach. We are not machines but human beings…

That lifts me. I will not pretend that I like to approach. I’m not going to walk around all the time with a fake smile. It’s not fun to talk to people. It’s not fun to always take the first step and that effort is almost never recognized…

My only goal when I approach is to do it quickly and efficiently. The goal is to try with the maximum of cute girls in the least possible time.

I love seducing pretty girls who have at least a little interest in me. Even if I hate to approach, finding them is my motivation. Because for 9 bitches, there is 1 very pretty and interested girl with whom I could fuck and spend nice moments from time to time. I’m just looking for her, others are wasting my time.

If you liked this speech, then you will love reading The (inconvenient) truth about gender relations from which it is largely drawn. You will really learn everything about how to approach a girl!


How to approach a girl in bars and clubs?

I leave you with this video where you see me approaching girls in a bar.

Of course, the routine is effective but the body language is also very important (click for a full course).

If you do not know what to say when approaching a girl, you will find here a list of openers.


How to approach a girl on the street?

Here is a video where you will see me approaching a girl in the street. For a full course, I refer you to my formation Cyprine.


How to approach a girl on the Internet?

I published an article on how to use the most effective openers for chatting on the Internet here.


To remember :

  • To approach a girl on the street, use a direct approach sentence.
  • For approaching a girl in a nightclub or a bar? Use a direct approach phrase.
  • To go to a party with friends, be indirect and sociable.
  • Approaching a girl at school or at work? Use an indirect approach phrase and be sociable.
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Sextos: 20 good ideas to excel in the art of sexting


Why would it be good if you excelled in the art of sexting? Because texts and short writings on social networks are the preferred mode of communication of generation Y.

All generations combined, more than one person out of two practices sexting. Not necessarily very good, but almost everyone sexts.

Texts and sextos are much less intrusive than a phone call, for example, and writing has a great erotic dimension and leaves a huge space for the imagination.

That’s why sextos are so powerful to seduce.

The goal in this article is to teach you how to send sexts to a girl, without too much vulgarity, without making her run away (I’m talking about a normal girl not a tight ass).

Well, personally, I do not care being thought of as an obsessed so it helps but I know that most guys want to take care of their reputation while fucking a lot like animals. Not easy, but possible with sextos.


What is a sexto?

A sexto is an text that speaks of sex. A naughty text.

By extension, we can say that we send sextos to someone via Tinder, Facebook or Snapchap when we send short messages to excite him or her.

The sexto, it is super effective to turn someone that we have not fucked yet on, it is as good to maintain the flame of a couple during the long days spent in the office.

What is the use of sexting?

Add eroticism to your life. Disinhibiting is easier to write, time to take confidence at least, and it allows to test that you are on the same wavelength with the other.

Can we seduce with sextos ? Of course, since it is a weapon of massive sexualization. So this is also a good way to avoid the Friendzone.

The main strength of sextos and texts in general is that it is private: so there is not too much social pressure.

The must ? You can even send sextos to a girl who is next to you in a group without anyone noticing anything. That can add spice to your relationship or increase your level of complicity.

girl sexting

Precaution to take

Do not send sextos with your business phone. Remember the misadventure that happened to the Orange technician because he did not take this precaution…

Check that you have the phone plan so you do not have a bad surprise at the time of receiving the bill (although today almost everyone is unlimited).

Make sure you are not mistaken about the addressee: to a co-worker or your boss, it would be the worst effect. Sometimes we think of someone at the time of sending the message and we make a mistake : it is better to check twice.

Have a little sexualized with the girl before, do not send dirty crap directly. Even if I have already done it, it can turn against you… Anyway, it is necessary to calibrate according to your relation with the girl, and of her reaction to your first messages.

Be careful if you send naughty photos: I suggest that your face is not identifiable. Only send sexy photos when you trust the person.

