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Role of Extremist Feminism in the Devirilization of Man

Extremist Feminism

At first, we will talk about radical feminism and disassemble some nonsense that it promotes. Then we will see how the system uses radical feminists to manipulate the population by making them feel guilty. And finally, why we are going straight towards the most complete devirilization of man.

This article follows my article on the place of the alpha male in human societies.

First, a small point definition not to misunderstand me: Radical (or extremists) feminists are those who want not to achieve a gender equity but who want to crush and humiliate men in the name of a revenge of past injustices.

A radical feminist fighting for the right not to wax underarm. I just don’t care. I am for the right to abortion, for the right to vote of women, for the sexual freedom of women… but, some fights called “feminist” leave me perplexed. She can epilate as she hears but I hope she won’t force me to want her if I do not like it…


The origin of sexual differences

You know it if you read my book on evolutionary psychology: in comparison to an egg, big, rare and expensive, billions of sperm have almost no value.

In a year, a man can fertilize hundreds of women, a woman can only procreate once. This fact is the origin of differences in treatment between the sexes.


The sexual behavior of the man “sex-starving”

The rarity of the ovum gives the female sexual act a great value, at least emotionally speaking, since putting a condom on or taking the pill almost cancels the risks of pregnancy but not the brain hormone discharges.

The man is always more demanding, more enterprising, less looking than the woman because of his objective of spreading as much as possible his genetic inheritance. Conversely, the woman is looking for the best party for the survival of her genes. “The existence of a certain choice on the part of the female seems to be a law as general as the ardor of the male,” said Darwin.

The woman makes her egg a trophy that she offers to the one who will win the competition between breeding males. That’s why, for example, we, poor males, pay €20 for our entry while women come for free and are offered champagne. Since the woman’s consent is expensive, everyone thinks it is natural for the man to seduce and pay.

Personally I am for the sexual freedom of the woman, for the end of the social pressure which says that a woman who takes her foot is a whore, so that the women approach the men… you know it if you read me for a long time. In that, I have a feminist side, no doubt. I wish a real equality between men and women but not that my condition of man is a reason to make me pay more for my outings, for example (if it was just that). Especially that not all men are equal before this sexual selection.

Social status, for example, confers value on the male seed, so much so that the man of power usually has nothing to pay to fuck. That’s why I advise you to always behave in alpha male, to communicate non-verbally that you have a status or a great value and therefore fuck more easily. It will help you to have a fulfilling sex life!


Maternal instinct and jealousy in humans and other animals

Radical feminists are convinced that the choices of partners are cultural, that they are victims of patriarchy, conditioned by male society. They want to choose and be chosen on other criteria… But all mammals do the same thing: males choose a physical, females a social rank or good genes. There is no point in trying to change old instincts determined by our biology.

The rarity of the ovum explains that female mammals invest more than males in their offspring: they can not put their precious egg in several baskets, so they incubate it with jealousy. However, radical feminists, in the name of women’s emancipation, would like their peers to care less about children… or at least not more than men. It would be in the sense of equality but not in the sens of our instincts!

Even jealousy is an egg matter. The average man will be more jealous if he learns that his wife sleeps with another rather than if she falls in love but does not sleep with. The woman will be more jealous if her man falls in love with another: she might steal her investor… I had spoken about it in my article on jealousy. That too, it makes radical feminists angry because they want us to be identically jealous (except lesbians, that is to say, a good part of radical feminists, who do not care about men’s sexuality )!


The culture of rape

The notion of “culture of rape” is a literal translation of the English expression rape culture, we owe to American feminists of the 1970s.

The “culture of rape” is a concept that says rape is not sufficiently recognized or punished in society.

Extremist feminists first thought that rape was a scandalous symbol of male domination. But in fact, we realized that in almost all cultures, rape is repressed with the greatest firmness.

Then, they wanted to spread the idea that it exists in a problematic way in our Western cultures because not enough punished (it would be the fault of Christianity, among others).


The myths of rape culture

The fight against the rape culture, led by radical feminists, consists in destroying certain myths. Let’s analyze them together and see if I understood correctly:
the rapist is always a stranger: that’s true it’s a myth. Statistics show that the victim often knows her abuser and worse, that the threat is often closer than we think, within our family.
the victim behaved at risk: for example, walking around naked in a dark alley in a bad neighborhood. It is unacceptable to say that a girl who has been raped has looked for it and I agree with that: no one deserves to be raped, no matter what. On the other hand, a pity that it is taboo to say that if a man did the same thing, he would probably have problems too. Many of my friends and I have been assaulted in the street and the justice has not responded… it is not a treatment for women. Of course, rapes and non-sexual assaults are not the same thing, but that is to say that each sex can have its share of trouble.
society thinks that the victim always exaggerates the facts or lies: I agree that it’s disgusting… but we still have the right to wonder if it never happens. Justice must be neutral and pragmatic.
the victim has consented and regretted: one is also entitled to wonder if it never happens.
only women are raped: this idea is based on the idea that women, these pure and innocent beings, are the only ones who can control their sexual desire, unlike men who “always want”, these big pigs! This is obviously FALSE.


France and the culture of rape

In France, rape has been repressed since 1810. It became a crime punishable by 15 years of criminal imprisonment in 1980. Since 2010, the conjugal relationship no longer benefits to the accused of having raped his spouse. The status of spouse, civil partner or cohabitant of the victim is even an aggravating circumstance since 2006.

“Of the 13,881 cases reported and brought to justice in 2015, these offenses have increased to 15,848,” notes Le Figaro.

My conclusion is that, as Finkielkraut said on BFMTV a few days ago, shocking the journalist by the way because it is politically incorrect: we have never punished the rapists so much and never as hard as today in France. So there is no rape culture in France because rape is recognized and punished as never before.

However, it is true that the rape escapes in some countries to any control and any sanction, but then why blaming an honest French who never hurt a fly?


The harassment

I do not really want to come back to the subject of street harassment that I have already treated thoroughly here and here. So, take a look if you’re interested.

We note the argument of this extremist feminist: the difference between pick-up and harassment would have nothing to do with the physical or social situation of man.

But then, why specifying, gratuitously, to the guy who shared this article “you are ugly”? Maybe it’s only the radical and homosexual feminists who are not influenced by men’s physique… I’m trying to understand if there is something to understand!

Imagine if it was a man like Benjamin Bioley who had allowed himself this inappropriate gesture: what would the lobby of feminist extremists have said? That he had to be fired an, wprobably…



Only 25% of French people say they prefer to work rather than raise their children. But, as mentioned above, radical feminists believe that the child is a burden to the woman. For some, breastfeeding and maternal instinct have become shameful diseases.

However, having no child for economic and enjoyable convenience seems to be an important step towards immaturity and the refusal of responsibilities and nature.  Who has an interest in asking us encouraging women to be immature and going against nature?

It should be noted, however, that 40% of children in divorced families do not maintain contact with the non-custodial parent, often the father. We are really entitled to ask which sex suffers the most of this ideology, finally, and which is really favored by justice.


Salary differences

Since women want, whatever the extremist feminists say, to see their children more time, they are willing to give up some of their income. From there, comparisons of wages between men and women are biased.

In France, we often hear that the difference in pay between men and women is 25 to 30% of gross earnings. Except that if we eliminate career choices and align working time, the gap becomes marginal (between 2 to 8%).

It can be explained by the fact that men negotiate their wages more or because they have higher productivity, as shown by an INSEE study that you can find on the net.

As a result, extremist feminists advocate that women earn as much as men by working less, without negotiating or having a less important job, which amounts to wanting to earn more. That’s it, equality? When you start a fight, you have to learn about all the parameters before you cry out against injustice.

Of course, there are always unfair examples, if we go looking for each case. But, on that account, what do we do for porn actors, male models and prostitutes who are on average less well paid than their female colleagues? It will be said that justice is done? What do they pay for others?


Positive discrimination

There are more gifted boys than gifted girls. Another monstrous taboo! But the truth is that excellence and mediocrity are more masculine whereas girls are more numerous around the average.

I want proof of the results of the bac: 44% of boys admitted for 56% of girls. Only 43% of boys scored quite well against 57% of girls. But 59% of boys have good mention against 41% of girls. And 61% of boys scored very well against 39% of girls in 2017.

So, positive discrimination has been advanced in the name of equality.

Instead of putting the most competent people in each post, we are obliged to put as many men as women, for example under the Hollande government. Which means that a woman appointed to a position might take the place of a more competent man. This is where women should cry scandal: to be named because they are women, not because they are competent people…there is some discrimination! And it is not positive.

Remember, however, that the European Constitution has specified that “discrimination based on sex is prohibited” (Article II-81). However, it came back a little later “the principle of equality does not prevent the maintenance or adoption of measures providing specific benefits for the under-represented sex” (Article II-83). Parity is therefore one way.

But what is done for men who die 14 years before women, who are judged more severely in the courts, who can not play their charms to be recruited, pardoned or amnestied?


The futile fights of feminists

Feminists demand that inclusive writing be used at school because they think that it is because the masculine prevails over the feminine in the French language that women suffer from patriarchy all their lives. It is true that at the time when the grammar was rewritten, especially by removing the rule of proximity agreement in favor of the rule “the masculine prevails”, the underlying discourse was assumed machismo. But today, this rule no longer carries the slightest connotation, and if I had not documented, I would never have known that big macho were at the origin of these grammatical rules. Why ? Because this rule no longer carries the same meaning today. The rule is the rule, we apply it. Never has anyone succeeded in demonstrating that a grammar rule has changed someone’s psychological constructions.

