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Club libertin: how to dress for a libertine party in a swinger club?

In this article I will talk about how it’s going in a libertine club, how to dress for a libertine night and the difference between libertine club and swingers club.

I know that all of this can be scary and stressful, so I make a point of clarifying some points.


How is it going in a libertine club?

I have already told you here how it happens in a libertine club in Cap d’Agde. I also took the opportunity to talk to you about the inside of the libertine village (naturist village). I advise you to read this article because the operation of a swingers club in Cap d’Agde is not very different from that of a libertine club elsewhere in France.

And I told you here how is a libertine evening in a swingers club. I told you about a swing experience and a party where we brought a girl from Tinder to make a threesome in the libertine club. If I did it, why not you? I know it’s a pretty common fantasy.

It’s never easy to go as a single man to a libertine club. So, if you want to meet girls to accompany you in libertines clubs, you can convince your friends or flirt on libertine sites. To find libertines, I advise you rather applications like Tinder because on sites libertines, there are mostly couples (which does not mean that they are closed to the idea of ​​making a trio MMW).

If you feel like it, you can also read stories where I tell my first steps in the world of libertine parties.

My first libertine night is told in this article. Ahlala, how nervous I was about going to a libertine club for the first time!

I am also talking about my first evening “side-to-side” in a libertine club. We went smoothly at first and preferred to fuck next to another couple.

I also spent a pretty cool libertine foam party at a libertine club in Lyon. Playing and fucking in the foam, it was really nice.

To finish this part, if you want to know a little more about libertine practices, I refer you on this page. It is true that one could easily get lost between candaulism, swinging, mixing, side-by-sideism, exhibitionism, fetishism, BDSM, etc. So, I made you a little dictionary of libertinage.

how to dress for a libertine party in a swinger club

It is not mandatory that a libertine wears a mask.

How to dress for a libertine night in a libertine club or a swingers club?

The libertine clubs that are saunas

There are many libertine clubs that are in fact saunas with jacuzzi and steam room. In any case in Lyon, there are several.

When you get there, you undress and put on a towel around your waist. The towel and possibly a sarong for girls are given to you at the entrance when you pay.

It is normal that this outfit is imposed because it is super hot and wet. You have no interest in killing your clothes anyway.

In this type of libertine club, the clothes that you wear when arriving at the libertine party do not really matter since you remove them after a few minutes to walk almost naked there. It’s just about not looking too bad at the entrance.

For the price everything depends on your age: in the “young parties”, if you are under thirty, you will pay less (30€). Girls alone do not usually pay. As for single men, it’s expensive. Sometimes more than €70 ! The couples, in the normal evenings, as for them, must prepare to pay about €50.

The libertine clubs dressed

There are also clubs where people are dressed. In this case, you must be class if you are a man. Women can afford to let go and dress in a rather outrageous or vulgar way, but men are selected on their class.

I advise men to go in shirt with either class jeans or pants class (but not too difficult to remove anyway).

Girls, meanwhile, can afford more extravagant outfits. A very sexy neckline dress would be almost “soft” in this kind of place. But hide everything under a coat that you’ll leave in the cloakroom!

There are also theme parties, in which case your accomplice should dress accordingly. It is always necessary to adapt to the themes of evenings, but it generally concerns more women than men. Moreover, sometimes, to reward the girls who really play the game, we make them reductions!

To find out what theme is where, you should go to the websites of libertine clubs in your area or those where you want to go and find out. Some days there are special parties, and you’d better know where you’re going. You may not want to take your girlfriend to a gang-bang party, for example.

how to dress for a libertine party in a swinger club


What is the difference between a libertine club and a swinger club?

Swinging is a form of libertinage. Just like BDSM, for example.

There are swingers clubs for swinger or BDSM vocation, we will talk about swingers clubs or BDSM clubs. It’s that simple.

As a result, a swinger club is in fact a libertine club, where we mainly practice swinging.

