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How to become attractive and beautiful in the eyes of women?

how to become attractive
How to become attractive
Jean-Paul Sartre / Government Press Office (Israel)

According to popular belief, one should be beautiful and muscular to seduce women. Besides, I often hear that it is not possible, that I am a liar, that I can not be a coach in seduction and have slept with almost 300 women because I do not look like one of those handsome actors who play in American TV show… er, what the fuck?

Beauty is a prime quality to seduce FOR WOMEN. But for a man, there are many other criteria much more sought after by women: beauty is not essential to be a seducer. Examples are not lacking: in all periods there are famous examples of ugly seducers (Sartre, Gainsbourg, Neil Strauss, etc.)

Be aware that I planned to write an ebook about the look because a lot of love coachs advise you to turn into an androgynous duster to “have a good look and be beautiful.” What is of course a heresy: why not even wearing makeup like a stolen car in this case ? In the meantime, here are some tips to become more enticing and look more beautiful.

The health

The first thing I have to say is : take care of yourself.

Sleep enough not to have pulled traits and so that your body is in optimum conditions to seduce (piercing glance, a real desire to fuck, a good reaction time, etc.)

Eat properly to be more fit and have enough energy. Obviously, not being too fat will help you be more beautiful because slimming is, in France, the aesthetic standard. In order to have an improved morale and therefore a better modjo (which makes appear more beautiful), you can do a cure of omega 3 and vitamin D : it is safe, everyone is more or less deficient and it helps to be in shape.

Sport is fashionable. It allows to be hot thus to be beautiful. It gives you more confidence. So I recommend you read my article on bodybuilding and to go in for sports.

The style

Avoid having hairs that protrude from the ears and nose. Shave or mow your beard to make it clean : yeah, being “neat and tidy” helps to seduce!

Cutting and removing the black under your nails it is also very important: a woman does not want to take the risk of malaria by being fingered by a disguting pig.

Brush your teeth and make sure you have a good breath.

Perfume when you’re going to seduce.

I’ve already made an article about mistakes to avoid in your look to seduce, go read it!

If you have glasses, choose some that suits you (in doubt, go and choose with a girlfriend who did not friendzone you). Above all, do not take any hoping that it will be as discreet as possible… assume or use contact lenses, otherwise you risk looking like a poor frustrated computer scientist.

Also choose a haircut adapted to your face and to your morphology in general. Hair raised on the top will help, for example, a medium-sized person to look taller. It will lengthen his silhouette! A good choice of shoes can do the same thing…

Pay attention to your shoes: they must be clean and pretty. Women attach tremendous importance to shoes.

Obviously take clothes at your waist. There is not an unique dress style that seduces women… but the important thing is to have a style. Yeah, a working boy can seduce, a crunchy-granola too, a rapper too… on the other hand, do not dress like a nice virgin guy with a too big Pluto sweater and too tight pants that would highlight your fat ass.

I also wrote an article about the impact of clothing on women. Read it!

How to become attractive and beautiful in the eyes of women?

The truth is that the beauty of a man rests above all on what he releases. The more confidence you have, the more you will seduce. Confidence is a universal criterion of seduction. A good modjo too, it can work miracles.

Believe in yourself, believe that you can seduce pretty girls. This will influence your reality and it will help you greatly!

Social intelligence and just intelligence are all aphrodisiacs that will make you look more beautiful.

Being a leader also makes you look more handsome, taller, and so on. Talent too.

Preselection by other pretty women will also make you look more beautiful in the eyes of a woman.

Work on your body language, gesture, look, smile, voice, etc. I wrote an ebook to help you in this tedious task. Go take a look!

Self-confidence is the basis of seduction for men. Women dream of a confident man… we have never seen a chick saying she wants to marry a knee slack who has no balls. In fact, many marry losers, but it is not something that makes them dream!

Confidence is attractive because it is synonymous with virility. Women expect a man to be powerful and protective. That’s why, a guy who would not dare to approach or talk to a woman would immediately lose points.

Be imperfect but REAL! To put it another way: take the risk of being yourself. Assume your desires, say what you think and want. Even take the risk of displeasing! Think for yourself and create your own reality. It’s sexy!

Good luck!

PS = don’t forget you don’t need to be beautiful to seduce.

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Should we be handsome to seduce?

Should we be handsome to seduceIf you think you MUST be handsome to seduce, this is a limiting belief. It gives rise to unacceptable excuses: “I’m not handsome, it is useless that I approach, so I stay in my comfort zone.”

Sorry but this is not an attitude of winner! It is not by thinking like this way you’ll get results! If this is your case, you have to shake your beliefs and habits for more success in seduction.

You do not have the right to give up, give your best with what is under your control. That’s the kind of attitude chicks love!

The perceived beauty

You must first differentiate the capital beauty (innate) and perceived beauty (you work on). It is the latter that matters in seduction. Some guys would be fuckable if they were well dressed. So you must take SOME care of you. But excessive work out, very expensive clothes and all these ways to compensate… will not help you if you do not have the right attitude. The success is mainly a state of mind… it comes from your mind! But you can do some sport to stand straight, you can keep an eye on your silhouette and be a challenge!

The important thing is to be enhanced. Basically, we do with what we have. Instead of devaluing and blocking on what we physically dislike, it’s better to learn how to play with your strengths.


Beauty and personality

In fact, girls often try to use the same criteria that us, but basically, they react differently. This is why they use terms like “beautiful” and “ugly” to describe a guy… but it’s not really appropriate. That makes sense but it is a mistake! When girls talk about a “very hot” guy… they do not have the same standards than us, they do not mean the same thing than a man.

We must realize that men and women are not identical. While we are 80%interested in her physical appearance… most women are 80%interested  in the personality of the guys. It explains why men agree harmoniously on girls who are “beautiful” while women have different and varied tastes. If you remember that experience that I did, you know that the same actor may be a 10/10 to a girl and a 4/10 to another. The thought patterns are different, and soi s what triggers attraction for one sex or the other!

Also, be aware that very beautiful women are not necessarily seeking beauty in a man because they already have got it themselves (the game works best on the uninhibited hotties). And we also know that each one has his own definition of what is beautiful and what isn’t. The Chinese generally find very beautiful European men (it is partly because it is exotic). Many of my friends who went to Asian countries had a lot of sex but once back in France, it was hard again for them. I also spoke with Eastern girls met in France: they say that the guys here are much more beautiful than in their countries. So, if you feel ugly here, remember that the French women spit a little in the soup anyway and many girls in other countries would love to bang a French.

