Evopsy and Seduction : Understanding on how we are programmed to make sexual choices when choosing lovers

evopsy seduction

Preface proposed by my proofreader.

Evopsy & Seduction decrypts our romantic behavior with a tone scientific and funny, but especially liberating. You will understand the why and how of our behavior in love. No doubt everyone will recognize into it.

If you do not understand women but that you’re interested in understanding them, this book is the key to understand their behaviors and thoughts. If you do not understand what men want but that you’re interested in understanding them, you’ll find the explanations in this book. After reading it, everything will become so simple, so clear, that you will regret not having read this book earlier.

Why do we love? Who do we love? Does beauty impose its own rules, and what would be the rules of beauty? Why do we want children? Why fucking in parallel a husband and a lover? Why infidelity? Why so much injustice and so much conflict? Why do men have the almost automatic reflex to stare at women’s buttocks? How do we choose a partner? How do we attract? How do we keep a woman or a man? How do we break-up with someone? Where do the eternal conflicts between men and women come from ?

Answers can be found by looking at the past of our species.

A new scientific approach, the evolutionary psychology (Evopsy), provides solid answers to these questions that concern us, or at least that affect us all, integrating the findings of many disciplines (anthropology, biology, ethology, genetics, neurobiology, psychology…) as part of the Darwinian theory.

This scientific ebook, easy to read and very educational, explains in a clear and entertaining way the main concepts of Evopsy (from the genetic influence to sexual competition), the main criteria it uses (dominance, beauty, fertility, pheromones…) and describes some of its everyday applications, including those found in the Game. It is an indispensable tool for understanding the world around us!

This book is also very rich: studies support the arguments, making this analysis more serious and credible. It will appeal to those who are interested in the complexity of gender relations.

Did you know that 10% of children are not made by their alleged father? That only 1% of sperm cells are fertile, the others just exist to fight their rivals? Did you know that our impulses are genetic, since they are the result of the evolution of humanity for many thousands of years?

Inherent constants exist in human condition, which come from the dawn of time. This perspective on gender relations allows each of us to approach them with more serenity.

“A book you should read if you want to better understand your own psychology.”

“A must-have, a very interesting book, a really great book.”

“This book is really relevant. Brilliant and compelling. “

I would add personally that the price of this ebook, this eye opening on the world, will always be €29… unless I do not sell a lot of copies, in this case, I will increase the price ! 😉

Good reading.

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