In parallel with this false debate, I read a testimony of a great fashion designer who could not stand being described as a “seamstress”. A friend told me that his chief, Madame le Prefet, could not stand being called “Madame La Prefette.” Ditto for the “doyen” of the college of letters of Lyon 3, which gives you a glare if you call her ” doyenne “. As a result, one may wonder why intelligent, or at least successful, women do not want inclusive writing.

Extremist feminists are a bit desperate because they persist in fighting for things that will never change their condition. I found the example of waiting in the women’s washroom, which is usually longer than in the men’s washroom. Is this really a sexist inequality? One of the proposed solutions is to force men to sit down or reduce the size of their toilets. Equality would be to put us handicaps? On the highway areas, I saw the larger women’s toilets, it’s a better solution, right?

Can it be said that if men are taller than women, it is because patriarchy has been depriving them of food since forever. Are females smaller than males in almost all animal species, are they all victims of patriarchy?


How can extremist feminists deny that in high-level sports, women are 11.45% less performant than men?

Conversely, there are sports where the man is under-represented, and especially destined to be less competent. Rhythmic gymnastics for example.

We are different, we are not identical and therefore we can not claim equality, this is the inconvenient truth.


The theory of gender

The gender theory aims to substitute gender categories (which refers to biology), a concept of gender that shows that the differences between men and women are not based on nature but are historically constructed and socially reproduced.

The gender theory explains that girls engage in wise games because they are imposed, they go to care trades low-skilled and less paid and abandon the scientific track despite good school results because of their conditioning in the playground.

But this theory of the genre does not seem to take into account that the woman is not a fragile and suggestible thing, unable to question herself. Unlike us, the pick-up artists, who treat women without these false beliefs… so, who respects women the most?

Nor does the theory of gender explain why so many isolated, battered, and battered “first class” little boys have persisted in shining for schooling and career success.


The stereotypes

All studies show that the most common stereotypes are the most accurate, and that some, such as those concerning sexual differences, are underestimated rather than overestimated.

It does not please, I agree… but the reality has no reason to please us, contrary to the morality imposed. Imposed morality that often seeks to triumph over reality.


The way parents treat their children

In 1966, the doctor John Money, considered by some as the father of the theory of gender, was contacted by a collapsed couple, the Reimer husband. They were parents of twins aged 8 months, whom they wanted to circumcise.

Unfortunately, David’s circumcision by electric cautery failed, his penis was burned. As a result, Brian, his twin, was not circumcised.

Money saw in this misadventure the opportunity to demonstrate that biological sex is a decoy, an arbitrary whose education can emancipate. He convinced the parents to raise David as a girl, never to tell him (or tell his brother) that he was born a boy. The doctor gave the child, renamed Brenda, a hormonal treatment and, fourteen months later, removed the testicles. His parents dressed him in robes, gave him dolls, and so on.

Only, Brenda grew painfully. As a teenager, her voice became serious, she said she was attracted to girls, etc. Brenda stopped swallowing her treatment, was prescribed testosterone, fell into alcoholism.

Brenda felt a boy engulfed in a girl’s body. Frightened, the parents revealed the truth to their twins. Brenda is David again, he married a woman. But the identitarian ramifications have shaken the boys. In 2002, Brian committed suicide. On May 5, 2004, David did the same. A tragic end.

In most cases, however, many studies have shown that, on average, parents do not treat boys and girls differently. But it does not matter to the psychologist Judith Rich Harris who said, “Even if their mother drives a truck and their father changes them, the boys play football and the girls jump rope”. Stereotyped behaviors seem to have a hard time.


No gender theory in nature

This social activism is doomed to failure because it is against the nature and interests of men and women. Sexual differences are found in almost all primates and almost all mammals.

A male earthworm has a brain different from a female earthworm. In humans, rhesus macaques or cattle, breast milk differs according to the sex of the child. Are these animals victims of social construction?

The psychologist Valian made this statement: “Among our close relatives such as the rhesus macaque, researchers have discovered that females play with dolls more than their brothers, who prefer balloons and small cars. It seems unlikely that the monkeys were indoctrinated by catalog stereotypes.”


The double-thought

Dual thinking is the power to simultaneously keep two contradictory beliefs in mind and to accept both.

Double-thought is a kind of superimposition of two contradictory states like this conformist rebellion that animates many artists. “I am a real rebel because I say what I think”… that is to say, often exactly what the system wants to hear.



The Femen are a fine example of double-thought and one wonders if they are not puppets of power.

When Caroline Fourest was arrested with her friends seeking to provoke an incident during the “Manif for all”, Valls immediately called the prefect and François Hollande sent a message of support to the rebel in the wake.

The Femen multiply the provocations but are rarely condemned (in France, eh!)… and when they are, they are supported. Just recently, by our dear Minister Marlene Schiappa.

Similarly, extremist feminists call for the end of sexism, but are the first to organize single-sex demos. Unbelievable !


Dual thinking among the politically correct people

The defenders of the regime, who hate intolerance and inequality, often put themselves to several to condemn a few men to social death.

They fight for dignity but do everything to destroy Soral or Dieudonné. These are just examples, there are many others. The National Front and its voters (33.90% of the French all the same), Putin, Trump, etc. It is hyper democratic and hyper correct to treat a part of the population of stupid or crazy because they do not do not have the same opinion as you. What do not we do to be “well seen”!

All people with good intentions are obviously against censorship. But who are the first to censor others?

It is this same process that, if I correctly understood, to the closing of my Youtube channel and the release of my FB page. Freedom, equality, fraternity! As if I was a monster, seriously… they spotted my video because they had been monitoring me for a long time and organized a raid to send a maximum of “hate reports” to Youtube in a minimum of time so that the algorithm would panic and my account would be closed.


Why is feminism acclaimed by the media?

The teaching of gender is dictated to the media. “Journalism training provided by higher education institutions includes education on gender equality and the fight against stereotypes, sexist prejudices, degrading images, violence against women, violence committed within couples.”

Journalists are therefore conditioned to promote the ideas of the system: if you want to have your journalism degree, you must learn well and recite your course. And so you have to promote the ideas of extremist feminism while hiding all there is to hide. Like for example my video buzz where one of these girls hits me on the street because I dared to argue against her. A “freedom” that she would never have allowed if the media had not conditionned her mind.


Why the system will win

We can not attack the system, it is unassailable: it is against hatred, sexism, war, racism, etc. Nobody can decently criticize these angels that are these artists and journalists because they have the moral for them.

At least, they seem to be on the side of the “good guys” but is it true? No famous lesson giver was ever finally caught in a disgusting scandal? Think carefully.


Why does the system encourage extremist feminism?

Perhaps the ultimate goal is for Western technology to be used for the global equalization of the sexes, by biologically removing them, to create a sexless species.

The system could then reassign all individuals before birth to hormonally block any process of sexualization. There would be no more women or men. What a progress!

But beware, if we come to that, it would be because the system does not want the victory of men or women: he wants us to self-destruct, to disappear.

In 1984, it reads, “All children should be procreated by artificial insemination and raised in public institutions. Is it a prophecy?

In The Brave New World, men are all born in test tubes and are conditioned from an early age. Extremist feminists should be pleased to see that Huxley described a world where women do not get pregnant, where inequalities are not based on sex but are distributed arbitrarily, where women enjoy their sexuality as men. But, by the way, and to support what was said earlier on the evolution: women remain women, and Huxley had understood. When Lenina feels bad and takes a pregnancy substitute because her heart tells her that she wants to stay with a man, what do you think it shows?

Be that as it may, the system may want a society of dependent people (sick, drugged, incapacitated, beasts) to be able to control them easily under the guise of satisfying them. So, Huxley does not give us to see a society where everyone is in his place, where the dissident is sent far, where the one who begins to think is conditioned to say that it is not good and that he must immediately take a dose of soma to escape?

Seriously, I really feel that the system fights virility and femininity, autonomy, intelligence, thinking for oneself, health and sobriety.


The dysgenism

As has been said, extremist feminists encourage upper-class women to have few or no children. Indeed, having a child would be a burden, a brake on their career, etc.

On the other hand, the system encourages, with more and more help despite the debt of the growing state, people of the “lower classes” to reproduce more.

So be careful, I take the tweezers: we can think, even if it is not an absolute reality and there are always exceptions, the more intelligent people are, the more likely they are to belong to at least to the middle class.

This means that the intelligence will dissolve since intelligent people will have fewer children on average. (See Idiocracy, the movie, which despite its turnip side starts from a very well formulated postulate Synopsys: Rookie Joe Bauers, the archetype of the average American, is chosen by the Pentagon as a guinea pig for a top secret program of hibernation Forgotten, he is awake five centuries later and discovers a society that has become so stupid that he is now the smartest man on the planet.)

Note that the documentary on Arte “Tomorrow, only idiots?” Confirms that the human population on Earth is already less and less intelligent. Where are we going ?

It’s called dysgenism and it’s not just about the criterion of intelligence. This is the opposite of eugenics, it leads to a regression of the abilities of the global population (health, character, intelligence, etc.). This means that people will be more and more degenerated with in some time, a huge impact on our society. If it is not already the case?


The testosterone level

Our scientists have long noted the general collapse of testosterone levels in our populations. An abnormally rapid and brutal decline. American and Scandinavian studies have shown that a man born in the 1970s had a testosterone level 20% lower than that of his father at the same age.

