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My ebooks in English :

► To find out more about fast seduction, read “The (inconvenient) truth about gender relations!” (It’s highly effective !!!)

► To learn more about evolutionary psychology or how our current sexual desires are the result of the evolution of our species, read « Evopsy & Seduction! » (But it’s a very intellectual stuff…)

► If your problem is you’re often friendzoned and/or not able to sexualize, read “Friendzone & Sexualization“! (It will open your eyes.)

► For a complete and detailed course on the body language, read “How to sublimate your body language“! (This will allow you to be more classy…)

► For canned replicas, read “More than 1000 sexy alpha funny lines“! (It will inspire you…)

► To learn how get motivated, to put more comfort and to create better connections with women (and to influence them to make them want to have sex with you), read “Communication, seduction and manipulation“!

► For more effective dating on the Internet (datings sites and apps), tips for creating your profile and examples of first messages, read “Secrets for seducing on the Internet“!

► For advice on how to better know a woman’s body, better fingering, better licking and better fucking, read “The Awesome Lover’s Manual“! (There’s not only in the approach phase you have to be good, in bed too!)

► Of course, you can start with “The basics of seduction” if you’re really lost.


Who I am :

my name is Fabrice Julien, I am the author of several ebooks I distribute on this site (I invite you to discover – my pen name is Fabrice X in Tribute to David X… a famous PUA). The first one, The (inconvenient) truth about gender relations, is self-sufficient. Rather than advertising it during one hour, I copy-paste the e-mail which one of my readers sent me after having read it “Your book changed me because you understood everything. My game is really inspired by your book now and since that day I get laid. No need to get damn bored with routines, or C&F or I do not know what, it is only about sexual tension. Now I let the girl talk (70% of the conversation : stoical face in front of her whatever she says) and I play on kinos, on getting closer and on the paraverbal (deep look, BL, voice, half-smiles etc.) to make the sexual tension rise. To me, it’s the best ebook of the game… if I had read this stuff when I started learning the seduction I would not have read something else.” The next ones allow a better understanding of seduction and to further examine certain concepts.

Because I’ve been asked several times, I specify that I do not sell paper books : it is certainly prestigious but it is too many constraints, a ridiculous margin on a sale and it’s absolutely not ecological. But nothing prevents you from printing my ebooks, if you prefer.


Affiliation :

on this blog, all the links of sale are links via affiliation. It does not change the price of the products, it simply means that the author reduces his margin so that I have a commission. But if I propose these products, it is not to have this commission : it is because I think that they are really relevant and interesting. This money helps me and motivates me to continue to write this blog you like, I hope (because it’s not free). I prefer to be honest with my readers. Thank you if you buy my products or use the links of the blog to buy things! You help me continuing the blog !

It’s the same thing with the likes on Facebook or the re-tweet : that encourages me and makes me want to continue ! If you knew what send me sometimes somehaters, you would say to yourself that it’s a pity that people have the criticism (often unfair) easier than the sharing or the positive comments. But it’s the way people are… hoping you’re different ! 🙂


Gifts !

I am also the author of these other ebooks I’m giving you for free (some are in French) :
Diary of a French PUA
Diary of a French PUA 2
The personal development manual that is going to kick your ass
Collection of my articles published in 2015 on the blog
Collection of my articles published in 2016 on the blog
Ne Me Lis Pas : le dictionnaire contre les wesh-wesh et autres kikoolol
Comment mener au lit les femmes que vous désirez : guide de sortie et de séduction à l’usage de ceux qui en ont marre de n’être qu’un bon copain
Une histoire de cyprine
Cajun’s blog
Game Acceleration


Spread the word !

You can easily do me a big favor (it’s free and quick) : please copy this link  and send it to at least one person you think is likely to be interested in this blog (or who would really need it). Everybody knows someone ! Or talk about it on some forums or on your own website PLZ ! By the way, if you use some articles from this blog for a publication, it’s OK, but say who wrote it and put a link to the blog please !

Thank you in advance 😉

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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