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“Sex is everywhere” Roger Dodger.

It is true that one can observe games of seduction in most movies, books, magazines, etc.

Seducing is a desire and an universal need. It is omnipresent. Yet nobody really understands all the workings of seduction.

However, a man’s community (including me) decided to devote its life to this art. It is now several generations we pass the torch. Modestly, we made good progress in our project. We are now able to say that we have identified the main lines. We can “see the matrix” of gender interactions.
The land is cleared!

For what purposes do we do that? Curiosity. Vocation. To do not miss our chance with a beautiful and brilliant unknown. To do not hesitate to approach. To do not live in self-doubt or fear of women. In short, to find a meaning in life.

My policy : no regrets.

I am a former social and academic phobic. At the end of adolescence, it was going a bit better but it was not crazy : I could have easily played the loser in American Pie. I missed a lot of chicks it was so shameful. Moreover, approaching an unknown seemed impossible to me and kissing a friend terrified me: it seemed a sacred act reserved for the elite. I undertook a big work on me I began by asking lots of questions to my friends (girls)… but the answers did not satisfy me so I came typing “seduction” on the Internet and joined the seduction community . I was terrified by the number of commercial site on this subject but that make you VERY SLOWMY progress and ask you for A LOT of money for that. I vowed to change things at that level ever if I could one day become a PUA. In short, even if I do not change the world, at least I would have changed myself.

I devoured everything I could find on seduction: it is a subject that fascinates me. I found that the results increase when you find out what works for YOURSELF. I greatly documented in order to offer you the best of the web for free (this will save you a lot of time). I do not copy anything as do most other sites (you do not ask me to reinvent everything every time, but going further to bring a new stone to the seduction community founded in the 80s by Ross Jeffries). This site is right on target: with my words I talk about what convinced me during my training and I add my ideas, experiences and personal advice. So you will benefit from my extensive research and my experience of PUA and coach on the field. I’m not an asshole nor a manipulator: I use personal development as a cornerstone. It is thus a healthy and natural seduction that I propose. With me, there’s no miracles (as in any field for that matter) but with some work: be reassured, you will significantly improve. I see it in a rather Cartesian way. With my outspokenness. And I don’t give a shit about politically correct. If I want to write down “blowjob” or “doggy-style”, I do it. Somebody has to do the education of those that are shocked by that to take out that damn broom from their tight-ass.

I now have over 6 years of experience in the gender relations field. I became a kind of anti-hero (I can teach you how to create an aura of charm around you). But, I vowed to never get big-headed : I am and remain an eternal student of seduction and know that it’s not a passing fancy because I’m still passionate about my subject after 6 years. But I see most guys I talk to are dropped or are veeeeeery late. It is time for me to share my skills while continuing to improve.

Having kissed 27 girls in one night once, I think I have kissed over 1000 women (but I lost count a long time ago – it would be unmanageable)!

I also slept with over 100 women and then I decided to stop counting because otherwise it would never stop. An endless quest. I still won two times the pickup contest within the community of Aix-Marseille. It is enough for me. Now I continue to be a hot womanizer but less because I aim high. So when I see other “coaches” with fat chicks or stuff like that, it makes me laugh in the inside… The number of conquests doesn’t make the seducer, there’s also the quality that count. But it still takes a minimum (100 or 50 women fucked well I guess to be taken seriously). The problem is that after it becomes a game and you play for chicks like alcoholics at night that do not interest me but I still game. It’s silly but enjoyable to have from time to time your adrenaline injection.

My ebooks have already helped hundreds of men to seduce/pickup /fuck. So I’m not a beginner and I think I can understand and analyze most of your blockages.

Diary of a French PUA will help to approach and seduce women that you like in any situations. In the street, on the Internet, in bars or clubs, at work … the “game” (the science of dating) has common and some specific points (you will therefore have to learn how to adapt a little to your target: must be a minimum flexible to pickup on any field) according to your specialty (the context in which you a feel the most comfortable – you cannot have a consistent level in all the pickup categories nor every day the same level).

I’ll introduce you to my philosophy in which the female rejection and the friendzone do not exist. Everything is a matter of mindset.

I’m not an nth thief who wants your money and will do only small talk. I let you look a little at my blog to get an idea of ​​the character and outspoken (yes, I’ve just writen about myself in the third person like Alain Delon).

If you like my blog please feel free to read my ebooks to “go farther” into the matter.

My goal now is to become a writer and, ultimately, to make a living off my art. My pen is sometimes enraged sometimes discouraged, as you will see on the blog. So if you want to help me instead of buying alcohol, buy my products… so you will progress with the girls and I will make me want to continue to share my work on this blog. Win-win scenario. For now, I have another job absolutely not related to seduction so this is just a hobby (like Bilbo) then know that the money I will make here will be reinvested in advertising as part of a policy of expansion of the distribution of my message. You do in some ways a good actions.

As a summary

Julien Fabrice Fabrice X, Cyprineman, it’s all me. Before, I was known as the soft pseudonym “pluiedecyprine (cumrain)” but I decided to become Diary of a French PUA to export my texts.

I am scandalous writer, Game teacher and expert in gender relations (“Coach in seduction”, it does not exist, big up to all the scams .. Or show me a diploma).

Unlike the mass, I do not sell specific method, because it would amount to close the other doors: I am interested in anything that works. I like to experiment, experience and get to the contact.

I also enjoy to put my foot in it. Do not count on me to tell you what you want to hear: I prefer to say things as they are (according to my experience) but I must warn you that sometimes the truth is disturbing. In other words: I do not do “politically correct” stuff to take you for idiots and to take your money at the same time. I hope you enjoy it!

My values ​​are: honesty, respect and sincerity. My goal is to enjoy without headache.

My products are meant to be complete, exhaustive and effective immediately. If you want to improve your understanding and your relationships with the other sex, I offer a range of complementary various paying products and many free products : if you are interested, click on “my work” in the left sidebar. With that, you will know everything about the Game!

To finish

An answer to those who would destroy or discredit me because this science scares them or because I am a serious competitor: do not blame me if I do not answer you (other way it would be unmanageable) but know that I have already destroyed all anti-PUA arguments in good faith on this blog. Feel free to use the search bar if you are curious and are not just looking to piss me off without even reading before. You claim that we are in the land of human rights and you will surely claim you are politically correct people (or rather dictator) but know that once upon a time were burned healers calling them witches. As soon as I hear pick up artist in the media, it is associated with monster. Sorry but despite what you would like to think: I am not a monster, and the girls are happy with me. In short, these amalgams you condemn, you make many of them when it comes to seducers. Is it jealousy talking?

I do not even know why I’m asking.

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How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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