However, testosterone has an important role, it is particularly related to the desire for dominance, the number of children, self-confidence, libido, intellectual performance…

The causes of this decline? The stress of living in the city, lack of sunshine due to indoor work, endocrine disruptors, lack of sleep and physical activity, alcohol, drugs, pesticides, shit we eat, sugar, TV, video games, violent movies…

Result: we men are less aggressive, better support promiscuity and submission. Is this a goal desired by the system?


The future ?

It’s up to you to see whether or not you want to become a “progressive, anti-virile, moralistic par excellence, multiplying the physical and verbal signs of submission, servile agent of the system, indignant standing, male bobo, caricatural, devirilized to excess, ultra-consumer, juvenile, sensitive and non-violent “as described by Laurent Obertone in France Big Brother.

He continues with his verve: “This symbolic violence, this feminization is particularly valued by the media, sexual ambiguity to effeminate individuals, not to mention the bearded singers. ”

And if the fair sex enthusiasts for such models, we are screwed, the system wins.

Tell me in the comments if you have ideas fight our debasement or our enslavement…

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The alpha male in human societies

The first question is: can we talk about alpha male in humans? The second is: what is an alpha man. Finally, the third: how to become an alpha male?


Can we talk about alpha male in humans?

The alpha male in nature

In zoology, an alpha male (or “dominant male”) is an individual that other members of the same group follow, to whom they obey and/or submit.

The alpha male is a male that breeds more than others because enjoys privileged access to females. In some animals, the dominant male has exclusive exclusivity for females: he copulates with 80% of females.

The concept of male alpha, dominant male , exists in wolves, you surely know… but it also exists in species that resemble us more, namely most species of monkeys such as capuchins.

alpha male


alpha male

Are there “pack leaders” in humans?


The characteristics of an alpha male in nature

A male can be dominant through physical characteristics such as strength. But also by right acquired at birth (inheritance), by access to resources, by good communication …

In lions, physical strength is critical to being considered a dominant male. While among bonobos and chimpanzees, for example, an alpha male owes his status to his ability to form political alliances. No, you’re not dreaming, these monkeys practice a form of politics. Just like humans…



The Alpha Male in Society: Are There Alphas Men?

Some are embarrassed by the fact that we speak of alpha male in humans because it reminds them that the human is an animal. And yet…

From the dawn of humanity, good hunters had more children than others. I speak well of our ancestors to all of us. This ability turned into reputation, then status and power. Power that offered them the lust of women. The alpha male therefore seems to be the best genitor, with an ideal social position, a good genetic inheritance, valued skills that he will be able to transmit to his child.

Today we do not really hunt anymore, but men always strive to assert their abilities, to build a good inheritance. They work, direct, sing, write, go on TV, do politics, and so on. All for what purpose? To become visible, build a reputation, have recognition and finally afford the lust of women.

You see women adoring singers, artists, comedians, in short, public figures that THE SOCIETY decides to highlight… It is far, the time we were adored for our talent or work, even if it seems to be a logical thing. Many talented artists today do not convey a message that appeals to the system, so we ignore them, despite their remarkable work. While others, sometimes devoid of talent are put forward and oversold by TVs and newspapers until we are persuaded that they are great. Then, the people think that if such great artists have such or such opinion, then they are necessarily the good ones and we must make them ours. The circle is complete. Conclusion: those put forward today no longer strictly meet the criteria of the alpha male, but still enjoy this status. It’s enough for them to say what Big Brother wants us to say, even if they do not think about it.


Who benefits from ignorance if not the refusal to understand the people?

Females in primates and most mammals choose to breed with alphas males because an alpha male reportedly has good DNA. The social rank of the male is the main criterion of sexual selection in the female. I am talking about natural selection here. So, of course, we do not really live in nature anymore, but its laws and rules are still inscribed in us and still govern us.

You will never learn anything as important in college, on television, or during your classes at school. So keep it in mind! However, society strives to talk as little as possible. Why ? Because the ignorance of the people is the strength of the elites.

Ramses II had more than one hundred children, a Sultan of Morocco had 888 children, Gandhi himself seems to have been a real sex obsessed (according to the stories of some historians). Dictators always have plenty of mistresses and women. All tribal leaders have more than one woman. All gurus limit the sexuality of their followers but end up being involved in a sexual scandal (Rael, Koresh, etc.) Chirac has fucked all Paris! Kennedy, Churchill, have enjoyed, in every sense of the word, their status. But, yet, did you only heard about it?

Our genetic programming explains why an artist who does not take care of his children will always find chicks to make him some children, why a boss sleeps with his secretary, why some serial killers have so many admirers, why the Stockholm syndrome, why beautiful women jostle to marry footballers less smart than my dog, why Holland and Julie Gayet, why Strauss-Kahn, etc. Indeed, the man is programmed to spread his genes to the maximum while the woman l is to select the best possible parents.

You already know if you have read evolutionary psychology books (Evopsy), otherwise you know what you have to do.


The case of “extremist feminists”

Imposing a strict morality on the people and trying to manipulate women to hate men and being hated by them is a good example of this: the powerful ones go out and pass on their genetic heritage while you put it on the ear and that everyone finds it very well. This is called “morality”. What a victory for puritanism!

It seems to the media very important to talk about inclusive writing, for example, while most people do not even know how to write French correctly and put “ER” at the end of all the verbs that sound vaguely in “é”… But there is nothing more serious on Earth? Or even in France? That’s really the priority, seriously? We will come back to this in a future article… as if textbooks could be at the origin of violence against women because the masculine prevails over the feminine in grammar. But why people don’t talk about the fact that in some cultures, so in some homes on the French territory, men hit their wives and find that normal, giving the example to their children who reproduce the scheme? Politically incorrect. Why do we never talk about those women who harass men, at work, for example? Hypocrisy and politically correct, always. In short, the debates are misguided and the fights are poorly chosen.

For me, the “extremist feminists” (those who want not to reach a gender equity but who want to crush and humiliate men in the name of revenge for past injustices) are conditioned and I will come back to this in a future article, as I have said. They are manipulated to play the game of the system, of our elites. But the strongest thing in this is to be able to convince them that they are THEIR ideas, their convictions, their interests, which is of course wrong…

The system and the relentless media have managed to convince women that a pick-up artist like me is a threat, calls for hatred and advocates street harassment. So I’m in the same basket as the badly educated and vicious guys who rub in the subway and put hands in the ass seem like nothing.

How many thought by themselves before going to report my Facebook page and my videos on Youtube, going as far as closing my channel for “call to hate”? The truth is that the only ones who hate are them, but nobody will say it either on TV or in the newspapers.

I have always been for equality between men and women, for equity more exactly, I have always advocated the respect and sexual freedom of women. A reading even transversal but in good faith of my blog would suffice to understand it.

But it’s not important, the important thing is what is publicized. Reality is not important compared with the weight of the media. How many interviews did I give to newspapers that actually only wanted to make another pick-up artist look ridiculous ? Only, seeing that I did not say anything misogynistic, they all gave up publishing these interviews… From Le Nouvel Obs to C’est mon choix, I did not have the opportunity to defend an opinion contrary to theirs . Long live “freedom of speech” !


The case of pick-up artists

If our elites wish to make people easily manipulable, they must weaken them, condition them, and take away their courage to take their opinions. They are tired of all these people who protest: it would be better for them that we are all submissive and close our mouths. There is no room for those who think otherwise, the “dissidents”, not the possibility of restoring healthy relationships between men and women.

Society is clearly in the direction of “soon, there will be no more differences between men and women”. It is obvious that if we were all of the same sex or we no longer thought of sex, we would be more productive and enrich the elites of the system. So of course pick-up artists upset because they go against this trend. These are the people to shoot because they dare to assume as sexed beings. Their value system goes against the interests of the system, since they work for the good of humans (men and women). It is therefore much more convenient to stereotype (crazy, obsessed, peers, burned to the limit of the sex offender) and to demonize them. But why is it wrong to fight sexual misery and guilt of having desire, without ignoring the rules of etiquette?

I had already talked about why you are conditioned to be ashamed to seek advice in seduction.


The guilt of men

I will also have to talk in a future article about why men are conditioned in our society to feel guilty of being men and of wanting women. Why women who want to fuck are systematically treated whores until they suppress their impulses. Why do we want us to shut our mouth and let extremist feminism win, playing the game of the system since it is orchestrated by it, I remind it… under the pretext that most men are big pigs!

I should feel guilty about my condition as a cis-gender heterosexual white man so I have to shut up and pay for some fuckers who really abuse women. But the thing is that I am a target easier than them, politically correct, so I take a lot in my mouth in addition to having to close it. And defending myself is very difficult because contrary to the ambient conditioning. That’s why the masses shut their mouths and continue a little more to submit and lose their dignity. Because of the police of thought and language, we no longer have the right to think or defend ourselves.


alpha male or alpha female

“Fear will change sides”: fairness, intimidation or willingness to enslave?

Why and how to relearn manhood?


What to say to those who think I’m crazy ?

You are doubtless blinded, convinced that the elites are honest, act by ideal, for I know not what conviction.

You accept the imposed hierarchy because it is easy, because you do not know that you still have a choice… or, worse, because you are convinced that this is what you must do, period.

But that’s the purpose of the system: and it’s even better if you work for the elite without realizing it, even relaying ideas that are harmful to you, and if possible thinking that you’ve had them alone or that they constitute your real opinion.