Sometimes a libertine club can be a swinger club some nights of the week, a BDSM club or a gay club on other days. Inquire !

Note that libertine clubs are generally open during the day. It’s cheaper to get there most of the time and there are different people. Libertinism is not only reserved for night birds!

Bye bye, friends !

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First swing and threesome in a libertine club

I will tell you my week of All Saints 2017, because it was full of libertinism.

My accomplice and I wanted to celebrate Halloween by making a threesome in a libertine club. So I connected to our Tinder account (couple account) to look for a bisexual girl. I quickly talked to a 18 yo girl who looked pretty hot.

Roughly, I warmed and reassured her at the same time. It should be known that humans have a natural tendency to try to avoid stressful situations to maintain a certain level of well-being. But the thing is that the most beautiful adventures often take place outside our comfort zone… which means that you absolutely have to overcome a little stress (like making the effort to embark on an adventure) to hope a lot of pleasure. A low level of stress like an evening in front of a TV bringing only a moderate level of well-being.

The girl, Russian origin, hesitated a long time before getting cold feet for the Halloween party. But the proposal had really turned her on, so she said she wanted to accompany us the following Friday. And she kept her word, even though I did not believe her. But first I will tell you the Halloween party in the club libertine because I made there my first experience of swinging…


1/ Halloween party in the libertine club

Tuesday night, in a well-known libertine club in Lyon, was organized aa party with sexy costumes. My accomplice made herself very pretty for the occasion, which helped to make that night magical.

She was, as often, the hottest of the club so we had the embarrassment of the choice of proposals. A very respectful couple of about 35 years old, whose wife was very fine, cute and whose guy was at the taste of my accomplice approached us and caught our attention. I was a priori against swinging because I always thought that if another guy did things with my girlfriend, it would be a disgrace for me. But, in fact, I recently understood that swinging has very good sides.

Admittedly, extra-marital behavior today goes against the codes dictated by our society. But at the origins of mankind, it was common for many people to engage in group orgies, as even today some species of animals. There are, to tell the truth, a lot of advantages to practice the swinging: physical and mental pleasure, fighting against the lassitude of the couple, satisfying fantasies, feeling desired, getting confident, disinhibiting, etc. Attention, swinger advocates sex without a future within a group, not the destruction or questioning the concept of couple. For example, there is no « cheat » since it is something that we do together. And I do not complex at all on my sexual abilities so I’m not really afraid that my partner takes more pleasure with another. Only the least stable couples risk destroying themselves by confronting such limits. Moreover, it is better to be libertine from the beginning of your relationship rather than seeing in this a way to relight the flame (because it would  mean taking the problem upside down).

In short, I really fucked the bitch of the other man who even said to my girlfriend when leaving “you’re lucky you! Your boyfriend really knows how to do it, I’m exhausted…” Then they went to bed so I went for a walk in the sauna. This is where I saw a libertine that I had already fucked thanks to Adopte. After that, I really broke my girlfriend to remind her who is the boss! 😉

I think there is a lot to be gained from this kind of practice. I have long believed that I would not be able to but I managed to go beyond jealousy, my “principles” of alpha male, etc.

In fact, I especially believe that our relationship has passed a course and that I have evolved in my mind. So, since I’m sure we share something really special, it’s not a sex story that makes us doubt (on the contrary, it’s an experience that we do together and that brings us even closer). On the other hand, one benefits from a sexual novelty effect that can prevent the libido from falling in the future.


2/ The threesome in the libertine club

The following Friday, as agreed, we received a visit from the girl I had picked up on Tinder. This is a girl with Russian origin who was adopted by French parents.

Pleasant surprise: we met a very simple girl, we enjoyed her way of seeing life, she has something very fresh that has charmed both of us. She also seemed very open-minded, intelligent, mature for her age. Physically, she is very fit, slim, firm with cute face. The Teacher is also very beautiful, in the genre of “Italian beauty”, so I was in heaven between these two women.

