The Good Lover’s Manual (Sex Guide For Women)

good lover s manual for women 2

After the bestseller The awesome lover’s manuel : sex guide for men, here is THE SEX-GUIDE FOR WOMEN. In writing this manual, I wanted to make the book that I wish all my lovers had read before they slept with me.

Let me ask you some questions :

✔️ Do you orgasm or enjoy every time you have sex? And your partners?

✔️ Do men call you back after a night or two of sex? Or do they disappear quickly (once the “novelty” effect has passed)?

✔️ Are you sure you’re good in bed? You make them mad with pleasure? Are you the one they want to call back the next day after a good sex ? This woman who makes men fantasize and who they will think about until their death?

✔️ Are you one of those that men will never cheat on because they fulfill them perfectly? (Indeed, the number one reason for infidelity is chronic dissatisfaction in bed.)

✔️ Do you tend to get upset or feel hurt and hold back instead of taking action if your partner makes you realize that you could do better in bed ?

✔️ Are you sure you’re doing it right and satisfying a man? Guys usually tell the girl it was good but they don’t always mean it. We never talk about it enough but 70% of girls are average in bed (ie it’s not bad but it’s not good either). They’re like those guys who don’t really know what the clitoris is for…

Too many women believe that spreading their legs or loosely taking the penis in their mouth is enough to get good job done. The idea here is to make you become the best leg of a man’s life. Because women also operate in a competitive environment of seduction, it’s not enough to just be “correct” in bed.

In The good lover’s manuel, you will find concrete advice and benefit from my experience as a sexuality coach and as a man to better give and better receive in bed. The idea is that the sex is good for you but also good for the other.

Of course, I didn’t just give my opinion. To make this book, I interviewed other men, my best lovers, sex experts, porn actresses, etc.


In terms of content, we are far from the articles of sanitized women’s magazines, far from the videos of youtubers who give benevolent advice without having any experience, far from the politician language, far from your (girl) friends who know nothing but who give you peremptory advice. And far from the world of porn which also quite derails the brains of women.

We live in a society of sexual misery, where we don’t understand each other, and many women have their sexual energy engorged so they compensate with chocolate, junk food, extreme sport, too much work, shopping until bankruptcy, etc. You will break free!

The content of the manual :

✔️ How to prepare for good sex (physically and mentally);

✔️ The erogenous zones of men almost no women known and use ;

✔️ The techniques better masturbation ;

✔️ The techniques for a perfect blowjob;

✔️ Increasing your orgasm and his;

✔️ Mistakes to avoid;

✔️ The ideal positions according to your physique;

✔️ How to strengthen your vagina;

✔️ How to act after sex;

✔️ How to find and keep a man through sex;

✔️ The questions you ask me the most about sexuality, in coaching.

My best lovers weren’t necessarily the sexiest girls I’ve ever met. You don’t have to be super hot to be a sex bomb. I would even say that I know some hot girls who weren’t terrible in bed. My book is also for shy women, because you don’t have to be outgoing in life to be good in bed.

Price and discretion

At $57, the price is ridiculous compared to the benefits you will get from it. Benefits that will last a lifetime. If you have a regular partner, he won’t recognize you after your reading. You will be fitter, more confident, more confident, etc.

You can start reading in a minute in PDF ebook format. No delivery costs, no need to wait to receive the package, none of that… just click on the button below.

The purchase is obviously confidential, 100% discreet.


Take charge of your sex life and satisfy the man who shares your bed like never before! FINALLY unleash your sexual potential!


Your sex coach,

Fabrice Julien


PS: click here for reading the introduction of the ebook.

Table of contents

Introduction 2
Who am I to write this book on how to be a good lover? 2
The purpose of the Good Lover’s Guide 3
The content of the good lover’s guide 3
Why the Good Lover’s Guide? 4
Table of contents 11
The state of mind 17
The state of mind towards sex is very essential! 17
Don’t live frustrated! 17
How to make him understand that you are interested and be sure that he is interested? 19
The feeling of debt to man 20
Preparations 22
Healthy living 23
What is a healthy lifestyle to have a good sexuality? 23
How to build muscle to have better orgasms and more sensations? 23
When to have sex to be the most fit? 24
Pubic hair 25
The beauty and smell of a pussy 26
The beauty of a pussy 26
And the smells? 26
Lighting during sex 29
Lingerie 31
What lingerie to wear? 31
Cleanliness 33
Breast size 33
Female masturbation 34
Or with others… 35
How to have more libido? 37
A partner problem? 37
Issues that impact the relationship 38
The solutions 39
Foreplay 41
How to properly kiss a guy? 42
Kiss him or make him kiss you? 42
How to kiss him well? 42
The caresses 46
Do you have to take the first step? 46
Scratches and bites 47
And when he caresses you? 48
Erogenous zones 48
How to undress a man and make him you undress 52
How to wank a man 54
Lubrication 54
The technique 55
The balls 56
How does he like it? 56
Other forms of handjobs 57
Where to make the guy come? 58
Fingering with gloves 58
How to suck a man properly 59
Reciprocity in fellatio 59
No fellatio? 60
All the way or foreplay? 61
The technique 62
In which position to suck? 64
The deep throat 65
The naughty look 66
Anticipation 66
The P-spot 67
Should the sperm be swallowed? 68
Hair and smell 69
What if it holds your head? 69
Bringing the man to the edge of orgasm? 69
The surprise fellatio 70
The risks of STDs 70
Performing oral sex with a girlfriend during a threesome 70
How to suck two cocks at the same time? 71
How to perform oral sex? Synthesis and testimonies 71
What does semen taste like? 87
Penetration 106
Put the condom on 107
Carrying condoms 107
Which condoms to buy? 107
How to put a condom on a man? 107
Should you suck with a condom? 108
What about the withdrawal technique? 108
And the men who are not very responsible? 109
Make love 111
Be active! 111
Fuck the guy! 111
Positions to practice 112
Where to make love (or fuck)? 117
The routine 118
The pressure to perform 118
How do you tell a man that he needs to get better in bed? 119
The queef 120
Lubrication issue? 120
Making love after childbirth 120
The look 122
How to manage a large sex? 122
How to manage a small sex? 123
Communicating in bed 124
The dirty talk 125
What if he doesn’t have a hard-on? 125
What if it comes too fast? How do you get him to get hard? 126
Sodomy 128
Preparation for anal 128
Anilingus 128
Anal fingering 128
The anal plug 129
How to get sodomized? 129
Switching from anal to vaginal 130
The P-spot 131
The orgasm 138
The fear of coming 138
The 3 types of orgasms 139
The simultaneous orgasm 140
Should we simulate? 140
Vaginal or clitoral orgasm? 140
The squirt 142
Who can ejaculate? 142
Is it pee? 142
How to let yourself be squirted? 143
A porn actress’ trick 144
For the men who will read me 145
After ejaculation 150
Some men do not ejaculate (ejaculatory control) 150
When the man enjoys 151
After sex 151
How do you know if he liked it? 153
The sexual connection 155
Some questions 162
Better understanding of consent 163
How to find a booty call when you are a woman? 165
How can sex help you find and keep a man? 170
How to spice things up 175
How to have a threesome with 2 guys 178
How to have a threesome with two women 181
Do it during your period 182
How to give a good massage to a man 183
Morning sex 184
How to make love and stay a virgin 186
Frigidity 187
Vaginismus 189
Penis captivus 194
The slow sex 196
Conclusion 200
Acknowledgements 203
To go further 204
Bonus: How to be a good lay (for women) 206

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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