Why I am a PUA


According to wikipedia, a pick up artist, commonly abbreviated PUA is: a man skilled in meeting, attracting and seducing women.

Why I am a PUA

First, the facts: I slept with more than 100 women and I have over 5 years experience in the seduction community.

I mean, when you slept with 173 women, you cannot be bad nor having understood nothing in the fair sex.

For information, I say and will always say “more than 100” because if I have to update every time the number, it would sucks! And “100”, it is enough! Oh yes, and I specify for the jokers : the more you have sex, the more you become so demanding … so no it is not 100 fat ugly girls! And I’m not a guy who have nothing else in his life, I’m working 45h per week so I’m pretty busy and it’s just a hobby for me.

When we understood how to seduce and sleep with girls, everything is nothing more than a question of proportions. I mean there that it is simply a question of repeating the same operation. Then I’m not saying that having slept with 10 girls gives a sufficient control, but I say that having slept with 100 or 1000 girls is practically similar and that there are more interesting things to do.

I also have a good knowledge of the game, pragmatic enough, I will not let myself be involved in fake “miracle methods” of any guru. And I want to avoid you being ripped off (or at least warn you then you do what you want). The knowledge is there, I thoroughly read and tried many things, but I’m an experimenter / adventurer so sometimes I deliberately do not use this or that. Curiosity. To see what will happen precisely.

This is also what makes us different from “hot womanizers”. Like, a handsome server in club can fuck a lot of babes without effort. Maybe even more than me that wet bikini but that does not make him a PUA. Because he has no value because he does not understand women, because we are doing this for fun (it is a sport) but we respect women we appreciate them, they are not a piece of meat and… we are not hotties. We are normal guys who want to play in the higher category. Thanks to our brains and personality rather than through our good looks, our muscles, our bank account, our social position, nor need to go abroad because fucking Eastern girls there is easier…

In my business, accounting (chartered accountant), one can be graduate only when he/she first made a contribution to the profession through a memory. In seduction, I brought in the French community my qualities translations of English ebooks, my ebooks in general and my wacky experiments.

In the approaches of a “PUA” I think there’s also the way. I mean : always stay a manly alpha male who send some male energy without complexing nor apologizing for being a man who wants to make women orgasm, make funny original approaches or at least, do not get worked up and really see this as a game. You and I will never ever seduce all the chicks (but you can seduce enough to no longer know where to turn). Results matter but there’s also the process in which you must not lose your manhood just because a girl is testing you that is important. And don’t let any girl break your confidence … the fact that she has a pussy does not make her an intelligent person who is always right. The girls also have their problems like fear of men or social pressure. Now when a girl tries to make me feel guilty or invent shitty excuses when in fact that she just does not dare to come over to have orgasms knowing she wants it in fact, I did not even take a headache anymore. I do not care. I say “too bad your loss”. That’s all, she did not deserve me and I next her. I’m not saying that I never feel anything for women, but I do not worry too soon, and I do not let myself be manipulated like some people do…

For my part, I’m coming back from sooooo far away but I’m not afraid of women anymore. I love them. Not only their bodies, their entirety, their feminine nature. I want to give them pleasure, a lot. Indeed, the legend says that I have learned to make women come with just one finger. I want to make them have fun too, I developed my nerve in an incredible way and it is probably where comes the chance on the field from. All that to say that with time and experience, my confidence when it comes to women has become invincible (I have a huge rejection capital because I know they miss something when they reject me and it makes me laugh to see them making so huge mistakes like that so I do not even consider it as a rejection rather as just a light refusal to my alpha proposal). My mindset has completely changed, and it is in my opinion, the state of mind that makes the PUA.

You can very well be a PUA in couple, for example.

I confirm my PUA degree in online dating because it is there that I’m the best (I am a sniper I rarely moves without having sex) and thanks to various original experiments in night/street pickup like a street- fucking or 3/4somes (all that happened without alcohol nor drugs of course because a PUA do not need that to let it be). I also validates my rank by my style ie disconcerting frankness (request a huge confidence). I finally valid because I am recognized by some of my peers and mentors like Snipe who is in my opinion one of the best French PUA right now.

I’m not a guy who is just happy when he found a routine that works and use it widely. It does not interest me, it’s too repetitive! I want to grasp the profound nature of women. I want to understand them completely. And it is on its good way if you want my opinion…

So, I am rejected often, I am not God the Father, but that’s normal: only victories count for a PUA. This is a constructive belief.

In PUA, there is the word “artist.” For me it’s the humor: I absolutely do not take myself seriously. Many second degree. And in my texts I call “a doggystyle” a doggystyle. I do not especially take gloves and that’s probably why I bother. But it amuses me. And it is the role of all artists precisely to make people react in one way or another. I know that my speech will not please everyone, far from it (I bother some people yet and I assume), but it is for me a sign that I am not far from the truth.

My goal is to make you become hunters who have a sense of the scoring. I want you to understand when a woman is bullshiting or not you to save time. And change a little bit your gender relations vision so you never suffer because of a woman who does not deserve you. I want you to keep a cool head about it all.

In short, this was a summary of why I am a PUA. The outlines. You will understand the rest while surfing the blog.

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