For men, do not show your cock. NEVER. Cock, it’s something that I find prettier when it’s suggested than shown. And then, a little frustration, it can not hurt the woman…

Personally I already received a lot of pictures of naked girls without having sent anything back. Only thanks to my pen. It is therefore possible not to reveal too much but to make fantasize girls like crazy.


Be direct

Long sexting?

It is possible to seduce by writing long erotic texts describing what you would like to do with your girl. Nevertheless, it is not practical.

The best, in my opinion, is to send short sextos, even develop your bold thinking based on your partner’s answers.

Speed ​​of response?

Answer quickly when a woman is sexting.

Sometimes, the girl is hot at some point but if you do not take advantage this window shot, you may never fuck her.

Do not be too complicated

I often see guys trying to complicate their texts, to coat their junk “so that it looks serious”.

But it’s a mistake: spontaneity can have a crazy charm… especially in a sexto!

Oh, and remember that a sexto is not a sweet word. It’s more hardcore!

Do not be afraid to appear perverse because they are too.

Ask permission ?

Never. On the other hand, the girl must never have the impression that you take her for a slut or for an easy girl. Remember to make the interaction unique: so, why are you sextoting her?

Use humor?

Yes, and it’s always better not to take yourself too seriously or boast when you are sextoting.

Too many guys boast but are dummies in bed. So, even if you are the best, the girl will remove you some points in case of bragging…

a sexto

Examples and ideas of sexting

I had already given 10 ten examples of good sexting. But it does not cost anything to start over…

Sextos to turn a girl on

“I’m hungry. I’d eat your buttocks but too moon, at noon, I have to settle for a salad. ”

“I really want to lick your tits.”

“What color are your underwear today? ”

“Do you think you’d like to come home without panties tonight?”

“What are your fantasies?” You can use the 20 questions to ask a girl to drive her crazy.

“My tongue wants to go for a walk between your thighs!”

“I feel like grabbing your hips tightly while kissing you tenderly.”

Another good idea is to say that you dreamed of the person and told your dream (a very sexual thing, of course). Thus you do not make any request but the person will necessarily visualize the scene when you will tell it. So, you do not ask anything but you sexualize the interaction.

Precision, if you have sexed a girl on the Internet before meeting her, make sure to be the same when you see her for real. Take initiatives and assume… otherwise, she may be disappointed.

Ah, because, yeah, a good sexting has to end with a date to fuck.

Sextos for warming couples:

“I’m waiting for you naked in the bedroom.”

“Imagine something very dirty. I’ll do it tonight.”

“I go to see you at work and we fuck on your desk? ”

“You’re going to take a big spank tonight. ”

“I fuck you as soon as you come home. ”

“I touch myself thinking about you.”

“I love the smell of your boobs when you sweat while fucking. Hurry that you come back.”

“Wanna register on a site libertine? ”

Should youput smileys in your sextos?

Yes, a smiley in a text message or a sexto makes the person more friendly (proven by scientific studies).

On the other hand, do not make complicated diagrams with emoticons nor any of that. Just basic smileys : smile, wink …


Feel free to share your good sexting ideas in the comments! 😉

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Conversation topics: 20 good ideas for sexualizing and avoiding silences with a woman

Conversation topics

Conversation topicsToday, I write an article to give you ideas of conversations to feed your dates. The goal is not, however, to give you ideas of topics of conversation to just fill the discussion with a woman: I want it to lead you somewhere. For me, the purpose of a good topic of conversation is to direct the conversation towards seduction and sex, subjects that are so delicate to address for many men, yet oh so important.


Why choosing topics of conversation that sexualize the interaction?

The principle: what is a good topic of conversation with a woman?

The idea is to accelerate the feeling of intimacy and freedom of tone between the girl you have picked up and you, talking very freely about a little hot and intimate subjects. Including everything related to the body, sex and relationships between men and women.

– The age of your first time;
– Your best and worst sexual memories;
– The stuff you’ve tried before, and the ones you’d like to try;
– The things you like, the things you do not like in bed;
– Have you ever slept with someone much older or younger? ;
– Etc.