The worst is that in your lineage, all women have done their job. They chose the most dominant man they could. All this to come today to guys who support puritanism, extremist feminism, who argue that there is no alpha male in humans. I really wonder where it missed…


Who finances the enjoyment of our elites?

The worst part is that we ALL finance the enjoyment of individuals like some of our elected (there are even some who are pedophiles) who pretend to be interested in us on TV sets and who, in the european parliament, earn tens of thousands of euros a month… in the name of equality. How? With taxes, various taxes, pseudo charity actions, etc.

And why are these pedophiles who govern us not in prison (yeah, for some it’s not suspicion but certainty)? Because the elites who govern us support each other: soon we may be sentenced to prison for having approached a girl respectfully in the street, while they will make crap quietly in their corner…


How are we manipulated ?

Your instincts are not in the interest of the elites. So they have to use fear to make yourself a manageable individual. I had already spoken of the fear of punishment that society puts in place to domesticate the man in this article.

Keep in mind that the morality we are taught always goes in the direction of the system, never in that of our interests (unless you are part of a few privileged elites).

If you doubt it, I give you a list of three books to read to go further and better understand: George Orwell’s 1984, The Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and La France Big Brother by Laurent Obertone.

Finally, to explore the issue of puritanism growing in France and the leveling down, I encourage you to read this article.


What is an alpha man?

Become alpha to get out of sexual misery

You will readily admit by observation around you that 20% of young men seem to be serial fuckers while 80% of the male population lives in sexual misery.

It does not remind you of anything? Yes, as mentioned above, in some animals, alphas males feed on 80% of females, leaving only their crumbs to others.

Do you still believe that the alpha male does not exist in humans? No ? Well, I prefer that… In fact, we can not go against nature, in spite of civilization and the progress of science, because we are the nature, we carry it in ourselves… and denying it by vanity engenders only problems !

So, of course, you may never be part of the governing elite, you will probably never be an alpha among the alphas, but you can still pull out of the game. And for that, you do not need to to become an odious asshole.


Characteristics of Alpha Man

Be careful, what follows is caricatural… but true!

An alpha man is a man popular with other men, he is also a man who is liked by women. Preselection is a concept that when you’re liked by girls, more girls are likely to be interested.

An alpha man is expert in something, he represents the authority in a field, is a reference for some people.

An alpha man is ambitious, he has many passions, a busy life…

An alpha male is combative, he can protect people he loves and who loves him, etc.

For that, he can be strong physically, of course it helps. It can also have some form of beauty in the face or a “very manly” face, like our friend Lino Ventura.

However, be careful, do not be fooled: you do not have to have all the features to attract women. Some are doing very well with only popularity, wealth, power, trust or authority…

lino ventura


How to become an alpha male?

Enter the circle of alphas males

To become a true alpha male, you must enter the virtuous circle.

At first, you can use the famous “fake it until you make it” to become an alpha male. Behave yourself as if you had a lot of confidence, even if it’s not really the case right now. Do it while waiting to become authentically confident, because this is the best way to make it true.

Personally, I was far from being an alpha male when I was younger. But I formed through the community of seduction and personal development, and I became much better. Among other things, thanks to sex and soon 300 beautiful women who wanted me, I became what I am. Today, I do not really think anymore in terms of technique or what, I have become authentically more alpha. Naturally!

It is not good for the system that we become alphas males, because it prefers that we are all submissive sheep. And frustrated, if possible, so that we give everything we have at work, to make up for our terribly meaningless life.


You can change

You can, to start attracting women and thus become a confident alpha, train you to sexy humor, learn to have a good body language, to be a great leg… you will find everything you need on this blog.

You must not be needy, you must represent a challenge and take care of yourself. Things that you may not be doing naturally but that you must force yourself to do at the beginning… before you naturally become an alpha for whom this behavior will be “normal”. Personally, I do not really see myself as a pick up artist today, I think I became an alpha, simply.

For me, one day even the elites will be overwhelmed by the system they have put in place. One day, machines will replace us or we will give up sex to make test-tube babies. And that day, nothing will save our part of humanity… What an abomination!


The basis of salvation

To save our species, the basis is sex. Because sex and survival are at the heart of the whole society, at the center of all attention, even more than money and power.

I sincerely believe that if, to begin with, we lived in a less frustrated society, with fewer problems between men and women, if we were for example trained in pick-up and seduction, it would be much better… What do you think ?

For example, if public transit scramblers were not sexually frustrated and had learned to approach and seduce a woman while remaining respectful, do not you think our country would be better off?

I let you think about everything you just read…

See you soon !

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France: puritanism, Americanization and race to the bottom

France puritanism, Americanization and race to the bottom

Did you know that in France, just over 20 years ago, there were outdoor porn cinemas? And not in Cap d’Agde but in big cities like Marseille… It’s unimaginable today.

Today, in our dear country, we are offended easily and we can no longer call a doggystyle a doggystyle without being called « big pervert » (but we consume more and more deviating porn while giving moral lessons). Knowing that, is it not a bit ridiculous to still claim “Paris, capital of love?” I tell you frankly, our country does not (in my opinion) deserve any more its reputation for being sexually free and full of good lovers. We gradually lose our sexy identity as well as our prestige!

How is it possible ? I think we got Americanized… but in the wrong way. The Puritan legacy, which produces a certain negative attitude towards sexuality in the United States, has apparently seized Frenchies. And yet, the Americans want us to believe that they are Puritans but it is a big lie. Or at least they are not more puritans than us but want to make us believe the opposite to feel better. And as we are apparently a little bit stupid and gregarious, we get trapped.

As a proof, we chose to elect a president who has done an objectively catastrophic five-year (and therefore weakened us) rather choosing one of the best economists in the world… all that because he took advantage of his status to participated in some orgies. Nevertheless, it should be known that the majority of people who say they are shocked would have got it very hard if they found themselves in those orgies. Moreover, I remind you that our “normal” president has still cheated on his wife in a rather ridiculous way… but we seem to prefer that. I recall for some who had zapped their courses of History that in Versailles, city today very conservative and Puritan, lived Louis XIV whose list of mistress takes eleven pages on Word.

So, in France, we prefer to hire actresses X (even to marry women) who come from the countries of the East because they are more sexy and less boring (there is a certain culture of body and eroticism there that makes them more liberated).

In short, the current finding is that there is a deep cultural divide that divides France when it comes to public morality, private sexual behavior and freedom of expression.

I personally bear the expense of our pseudo-freedom of expression. I try, for example, to propose on my blog quality content that could help people with their lives and with their vision of sexuality. Yet no media ever contacts me for anything else than programs with the reputation of ridiculizing people and making them freaks. This does not help our beautiful country that journalists do not show the reality: they very often prefer to highlight the so-called “unhealthy” character of the domain, the sordid stories and all these things. Poor us !

The world of sex fascinates people, I am not blind, but we managed to make it a taboo thing. So nobody is brave enough to venture to talk about it without insisting on the fact that the players are perverts and psychopaths… because they are afraid of being called perverts themselves otherwise! Frankly, it seems that taking initiatives in France is well seen, but only when it is in order to disparage…

I find this world fascinating: I had a hard time going to people, having girls in my life and I was a little depressed. Today, I have forged a character, I lay myself bare, I say what people are not used to hear (something else than dominant thinking) and I do things that most people do not think possible or that are supposed to be forbidden by the collective unconscious. It made me grow much faster than the majority. Today, in secret, more and more men ask me for advice to seduce modern women, proof that there is an unacknowledged problem between the two sexes… but it remains stupidly taboo. The truth is that men are somewhat lost by the fact that they do not know how to do with women: they say they want nice romantics men but fantasizes about badboys. And nobody dares to admit it.

Most people hate me ex officio when I say I have a PUA blog, without trying to figure out what it is really. The media have done their job of demonization… but that’s not how we’ll move forward. Few people find it rock’n’roll, cool and original. Yet it is, I swear. And in addition, it is productive for those who follow my advice… Is it necessary to specify that I am not a heartthrob, a frustrated nor an asshole? I just wanted to find a girlfriend to take care of my little heart at the beginning… and then one thing led to another and made that I am today what I am… but I’m still a nice guy with a moral and principles.

The weird stuff is that I could say all I want but I’m sure that pick-up artist is and will remain for a long time something shocking to most people. Besides, it seems to me that we are less intelligent than the United States on this point because, there, those who have succeeded even if it is in this domain are respected. They truly have the cult of entrepreneurship, success and seduction is recognized as a true business, a real profession. In France, it is well known, we spit on those whose heads surpass the rank. The orgasmic world to which I belong makes one dream, but people prefer to stay masturbating on pornos rather than take their fingers out and learn how to seduce women themselves. Basically, in France, people do not like when some people stand out (unless the person in question is the son of a famous guy or of a big producer), we undergo a kind of puritan race to the bottom that does not help us to modernize. Everything that is not commonplace must be constantly turned into ridicule even when it’s great.

