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Sport, nutrition and seduction

Sport, nutrition and seduction

Sport, nutrition and seduction

Many guys see bodybuilding as a way to fuck girls. Many men try this way to become more beautiful and to have a better sex life. But is this the royal road?

The truth is that I do not regret having made my formation Cyprine by being a bit fat. Because I thus proved that one could seduce a bewildering number of beautiful girls without being an Apollo (up to 4 at the same time).

Be careful if you start working out for the chicks: when you’ll see less muscular guys than you getting laid with many beautiful women, you will be even more frustrated and aggressive towards them!

First of all, it is necessary to realize that there is no need to be muscular nor even thin to seduce when you have a good game.

Then, you have to bear in mind that not all girls are attracted by muscular guys (women do not think like guys so if the physical appearance is the first thing that attracts us in a chick, they have other criteria).

Finally, it must be understood that many guys start working out to compensate for something or by narcissism… that’s why women tend to be wary of bodybuilders. I take this opportunity to clarify that doping (ie endangering your health) to have bigger muscles, especially if one does not compete, seems to me to justifying women distrustful.

To finish, be careful: life is not the race to overbid… it is not “the more muscular I am, the more girls I’ll fuck.”

The first thing I want to tell you is that bodybuilding itself will not really help you to seduce (except a few superficial babes/in specific environments like a nightclub). However, bodybuilding just like most other sports, have very good sides:
– it allows to relax,
– it increases the level of testosterone,
– this leads to a gain of self-confidence,
– it can improve the way you stand up.

I do not advise against muscu, far from it. But, please, practice a sport (no matter which one) for YOU… not to please girls. If you don’t do it for you, you may not stay motivated and diligent for a very long time.

Yes, sport, at a reasonable dose, is something that girls like. Yes, being stronger, healthier, more confident, more cool, can attract chicks. But no, a simple practice of bodybuilding without a personal development work and without any interest in the community of seduction will probably not be enough to make you a Don Juan (contrary to the popular thinking).

Personally, I have been fat as I am now, I have been thin without being muscular and I have been more in shape. This never proved to be a determining factor with women. Because, seducing, it’s IN YOUR MIND !!! The sports that helped me to feel good were: taek won do, swimming and running.

Today, I pay for my period “accountant in cabinet that makes more than 45 hours” and I do not like what I see in the mirror. I do not really feel very good either. So I decided to do a fitness over 9 months (until next summer) by starting in September. I will make a follow-up (1 video per month) : my goal is to lose fat and build a bit of muscle. I’m not trying to become a titan nor anything like that (so I do not even want to take protein shakers and I want to avoid stuff like Herbalife), I just want to achieve my goal with the utmost respect for my body and I will appreciate each of your advice in the comments.

I know that the results will not fall from the sky so I signed up for a class at the gym and I began to improve what I eat. I will share from time to time with you the nutrition or sports advice that will have helped me most and I will avoid the bullshits. For example, I do not understand the influencers who advise to drink alcohol, eat honey pops or 3 cheat meals a week.

I leave you with the first episode of my fitness:

See you soon, friends!

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