The idea is to talk about sex with the girl, freely and without embarrassment, in order to break down the barriers.

Several interests in these topics of conversation to create complicity with a girl

Your ability to talk about hot topics is a sign of your freedom of tone, open-mindedness… and some confidence/experience.

These are both crispy subjects (so we get caught up in the game)… and a little hot, which help to raise the temperature and give ideas not very Catholic (nor Muslim) to the girl you seduce. Evoking these topics can disturb the woman you are flirting with, and it is even desirable. Otherwise, it’s because you leave her indifferent…

The fact of confiding on such topics, and sharing intimate details, helps to reinforce the impression that she and you are close… very close… until getting into each other.

When to bring these topics of conversation?

Obviously, it’s something that’s easier to do in a good context. Do not do this around the coffee machine in the office!

The best is still when you are only two, because the social pressure is then a little blurred. At home  : it’s ideal because you can act directly when the tension is at its height.

Or, you can do that in a bar, while you have a drink together (incidentally, alcohol helps to let go and to talk more freely, so it can help… but especially drink in moderation, if only to keep the ideas clear and to remember the fuck).

Ideas of conversation topics

Here is an example of a hook to start a topic of conversation about sex if you are shy :

“Is it true that women love sex more than men? It’s a friend who told me that this morning.”

Here are some of the most effective topics to talk about with women , ranging from less conducive to more conducive to sexualization:

– The beautiful corners of the world she wants to visit (travels);
– The mysteries of the world;
– The news that makes the buzz;
– The future as she imagines it;
– The funny scenes of the movies;
– The things that fascinate you;
– Social dynamics;
– The psychology of people;
– Gender relations (we will focus on this)

You can also ask a girl “what is there right now, as a book on her bedside table”. It’s a good topic of conversation and a subtle way to include a sexy situation inside an innocuous conversation. You / a bed / her bedroom: the temperature starts to rise!

Conversation topics


Why talk about gender relationships is THE best conversation topic

A good way to interest women and get them talking about sex is to talk about gender relationships, it’s a fabulous topic of conversation. This allows to exchange and guide the discussion on the body, the attitude, the sensations.

This topic of conversation, is soft, acceptable, easy to introduce into a conversation… and most of all, it appeals to 99% of girls.

If you see that she likes to talk about it, you have the green light to engage on anecdotes and hotter questions. However, if you feel her uncomfortable, adapt!

Here are some ideas for good conversation topics:

“What do you think about dating apps? »;
“Have you ever been approached in the street? Has that led to something? »;
“Have you ever been in love? »;
“Have you ever had one-night stands ? »;

It goes without saying (but it’s better by saying it): avoid sexist remarks… if you want a woman to be open-minded, be open-minded first.

Indeed, in your eyes, a woman who sleeps should not be “a slut”. Either, how do you want them to let go?

To better understand how and why you have to sexualize, if you often end up in the friendzone or if most of your dates do not give anything, I urge you to read The Basics of Seduction and Friendzone and Sexualization!

If you have a little more advanced level and you want ready-made quotes ideas, I will direct you to 1000 sexy alpha funny lines.

When “an angel passes” in the conversation: how to manage the silences


Conversation topics

The obsession of a man seducing a girl may be: “I hope there will be no silence in the conversation”. Focusing on it means forgetting everything that is not words but that helps to create the attraction during the conversation.

But when you are with your good friends, family, relatives, etc. : a moment of silence is experienced as normal.

That’s exactly how you should live silences with chicks. Do not be afraid! Do not be uncomfortable!

Sometimes they are bothered for two when there is a silence that lasts, so explain to them what I just explained to you and it will be better.

Personally, I like to enjoy watching them during a silence, right in the eye with a smile, assuming that I have something in minde. It makes the sexual tension rise !!!

For other tips to improve your interpersonal communication, I invite you to read Communication, seduction and manipulation!

