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The best taglines phrases for pickup

The best taglines phrases for pickup

The best taglines phrases for pickup

Many guys would like to know what is the perfect tagline for pickup. But the truth is that there is not ONE unique magic phrase to seduce all women: you have to adapt your opener to the context of your approach.

In this article we will see a few effective taglines that you can use on different fields (online, on the street, in a bar or a club…) I will also explain how to invent your own effective phrases.

The contextual approach is always the most effective but is not always possible

Generally speaking, whatever field you’re picking up on, using a ready-made tagline is only interesting when nothing original comes to your mind when you’re looking at the girl you want to approach . Because by approaching with something bad, you always have more than 0% chance of success (you have 0% chance of success if you do not approach). But, if you are inspired, obviously ALWAYS prefer a situational or contextual approach.

Indeed, when you use a tagline that amuses you, that this entry in matter also pleases the girl and that she is sure that it is not a phrase that you say to all the chicks… then you increase your chances to have pleasant conversation with her. Your opener is like the pilot episode of a TV show : if it is very bad, she will probably not want to watch the rest (except if she has nothing better to do or if she finds you very charming).

The power of conviction

When you approach on the street, in a bar or a club, the belief you put into your approach is important. Indeed, you can say a phrase that spontaneously comes to you to a girl and it can work ; but you can then say the same phrase to another girl and be thought of as a loser.

The difference, of course, lies in how you communicate non-verbally (a phrase that is said in a confident and natural way, sincere, perfectly suited to your internal state of the moment, etc.). Moreover, you’ve more chances of success if you are really in a very good mood or if you have a super modjo.

Tagline online (Tinder, Adopte, Happn, Lovoo, etc.) :

The first objective of a tagline is obviously to get an answer. The second objective is whether the girl is interested in going further with you or if she is just there to spend her time or reassure herself on her seductive power (in this case, you have to reframe her and run away).

As has been said, when you approach in real life, the most important is to go with a positive attitude and to communicate good things non-verbally. But you should not think in this way online : your alpha attitude can not appear through a poor written “hello beautiful” or “yo my deer, what’s up? »… Through a screen, the girl may well not understand that you are fun and assimilate you to the basic asshole.

By the way, I invite you to read this article to see the type of messages that most losers send to the chicks. I would like to add that the approach of sending “girl’s first name “ is absolutely bad. I know that many sites advise to send “Sophie! » or “Caroline!” But I think it’s a shit. So, I had to say, fucking crappy dating coachs, stop copying yourselves without testing!

So, before sending your message, you have to find a tagline really adapted and effective. I will now explain how.

You need to find a detail in the photos, interests or description of the girl and bounce on it. Obviously, you must turn your sentence so that you can easily orient the conversation then on sex. It goes without saying that ideally, you write without spelling mistakes. And do not forget to include her first name (or nickname) in the message to avoid that she thinks it is a copy/paste (most babes would eliminate a guy who would pick up automatically like a robot) .

Minimum one week after a first unanswered message, you can try to tickle the ego of the beautiful who ignores you and ask her for explanations. This makes react quite a lot because babes do not like to be thought of as impolite chicks (they pay attention to their social image). They will want to prove to you that they are not big sluts who are on the site only to accumulate the matches and let the guys hope without having any desire to make a meeting (although sometimes it is the case, they will always deny).

I invite you to read the last chance message in Secrets for seducing on the Internet : I often send it to the chicks who ignored me at first on Adopte or Tinder and I always manage to fuck some in the lot.

Taglines for bars or night clubs:

In night, I like direct, contextual and “what the fuck” approaches (but you do not have to look drunk for it to work). Go for daring and do not let women feel fear in you !

“Tonight is my birthday, we could kiss.”

“Did you wash your teeth before you coming?”

“Are you enjoying tonight?”

“Would you like to kiss me?”

You can also use situational which is obviously very effective to start a conversation. Examples: if she has a hat “be careful, the aliens have landed on your head”!

Taglines for the street pick up :

In the street, again, it is obviously awesome to use situational, to approach on something “unique” (or at least that you will describe as such when approaching the girl): a jewel, a garment, an original bag, her hair, her way of walking and so on. It must absolutely be something she chose… no “I swear, you’re really cute”, I think it is shit.

Be careful not to focus on obvious features; like “you’re so tall!”

I now give you a general tagline that you can use if you are not particularly inspired when approaching a girl “Hi, I saw you there, I wanted to come talkingto you because you seemed very nice. Are you from Lyon?”

Finally, know that, in the worst case, a simple “hi how are you?” in the street can change the whole course of your existence. If Einstein’s father had not approached his mother, we would not be there today in our vision of the world…

So do not hesitate to test and find out what fits your personality. Then, multiply the tests and do not forget to put conviction in there! 😉

For more informations, have a look to my formation Cyprine !

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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