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My opinion on Mathieu Valbuena’s sextape

I don’t like gossips but I will make an exception.

I just attended to a preview of the dissemination of the sextape of Mathieu Valbuena in Pathé Plan de Campagne with the entire team of the movie. I brought my little camcorder so I filmed everything in the room (sorry for the quality). In exclusively, I suggest you to download the sextape of Mathieu Valbuena………………….. I’m just kidding.

Seriously, I’ll tell you briefly what I think of this case.

I think that’s going a bit too far to be just a promo shot. Benzema will surely be fired from the soccer team of France. And I don’t see what interest he would have to do that: his international reputation will take a hit. He can no longer aspire to the same salary expectations. In the worst case, he will even go to jail.

Seriously, tell me why this guy needed to participate in the blackmail of Mathieu Valbuena? He does not make enough money already like that or what? That’s the image he wants to give to all young people who take him as a model?

Personal grudge against Valbuena? Jealousy crap? Pure bullshit? What to create another Zahia affair? Mathieu has banged Benzema’s girl ? Or the contrary ?

When I lived in Aix, one of my girlfriends made out with Mathieu Valbuena. Well, she slept with him. She was a waitress in a bar/club at 20-minutes from the city center by walking (for those who see what I’m describing). He had decided to use his fame and money to bang this chick.

Anyway, she told me that he was not very good in bed. Well then, it is of course subjective, and then it goes back to a few years but … Nevertheless this is what she had told me.

After sex, she showed me the SMS he sent to her … and I must say that he was quite needy. It was almost ridiculous. He, a footballer of the team of Marseille, famous yet at the time and rather fit had problems to bang a waitress? It’s hard. These guys must have all bitches at their feet.

With that said, she did not say anything about the size of his penis. She was respectful. I forgot to ask her if they did weird things in the bed.

So now, can we say that Valbuena freaks like that because he is scared that all France realizes that he is not good in bed while watching his sextape? It’s just a theory, but the question is worth asking.

Seriously, me if I had a sextape, I’d be proud of it. It would make me some free publicity. We would see how much I’m not bad and even more chicks would contact me via my blog to orgasm with me.

Besides, she was filmed how and by whom, this sextape? And how did she get into the hands of Benzema’s friends?

Anyway, don’t worry too much, Mathieu. It’s been years since I want to see the sextape of Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf) and I have not found it yet. So well…

No, seriously, just a review to finish. If the choice is between Benzema and Valbuena for the French soccer team, I prefer Valbuena. More regular. I hope this story will end well. But I hope I will understand one day why did he leave Russia so fast ? An orgy that turned badly ?

But in any case, such a grudge in the France team would be too harmful. The balance of a team is more due to the atmosphere than to individual talents. So if we really come to this extreme, we will have to do without Benzema. That’s what I think, anyway.

Oh well. And maybe we will get even better.

The good point for him, it will leave him free time to bang Rihanna. I’m sure she makes him hard since she wrote him a tweet.

Look, I’m also sure that I’m a better lover than him. Sextapes contest when you want, guys! Rihanna to decide between us.

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