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20 questions to ask a girl to make her crazy with desire!

20 questions to ask a girl to make her crazy with desire!What are the questions to ask a girl to seduce her? I do not think there is a list of magic questions to make a girl in love. On the other hand, I know “the game of questions” which is a very effective routine to excite girls.

In my secrets ebook Secrets for seducing on the Internet, I explain in detail this routine, through 20 “magic” questions whose goal is to put a woman in your bed.

I also talked about it a lot in my pick-up stories because, thanks to her, I was able to live hot adventures for example with a thirty very open-minded, a sexbomb of 17 years old and my first foursome.

What is this game with these questions to ask a girl to sleep with her quickly?

The challenge of routine questions

The routine of the questions is excellent for creating comfort and for sexualizing.

If you get to the end of the routine of questions to ask a girl (in writing on a chat or oral during a date) then you are 99% sure to get laid.

This routine will save you a lot of trouble by sorting through the girls too tight-ass, girls not playful, etc.

Do not ask these questions like a nag

Attention, all the girls do not want to play this little game directly : do not ask it CASH.

Indeed, the principle of the routine of questions to ask a girl to sleep with is that you will exchange anecdotes about sex and that it will turn her on… but it will also make her vulnerable, what all girls do not accept on the Internet and even less with a stranger.

So, start the game by asking light questions like “what is the most beautiful place you have ever visited? » or« what is your favorite song and why?”

Ask these “magical” questions with confidence

If you use the routine of questions to ask a girl on the Internet, be sure to assume. If you use it during a real date, then you have to adopt a good body language.

First recommendation: use this game only when you are in an intimate conversation with the girl.

It takes intimacy, otherwise she will feel “easy girl”. Forget this option when her friends are present.

Second recommendation, it must seem spontaneous: if she realizes that the questions are prepared in advance, it sucks…

How to bring the game of questions?

Bring it on: “We do not really know each other… we could play a game to get to know each other better.”

If she is a little skeptical or whatever, keep fluffing a little until she talks about the game herself.

“I feel that you look like a girl well in your shoes and in your mind, that you know that life can stop at any moment and that you have to make the most of i … so if I’m right: I have a game to propose to you to better know you! ”

“Have you ever played the game of the questions? ”

It is possible that she answers yes, since it is close to “dare or truth”, a game it is common to play during partie. Do not be moved!

The rules of the game

“The rules are basic but these are the questions that can be funny. We ask each other a question… the first one who does not answer or who lies has lost. And if the answer is not clear, we have the right to ask for a clarification. Ah, and we can not ask a question that we have already been asked.”

If she does not answer the asked questions

Maybe she will ask you what will happen if she does not follow the rules of the game. Tell her you’ll see later for the pledge, if it ever happens. You can also say that if she loses to the game, then you will think less of her. Or something shitty like that, a vague answer like that…

How to orient the game on sex?

The “if you do not answer, you lose” side of the game justifies that you ask sexual questions without looking like a pervert. Indeed, your excuse is that you are just trying to win the game. You can accentuate that to the maximum, bad faith is sometimes our friend…

It is also important to keep a way of being able to ask for clarification in case she says something interesting, sexually speaking.

Here, now that you have better understood the principle, let’s go to the practice of the game of questions to ask a girl to warm her!

20 questions to ask a girl to make her crazy with desire!

20 questions to ask a girl to sleep with

# 1 With how many boys did you go farther than the kiss?

Basically, here you want to know with how many boys she slept… but without saying it really not to block her. If you are already starting to find resistance, then it is badly started, but perhaps she only wants you to confide first to feel free to do so afterwards. If she blocks, say you do not want to talk about sex but rather about love stories.