The goal was to get to know each other before going to the libertine club. But it was easier than expected: a real sexual connection instantly settled between the three of us. After about an hour, we ordered an Uber and went to the club.

It is a sauna on the banks of the Saône. Every time I went there, there were about fifty people but, that evening, we had a huge surprise: there were not many people. Only two or three couples who quickly emptied the place, leaving the club as privatized for us.

The entrance cost me 50 euros for a couple (it was free for the girl alone) but it was worth it. In the cloakroom, we started by undressing each other, it was extraordinarily sexy. It’s definitely more exciting to get undressed by two people, sandwiched, than to take off your clothes alone.

We then went to the jacuzzi where the girls started to play, to fool around, to get closer, to kiss each other. After a while, the little Russian asked my accomplice « What are your limits? What can I do to your boyfriend?
– I really like women, so we both find our account, and I like you so tonight I lend him to you. »

It is from here that we started to touch all three in the jacuzzi: I fingered them, they jerked me, we kissed, etc. The girl found my butt hot, it made me happy, especially as I felt her pussy expand at my fingertips. At first, I was struggling to get two, but after a few minutes, I could almost put three so much she wanted to fuck. So we decided to go on a dry mattress…

Seeking a room, we saw BDSM swing and the little Russian wanted us to attach her and take care of her. She had already been tied up and loved it so she wanted to do it again. She orgasmed so much that my accomplice wanted to do the same thing. The two girls licked and fingered, I also took care of them, so that when we went in the closed room, the two girls had already enjoyed 2 times each.

It was finally my turn to enjoy: we played with a glory hole where they sucked me and I must say that I found the experience exciting. After, we started to touch each other, to lick and they came again. Preliminaries are definitely of great importance in a successful libertinism…

After that, I took my accomplice doggystyle, then the little Russian. I exploded them both. The two girls were completely dead at the end. The girls touched each other too while I fucked them, so that the sexual energy circulated well.

There was something very crazy in this fuck, a super complicity, great sexual tension. Nobody wanted it to stop but I still ejaculated.

After that, we went to the club bar for a drink and get some rest. But the club closed because it was already 3 o’clock in the morning. We had fucked like crazy for 4 hours! Nobody had seen the time pass and the thing is that we all three still wanted more. My accomplice therefore proposed that we go to extend the party at her place…

Back at the apartment, we played a game of erotic dice to do oral practices and sexual positions. We began to make positions all three and the energy circulated almost better than the club. The girls climbed on me and kissed while I penetrated and licked. Then, I raised their legs to take them, from the front, so as to tap on their G-spot while they were eating pussies. They enjoyed 8 times each and me two.

In the end, the little Russian did not want to leave, she was too good, it was really cute. She said “I suspected it would be fine, but that was SO good I want to see you again soon!”

The truth is that we, too, want to see her again and maybe even make her a couple sexfriend. This sexual encounter was very interesting because she likes both men and women (note that we have already had great adventures with only bi curious girls) and because there is something special, an almost obvious complicity between us! The only thing is, sometimes, the magic operates only one night. So to know if it will be present for a long time, we’ll have to see her again and cross our fingers.

See you soon and may the God of seduction be with you!

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What happens in the naturist village of Le Cap d’Agde


What happens in the naturist village of Le Cap d'AgdeIn this article, I will tell you what happens in the naturist village of Le Cap d’Agde… and I will also tell you a libertine night I spent there.

In fact, I must point out that all the Cap d’Agde is not open-minded, as one might think… It is actually rather a family destination with beaches and boats. Only an entrenched village inhabited by irreducible libertines still resists invading Puritanism.

Indeed, the entrance to the nudist village is controlled and you must paid for: it is a community that is obliged to hide and secure itself in order to live as they wish. And there are not only French: there are also Spaniards, Italians, Germans, and so on.

At the entrance to the naturist village, which is surrounded by a sort of wall, there is a ticket office that filters the pedestrian entrances (gate) and the entrances with cars (barrier). I noticed that the libertine nightlife attracts a lot of people, even among people not residing in the naturist village: the road leading to it is very busy.