However, more and more women and men are under enormous pressure to beauty. This is surely the society that wans it, to sell more clothes, makeup, accessories, and even cosmetic surgery… Anyway, women with a little common sense (not superficial bitches who love reality shows) often favor other qualities (but for how long?)



Padawan, my wingman in Diary of a French PUA 1 was a very handsome guy who had a shitty love life before knowing the game. And even now, when I move my ass more than him, I fuck more. Being beautiful is an advantage, but not being handsome is not necessarily a disadvantage… it’s just normal! If only handsome guys were able to fuck a girl, 80% of the guys on Earth would be virgins and our race would be extinct.

One of my friends is in a waiter in a very famous club in Aix-en-Provence. He is fat, not beautiful, wears a long beard a bit disgusting and has a double-chin. Yet plenty of girls are waiting for him at 6am to go home with him. In fact, it is his social proof that makes him sexy. Objectively, he is not beautiful, yet full of chicks want him. What is best?

When I was at the university, the most beautiful girl in my class made out for several years with a little guy (1m65), fat, who did not take care of himself and walked like a duck. In fact, I know a lot of girls who have not found their boyfriend beautiful the first time they saw him. But a type is just a preference, that did not prevent those guys from getting their way eventually… and they made the others jealous!

Personally, I have periods when I have more success than others… yet I am the same man with the same physical appearance. Sometimes the modjo, the swag or the God of the game actually lives in me, sometimes less. Sometimes I have a better body language than other times, etc. These are the things that matter enormously but important parameters that we too often forget!


Beauty and attraction are not necessarily going together

It is undeniable that “very ugly” men have difficulty in seduction while “very beautiful” men have facilities. But these categories are a minority. For “normal” people, judging their beauty is subjective and depends much on the sexual energy they communicate, their position in the social hierarchy, their charisma, etc. We all know that a well-dressed man, radiant, charismatic, may “look beautiful” even if, objectively, he has nothing special.

Yes it is easier (socially acceptable) to behave as an alpha if you’re beautiful… but those who do not have the chance are yet those who need the most this attitude!

You can also read Kant (l’Analytique du beau), he explains that beauty is not perfection and it is separate from the appeal. I am not reinventing the wheel.

As you’ve probably noticed that some guys who do not have a great physical attract women, you have probably found some handsome guys who do not usually attract women (they are “flavorless”). What is really important is not plastic beauty but the aroused attraction.

I too long WAS SAD because I was not handsome enough while since I am interested in seduction… I fuck more women than if I had been very hot and was not interested in the game. This is the same reasoning with being tall rather than small. If you can fuck tall women by being small, why do you want to be tall? To dominate more naturally. Yes, it’s true. And…? If we can communicate the same things differently, it’s the same. So, if the game allows us to hot girls without being beautiful and tall, what is the point of all this? A question of ego? We don’t care!

Charm and psychology > Beauty

My philosophy is that it is better to be beautiful than sexy. And that is possible thanks to the attitude (see Serge Gainsbourg and his legendary provocation that allowed him to bang the most beautiful women of his time). To shine, work on your body language, your beliefs, your conversation, your clothes, on how to be a good lover and communicate it, etc.


Other advantages and disadvantages of beauty

Beautiful people are more likely to be envied and to get some sand thrown into their wheels. They have more “chances” of being sexually assaulted, etc. In addition, the hot men are placed very high from the start and remaining at this level in the eyes fo women may be difficult. While an average guy who would surprise positively with his attitude would pass under the radar! In fact, or the hottie will easily find one night stands (if he can control the sexual tension) or the chicks will make him wait because they see him as a potential husband. This is double-edged, like many things in life…

One can finally ask if i fact, beauty really brings something. Being plastically beautiful, it still helps in life sometimes. For example, people place their trust more easily in beautiful people (scientifically proven effect called “beauty halo”). It is easier to find a job, etc. Although, it mostly depends on how you introduce yourself. In fact, I think the best is to do our best with what we have without torturing with questions like “and if I was ?” Period.



You meet every day in the streets a lot of beautiful women who have slept with more ugly men than you. In fact, it is always better to be beautiful than ugly just like it is better to be rich and healthy than poor and sick. But if are not, will we lament our whole life or will we work on our game to pull out? It’s only about a philosophy of life… it’s up to you !!!

It’s the same thing with size. If, despite my medium size, I made out several times with chicks who were more than 1m80, it is that there are women who do not care and are watching something else than these details. That said, there are some who are very afraid of what other think “woah I do not want a guy smaller than me” and prefer a not beautiful but tall to a beautiful but smaller guy. It is their choice but I think it’s stupid if you accept that social pressure dictate your life… especially if it makes them miss good lovers! Anyway, that’s up to them.

I advise you to free yourself from these considerations! Thus, you will feel better, life will seem more beautiful and you’ll look more attractive because you’ll exude positive vibes and have good energy. This will give the impression to girls that if they spend time with you, they’ll always have a good time, and they will more want to see you! Remember that people who assume are seen as more sexy… it’s not a secret.

Here, I wanted to communicate positive things, I wanted to make you want to fight with the weapons nature has given you. Courage and keep in mind that with a practice of the game, your love and sex life can only get better! Good luck, because it is not easy in these times.

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Peacocking: not such a good idea?

The peacocking has always existed in various forms throughout the history of mankind. In many tribes, males tattooed and wore feathers (not in the ass) to attract females. In some Asian tribes, males wore hats during specific phases of seduction. The unconscious of a woman is thus genetically attracted to peacocking. It is, in any case, these postulates that decided Mystery to incorporate peacocking in the game. In this context, it means dressing to attract attention. This is a reference to the peacock that spreads its tail feathers in the form of a range to attract a sexual partner.

The interest of peacocking

It facilitates openers as a topic of conversation. Sometimes, you will get approached by girls (and guys) that will talk to you about your accessories. This is good for your social proof.

It gives an alpha status because a man needs big balls to take to dress in a way that stands out. It sets you apart. It is a High Value Demonstration because proves that you’re not afraid of what other people think.