The reason we start with this question is that as a guy, it is difficult for us to answer. If we did not sleep with a lot of girls, it’s not good. If we fucked a lot, it’s not good either. And if we are in between, depending on the girls we are talking to, it may not be good either. Asking her the question is supposed to prevent her from asking us in return. But often, they do not have much imagination and will ask it anyway. So, watch out…

An order of magnitude for “normal people” is:
– under 25, between 10 and 15 girls.
– between 25 and 30, between 15 and 20 girls.
– more than 30 years, more than 20 girls.

Obviously it’s better to tell the truth, but… some girls would not understand why you slept with only 3 girls in your life or why you’re a big fucker who is already at 270.

Whatever her answer, DO NOT JUDGE.


# 2 When was the last time?

Presumably, we imply here… “the last time you made love”. This question is useful because the girl will remember the last time she made love and it will put her in good condition for the future.

# 3 What was your longest serious relationship? When did it end?

Here we do not talk about sex. This may help to continue the game since talking too much about sex blocks some girls. In addition, thanks to this question, you will see what kind of girl you are dealing with: is she the type to go out during 3 years with the same guy or rather 2 weeks?

# 4 Do you often think about making love? Well, when was the last time you masturbated? And where ?

This question is a fucking big test. This is a very disturbing question so ask later if you do not feel “hot” enough at this time. In my experience, girls who answer this question usually suck your dick afterwards.

Clearly, a girl who does not answer this question is not very open-minded, not playful or does not really want to sleep with you (or never did and is ashamed). If she does not dare to answer, dedramatize the situation and tease her.

A woman who answers the question “and where”? Is a woman who will relive the scene unconsciously. Again, it will put her in good conditions and in addition she will associate you with these impulses.

# 5 What is the craziest place where you made love? And did it make you horny?

This question is less daring than the previous one: we respect the rule “two steps forward, one step back”. As usual, the fact that you dare to answer this question shows that you are a sexual person and that she must qualify for you… and it also requires her to relive the scene and therefore to be excited. Well, that’s something she probably only discussed with her best friends so you’re entering her circle of trust (which is not the friendzone).

# 6 What is your favorite position? Why?

Once she has answered, act as if it was your favorite position too. You do not ask for permission or anything, but with an air of indifference, pretend that you are going to sleep together and that you will be able to test it.

If she does not know the name of the position, try to mimic her: make a little guy with your fingers and she does a girl with hers and you ask how you put, if she is on you, etc.

Note that most women answer “doggy style”.

# 7 What is the thing you would like to try sexually but have never done ?

Another question that conveys sexual honesty. Here, do not communicate especially that you find weird what she would like to do.

Do not judge her and encourage her to talk about it. As if you really understood it and you, too, were curious about this stuff.

# 8 On a scale of 1 to 10, how much would you rate yourself in bed? And also note the oral sex in a second note.

An honest answer is between 5 and 7. More than 7, she wants to fuck with you. Less than 5, she does not care about you… or she’s a real Low Self-Esteem.

Once she has answered, to determine your rating, add +1 to her number. Even if she says 10!

As for oral sex, basically, you ask her if she will suck you well. Few women would answer that question if they did not want to fuck the guy.

So this is both a test to see if you will sleep with her, and at the same time something to stimulate her imagination and make her want to sleep with you.

# 9 How would you rate your kisses? And if I magically appeared next to you in your bed that night, kissing you in the neck, would you refuse that I kiss you or would you enjoy ?

If you do your routine on a date, kiss her at that moment (you have to get closer to her by asking the question as if to whisper a secret to her).

On the Internet, if she gives you a positive answer, suggest a meeting. Otherwise, continue the game to exciter her further.

20 questions to ask a girl to make her crazy with desire!


The 11 other questions to ask a woman to sleep with

You will understand that I keep the 11 other questions to ask a girl secret: I have keep them for those who bought the Secrets for seducing on the Internet.

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Cruising Places: 10 places to flirt and meet people

10 places to flirt and meet peopleIn this article, I explain where you can flirt with women and what I think of the different places of pick-up (especially if your goal is to make beautiful meetings).