In France, it is much more complicated to evolve in the world of seduction (even if one is gifted for that) because of the culture. There is a lot of pressure, little acknowledgement. But I have always held to my freedom and I still hold on to it so I continue my fight. However, without more support from you or from people who can help mentalities to move in the right direction, I do not know if I will not soon find myself out of breath. Seriously, it’s heavy. I also have to think about privileging my personal life, starting a family, and so on. So why continuing in a vain fight if I am alone in fighting and that people are either too limited to understand that my work could be beneficial to them or too coward to join me in the battle? I could quite use my knowledge acquired in social psychology and human understanding in general to create commercial marketing…

It is true that today society is talking about sexuality, feminine pleasure, sextoys, and so on. At this level, speech has been liberated. But as soon as it becomes concrete, there is nobody anymore. It is therefore only appearance: it is anyway well known, the more we display sex in movies and everything, the less we actually fuck in reality. Similarly, the more we talk about freedom and democracy, the less we live in a free and democratic society. In fact, I find that the press (especially the feminine press) is a bit of crap on just about every point. For example, it says to women “Assume yourself as you are”, then present a diet and in the next page criticizes a star who has got a bit fat. It is exactly the same kind of convoluted discourse that is served concerning sex: how do you expect French people to do not get lost ? We talk to them about women’s freedom, sexual liberation and then we call « bitch » a chick who posts sexy pics on Instagram.

Well, if there are still people who want to work on a neutral investigation, they might be surprised by our community in a good way… Do not hesitate to contact me if you are someone who wants to publish a serious work, I would be happy to answer any questions you may have and help society to move on.

To conclude, I will tell you a little bit how I see things so that there is no misunderstanding before finishing this article. First, sex is for me a bit like eating good things or playing sports: a simple happiness of life that is there only to make us feel good. Sorry for not sacralizing the act while loving it, but I am not a deviant, a predator nor a fucking weirdo.

Secondly, in the world of the Game, woman is subject and not object (it is a being in its own right). People tend to want to believe that women are subject because we talk about alpha male, but true freedom… being free of choosing and enjoying belongs to women. And she yet would not have it for long if there were not some irreducible Gaulish who still have the balls to go picking chicks up to offer them a fuck worthy to figure in the annals of the book of records. Sorry to disappoint the rageous people but it is the woman, her pleasure and seduction that are put forward on my blog, not my ego of guy who would like to show off or make dick contests.

Third, it would be nice for women to support our cause a little more. Especially the real feminists. Because, it is a very courageous undertaking to get into it. Indeed, when we look closer, it is always the woman who has the last word: a man will be easily tempted so women leave with a certain advantage in the seduction while for us, it s often a real obstacle course. It is difficult to gain the right to make them enjoy like crazy, please admit that it is a little paradoxical.

Fourth, yes, it is quite complicated to concentrate on one woman to build our life when we have spent our time looking for some to have fun and that we have destroyed in our minds most of the myths of Love and Hollywood clichés. The choice then becomes cornelian but it is a problem of rich and I prefer that to a problem of sexual misery, displeasing to the majority of the guys who criticize my lifestyle and give lessons but endure a shitty sex life.

Fifth, I am not an odious manipulator. Most of my relationships are sincere. And that is what disorient most of the chicks: I am very honest from the start. So they find it hard to believe because they are accustomed to the ambient hypocrisy. But few have been tempted and have not asked for more. Sorry but we do not take women, nor the men who want to join us in our noble fight, for naive fools. Thanks to those who trust me, fuck the raging jealous tight-ass as well as the brainless, and kisses to the hotties who will read me.

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Sexual misery

sexual misery

For an “average” man, access to women and sex is difficult. For women, finding a good sexual partner is rare. Today, the trivialization of sex and the extraordinary models that we find everywhere impels us to see as normal relations that are more and more assumed and unbridled and, even more, to imagine that it is easy to find sexual partners. Between what we are told and reality, we are almost all driven to feel a great lack and a devaluation of our intimate life. Many men and women live in what I call “sexual misery”. I am not talking here about the love misery (even if one can be in a couple and have a shitty sex life) but really of sexual misery.

However, this affective reality is ignored by many people because it is a taboo. It is taboo because men have to show a social image of a strong man who does not reveal his sufferings nor his weaknesses, even of a Don Juan who never has any problem with women. It is also a taboo because a woman who would admit having trouble finding a guy who fuck her well would be labeled “whore” or “nymphomaniac”. More generally, it would mean crying out in front of the world: “I’m not fuckable!”. Even if people think it, people keep it for themselves.

Some artists, however, dare to speak of this phenomenon, but they are immediately labeled losers by the politically correct people and the one-track thinking. I find it unfair because their honesty allows other people to be reassured and less ashamed. If you are interested in this, I advise you to read Houellebecq and/or listen to the first songs of Orelsan.

Me, I will show you that sexual misery exists, explain the causes and propose a solution.

First of all, the facts are alarming:

In this study (IPSOS 2015), we see that a woman has on average 8 sexual partners in her life, and a man has 11 in France.

In itself, the figure would not be a problem if people were satisfied in bed. But this is not the case at all, as the rest of the study shows.

Moreover, according to an IFOP survey (2015), the French women would be “the last ones in the race to orgasm!”

49% of French women admit having “fairly regular” difficulties in reaching orgasm, the highest level of all countries where investigations were carried out during the survey.

37% of French women have orgasmed “at least once a week” in the last three months, the lowest proportion observed in the countries surveyed in Western Europe and North America.

52% of French women report having “often” orgasmed with a partner during their lifetime, a rate well below the one measured in other Western countries.

31% of French women simulate “orgasm fairly regularly” with their partner, the highest level observed in Western Europe and North America.

25% of French women did not have an orgasm during their last intercourse, a record proportion in Europe.

The guys resort to masturbation to palliate their lack of orgasm, unlike women who necessarily feel a little lack (although it is hard to admit it):

We also see that people go more and more on porn sites to fill their lack:

Be careful, I do not give you these figures to justify the unjustifiable (rapes, harassment) but only to make you aware of the reality of facts, the hypersexualization of the French population is only an illusion, it’s not the reality of ordinary mortal… maybe for a privileged few but that’s it!

What are the causes of sexual misery?

In the “normal” nightclubs (I do not voluntarily speak of “trendy” clubs because you have to pay a fortune for going there so the guys who go there belong to a privileged category), there are about 1 girl for 9 Guys: a normal guy is going back come alone almost every time.

The dating websites and applications of remain an effective solution to remedy the sexual misery. But the thing is, dating apps and sites are designed for women (often free for them and paying for guys like many clubs) in order to bring them in because it is known that if there are girl, guys will come (the opposite is not necessarily true except for Abercrombie and Fitch). Moreover, they are very solicited on these sites whereas for a guy it is difficult to get one simple answer. These are two different realities.

In this study by OKcupid (that I analyze in The Basics of Seduction), we see that the supposedly most beautiful guy received as much message as the supposedly ugliest girl.

Picking up in public places, like in the street, it’s often stigmatized. Society calls those guys suckers, sex-starved, stalkers, and so on. The extreme feminism that we are undergoing today has no doubt its share of responsibility in the situation of sexual misery because it makes people who like to pick-up or to be picked-up feel guilty. Moreover, more and more men are turning to the countries of the East and the Asian countries to find less demanding, less bicky, less complicated women than the French ones (I am not saying that all French women are Princesses because there is everything everywhere but it’s widespread here).

Finally, a “normal” guy has very few opportunities to meet women through his social circle (and even less if he works in an office).

Not to mention porn, ads and some movies that promote an awesome love and sexual life as a norm.

The solutions I propose?

It is not easy to find a solution to a problem when it is taboo, opposed to a gender identity and is societal. However, from the moment you accept, or even assume that there is a problem, then it becomes possible to solve it.

The game can easily teach you how to date and avoid committing the main mistakes that scare women off. You also have to accept that you are a guy with sexual desires because I observe that more and more men thought it is smart to play the sexually preserving gentlemen… all this for being thought of as nice guys… in order to fuck the women! It’s a bit dishonest and I agree with the women who are suspicious of these fake poets. Especially as more and more women stop playing the prudes and imitate their idols (Beyonce, Rihana, Nikie Minaje, etc.) and to affirm their freedom, their independence, provoke by crying loud and clear that they are whores… and proud of it (but watch out acts rarely follow the lyrics).

The community of seduction says it very rarely and it is a shame but it must be remembered that penetrating a woman is not an end in itself, it is important to satisfy her!

On the other side of the mirror, innumerable women undergo poor male sexuality, almost without interest for their pleasure. What is not very motivating, that’s why a lot of women declare that sex without love has no interest: they have probably never been really well fucked! So it’s going to take a bit of a challenge for the guys to become great legs. If babes were almost sure to orgasm like crazy, they would do less fuss about going to bed.

I find it a pity that many of my contemporaries love going out in a club, brag about drinking alcohol and everything (which is bad for health) but say they have not interest in sex (which is good for health and self-esteem) or even denigrate it. People really need to learn how to think for themselves!

Besides, it would be nice for the girls to stop thinking all the guys who want to seduce women are losers, because when it happens it makes me laugh in my beard. The girl are often suspicious, naughty and everything, sometimes allows derogatory reflections, before going to bed… whereas after sex, they call me back almost every time and beg me to fuck them again. Too often, instead of enjoying that some men are interested in them, women play it bitchy and think the men who approaches are desperate sex-starved who would fuck anyone… what is discouraging, let’s admit it! Where is the respect ???

In conclusion, there is a job of re-education of guys to do. But chicks also are going the wrong way and it shows that most are frustrated (even if they will pretend it’s not the case to preserve their social image) then they will have to make efforts too. For the common good!

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Who’s most romantic, the man or the woman?

Who’s most romantic

People generally think that women are more romantic than men. That she is the one who suffers the most because of these bastards who only think with their cocks! In short, people think that men are brutes without feeling that make poor little fragile women suffer.