It allows to visualize yourself otherwise and thus can positively influence your inner game and your body language.

A good peacocking reduces your flaws and highlights your physical qualities.

It plays on the unconscious of hot babes.

An accessory can easily become your signature, such as the strip of Julien Doré which surely helped him to mark the minds of viewers and win the French American Idol. Or such as the Johnny Depp’s moustache.

Limits of peacocking

It can look really good if you have enough charisma to carry it, but otherwise you’ll just look silly. You may also quickly be labeled as gay or marginal.

A sense of fashion is needed to dress like that with class: there must be a certain harmony in colors and materials. A guy in red and pink with brown shoes and a green belt, would be just horrible. Chances are you’ll be easily AMOG (be kicked out by another alpha male) in this case… If you do this anyway, you must in any case have a great talk back!

One might also be tempted to say (just like for the guys who like too much tuning): “This is a person without much personality that is testing his assertiveness… He is so uninteresting that he is trying to get noticed like that to compensate for his small dick.”

Anyway, I do not think it would tempt me to approach a peacocking girl. Seriously, would it turn you on, a girl with yellow nails, purple lips, wearing a red skirt with a green denim under, a blue striped top and a monocle?

Finally, do not copy the style of Mystery, the inventor of the concept: it works for him because he is a magician. But if you do not do magic, his style will not go with your personality.

Peacocking in France

In France, the peacocking seems to me not as adapted as in other countries (England, Japan, United States): I guess we are not very inclined to originality… Here, a guy who goes out with a cowboy hat and a crocodile skin jacket has more chances to be mocked by people than to be admired. Note that the countries I mentioned are still known for their bad and poor taste, it makes one think!

I advise you to do not follow the US advice and therefore don’t be particularly outrageous. A hat in a club, it is a safe bet but it’s not unusual. I recently tried with a captain’s hat, it’s not bad… plus I asked the babes “have you ever kissed a captain?” This could bring a quick kiss. There’s also the ties that can help, especially if you have the balls to answer these kinds of things when you are asked why you always wear a tie “it’s to tie naughty chicks up!” The shoes that make you seem taller can help too. Otherwise, you can also do in the quirky humor with a Donald t-shirt, for example. But in general, I’m not really into peacocking.

Honestly, where I live (not Paris), I do not think it tremendously helps. On the other hand, if it is done incorrectly, it can quickly be a thorn in your foot. In any case, I do not see the interest in deliberately dressing ugly like did Neil Strauss and Mystery. It allowed them to make out because the girls thought they were the show bizz stars. But here I do not observe that it works this way in clubs.

In conclusion, if you can do that well, why not? But for my part, I do not think it is done for me.

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Being beautiful, to what does it serve?

Image : Banshee

We’ll just philosophize today! I was wondering the other day: “being beautiful, to what does it serve?”

Beauty perceived or capital beauty?

In my view, we must first separate the innate beauty and beauty that one develops. Indeed, some guys would be fine if they were well arranged. Others do not need to do anything special to be beautiful. Finally, some are beautiful but are working hard to be hot.

What I mean is that we must differentiate between “capital beauty” (which is inherited) and perceived beauty. I will not piss you off here I won’t talk about inner beauty (for that you must go in the girl).

Why wanting to be beautiful?

The main advantage of being beautiful is especially to have sex easier, right? Of course, it’s not just the sexual aspect when it comes to beauty. We may also want to be beautiful just for showing off. Or simply so that others are jealous. But it is mainly a matter of ego, because what we can do with beauty, you can almost always do with his personality. It’s harder but it’s stronger !

In his book about beauty, Kant explains that this finality refers to no actual purpose nor objective (beauty is not perfection) nor subjective (beauty is separate from the appeal).

To point to be beautiful, I understand is to attract women like flies with vinegar. But what if I reminded you that some nice guys do not attract women (they are bland)? What is important is not the beauty but the attraction that is aroused. I too long was disheartened of not being handsome enough while since I am interested in seduction I fuck more than if I had been very handsome and was not interested in seduction.

Finally, in the same book, Kant says that we find in ourselves nothing personal that is the cause of this satisfaction, which is free, and therefore we assume that the subject, who feeds us and which yet has no reason to please us especially, contains a principle of satisfaction for everybody. So we will assign to others the satisfaction we experience, although it is supported by no concept.

It is virtually impossible to be liked by every women, even if by abuse of language, they sometimes say that this or that guy is “soooooo handsome”. In fact, the guy in question could very well leave other girls unmoved. Chicks also need to understand that their tastes are not universal references (it’s just a matter of reality). One should never tell a person “you’re ugly” : too hard words. The correct statement would be : this physics does not specifically have an impact on me. But it may work on others.

So, if the game allows us to fuck hotties without being beautiful, what’s the point of wanting to be handsome? Please, no cosmetic surgery unless your image is what makes you earn your life. And yet, sometimes, I find that one can easily lose charm by wanting to be too “perfect.” No, I think the clothes brands are already earning enough gold coins like this on the backs of people who want to be beautiful at any cost. While, by the way: often, a simple garment will fit you as good or better than a super expensive brand stuff. Sport and relooking are in general enough.

“Beauty is only a promise of happiness.” Stendhal

This is the same reasoning with being tall rather than small. If I can fuck tall girls by being small, why regretting to do not be tall? Tall men dominate more and more naturally intimidate. Yes, it’s true. But if you can communicate the same things differently, why being pissed off?

Let’s fight instead! Let’s not lament! Let our weaknesses be our forces. We’re not HB10/10 but we have a fucking personality that will allow us to compensate and be better than them. A beautiful asshole bet everything on his physical appearance while a less handsome guy will do better ! It’s a bit the story of the hare and the tortoise. Let’s find in our complex the motivation to succeed anyway… and better than those who were more blessed than us at birth but who have no character!

Advantages, Disadvantages:

The diktat of beauty in our society seems to be a concept that comes to an end. I think of all these initiatives to show “normal” women in magazines and in advertisements. I’d say that’s a good thing when I see the number of girls who went anorexic to be like their idols (eg Kate Moss), but it should not affect men now. In fact, there is always a downside: the beautiful people are more likely to be envied, and that jealous people put a spoke in their wheels. Beautiful girls have more “chances” of being sexually assaulted, etc.