Some men develop elaborate strategies to seduce women while others seem to make romantic encounters “naturally”.

There is probably a difference of conception of life between these types of men but also of opportunities (they do not go to the appropriate places of pick-up)…

So we will see now where to find girls so that it is easier for you to seduce.

Indeed, the more you meet different women, the more you will have some hooked atoms, the less you will be needy, the more you will gain confidence and the more naturally you will acquire the attitude of a seducer. It’s a virtuous circle!

The different places of pick-up possible for a normal guy: where to flirt with women?

Pick-up area 1 : Dating sites and apps

Dating sites are probably the easiest place to meet available women .

And I insist on the words “available women “: those who register on these platforms are normally hunting. That makes of this, in my opinion, one of the best places to pick-up!

But be careful not to do anything: without a good profile and nice pictures, it will be difficult for you to be the king of oil.

That’s why I wrote the ebook Secrets for seducing on the Internet: I advise you to read it if you do not have the success you want on the sites and dating apps, it should help you .

online dating french

Pick-up area 2: Social networks

Internet is really a revolution that facilitates meetings. If you do not want to register on dating sites, you can still flirt with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

However, you will not know at first on this site if the girls you are trying to seduce are single or even if they are straight.

It will be a little more difficult for you to flirt there than on the dating sites, but at least it will be free and you will be able to meet girls who are not registered on the sites and dating apps but who have nothing against the idea of meeting men.

Personally, thanks to the Facebook’s poke, I already have many beautiful encounters

Pick-up area 3: The job

The workplace has always been a place for romantic dating, it is one of the hotspots that probably gives rise to the most “serious relationship”.

Many weddings and children result from meetings in the workplace because the work makes it possible to identify quite easily the real personality of people and to be in a dynamic of mutual aid and cooperation, conducive to seduction.

Nevertheless, I don’t want you to be labeled as a big pick-up artist on your workplace or worse, being accused of harassment at work, is the last thing I wish you. So you must choose your targets, be discreet and not insistant at all.

10 places to flirt and meet people

Pick-up area 4: In high school and college

School, high school and college are the equivalent of the workplace for “young people”.

It is possible to meet and seduce many beautiful girls there, provided you know how to do it properly.

That’s why I have already dedicated an entire article to the dredge in high school and college, whose principles also apply to school, college and office.

Pick-up area 5: In the parties with friends

The fact is that we are often friends with people who look a little like us. In addition, it is important to know that “who looks alike is coming together”. It is easy to seduce in the evening with friends : that’s a given !

From a very young age, I noticed that friends’ parties were one of the best places to go.

I always found it a lot easier to seduce in the evening with my friends or when I organized parties at home than in clubs.

I think it’s because girls are less suspicious and are “preselected” by our friends.

For example, you can read this adventure in which I tell how I slept with two girls during a party at a friend’s house!

Never refuse an invitation if you are single and do not hesitate to organize your own parties!

There are also different festivals…

10 places to flirt and meet people

Pick-up area 7 : The street

The street is, in my opinion, the best place for training… but not necessarily the easiest to seduce!

Unless you are very  very very lucky, you will have to approach many women whether to take numbers and see the girls again or to make instant fuckclose.

Nevertheless, whatever some say, the street is a public place and we can therefore approach women, who do not necessarily only walk from point A to point B.

Indeed, there are many who loiter and are open to a good meeting. Why deprive them?

But to succeed, it is still necessary to know how to correctly approach a girl in the street

10 places to flirt and meet people

Pick-up area 8: The metro

The metro is a place of pick-up quite similar to the street except that you have to go straight to the point because people are in a hurry.

This is even one of the places of pick-up where I advise you to be the most direct.

It is possible to take numbers in a hurry… that can lead tosomething or not.

It’s a bit of a lottery: you have to play on numbers in this environment to be sure to get out of the game!

Pick-up area 9: The shopping centers

Still a place of pick-up similar to the street but the advantage is that it is heated in winter!

