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Openers : The most effective for chatting on the Internet


There are many sites of seduction advice that want you to believe that an effective sentence and original on the Internet is, for example, to send the name of the girl (“Sarah!”) In fact this approach is basic shit and, besides, all the guys do it because they read these stupid sites that copy each other so it’s more crap. As a result, we will now see the best opener phrases to chat on the Internet.

Note before starting your reading that I had already given here the most effective openers that I know to flirt in the street and in nightclubs. These two articles about openers complement each other very well.


The best of all openers

It would be a phrase that teases the girl, uses the context (her description, interests or photos) and makes it easy to sexualize the interaction later.


The best of all openers is a personalized opener, invented BY you FOR the girl you want to seduce. Such an approach has the advantage of encouraging you to put conviction into your words.

Many guys repeat in bars or on the street my catch phrases to flirt… and then complain that it does not work: it’s because it does not match you, does not reflect your real intentions, in short, there is no conviction.

It’s like when you copy and paste my profile to flirt on the Internet : the girls spot 100 kilometers away that there are inconsistencies between what you claim to be, and what you really are. The bottom line is that I can give you some leads but not do the job for you. I give you stuff but you have to write your openers and write your profile yourself.

Let’s go back to the catch phrases: there are delicate situations. Sometimes the girl’s profile is empty or sometimes you are just not inspired. What to do in these cases?


Impersonal but effective catchphrases

On Tinder, you can use the fact that the application notifies “Sarah and you have indicated that you like each other” to send “Lucky! We said we like each other! ”

Similarly, on all sites and dating apps, there is a way to adapt. On Adopteunmec, they say “Machine offers you the opportunity to chat with her. Do not hesitate to send her a message to try to land in her basket! “You can divert this message” Fabrice offers you the opportunity to chat with him. Do not hesitate to send him a message to try to land in his bed!”

If the profile of the girl you want to seduce is empty, you can tease her about the fact that her profile is empty. You see, there is always something to do to get out of the game…

If you want to make the girl feel guilty about not sending the first message “Hello! I wish you had sent the first message but noone is perfect…”

That being said, the most straightforward open I use is, “I’m just suggesting we meet, and why not go to bed together if we feel like it, without any ulterior motive or no outlet.” It’s very clear but at the same time I show that I am not half-illiterate so I also sell myself at the same time. It’s infinitely better than an umpteenth “hello, wanna fuck? ”


Openers to avoid absolutely

It is absolutely necessary that you avoid sending “hello how are you?” That’s really the worst shit you could do. Sorry to tell you so frankly…

I know most of the guys who write that are nice and that’s good intention but… it does not work that way because of the hundreds of other guys doing exactly the same thing!

I advise you to read this article where I show you what girls receive as messages on dating apps. It will allow you to take a step back on things to improve your seduction game.


Openers phrases that advise you almost all sites of seduction but I find stupid :

“Usually, I’m allergic to Coke but you seem to drink well on your photo so I want to drink with you.” A shit by Selim! Personally, I find that too needy…

Note, he did worse, he advises to start a conversation with “Wagner or Mozart?” Yes, that’s smart, but given the IQ of some girls, they will probably ask in which football teams play these two attackers.

“Hello, how are you” ? Or “Hi, what are you doing tonight?” Advised by Fabien are to be avoided too. The first is a message that girls receive 100 times a day from guys who are used to being ignored and the second is totally “dude in heat”. So, yes, simplicity can have its charm… but not if it is confused with the lack of originality.



For further

To go even further, I advise you to read my ebook: Secrets for seducing on the Internet (a guide to make your profile and send good first messages on sites and dating apps).

Go, enjoy this article and the exclusivity of the openers that I just revealed to you before they come to copy me, you find my openers everywhere and all the guys use them! 😉

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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