Finally we can wonder if, one in the other, beauty really brings something? Being plastically beautiful, it is not as important for a man than for a woman (for women it is 80% of the attraction capital and for us only 20%)… but it still makes life easier. For example, people will more easily trust you if you are beautiful than if you look like a troll (scientifically proven effect of the halo of beauty). It is easier to find work, etc. Yet, it mostly depends on how you present.

It’s always a little easier with the girls when one is beautiful when one’s ugly. But: first there is nothing we can do about that and two I do not think the bottom line is there. You meet every day in the streets some beautiful women who have slept with uglier guys than you. In fact it is always better to be beautiful than ugly like it is always better to be rich and healthy than poor and sick. But if we are not, will we lament our whole life or will we get by otherwise? It’s just about philosophy there.

The first step is self-acceptance. Then we can start working on it. Because it is difficult to become even more beautiful once you have lost weight, you are a little muscular and dressed better, but it is still possible to get more charm. Yes, the charm, it’s something you can work on (there is an innate part and an acquired part).

That said, when I see what is like David X, a famous PUA (the author of Relentless), I say that being beautiful it is even useful even if we can fuck without. Because there is not only sex in life. There is also a question of self-esteem. For the part that depends on you, as in his case, overweight, you should make efforts anyway. I think you should never give up and always wanting to look better.

Normally a PUA opens during his apprenticeship of personal development, his mind to a lot of seduction indirectly related domains… like food. Physical improvement thus flow naturally from the process.

Beauty is certainly superficial in the sense that we can do without. It is not universal either. But this is not a reason to do not meet the criteria that are common sense. One could almost say that beauty does not exist since it is the shadow of health, fertility, strength, etc. (See evolutionary psychology). But in fact, the beauty is, it’s just less determining than your attractiveness on the transmission of your genes.

Concretely, how to accept and assume yourself?

To comfort you, do you believe that people who are only beautiful and admired for this are truly happy? Namely with age, we lose beauty… unlike charm. And it’s really simplistic to just be loved for his body. Not being able to sometimes gain weight in winter… it must be super stressful to stake everything on an image.

We can easily the impression that everything works fine for handsome boys. That their sex life has no problem. But I know a lot who do not do anything with this. Or who have such an AFC character that we could almost forget they have a sexy body. How many times have I picked up chicks in clubs just in front of Brad Pitt lookalikes ?! Women with a little common sense (not superficial bitches who love Secret Story) often favor other qualities.

So, yeah, they can tell when we pickup their target “but he’s ugly!” But we don’t care and so we show them that we are better than that! If beauty is useful only for vanity, it is not essential and is sometimes counterproductive. The most important is to move your ass. Chicks do not like wimps who expect that life hands them everything on a golden platter.

Beauty is not enough… but it is important because we will still leave it as an inheritance. In fact, I noticed that, often, very beautiful women attach less importance to the beauty of men than less beautiful because they know they will transmit this quality and therefore look less this quality than others in their partners. The beautiful women are therefore ideal targets for PUAs. And being validated by some HB9, it really helps to assume yourself, believe me !!!

A friend of mine (who will maybe recognize herself) isn’t beautiful, a little fat (sorry) but always picks up hot boys in clubs. Because she knows how to warm them and there is a lot of handsome guys who are sex-starved (not good seducers). However, this is almost the only criteria that interest her, the beauty of guy, actually. It is therefore an issue of complex and lack of confidence too, sometimes, to grant great so much importance to a physical appearance. Isn’t it a little sad bit sad in the end?

It’s the same thing with size. If me, despite my medium size, fucked several times chicks who were more than 1m80, it is some do not care about size and are watching something else. That said, there are some who are very afraid of what other could say “woah I do not want a guy smaller than me” and prefer a less beautiful to a more beautiful but smaller guy. It is their choice but I find it stupid to let social pressure decide of our lives.

Nature wants to kill single ugly in relatively poor health or unbalanced genes. Physical beauty is useful to the human species as a natural selection criterion. Will you accept this passively? We have not the choice but we can use our intelligence to couple with beautiful women so that our children do not suffer from the same problems than us…

Finally, note that beauty is subjective and that the criteria depend on the country. Go to Russia or Japan and you will see that you will probably be considered more beautiful than in France (unless you look like a Russian or Japanese). Go to a country where your beauty is exotic and you will have more success (except in cases of racism). But go there just to take confidence (which you will use in France): you will not move and leave your loved ones just to fuck some women… that would be sad too.

Show people that you can (and you will) succeed despite your small size, the fact that you are black, that you have a big nose or what do I know.

About what you can change, if you respect yourself, lose weight, make muscle a little, cut your hair, shave a bit, etc. Finally, it is your confidence that will make the real difference. If you are bad about yourself, prove to yourself you can do it, too! You have to open your field of possibilities !!! Thus, you will feel better, life will seem more beautiful and you will seem more attractive because you’ll exude positive vibes and have good energy.

Even the beautiful babes who take care of themselves with excess, they lack of confidence in fact. Otherwise they not stress about it. So your strength is their weakness, and you can charm them like that! Okay ? Go to work now !!! People who assume themselves are way sexier.


My conclusion and my philosophy it is that is it better to be beautiful than sexy. And that is doable by the attitude. For example, the main actor in Banshee : his character is sexy but the actor is not awesome plastically speaking (like Chuck Bass in fact)! He screws nevertheless all the hotties in the show anyway. Work on your body language, your beliefs, your small talk, your clothes, etc.

This is not universally accepted either that such an attitude is attractive, but everyone can do it. And that’s more universally recognized for men than only the physical appearance. So long as you are not ugly, if you add a sexy attitude, you can pick up a lot !!! And if you’re ugly, you can still have some results (we are not all equal at birth but you have to play your cards the best way you can).

I had seen the exhibition of an artist who had made statues of beautiful women … but they had legs and duck feet. Yes, yes ! Still, I wondered if I would fuck these beautiful human-canes. And you ? So why could not you have sex finally? You are normal then go and eat your piece of cake !!!

Beauty < charm

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For or against girls who are rebuilt ?

Image : Youtube

What is your view on girls who are rebuilt? You did not ask me but I’ll give you mine. We will speak of purely cosmetic surgery here, not of reconstructive surgery.