It is easy to meet people in shopping centers but you have to choose your day because there are many couples and families who go there on weekends.

Pick-up area 10: At the beach or at winter sports

During the holidays, many meetings are done on the beach or in the snow.

I myself have already had a great adventure on the beach.

In resorts, especially those of the “Club Méditerranée” type, many women come to satisfy their hunger for sex.

It is therefore a good place to drag and meet, but you have to choose the time of year to go “in season”.

picking-up at the beach
Image : Going to California

Should you flirt online, in your social circle, at night or during the day?

You can flirt everywhere …

You understand it! But you will surely have noticed that the places of dredge that I have stated fall into four categories: online drag, drag in its social circle, night drag, drag day.

Is there a better place than another to flirt?

It all depends on the circumstances, the people and the moments.

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How to approach a girl ?

How to approach a girl

How to approach a girl

On the Internet we can find all sorts of advice (more or less good) when we type “how to approach a woman?” I will therefore make here a synthesis of good advice to approach a girl well.

Obviously, this is not going to fit in a single page because we do not approach the same way when we approach a stranger in the street, a woman in a party or at work, college, etc. It is necessary to develop a minimum without writing a book of 1000 pages. Hard, this exercise!

In life, we often see women we like but it is difficult to approach them and break the ice. In short, making the first contact with unknowns that we like is almost an art. Approaching in the street, it’s even harder !


Why approaching strangers?

Often, when we meet a girl we like, we do not try anything. Sometimes we are afraid of losing (not knowing what to say, being ridiculous, being rejected), sometimes we are afraid of success (sexual anxiety, etc.)

But it is a shame because by not approaching these women we like, we deprive ourselves of potential relationships in which we could flourish. In fact, we have everything to gain by trying our luck with unknowns… and not much to lose (if one thinks well, anyway, we do not know the girl and we will not see her again unless trying something).

By approaching, we give ourselves the choice and maximize our chances. Indeed, if we do not approach, we are then limited to the girls of our close entourage… girls we do not necessarily like. Who really has the choice in life, in fact? Girls who can only answer “yes” or “no” to guys who approach them… or guys who can approach almost all the girls they want?

So, be careful, eh, when I talk about approaching strangers, I do not speak of street harassment because YES, we can approach with politeness and respect, and YES, many women enjoy that… whatever Marion Séclin and her girlfriends say!


Limiting beliefs

Most guys who do not approach women are full of limiting beliefs. They are convinced that it is wrong, that they piss the chick off, that only the losers of the cities approach in the street, that the girl they could meet is too good for them, etc.

Finally, through these beliefs implanted by education, society keeps men on a leash and invites them to stay in their place.

Some guys nevertheless realize the absurdity of the thing and manage to dare to approach. But they do it with shame, they speak with a small voice (usually it goes up in acute), are afraid of the gaze of others, etc.

In short, they only half assume their step, wonder what the girl will think of them, if she will reject them, and so on. They are not really in the moment.

The reality is that to approach a girl the good way, beliefs are decisive. They are your reality that you take everywhere with you.

The first of the victories for you should not be to do not be rejected by a woman, but to have dared to approach a woman… whether it works or not! Little by little, you will change your state of mind, you will arm yourself and you will become less and less afraid to approach unknowns (well, approach anxiety never completely disappears but it nevertheless decreases sharply).

You must work on your mind to have constructive, positive beliefs that will help you taking action and achieving your goals with women. So tell yourself that babes love to be approached by men like you. That’s a chance for her! Sometimes it will really be the case, sometimes not, but the most important thing is that you keep your morale and you have sex !

Personally, I know that if I fuck a girl, she will orgasm as rarely in her life. So, when a woman rejects me, my belief is that she loses more than me so… so much the worse for her!


Only handsome men can be successful in approaching unknowns

In fact, knowing that one is beautiful gives a certain amount of confidence, which is doubly appealing. But if you are not particularly beautiful, you can still feel confident and be attractive… anyway, having the balls to approach a girl you like, in itself is already attractive because it is showing a lot of courage and strenght of character!