To enter the valley of the wonders, one has to buy a nominative ticket of entry: identity cards are requested. It cost me 8 euros for a day but there are price lists for three days, one week, one month, a year, etc.

The atmosphere in the naturist village is very festive, the nightlife is very active. It is possible to do a lot of things: there are restaurants, clubs, etc. It is not even obligatory to walk naked in the village (this is only the case on the beach).

In the night, the girls often walk in sexy dress: often in underwear. Straight men, for their part, are in shirts and pants.

The village and beach were clean, the people were polite, respectful, etc.

I saw transvestites, groups of gays, girls disguised as cats being led on a leash, girls biking in underwear, etc.

I went to Le Glamour with my accomplice, The Teacher. It is a fairly well-known club, and we waited in line for about fifteen minutes. But it did not matter, we were able to watch a lot of hot chicks.

There were young and more mature women. There were a lot of couples and the women were pretty beautiful. There were not too many sex-starved guys.

The entrance of the club is 60 euros for a couple with two drinks (the bartender was very nice and we drank a really good champagne). 90 euros is the price for unaccompanied men and it’s free for single women. From the cloakroom, anything that could be likened to a camera was forbidden. In addition, an ethical code was in order:


01. The correct and sexy outfit you will need to have.
02. Respect and correction with others you will have.
03. In couple over 18 years you will be.
04. The knowledge of swinging life you will adopt.
05. Vulgarity you will forget.
06. The refinement and libertin spirit you will share.
07. The choice for women and their freedom of action you will leave.
08. Without the agreement or invitation of a woman, you will not touch.
09. When uninvited you’ll join no one.
10. The restraint and discretion on your evenings you will keep.”

For the anecdote, they were broadcasting an excerpt of a movie with Katsuni.

In the club, women wore outfits especially chosen for libertine nights (we recognized the neophytes in their outfits more all-purpose). Girls danced like gogo dancers (bra, string, garter belt) but it was just customers. I saw several who did not even have panties and I could admire their pussies: some find a lot of pleasure in showing off under the approving eye of their man or dancing with a girlfriend.

On the first floor, it was night club atmosphere but without the sex-starved men that usually found there. That’s where we danced to get warm. Besides, over there, no judgment, if a woman wants to dance like a bitch, she can do it with impunity.

Then we went down to the basement that was dedicated to sexual acts. We bifurcated in front of a sign that indicated on one side “trios” and on the other “couples and bisexual women”. At the branch, they distributed condoms, lubricant and controlled that people did not go unaccompanied. The staff did not seem to judge the guests at all.

We ended up in a long dark corridor with rooms arranged all along the sides. Most rooms were open, others were closed. Among the open rooms, there were rooms with only one mattress, others with more BDSM material.

People (there was a lot of people) walked in the corridor and stopped in front of the rooms they wanted to watch or join. Swinging is not compulsory. A couple proposed to us but even if Madame was very beautiful, The Teacher did not like Monsieur, so we declined the invitation and they did not take it badly.

We both went into a small, dark room. The Teacher sucked me and then a couple joined us. We did not understand what they were saying because they were I guess Germans but the girl was tall and pretty. She lay down beside me to get licked by her boyfriend and then put a hand on my thigh… casually. I turned my head, looked at her in the eyes and then she raised her hand to jerk me while the teacher sucked me. I then caressed her, her breasts seemed very hard, no doubt they were not natural.

Then, I went down to lick The Teacher and the Germanic caressed her clit while I fingered her, which made her come very quickly. Then, the blond unknown got into position and I also licked/fingered her to make her come.

Her guy finally took her, he came fast and they disappeared. I took her doggy-style quietly and The Teacher finished me by sucking on her knees in front of two Asian women who were taken by their guys.

It was a great experience. During this night, I really revised my definition of the word “slut”: I saw real sluts, but in the good sense of the term.