When a hot girl is rebuilt to be even hotter

There was a girl in my class who was really pretty. Really thin, she had breasts that went with it. But almost all the guys of the chest were on her because she had a beautiful face, was always well dressed, and because her ass was nice.

Despite that, she came to be complexed while she was hot. It is crazy!

In fact, according to what they have, humans tend to want more and more. She compared herself with the images retouched of women (the type with what girls are watered by fashion magazines). While other girls compared with her, my friend.

This comparison had created complex where common mortals (including me) find that tit is nonsense. She even felt ill at ease at the beach while she was surely one of the prettier every time.

She eventually cracked and got biggest tits. I guess she changed a 90A for a 90C. She had told me exactly but I forgot (this is not very important).

It is sure that the result was beautiful. But it is a fake, that’s the thing that bothers me. The operation had no genetic consequence so her children will inherit her original genes not her new breasts. Thus, a potential progenitor could feel like she cheats on merchandise. Then, I know plenty who fantasize about big fake boobs, it takes all kinds to make a world go around!

The good side of the case is if she felt better about herself after. Anyway, honestly, it was really an obsession so I do not doubt the fact that she will do it again later about another part of her anatomy. This kind of problem is more in the head than in the body. This way of thinking is a bit of a vicious circle and, in general, when you put the slippery slope you tend not to get out (it can become an addiction). “Yeah, now that I have perfect breasts. Why not getting perfect ears, mine are a little bit prominent?”

In addition, few people necessarily think of it, but it can create complex among the other girls (there is a genetic competition among chicks): “Yeah she’s beautiful but she has small breasts while I have nice tits” they could say before the operation. Now, they can just cry and think that there is no justice in life!

This is actually a business. To show off and enrich Nip Tuck’s surgeons ! An operation of this type costs about € 5,000 and prosthesis must be changed every 10 years. Moreover, it leaves scars on the body. You really have to weigh the pros and cons before going in there: is it a fad or a real need?

And if it was just a story of perfectionism and money … But no, it is primarily a health story! There have been plenty of cases where implants become infected and where the chicks were left without breast in the end. The best is the enemy of the good. I can take away from my mind these images of stars who were rebuilt (this is somewhat a standard in this environment) but who are uglier after than before. And of those who are rebuilt but that with age the result becomes frightening.

So much the better if it allows some women to feel better about themselves. I do not blame them because it is not their fault if the society makes them slaves of their image. But I still think it’s a pity… especially that there are risks. Choosing the easy way out often implies serious counterparties.

It is like if I had asked a doctor to rebuild my nose to be more beautiful or like if I had taken growth hormones to be tall. No, I worked on myself to succeed with what life has given me. Respecting the rules of nature.


When a girl breaks free of a weight through a simple operation

The only case in which I support this kind of operation is when the girl is complexed but that there is a real reason. In the case of my friend, she was already beautiful and nature had a bit balanced things compared to other chicks by equipping her with small breasts. She gave a great importance, this was surely the drama of her life, but I do not think there was enough actually.

After it’s just a matter of opinion and everyone does what he wants! Anyway, besides that, I saw a story about a girl who did not have a nose but a toucan beak. The surgeon had given her a “normal” nose right and it changed the whole life of the girl. Because except that, she was not bad.

It is true that it must be boring to be mocked all the time. Or feeling that something of our anatomy makes people uncomfortable. It’s always the same problem of inheritance of genes but in this case I would say that the girl has done well to have surgery. Because it does not reflect a psychological disorder but a real problem of well-being due to a physical characteristic.

Anecdotally, I heard another story like this: a girl who had a big filthy big nose had surgery. Until there then it’s cool. But in addition, she was able to be reimbursed by social security, saying that her big nose prevented her from seeing well. There’s no morality. I just found funny to tell you this story.


When a very ugly girl gets too much surgery

Reminds me of a story I read. Jian Fengun, a Chinese had been seduced by the beauty of his wife. So he asked for her hand in marriage, and quickly decided to start a family with her. After the birth of a first ugly girl, the husband wondered if his wife had not been unfaithful because he considered himself “not bad”.

He requested a paternity test which proved positive. After three ugly children and strong pressure from the husband, his wife confessed to having suffered for €80,000 of plastic surgery before meeting him. The genes do not lie… the mother was very ugly before.

The husband filed a complaint against his wife and won his case: he was deceived and she paid him nearly €10,000 in compensation. I’m not here to discuss the verdict but to advise women who were rebuilt to tell their husbands. Anyway, those who do that are not legitimate to complain about guys who psychologically manipulate because they are the female equivalent.

A nose or a chest, finally, why not … but then being entirely rebuilt to look like a model (or someone else) : it’s crazy! It’s a fucking drift ! Too much playing with fire isn’t a good idea.

May the God of the Game help us to live with our imperfections! But who decides what is an imperfection ?

And don’t forget, you cannot go back unscathed after.

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How to cut your beard in the classy way?

How to cut your beard in the classy wayI received last week, an urgent call from my mother: it was absolutely necessary that I watch “The queens of shopping” because it was unusually “King of shopping.” In the episode of last Wednesday, the famous stylist and image consultant Cristina Cordula explained how to trim your beard. Here’s what was important.

Why I felt concerned:

I am fan of the beard style for almost 10 years (especially the beard of three days) but often I’m too lazy to shave and I regularly find myself with 1 centimeter or more of hairs. I admit that it still unfortunately grows a little anyhow, because of my negligence.

In fact, I don’t give a fuck. I do not put everything on appearance, far from it. However, I find it interesting to know how to sculpt our beard to enhance our face for special occasions. This is what I will explain today.

And no, you do not need to be “dressed up” to be able to make out. This is just a bonus for stylish people!

Advice :

0/ Beard is shorn homogeneously . We choose the thickness thanks to the trimmer shoe : each his own, I do not meddle with this choice of style. Cut from bottom to top.

1/ Now make sure that the beard cut your cheek. In fact, do like if there were an imaginary line that started from the bottom of the ear and was going to the bottom of the lip. Cut everything that is above this line, clean!

2/ Cut under the Adam’s apple. Inevitably, the neck is cylindrical so that’s a rounding effect. But just imagine the straight going wrong. And that line  goes wrong in 3D just on the top of the Adam’s apple. From the face, it seems that there are fewer hairs on the sides of the neck, but it’s just an impression. I hope I was clear…

3/ Make clean the edges of the fly (the column of hairs below the mouth).

