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Why should you get some coaching with me:

I use the word “coaching” (in the title) that is catchy but I purposely do not do coaching … since I’m not a coach.

If you want we can say I am an expert in gender relations.

I can talk about game with you, advise you some books or videos, give you my point of view, tell you some stories … but that’s it! Only stuff like that!

For those who do not live far away: I can possibly go out with you, train you to be shielded against the aggressiveness of some chicks, pressure you so you approach … that kind of stuff!

For those who live far away: I can also give you some advices you on Skype.

But, I have to say that I do help people only when they are in a global improvement initiative. You do that for you not for me! Moreover, the fact youmust pay much encourage you to invest more than if I was totally voluntary … and for me too “everyone deserves to be compensated for their work”.

I do not answer questions that relate to a specific girl “how to make out with this girl knowing I was drunk the other day and I have called her a bitch?” NO (besides it’s impossible because I know neither you nor she nor the context)! What I can teach you it’s to seduce women you like. It is impossible to seduce every girl, every time.

Sorry if it’s hard and disappointing but I want to be totally clear so you do not waste your time nor your money.

We can do theoretical coaching around a drink, practical sessions in the street, pounding the pavement, bar / club, or on a computer if you want to work on your Tinder (or others) profiles and study what goes wrong in your interactions (my specialty). I can finally teach you what I know about sex, cunnilingus, etc. (my other specialty).

Note that I can also help women to become sexier and to make out with guys.

I would be bad if I said that I can teach them to orgasm and realize their fantasies! 😉

The time I spend with you is some time I could have spent to improve myself, picking up for me or just resting. So it seems fitting that I find some benefit there.

Other information :

I am currently in Lyon.

Sometimes I go back in Aix-en-Provence.

For a one hour session on Skype I will ask for €50.

For a 1h / 1h30 session on the field, €75€.

For an entire party pushing you and commenting interactions : €99.

Send me an email if you are interested and I’ll tell you how to pay and other formalities.

For scheduling, we will talk about it but know that I’m still working a lot. I do this as a hobby and to help my neighbor. I take it seriously of course. But it’s still just a hobby for me. Thank you for your understanding on this point :/

I’ve already said it but I repeat: do not expect miracles, even the coaches that take you in intensive weekend during three days may only plant a little seed. It is you who will have to water it to make it germinate after!

It’s like that, it’s not me who makes the rules… if there was a magic potion and that I had fallen in, we would come out! 😉

I’m French so excuse my English and during Skype sessions, I’ll maybe ask you to write down the questions. My English is not bad but not totally fluent, so thank you for your understanding. We communicate and that’s the most important.

PS = if you have any special requests please email me. I will study your proposal. If I can help, I will do it with pleasure. Anyway, we will discuss it.

See you soon !

NB : I am sorry, I have currently not the possibility (not enough time in fact) to coach someone personaly. I already take care of a LAIR, and my blog, the work and the swimming pool : it’s just unmanageable. I let all the same this page online by honesty.

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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