In addition, being beautiful can be a problem on the long-term because the receptive chicks may think that you are necessarily faithful… and will be wary of the seducer that you are (sometimes they are afraid of womanizers if they are not really confident).


Errors on physical appearance

Avoid stinking when approaching a stranger.

Hairdress a little, but not like a first-class boy or a nerdy.

Cut off the hairs that grow on the ears or protrude from the nose.

Dress in a way that gives a good picture of you because, when you approach an unknown, the first impression plays enormously. Indeed, the girl has only a few seconds to put you in a box (if possible “potential lover”), basically, to decide if she wants to go further with you or not. Do not blame her, it is the game, but put all the same the maximum of chances on your side.

You understand the logic: do not get eliminated…


Body Language

Your eyes, your way of posing your voice, your smile, your way of holding yourself: it is all part of the body language and is, with your dress style, the first thing that the woman you are talking to sees.

I make it short: a good body language, confident, it is simply a relaxed body language.

The emotions are contagious so to put the chick you approach at ease, it is absolutely necessary to avoid communicating stress. But you must still have some authority in the voice to make her stop walking and stay talking with you (do not run after a girl to pick her up while she ignores you or leaves despite the fact that she heard you…)


The approach sentences (openers)

Always prefer a contextual approach because when it is personalized according to the girl and the situation, it saves you from passing for one of these clones of the pick-up. The girl is convinced that you do not use one of those ready-made phrases you could repeat by playing a role. If in doubt, always prefer frankness and sincerit …

A contextual (or situational) approach contributes to the fact that the girl feels that she is unique to you and that you are not a serial seducer (many do not like this idea).


Direct and indirect approaches

A direct approach is to explicitly declare your interest in the girl you are approaching. For example “I like your style so I came talking to you.”

The indirect approach is “I am looking for a gift for my sister and I need a feminine opinion”. That’s crap! Prefer direct approaches because it pays better…

The more you are in an environment where there are a lot of women (street, big clubs, Internet) the more you can be cash because you will not be easily plugged in as a sex-starved who tries with all the hot chicks… which would of course lower your value).

If you decide to approach in a closed environment (at work, at university, etc.) then you must be less direct to preserve your reputation.

To get to know a girl with whom you have common friends, the easiest way is to take part in a conversation with her and other people, or make yourself be introduced to her at a party, etc.

Do not put too much pressure on subjects of conversation because, remember, in any case, when two people enjoy: the important thing is to start the conversation, whatever the subject. If you like the girl she will be happy and it will be great…


Small talk

It is sure that knowing a little improvising and chattering the chicks is always useful. But do not bother to do too much: it is better to approach with a low level of energy than with a level too high…


Time limits

Putting a limit of time when approaching, it avoids passing for a weirdo that will stick the girl for hours and it reassures as to your “normality”. But be smart and do not say “I have to join friends after then I only have 2 minutes” because it would make it impossible to make n instant date. Prefer to say “I was with friends and I am going home…”



It is important to sexualize the conversation so as not to fall into the friendzone… but do not do anything in any context as you would take the risk of passing for a pervert. So, to go further, I invite you to read my ebook “Friendzone and sexualization“.

Also beware of cockblocks, jealous friends, other guys who want to fuck the girl, etc. I give tips in 1000 sexy alpha funny lines to manage them well.


The rejection

We don’t give a shit about rejection: there are a lot of fish in the ocean. In addition, if you’d win each time, the game would not even be funny and the win would not have the same flavor. So, show yourself unaffected in case of rejection, as if the girl had lost more than you in interaction… and move on!

Above all, learn to differentiate rejection (abandon) and resistance (insist a little because some chicks need you to show their determination before allowing themselves to yield).

Well, I hope you like it. Do not hesitate to complete this article in the comments if you see other things to say!