But this popular belief is totally wrong, just like the majority of ideas about seduction. People talk a lot about it, without being educated on this subject. It proves that it is ignorance that dominates when one speaks of seduction among friends.

I, too, at the beginning, was formatted by the media and romantic comedies, so I told myself that each romantic guy that I met was an exception and that every cynical chick was an exception too. But, after many years on the field meeting women and coaching guys, the doubt seized me.

Be aware that most guys who read my blog or subscribe to my Youtube channel want to build something with a good girl. They feel really misunderstood by women and often unfairly judged. Many men also suffer because live a one-itis situation (sickly obsession with a girl) or because they have been friendzonned by the chosen of their heart.

And the studies carried out by serious institutes confirm my observations:

– According to an IFOP survey, 70% of the guys would be ready to wish a good Valentine’s Day to their girlfriend, compared to only 62% of the women to their guy. 56% of guys will give a gift, compared with only 46% of women.

– 20% of men reported feeling in love at the 4th date against 15.8% of women. After 20 date, 70% declared that they were in love, compared with 57% of women. (Source: Pr Nicolas Guéguen)

– 48% of men reported having already fallen in love at the first sight compared to only 28% of women (Source: The Normal Bar).

You can of course search on the Internet to check that I’m not bullshiting you.

So, the bottom line is that we have to be wary of received ideas. And especially when it comes to seduction… because they are numerous!

The problem is that it is a taboo subject, that few people have been seriously sensitized for this topic, but that each one talks as soon as an opportunity arises and thus contributes to propagate cretinism.

So be careful, and use your critical mind: remember, it’s not because a newspaper, a show or a blog that has a huge audience says something that it is more true than what says a guy who has done extensive research but has a limited audience.

Be aware that I have dismantled many other received ideas about the seduction and the community of pick-up artists in my ebook The basics of seduction, (you can read the free extract here).

See you soon !

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Pick-up artist, feminism and street harassment

Pick-up artist, feminism and street harassment
Marion Seclin – Détours

Today we will speak of feminism and street harassment. I have already addressed this issue in an article entitled “What about the current debate on street harassment?” I’m going this time to share with you my perspective (as a witness)…

The story

I remember I fucked a girl who said she was a “feminist”. When she told me that, I immediately distrusted because that term no longer means much today. There are indeed too many pseudo-feminists who currently misuse this term and have fun engaging huge polemics from confusions and fight for almost the same thing than the PUA.

Post-coitus, the girl went crazy on topics such as “for an equal work, a woman earns less money than a man, do you think it’s normal, you?”. Well no, it’s unfair, it’s a fact. And besides, when I’ll live with a girl, I’ll be glad she makes more money because it will make US have more money.

She said she wanted to behave like a free man: fucking me on the first night and not calling me after without feeling dirty/shameful/dishonored. I told her to do it and that I would be happy if more girls felt free to do that : society would be less sexually frustrated and everyone would feel better.

The street harassment

Finally came on the carpet, the street harassment. She began by telling me that women were pissed off all the time in the street. So I asked her if i twas her case personally and she said “NO, but many women tell it on the internet.”

I told her that she should be careful when she reads stuff on the Internet because many girls invents a life online just to grandstand: there are so frustrated in life that they will compensate by being aggressive. It is also often the race to outbid on forums “me, one whistles every 100 meters, I’m tired”, “me it’s every 50m, because I’m so beautiful.” No doubt some girls are in good faith but just got paranoid because of all the crap one can read on the Internet. Then their “paranoia” makes that they really will FEEL harassed. And since they FEEL harassed, it is a general truth for them: men harass women.

When a woman is making up and chosing nice clothes to get out, it’s normal to attract attention, that does not necessarily mean that those looks reify her. And then you know we just as easily look insistently a girl who is very beautiful than someone who is damn ugly or just a detail that draws our attention. It is true that it is not very polite, but we must deal with it, we are in a ceremonial society where everyone scrutinizes everyone. The eyes are usually not threatening. Paranoia and egocentrism should not lay down the law…

I am not trying to minimize because when I talk about it around me, almost all the girls I know have had at least one bad experience in the street… but is that enough to generalize?

After I showed her my blog to see what she would say… and, sure enough, she called me a big asshole. Without trying to understand what I do. I speak of pick-up and seduction so I am necessarily a big pervert, misogynistic, manipulative, narcissistic and liar… So, I showed her that we, PUAs, are teaching things that are in line with what the authentic feminists want because our art revolves around personal development. Yet many women hate us but are unable to explain why.

For the record, one of my friends approached Marion Seclin in Paris (a famous pseudo-feminist). He told me that this girl who preaches tolerance and freedom of expression has cold-rejected him without even he had time to open his mouth. In addition, he said that as he approached her, he saw that she had a mustache. It makes me laugh that because we are coming to such extremes that many “fake feminists” make themselves ugly voluntarily on behalf of their cause. Anyway, who cares, it’s too bad for them but does it make happy to be ugly?

In this table are grouped things that differentiate the pick-up and harassment.



Walking insistently around a girl despite (or because of) her refusal to discuss. Respect : do not be an ass… do not try to force things.
Whistle and insult women. Politeness and courtesy, do not whistle chicks, it is useless.

Do not insult accept rejection without feeling affected.

Being rude: touching your cock by watching a woman in a public place. Do not put a girl uncomfortable, on the contrary.
Dangerous and menacing guy. Bold guy wishing to cause a good meeting.
Denial of Man/Woman equality legal status. Considering a woman not as a person but as a consumer good. Man who appreciates the fairer sex.
Aggressiveness of frustrated: « A woman who dresses sexy deserves to be raped. » “Wow, thank you for dressing so sexy, it makes my eyes feel good.”
Reductive terminology : because of the guys who use that kind of vocabulary, many women do not see (supposedly) what is positive when a stranger tells them they are pretty. In the community of seduction, we recommend to avoid compliments on pure physical appearance. Instead, we will make them focus on things like accessories. On things she has chosen.
Inappropriate behavior: I read that many guys would follow the girl to her house if she ever had the misfortune to answer politely. The game helps the guys to stop being sex-starved, to have more normal behavior, which makes them less aggressive.
Pick-up disguised and not assumed. Be frank. Use the direct game.


Hypocrisy : considering that women who have sex are actually sluts. PUAs are for sexual freedom of women. But the goal of gender equality is to mutually help each other.


I also told the girl the time I was attacked on my way home after a night: 4 junkies have beaten me, for no reason. What I mean is that there is not only who women feel insecure and who are pissed off in the street in France. It’s a society problem. It’s dramatic that events such as assault and rape occur but this is not a reason so that it turns to the collective psychosis. Otherwise, it would be the end of the beans.

I think women are right to complain when men touch them when they do not agree, when they are insulted by men because they do not want to talk to them. They are right to complain when they are called whores because they are not interested. And they are right when they are afraid to be followed up at home by people (often drunk) who are not invited. But we must not let it go crazy with large deviations in this movement called “modern feminism.”

This girl started to agree that we were in the same boat and it might be smarter to pull together. It’s not the feminists we do not like in the seduction community, it’s the bitches who are pains in the ass in the name of feminism (in fact, I think I’m more feminist than them, I guess I want more good for women than these people). In fact, if we do not like them, it’s mainly because their movement is being emasculating men.

Wikipedia: Feminism is a set of movements and political ideas, philosophical and social, which share a common goal: to define, establish and achieve political, economic and cultural, personal, social and legal equality between women and men.

Emasculation of men

In the past, women have been victims of a lot of violence. They were not the equal of the man and even today there are still unequal treatment. They do not want any of it, I understand… but I do not think they should avenge on us, modern men. Yet the current extremist movement has the effect of emasculating men and virilize women (does it make a woman happy to be virile like a man ?). But what attracts when it comes to men, it is their manhood. Paradoxically, this movement does not make women happier : they do not have the men they like.

A woman is not a man. She may be equal in rights, we will never be identical but complementary, you must understand that. This is even the heart of the problem. The equality would dictate that we all have the same treatment. Fairness, it would be equivalent treatment. As in math, we recognize that each solution of the equation is different, but yet they are strictly synonyms (x²-1=0 so x=1 or -1). In sport, for example, women do not generally compete against men. Yet it doesn’t offended anyone!

I think the so-called feminists (those that are closed and aggressive) should understand that if they want full equality: it would remove privileges such as all the free stuff for them and paying for guys. Or if they speak badly to a guy, he could punch them without being an asshole (which is unthinkable). And when they will want have sex, they will have to go out and pick-up (and take rakes). It is not reasonable to demand equality in all areas and superiority in certain.

If women want to approach in the street and to pay drinks, in the name of equality, we think it’s good. They will then understand that approaching unknown people in the street, it is not easy. There is a huge adrenaline rush, the fear of what other people think, we invent excuses not to go, etc. Getting to approach women, even in a club, it is not something easy. So why trying to blame the few men who still want to approach?

Approaching someone in the street should not be considered “unnatural”. What are the other ways to meet people today? The circles have become very closed, a lot of women do not find a guy that suits them because they have not the choice (hence the growing importance of dating sites and meeting apps). I know many women who, in fact, are flattered to be approached. GQ Magazine has also assessed in an article to $66 the value of a compliment from a stranger.

I must tell you how it goes, in general, when we pick-up a girl in the street (it almost became a heroic act). First, you must know you’re likely to fall on girls that are directly on the defensive : not open-minded, frustrated, and very complicated. When one woman is approached, in addition to the difficulty it represents, sometimes she uses a frightened look that shows the woman think we’re a rapist, a serial killer or a dangerous madman. When approaching women in a group, they often appear contemptuous and use derogatory comments. Like “who does he think he is? He’s ugly.”

