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Translation of the Game Acceleration

Game Acceleration 2.0 is the first e-book that opened my eyes about the science of seduction in the broad sense. Indeed, because it is a little bit taboo topic in our society, the Game feeds numerous fantasies, numerous hopes… and thus numerous swindles. It is easy to get lost there (especially if we ask women who have their own problematics).

The author is a PUA who trains the coaches in seduction of the various companies on the market. He is thus at the very top of the food chain, and he was a little fed up with finding bullshits on the Internet so he has decided to explode some of the abuses… For example, that some famous PUA propose methods that work only for them, or then are only capable of kissing girls in club, not really to go farther, etc. It is really necessary to keep a critical eye on everything we can find on the Web.

Sinn explains well that wanting to learn the pickup, it is like wanting to learn a sport, or how to play an instrument, or any discipline. It takes time to get “the thing” which will make you become really good. Then, the pick-up can even become an art when we really try to polish up details. This is why it makes me laugh out loud when I see people who pay 1500€ for a WE with a coach and who then cry because they only learnt the basics and two or three routines to bump up against women. Paying such a high price for a so simple solution (roughly that you will always take rakes but that by going more into the heap, you will also get more positive results, even if there are some tricks to improve your success rate) that hurts… On the other hand, when later they contact me so that I give them a free coaching or so that I send them my ebooks free of charge because they do not have money anymore… they are out of their minds! If they prefer spending hundreds of euros for some dream instead of spending tens of euros for the truth, that’s their business, but it does not belong to me to pay the price for it!

You will find in this PDF file :
– A course on the history of the community of the seduction and how we got here;
– A merciless analysis of the most famous methods, and especially of their limits;
– A list of what all the methods which work have in common: the foundation of an effective Game (a very interesting course to better understand what to work first and foremost to make fast progress);
– A method to improve your Game in a scientific way: why it is important to take notes, how to discover and to overcome your blockings, etc.;
– An explanation to avoid the main traps of the community which can slow down or prevent you from making progress and a course on the ways to learn effectively;
– A course on how and why not to be too naïve in this domain and on the what you can all the same expect from this new science that is the seduction.

When you will have really understood that there is no miracle method (but that some help), and that like in every domains (taboos or not), only working pays.. we shall have taken a big step forward. I leave you with Sinn now. Click here to read the translation.

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