4/ Attack the mustache by removing hairs growing anyway, make a clear line with the edge of the mustache. Also, it’s important that one cannot think our beard goes in our nose. So we withdrew nose hair sticking out on the mustache.

5 (bonus)/ We also tame the hair of the mustache that goes down along the mouth from the side. At the height of the mouth, it’s good.

6/ Make it clean around your lips (it will avoid you to put some pasta sauce in your ‘stache). There should not be any hairs hanging on your lips. Again, it must be clean.

7/ Shave (or pluck) hairs growing on the ears.

8 / Avoid the single eyebrow (inevitable waxing here by the way).

9/ I would not recommend waxing the eyebrows (but between the eyebrows why not if you have lots of hair). Eyebrows too much waxed, it can quickly look effeminate. Except if it is the desired effect, let’s just take off the eyebrow the hairs that are really unsightly. I refer to the eyebrows “normal”, it is obvious that if one has a fucking big plate of hair above the eyes, in “Francois Fillon” mode, one is thus forced to remove hair to increase his success rate with women.


cut beard
Rama (Wikipedia Suisse)

10/ Comb the beard. This method will give more personnality to your face ! I think this applies rather to the barbs of 10 days since a beard of three days is supposed “to look neglected”. But hey, each his own style! Recall finally that blonde are supposed to wear alonger beard than brown-haired people (so something is visible).

…and that women are not supposed to have beards !!!

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How to guess if she has a hairy pussy?

hairy pussy

How to guess if she has a hairy pussyI was talking with a friend the other day: we were looking for a girl for a threesome, so I showed her my conquests so she chooses one. She guessed almost every time which ones were shaved/shaven and which ones had hair between their legs. I was impressed! She explained her technique. I will teach it to you in my turn.

It’s a bit of a trick mentalism. In fact, it is based on the fact that she is a girl… and therefore she understands the other chicks.

It is based on the makeup of the girl. If she wears very few makeup, botched or old-fashion, she must have the tuft. If, however, she is very feminine, dolled, well made up, (scented,) then chances are she has a hairless pubis.

Basically, there are 6 possible configurations:
– Either she has the tuft, so hairs that even protrude from her swimsuit.
– Either she tamed the tuft, so she it is not visible in her underwear.
– Either she has a metro ticket more or less thick : this is the part that hurts the most to pull off.
– Either she is completely shaved.
– Either she is completely waxed, which removes entierely the hair opposed to shaving.
– Either she is shaved or waxed but it has grown back. I call it the carpet.
There even are girls who don’t want to have sex if they are not perfectly waxed, in this case it’s too bad, because we prefer a woman who has sex than a women perfectly waxed but who’s a pain in the ass. Just my opinion, btw.

When I talked about it to my mother, she told me that it was a shame to not have hair, that only sluts and other porn actresses have no hair… like a little girl. In her time, maybe, this might be the case. But the truth is that for aesthetic reasons, the coquettish Greek and Roman women already waxed. In Aristophanes’ comedy Thesmophoriazusae, played in Athens in 411 BC, a group of women proposed to remove the intimate hair of a guy disguised as a girl to teach him how to become a true Greek woman. “No waxing, no hair removal!” he cried once. It must be said that at the time they practiced it with burning ashes…

Today, most chicks below 25 years are shaved or depilated with wax (8000 hair on average that’s too much for the tweezers). Maybe not those who have not yet begun their sexual lives but others generally are. Nearing thirty, I’ve seen more girls with the metro ticket on their pussies. Is it already composted? This is the question.

As notorious fucker, as a libertine who is not fucking libertine chicks, I must say that I took a liking to any all clean, hairless pussy. Sometimes it’s funny: she has got no hair on her pussy, but has on her ass. Well, sweetie are you kidding me ?! In this case, the best idea is definitely fuck from the front! 😉

The hairs on the body just like the pubis serve to limit areas of friction. Pubic hair is useful especially during sex because they create an interface between the skin and promote a shift to a different skin.

A study showed higher scores of sexual satisfaction for fans of completely naked pubis, without the possibility of saying if the women who feel the more comfortable with their bodies and their private parts revealed are the ones who likes showing them or if the pubic deprivation promotes sexual fulfillment.

Social pressure and fashion phenomena also influence the girls about their intimate hygiene (although some hairs, it’s not dirty).

The full shaving is more common than full hair waxing. Certainly for practical or pain reasons.

For men, shaving or clipping the hair makes the penis look bigger. In any case, it’s better to avoid the Amazon forest at this place if you like blowjobs.

PS : To go further, do not hesitate to read my ebook “The awesome lover’s manual“.

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The more beautiful she is, the more it will be difficult to put her in my bed ?

The more beautiful she is, the more it will be difficult to put her in my bed Is a 9 / 10 more difficult to seduce than a 7 ? That would make sense : like in a video game, the difficulty increases with the level. It is absolutely not applicable in seduction. Video games are not real life, real life in which psychology plays a role.7 and 8 are approached often, and often by big suckers, by the way. It is then necessary to fight against the competition and try to stand out at all costs.

7 and 8 get big-headed, exactly because they feel more powerful than the 10. Indeed, because they less intimidate guys, they can fuck quality guys more easily. But, they realize at the bottom of themselves that they are not THAT HOT (I’m mean when I write such a thing) then they do not really respect those guys. A little bit like if they had the impression that they came towards them by ease.

When the girl embodies what turn us on in the magazines, it is easy to imagine a wild competition with all other men of the city. Complexes and limiting faiths will appear and you will be tempted to auto-refrain yourself from success. Weirdoes, perverts, shy persons… she meets a lot of them. Including guys who are perfectly normal the rest of the time, but who become a little stupid in front of her.

The average guy does not dare to approach a 9 or a 10… even less maintaining her eye contact. Furthermore, the techniques of the Game are made to be applied to this kind of girls. Beautiful women are thus more pleasant to try to pick up, but also easier to bang and in case of failure it is less humiliating. Unfortunately, they are rare.