What bothers me is that their bad behavior can traumatize shy guys who take their courage in their hands for the first time to approach a woman. Yet we all have much to gain to encourage such behavior. If we do not approach someone we like, we potentially misses something. And if noone approaches anymore, it’s the end of everything. We would become individualistic, frustrated and hurt self-esteem, as many people are yet, by the way.

The logical consequence is that the goods guys do not want to approach the princesses who send them to hell before the first sentence pronounced (often without even watching our face). And this is understandable. But then women complain because they do not meet guys or only fall on assholes. Men also are unhappy and frustrated, in fact it’s a lose-lose scenario.

False feminists are making men lose the little balls they still have. And others women let them do even if it makes them unhappy…

A gap between men and women

We must return to Earth, the street is for everyone. There’s no need for a “special place” to meet people (we are not all lucky enough to pay €20 to get to VIP parties).

So, we catch up on Tinder as long as it’s free. It’s good a moment but we also need to face the reality of the ground sometimes. The street is good because there is no social separation: we should not deprive normal men of their freedom and a chance to meet women who only attend the VIP areas. This is not the VIP area that makes the interest of a man.

Yet according to these pseudo-feminist, approaching them in street would violate their freedom to walk alone in a public place. With this logic, rejecting us would violate our freedom to have sex or our freedom to be ugly… And by conditioning the guys to do not approach because they are afraid of being called perverts, don’t they violate the freedom of the women who want to be approached? It seems that these false feminists have never seen a handsome guy in the street and the fantasy of the unknown is a myth.

Many women I spoke to complain about not making spontaneous encounters in real life. But the pseudo-feminist fight is not for nothing in that problem. Is it then really the friend of women? Or is it the game, the true friend of women who will reconcile women with men? 😉

Those who are wrong are those who spit in the soup and cry because just we have made them a compliment on the street. Women who think like that unserve the purpose they think they serve. It is necessary that these women stop playing the victim. Talking to a woman in the street or in a bar, this is not an impermissible intrusion into her private life as some pseudo-feminists claim. If they prefer to turn sealed (always the same social circle, no fancy, never out of their comfort zone) that’s their problem. But there is nothing disrespectful in approaching someone in the street (when it is for a survey or a charity, noone says anything…), so why this disrespect as a reply ? Because of this attitude, too many guys now think talking to unknown… it’s wrong.

The real problems

On the other hand, there are true cases of harassment (often by riff-raff, men of power and superiors). Unfortunately, there are also sexually assaulted. People who’d say “you got raped but you were dressed in a skirt so you deserved it” would be idiots. Regarding the clothes, I think everyone can dress as he/she wishes as long as there is no indecency. It’s called respect. On the other hand, those who kiss by surprise the breasts of a woman who nevertheless said she was not interested, to save face on TV, are like dogs. Just as those who insist during 3 years and who make a woman drink alcohol to get to kiss her in a bar. Now, the game teaches guys to do not behave like dogs.

Feminists are right to complain that sometimes when women are attacked, idiots find a way to ask them if they have firmly expressed their refusal to be mugged. They are angry because they feel that men often pose to victims of assault a share of the responsibility. Of course, this is not tolerable.

That said, I have heard similar stories but about men: guys accused of rape on the mere word of a woman who was lying in fact, just to piss off an ex. Or men who have not been granted custody of their child to benefit their ex wife, yet notoriously hysterical that will traumatize them, just because they are the fathers and not the mothers. Unfair stuff, excesses, are found everywhere.

The solutions

Feminists say they are tired of being approached in the street but yet I know many girls who complain that it never happens to them and wonder if they are pretty. All women are not in agreement. This is a problem: what to do? Listening to those who spit their venom and not picking-up or pleasing those who like to be picked up and say it (but quietly because the others make them feel guilty : « if you do not support our cause and if you like being picked up it’s because you’re a whore ») ?

First you should know that if you spend your whole life to especially never want upset anyone, you will never do anything. So stay virile and continue your personal development process although the society says “be frustrated and shut up! And do not try to get out of the flock, accept your fate and shut up!” If you do nothing wrong and are not disrespectful, there is no reason to feel guilty. You do that as much for you than for them.

Next, understand that it is not because we dared to approach a woman that she owes us something. I advise you to withdraw as soon as you are not meeting enthusiasm (the interaction may last only 2 seconds). If they pretend not to be happy when they would like to be fucked : that’s their problem. The most important is to especially protect you from trouble like harassment and rape. No shadow of doubt should hang over!

Their mentality should also change because they are women who thanked me much for having a little insisted and told me they were very happy to meet me in fact even if they were cold at the beginning and they especially do not regret not because they have orgasmed like crazy. This is the big problem of the social pressure that fight against the real deepest instincts of women. But when in doubt, do not insist… if I am sometimes allowed me to do so it’s because I was sure of what I was doing (I know how they works now). When it comes to the guys who do not have much experience in pick-up, it is for women to learn how to show visible signs of interest. And to stop blowing cold if they want something hot. Everyone must do their part of the job !!! Otherwise it’ll make everybody crazy.

In France, we make great efforts to pick-up while they are difficult. And then they complain about the efforts we make by saying it oppresses them. And the worst is that the chicks that are pains in the ass like that are often zero in bed. So we will take a headache, so that they take ten times more fun than us (but that’s another debate).

In some countries, the customs are totally different. And women more comely (less aggressive as truck drivers). However, this is not an excuse to go abroad in the North, East or Australia: a battle needs to be fought here in France and is not yet lost. Abandonning the vessel and his comrades would be an easy solution.

I don’t think that the false feminism as advocated by the site who wanted its workers to post pictures of their tits on a wall of the premises is the solution. The game can be. Be interested in the message we really drive, do not be blocked because of received ideas.

Think for yourselves! Otherwise we will not get out, we live in a society that starts being a mess and it will be worse and worse if it continues.

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Friendzone and friendship between men and women



1/ Definition

The Friendzone (“Friendship Zone”) refers to a social situation where a person wishes to have sex with someone who wishes to maintain a friendly relationship.

The subject is complex, but concerns many a little bit shy young men. Moreover, according to some psychologists, men are more likely to experience Friendzone situations in the context of a relationship with a woman: they tend to be more easily attracted by their friends than women by their friends, and would also tend to overestimate the desire of women to have a romantic or sexual relationship with them.


2/ Is it really a friendship?

The Friendzone has, contrary to what its name indicates, not much to do with friendship. Friendship is a word too strong for what we’re talking about here. Besides, there is something pejorative in this term… this becomes evident when someone asks “is he your boyfriend?”And the girl answers” no, JUST a friend.”

When a woman decides to say “I prefer that we remain friends,” she rarely really wants you as a friend: she usually tells you that because it prevents her from being too nasty to you. From there, you enter what is traditionally called the forced Friendzone. In many cases, however, your target will move away from you very quickly after that… If this is what happens, you will not stay in the Friendzone: soon you will find yourself… nowhere (that is cruel, but it’s like that).

But there are times when your target will not leave, and where you can keep in touch with her for months and months. But that’s not friendship either. It is a relationship where a girl tells you that you’re great, you’re an amazing boy, she does not understand why you do not have a girlfriend but paradoxically she tells you about guys she fucks, calling you when she needs help but does not make much effort for you…

In fact, in both cases, you are less than a friend: rather an acquaintance, a mixture completely asexual of friend, confidant and Teletubby. Or maybe it is an unilateral friendship and if you accept it in the hope of one day dating the girl… you’re a sucker!


3/ The FZ in an evolutionary perspective

Women build relationships with members of their social circle for a whole lot of other reasons than having sex : being with the most popular, being with guys who will ensure their safety, being with people who’ll introduce them to other people, etc…

If you are one of the leaders of the tribe, with a number of features making you an attractive man, they certainly will make out with you. Only sometimes, a man may not be at all attractive but can offer a whole bunch of advantages. For a woman, it is then not very interesting to make out with, but it is very interesting to have him in her social circle. They want to have the cake and eat it too?

Since such a man is in her social circle, but is not her partner, then he can only be a “friend.” Moreover, this word means that it is the duty of the man to have nice touches to her. But these men are not their friends. They are resource providers (or people they are obliged to see) for who they have no real consideration but they keep to her “in case”.


3/ Why?

In general, we find ourselves in Friendzone with a girl because we too much acted like an “innocent” friend and not enough as a potential lover, we missed the opportunities to concretize or we had a lack of charm and charisma…

Many women tend to strictly categorize their relations: either one is as potential friend, or a potential lover. It’s very rare that a man trades a label against another in the eyes of a woman. Or, if they have never seen in the new guy a potential lover, he’ll probably never become one.

There is also the scenario of the man who timidly tries to make a girl understand his intentions, girl who makes the ostrich by ease.

Although the girl liked us, if we tried nothing but continued to revolve around her, then it is too late because doing nothing is doing something… “nothing.” And when we don’t dare to show our balls, we lose value in the eyes of women. In addition, for a girl, a guy who is in love with her but with who SHE is not love, or she is not attracted to : it’s because this is a guy who failed to be attractive. So, finally, can we say that the FZ is the destination of the guys who do not have enough value for women to sleep with them?


4/ How to get out of the FZ?