An important thing here : be convinced that, you too, you deserve to touch girls like that in your life. It will help…

To conclude, seduction is not a competition nor a war against the other sex (it is not the reason why Sun Tzu is quoted on the forums or in The Game). Considering women as enemies is a mistake : it’s not surprising in such a case that guys develop some approach anxiety (who would go gladly in the front line during a war?). Moreover, when soldiers were sent to fight, they were supposed to drink some alcohol before, and when I see guys getting drunk before finding the courage to try to pick up a girl, it reminds me this fact. Such a state of mind would damage your capacity of empathy, your nonverbal communication and your sensibility concerning the real needs of your darling. It is so much easier to converse with someone when we adopt a cooperative mode… Last advice, if you succeed in making out with the HB10 (I wish you to succeed) avoid falling into the trap of jealousy. You would lose her…

In brief, I’m not saying that this reasoning is universally true. But it deserves that we think about it during a few minutes. What do you think ?

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What is a HB10 ?


According to Mystery, a girl :
– 6/10 = fuckable ;
– 7/10 = cute ;
– 8/10 = beautiful ;
– 9/10 = handsome ;
– 10/10 = perfect.

I don’t really like this rating system because it is more a statistical exercise than the expression of a personal taste. Seduction being a subjective science, it’s a problem. I develop.

From a purely “artistic” point of view, there should be 1 girl on 200 who deserves her mention 10/10 (skin, eyes, lips, eyebrows, beautiful face, tall, thin, with proportioned forms). Most of the time, they are moreover very young. Why is it a problem in the daily life ?

When I go out, just like every realistic human being I suppose, I am interested in the kind of girl that excites ME… or at least who charms me. Sarah Jessica Parker for example, has a big nose, but I don’t really know why: I find it cute on her. I find her sexy while others would certainly next her without noticing her or even would find her downright ugly. The personal history enormously comes into play in the sexual tastes (just like in the gustative tastes).

What is necessary to understand, it is that the girls in the magazines (that our society set up us as models) corresponds to an average of the individual preferences. The famous statistics. A kind of compromise with the personal stories of everybody. Roughly, if more people find Bar Refaeli more beautiful than my neighbor of landing (who is beautiful too): it doesn’t mean that she is intrinsically more attractive than her. Especially that these images that society set up to us in model are photoshoped : the models in magazines themselves do not look like their own image. Then YES, I love girls with a perfect body&face. But it’s not a end in itself, and I shall not be less demanding with a 10 than with a 7.

« The bottle does not matter as much as the drunkenness » some would say… I don’t really agree, and I hate the girls who behave like if men owed them everything because they have a vagina and a little bit of charm. Especially that most should learn modesty… because being a mindless idiot spoils everything.

Conclusion : beauty does not place above the rest of Humanity – hotties do number two like us. Furthermore, a model but who is a girl with problems should scare you off. That is not worth complicating things. On the other hand, it is sure that a girl at ease with herself, magnificent, intelligent, etc. it’s always better 😉

Well. On the other hand, a girl you find top : it does not mean that she is inaccessible. She can even find some you charm if you remind her her grandfather she loves so much for example. Lesson of life: always try your luck. No regrets. Furthermore, we are attracted by what looks like us, thus chances are she is attracted by you too. And finally, more she is desired, more guys don’t dare to try their luck, thus more you will stand out when doing it (and will score points).

The number after HB should thus serve to quantify the desire we feel for the target in term of physical appearance… and not being significant of the “imagined” difficulty of the Game. Every girl is different and an ugly one is not necessarily easier to pick up than a cute one. Even rarely. Roughly, I remember some girls I banged at the beginning of my career who were 8 to me and now I would give them no more than a 6 with hindsight. Nevertheless, when I picked them up, they excited me like a 8, it was thus a game for HB8… for a guy full of illusions but it is necessary to start somewhere then I do not want to kill your joy. She is a HB8 if she attracts me like a 8/10 not if I think that she would attract all other guys. Let’s try to pick up the girls we like, not those we are supposed to like because of the social pressure (or because of the fact that they were preset by other guys). We would be happier even if she does not seduce a lot of people. It is a world map that can make you happier (attention I am not advising you to fuck a ugly girl and to convince yourself that she is beautiful but to be happy with a cute girl even if she is not “perfect”). Period.

Last thing, seduction is a joke. You can be rejected by a 4 and go back home with a 8 just after. « Taste and colours are not always the same… » I talk a lot about this dark side of seduction in The (inconvenient) truth about gender relations. Ah yes, and do not listen to the guys who are going to give a bad note to your conquest because she did not choose them. Nor to the guys who give an extravagantly good note just because the girl chose them. These two attitudes are commonplace. Listen to yourself…

HB = hot babe

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The impact of clothes on the women

The impact of clothes on the womenThe impact of clothes on the women can be felt on several levels. Just like certain birds are sexually attracted by a color of feathers, the human beings are sexually attracted by certain clothes. There are moreover a lot of guys who are not even turned on by the women in themselves but rather by objects (for example: high heels or glasses), associations of ideas or by what these women represent for them. Well, the women are made the same way and can be turned on by a look or a specific garment (for example: a girl who would have one idol could fantasize over you because you too have a leather jacket or because you have the same haircut or the same tattoo).


Link with the evolutionary psychology

In the nature, there are two manners to find sexual partners :
– Fighting against rivals (not really adapted to the current society);
– Charming the potential partners (totally adapted to our society).

The idea is thus to communicate “I am better than the other breeders because they don’t have a so beautiful plumage.” 4 characteristics emerge from it:
– The fact of being a dominant;
– The fact of belonging to an elite;
– The fact of being beautiful;
– The fact of having access to resources.

It is for what all the animals look at their partner’s. With the human beings, it works as follows…

Not sexy :
– Dressed like a nice guy ;
– Being dirty ;
– Being afraid of being noticed ;
– Wanting to be noticed at all costs ;
– Always doing too much ;
– Being afraid of the confrontation, of the other people’s opinion ;
– Assigning no importance to the clothes ;
– Being old-fashion.

Sexy :
– Being an Alpha ;
– Don’t care about the social pressure ;
– Having good taste ;
– Having access to resources ;
– Assuming the potential of attraction ;
– Paying attention on the way you get dressed ;
– Following a little bit the fashionable line ;
– Understanding the more subtle communications, like the women.


Don’t be a nice guy

Of course the women need certain characteristics the “nice guys” have. They remind it to us rather often. What they do not say, on the other hand, it is that they also have other desires, much less easily acceptable:
– The challenge;
– The excitement;
– Having some spare time;
– Being comfortable;
– Benefit from welfare benefits;
– Being able to speak about you to her friends and make them jealous;
– Having the feeling that you are special;
– Feeling in you the potential for a serious story one day ;
– Feeling in you the potential for a discreet and naughty relation;
– Having to do what you want because you are a leader;
– Being protected;
– Feeling many strong, positive and negative feelings;
– You are intriguing and mysterious.

What is good with the Nice guys:
– Being courteous and open the doors;
– Knowing how to listen but not becoming her personal therapist;
– Showing a vulnerable, human side.

What is not good but with what they are too often associated:
– Being submitted;
– Being easily dominated by the others;
– Making too many favors, always wanting to please the others;
– Being needy ;
– Waiting that the others guess what you want, not doing enough things for yourself.


The problems :

– No “not gay” guy would want to let think that he is gay. Yet, being fashionably interested can easily be confusing. You do not thus have to appear “gay” but you do not have to let the fear of seeming gay preventing you from being the best yourself.

– “I just want to be myself” is the excuse used by people who are scared to have to do better. It is an easy exit because we always tell to people that it is good “to be yourself”. But what is necessary to understand, it is that they do not get dressed in a way which looks like them but rather in the way people who are scared to assume what they are get dressed, as a kind of protection. Nobody believes it : “if I get dressed in a way which does not please the others I say fuck you because it is what I am in fact”. It communicates a profound sense of unease.

It is fears and stigmatization that are commonplace in our society. That prevents people from really expressing their identity through their look. These fears find their roots profoundly :
– At school, people laughed at those who stood out.
– At home, if you grew up with bad not sexy models who let you think that it is what you are too.
– …


The women are demanding:

The women are not quite stupid nor superficial, they are elitist. And their requests are justifiable, in a way, if they do the efforts to be up to their expectations. They do not want “average” guys, they want the best guys they can have. They will thus reject you if your look does not communicate that you are the best they can have. Most of people badly react to the “elitist” word simply because most of people are not part of the elite (thus it reminds them that they are not a member of it: bad reactions).

Now, being well-dressed communicates “I have a high social status, and I have access to the resources.” The women are programmed to choose a man like that to reproduce. One good reason : it assures their kids will be free from want.

Well, you should not believe everything you read in the fashion magazines : a lot of bullshit and ugly things. It is necessary to think by yourself of course and also take time to educate your taste.


The various types of men :

The men are programmed to feel attraction in front of sexy stereotypes. To realize it, feminine sexy stereotypes are :
– The stripper ;
– The young neighbor or baby-sitter ;
– The model ;
– The hotty in bikini ;
– The hot blond ;
– The sexy librarian (or secretary) ;
– The good girl ;
– The naughty porn actress ;
– The sexy nurse ;
– …

The women are not only programmed to react to money, they also react in front of male sexy stereotypes. And if they put you in the “sexy” category rather that “average”, that changes all the interaction.


The well-dressed guy and the sexy dressed guy

The look of the “well-dressed” guy is the most classic. It is commonplace but it’s OK. That will not make you miss a lot women but that will not particularly help you to excite them. If they like your face, your muscles or your personality, they will certainly let with you fuck them after several dates.

The problem is that the women put you very quickly in categories when you approach them. You thus have to show your talent quickly. If she puts you immediately in the “sexy” category that will go faster and it will be easier for you than if you are tidied up in “Nice guy” or “normal guy”. The sexy guys are, for example :
– The rockers ;
– The rappers ;
– The artists, the intellectuals ;
– The Hipsters ;
– The Tradders in a suit ;
– The lovers ;
– The metrosexuals ;
– The surfers ;
– The motorcyclists ;
– The maffiosos ;
– …

By comparison, this is what does not turn on the women:
– The yucky hippies who stink ;
– The Nice Guys ;
– The little mama’s boys ;
– Those who try to boast but who are ridiculous in fact ;
– The not sexy Geeks ;
– …

Why most of people don’t have a sexy look:
– You need to do an effort to go out of your zone of comfort;
– Maybe your friends and family would like that you remain very wise (IE “not dangerous”) like before…

Exercise: next time when you will see a guy, with a lot of girls who try to pick him up, look at how he is dressed and to which stereotype he belongs.


How does it work ?

All the girls are not attracted by all the stereotypes. But all the girls are attracted by at least ONE type of guy in a very powerful way. They then are so much excited that they lose their inhibitions and forget this fucking social pressure. It is about these looks that I’m talking : those which provoke hysteric and fanatical reactions on behalf of certain girls.

To don’t be thought of as whores, the women create rules they follow with the guys. For example, waiting for 3 dates before sleeping with a guy to don’t be thought of as an easy girl. But with the “sexy” guys, they forget these rules. Because with sexy guys, the society (in their mind) does not question the fact that they are “good” girls (even if they suck on their knees). The fear of the judgment disappears. They sleep with them because they are too much excited and because it is more socially acceptable to sleep with a sexy guy than with a “normal” guy or “nice guy” when they are not in a serious relationship.

Some will even say that they were lucky that these guys fucked them. You maybe already heard certain women telling their lives “the guitarist of the other night called me back” or “you will never believe what the sexy French did to me the other night!” The fact that these guys belong to “sexy” categories legitimize the fact that they have fun and prevents their friends, in a way, from judging them.


It’s your turn to be sexy

Choose a sexy profile which corresponds to you, which you are interested in. For example, a boss of a SME (SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED ENTERPRISE) is not going to get dressed as a rapper, that would be strange.

Find a model which corresponds to this stereotype and use it to understand how it works.

As long as you are not an expert, it is better to follow models. It is a question of copying the others, nor becoming a pale imitation, but it is a question of taking shortcuts towards success. According to me, things do not have to be more difficult than they already are then why always wanting to reinvent the wheel ? You will then personalize your look according to your progress.

Try to always get dressed well, because that helps to feel good. The chromotherapy is really something very interesting.

If you have not the results you hoped:
– Did you choose a sexy and easily recognizable category?
– Did you choose a good model…? or a mediocre one?
– Does this sexy category correspond to your personality?
– Did you mix too many stereotypes which do not work together?
– Did you go too far (in an environment where it would be a bad idea) ?
– Are you simply in your period of adaptation for your new look?