To exit the Friendzone, there’s not 36000 solutions. There is only one and yet the method is not foolproof: take her hand and place it on your balls! Just kidding…

First, forget the love letters, declarations of love and more or less subtle remarks on what you feel for her… first, because you are 12 years old anymore, and above all, because this creates discomfort. However, the discomfort is the mortal enemy of the guy who wants to get along well with a girl.

You must understand that you are like a brother in the eyes of this girl you want to seduce. A woman who sees you as a true friend will tend to remove you any erotic potential. It is comfortable and reassuring for her.

Even if they say they like honesty, if you are really in the FZ, you’ll need a good game! Be aware that you are going into a minefield, and if you rush things, or lack of subtlety, your relationship with this girl may be tender or ended.

Please see this girl as “a long-term project,” and until things are unlocked, pick up other girls to practice and become alpha. Becoming obsessed with this girl and falling in love with her would be the worst strategies that would make you more pathetic than anything else in her eyes. Show her that you are a normal guy, who knows how to meet new people, have pleasant relations with them, etc. And above all, stop being her shrink, at least not before having fucker her.

We must transform the “friendship” in sexual attraction. But to me, it is simply better to never fall into the FZ, to never accept such a frame… it will save you from having to try to get out.

Because anymore, if you are in the Friendzone while from the start, you want the girl, you have allowed this situation to exist by not immediately having imposed yourself as a potential lover, so you have screwed up by letting the relationship evolve into something you did not want. It is your responsibility to assume more, be more frank, to do not give false hope of friendships to girls!

If you met this girl when you were already a couple, she probably did not even categorized you. And you presented yourself as a guy who is capable of having a relationship with a woman. Since you are single, do not let her store you in the category of “just friends.”

I have long been a subscriber of the FZ, I fantasized about my friends, I was a friend of ladies… but now I will not fall in the FZ any more. All my relationships with girls I can potentially interested are sexualized early on.

Here are my tips to avoid falling into the FZ:
– She must be aware that you are a guy with cravings and desires that go with it. Be clear about your intentions, “I’m a man and I want you.”
– Be uncompromising when it comes to the frame of the relationship. Do not accept not assumed frames. If you accept something you do not want is that you do not respect yourself. This is probably because you have not enough targets or do not master the game. Sometimes I put the chicks back to the wall, I take them out of their comfort for sleeping with quickly… but anytime I’m ready to lose the girl to win her.
– Jealousy: she must be remembered that other girls like you, and that you like other girls.
– You must have a sexual behavior: a lot of guys go to gym, dress very well or grow beards and have a sexual appearance… but this is not enough! It is not even necessary: I do not have the physical appearance of a model and yet I fuck more than many of them.
– Do not remove the sexual tension by being too nervous, too shy, too embarrassed or too respectful.
– It is very important to use sexualization (I’ll have to make a detailed article about it): dare to touch her, dare intense eye contact, innuendo, (nice) teasing… bother her gently for reaction. Thus, she will not be bored with you and will feel that you are interested in her as a person. Do not they say “that tough love”?


5/ Friendship between men and women

The concept of the FZ was considered misogynistic by some feminist groups who think it underlies the need for women to have sex for having the consideration of men.

In fact, a friendship between a man and a woman can indeed exist, if the man and the woman each experience a feeling of shared friendship. However, it can not exist when one of them feels attraction or romantic feelings for the other one.

Personally, I agree to be friends with a woman if I had sex with her. Because after I’ll no longer desire her in secret and I’ll know she respects me enough to confide her body. Note that I do not become friends with all the women I sleep with…

I agree to be friends with a woman without having slept with if she does not attract me at all but is sympathetic. In this case, it’s up to the girl to decide if she wants to be friends with a guy who does not like her. It may be a good thing to FZ a girl, for example to access her social circle and her friends. My many stays into a Friendzone also probably contributed to my understanding of the fair sex.

The conclusion: I do not accept a relationship that frustrates me just to please a girl. In fact the FZ it’s just when one of the protagonists would like more but submits to the frustrating will of the another one for fear of being rejected.

A downside to finish: the FZ it is sometimes natural, not intentional! You should not always see bad intentions when it comes to FZ…

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Seduction for men : taboo?

Seduction for men : taboo?Today I will deal with the following questions: why is seduction a taboo subject in France in 2016? Why is it a “shame” to seek pickup advice on the Internet? Why are PUA so hated?


Reason 1 : People do not want it to be said that they need seduction advice. It is supposedly something innate or that we haven’t. It’s always the same question, should you accept passively your fate or should you fight to do better than what you were destined to ? I made my choice.

Many people who read seduction tips do not assume and it gives the impression that it does not interest anyone (few likes, few shares on Facebook). But when I see my visits curve on my blog or when I first talk about it with people, I understand it is not at all the case. I can tell you that it interests thousands of people (who are not very honest).


Reason 2 : It is also a matter of pride. Many men believe it is a sign of weakness to seek pickup advice. But experience shows that intelligent women love men who think for themselves, who are questioning, etc. This is in fact a strength!

I have always said that : assuming it and yourself is a key that leads to success.


Reason 3 : Guys criticize seducers/PUAs and say that they are bastards who just want to “fuck”. This is ridiculous as they are most of the time just trying to shine by comparison… “I’m not like that, I do not only think about sex, well, can we fuck now?” Or, almost worse “I prefer not to learn how to seduce because I expect to meet a woman naturally and everything will happen by itself at a party” (bad faith).

This is absurd: instead of helping women get rid of their social pressure, guys start to suffer in their turn of that damn Puritan conditioning. This is what we call the race to the bottom.


Reason 4 : It is also a matter of jealous. the guys are afraid of having to admit that some are better than them in bed with their dick, they feel their manhood endangered. But the game is there to help men overcoming these feelings of inequality and injustice, not to make fun of our fellow human beings who are still struggling…

A part of the problem is that the gender relations are falsely chaste, we all fear of being thought as something (a hooker, a bastard, a virgin). And we are also afraid to accept our animal side, which is expressed in the sexual drive… we are ashamed because we know that this is something that is sometimes difficult to master! For me, the real courage is to accept it completely (while respecting others, of course).


Reason 5 : There is some legend about what constitutes the seduction community. Many people speak without knowing what they are talking about and are imagining hardcore things or are unfairly assimilating us to street harassment and other horrors.

There really is a real lack of objective information on the subject, so it scares people because they think that it is black magic or hypnosis or I don’t know what. While this is actually just some personal development: we improve to attract more … no one violates nor manipulates, we’ve got an ethic! Btw, learning to communicate better and to dare more, it seems to me more honest than wearing make-up and heels. But when we hear about it in the media, political correctness wants this denigrated. It would be nice if more people thought for themselves instead of being sheep.


Reason 6 : Many seduction coaches (btw the diploma does not officially exist) do it just for bragging and making money. They do not really want to help others, which makes them horrendous. Many are ridiculous, some are bad and just recite what they have read in books. We can say that commercial sites (which are also often the most publicized) discredit the concept.

Moreover, in the everyday life, a lot of guys and women brag but there’s nothing behind. I agree with the saying “who speaks the most does the least” but I would swatch by saying it depends on how those people talk about it. Indeed, some, it is obvious they know their stuff, we can feel it !


Reason 7 : We live in denial, in the repression of our sexual instinct. Our society is too frustrating (especially in big cities where women are seen all day: they are dressed and we kinda ignore them but their hormones act on us anyway). However, people are too afraid to admit it because it would amount to freak out…


Reason 8 : Guys are afraid of having to challenge themselves, of having to question their lifestyle. They are used to always go to the ease of pulling others down rather than pulling them up (a phenomenon unfortunately quite common in our society). Many can’t be bothered to have to make efforts to get out of their comfortable little world so they prefer that nobody has fun sexually to be in the standard and revel in it.


Reason 9 : There is a natural battle, a genetic competition between human beings (we are on Earth to survive and reproduce)… and seduction could help you to improve and make a child with awesome girls. So, your ignorance suits many people : you stay in your place and let them the great girls/guys.


Reason 10 : Historically, the two sexes fear each other because everyone has a power over the other one. Moreover, in year 1, Ovid was exiled by Augustus just because he wrote The Art of Love, a seduction manual. It has thus always been a sensitive and politically incorrect subject (like a clit). Especially in Latin countries (where the game developed the most it’s not by accident) because in Australia or Ukraine for instance, girls flirt and do not always play the “disgusted with the perverse sex.”

Still in ancient times, women had to be attractive and men chose the ones they would like to fuck. Now they must make efforts to attract and thus see themselves being closer to their sensitive side, and that bothers machos.

However, we all know that sex is a good seller, for example in movies or in books: the subject in fact interests a lot of people who veil their faces. This ambient lie puts everybody uncomfortable by making people ashamed of their needs that are yet natural. Perhaps is it simply the fact of speaking of things concretely which is problematic since it is appreciated in fiction but much less when people are directly affected.

One walks on the head when you know what alcohol, cigarette or drugs is almost better seen (in public) than sex. Reminds me of the story of the scandal around stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence: all the guys said it was disgusting, but they had all it on their phone !!! Moreover, many of the chicks also had watched the photos, even if it only was to compare…


Some do not know the game but actually already have a great girlfriend, are not submitted to women and stay alpha… and everything is for the best in the best of worlds. But this is a rare case and many people are in couple by default (or single and hungry for sex). So I think that they would do well to focus on the seduction community.

In short, everyone is free, but people will not be authorized to protest about not fucking sex bombs if they don’t practice the game…