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Openers : The most effective for chatting on the Internet


There are many sites of seduction advice that want you to believe that an effective sentence and original on the Internet is, for example, to send the name of the girl (“Sarah!”) In fact this approach is basic shit and, besides, all the guys do it because they read these stupid sites that copy each other so it’s more crap. As a result, we will now see the best opener phrases to chat on the Internet.

Note before starting your reading that I had already given here the most effective openers that I know to flirt in the street and in nightclubs. These two articles about openers complement each other very well.


The best of all openers

It would be a phrase that teases the girl, uses the context (her description, interests or photos) and makes it easy to sexualize the interaction later.


The best of all openers is a personalized opener, invented BY you FOR the girl you want to seduce. Such an approach has the advantage of encouraging you to put conviction into your words.

Many guys repeat in bars or on the street my catch phrases to flirt… and then complain that it does not work: it’s because it does not match you, does not reflect your real intentions, in short, there is no conviction.

It’s like when you copy and paste my profile to flirt on the Internet : the girls spot 100 kilometers away that there are inconsistencies between what you claim to be, and what you really are. The bottom line is that I can give you some leads but not do the job for you. I give you stuff but you have to write your openers and write your profile yourself.

Let’s go back to the catch phrases: there are delicate situations. Sometimes the girl’s profile is empty or sometimes you are just not inspired. What to do in these cases?


Impersonal but effective catchphrases

On Tinder, you can use the fact that the application notifies “Sarah and you have indicated that you like each other” to send “Lucky! We said we like each other! ”

Similarly, on all sites and dating apps, there is a way to adapt. On Adopteunmec, they say “Machine offers you the opportunity to chat with her. Do not hesitate to send her a message to try to land in her basket! “You can divert this message” Fabrice offers you the opportunity to chat with him. Do not hesitate to send him a message to try to land in his bed!”

If the profile of the girl you want to seduce is empty, you can tease her about the fact that her profile is empty. You see, there is always something to do to get out of the game…

If you want to make the girl feel guilty about not sending the first message “Hello! I wish you had sent the first message but noone is perfect…”

That being said, the most straightforward open I use is, “I’m just suggesting we meet, and why not go to bed together if we feel like it, without any ulterior motive or no outlet.” It’s very clear but at the same time I show that I am not half-illiterate so I also sell myself at the same time. It’s infinitely better than an umpteenth “hello, wanna fuck? ”


Openers to avoid absolutely

It is absolutely necessary that you avoid sending “hello how are you?” That’s really the worst shit you could do. Sorry to tell you so frankly…

I know most of the guys who write that are nice and that’s good intention but… it does not work that way because of the hundreds of other guys doing exactly the same thing!

I advise you to read this article where I show you what girls receive as messages on dating apps. It will allow you to take a step back on things to improve your seduction game.


Openers phrases that advise you almost all sites of seduction but I find stupid :

“Usually, I’m allergic to Coke but you seem to drink well on your photo so I want to drink with you.” A shit by Selim! Personally, I find that too needy…

Note, he did worse, he advises to start a conversation with “Wagner or Mozart?” Yes, that’s smart, but given the IQ of some girls, they will probably ask in which football teams play these two attackers.

“Hello, how are you” ? Or “Hi, what are you doing tonight?” Advised by Fabien are to be avoided too. The first is a message that girls receive 100 times a day from guys who are used to being ignored and the second is totally “dude in heat”. So, yes, simplicity can have its charm… but not if it is confused with the lack of originality.



For further

To go even further, I advise you to read my ebook: Secrets for seducing on the Internet (a guide to make your profile and send good first messages on sites and dating apps).

Go, enjoy this article and the exclusivity of the openers that I just revealed to you before they come to copy me, you find my openers everywhere and all the guys use them! 😉

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How to create a good profile for Tinder?

description tinder

The first thing you need to understand is that, the online dating, it is very close to marketing. Certainly, on Tinder, there are surely bigger guys, better dressed, richer and sexier than you… but if they do not manage to sell themselves, they will have less success. You have your own qualities, your own weapons, so you can showcase yourself and learn how to attract women’s attention on dating apps.

I will now explain how to create an attractive profile on Tinder (photos + description) ! The following is obviously valid for other dating apps like Happn, Lovoo, Once and so on…

Setting the application

First, the more you live near a large city, the more likely you are to meet women (statistically). For my part, I configure the research to be put in contact with girls between 18 and 35 years old. And for geolocation, I say that I want them at a maximum distance of 15 kilometers (I do not want to cross France just because a girl said she wanted to go have a drink with me).

Then, know that Tinder offers a fee-paying formula and a free use (50 likes per day). So, I do not advise you to pay to have more likes… 50 a day, that’s ample enough to fuck a girl or two per week.

Finally, keep in mind that there are some very beautiful women on Tinder. And, although the application has the reputation of facilitating one night stands, not all registered women are looking for sex without a future. There is really everything on Tinder: those who want a “serious” relationship, those who just want to have sex, those who keep their feet firmly on the ground but are closed to nothing, those who will speak to you for three weeks then you will delete without another form of trial the day before the date because of the fear of meeting a total stranger, etc. Avoid at all costs the babes who are only there for their ego and count their matches without ever meeting any guys.

Photos are important

Many seductive advice sites tell you to only upload between 2 and 4 photos to maintain the mystery. I do not know where this legend comes from (a guy had probably written this shit day then they all copied) but I do not agree with them: put the maximum.

In addition, each photo must have meaning, and be consistent with your description. Show that you know pretty girls, that you have a social life, that you go in for sports, and so on.

But be careful, avoid topless photos taken in your bathroom with the toilets as a background, avoid pictures where you are drunk, where you kiss the chicks, etc. If you want to show off your muscles, have a photo taken by a buddy while practicing a sport. If you want to show that you have a social life, make a beautiful smile on the picture. If you want to show that you are successful with chicks, make sure the girls seem to “chase” you in the photos. Pictures with animals or with a young child (if it’s not yours)  that’s cool!

It is important that users can identify you. So do not put pictures of yourself, unrecognizable at the bottom of the image, diluted in a crew of friends. The first photo should be a portrait of you (the best you have), good quality, with a stylish filter to attract the eye (eg black & white).

Know that even if you put 5 photos of you where you are sexy and a bizarre picture (so eliminatory), girls are very likely to dislike you. The babes have a choice because there are so many sex-starving men (and they do not yet know your value), so we must assume that they do not take risks.

The description on Tinder

The description on Tinder seems to me to be important to stand out because most guys do not write anything.

But, be careful, avoid at all costs the romantic cliché sentences (written by you or not) and also avoid to list all your social networks like a teenager. “There is nothing more precious in this world than the feeling of existing for someone”… thank you! By the way, do not say this kind of false banality to start a conversation with a woman with the hope of being thought of as a lover.

Also do not make a description like there are already too much lookalikes “Hi it is Julien (we saw it on your profile already), I am 28 years old (we saw it too) and I want a beautiful meeting (how original!)” Also avoid absolutely the stuff seen over and over again like “young millionaire very beautiful and intelligent, seeks woman who does not believe everything she reads.” I think it’s very bad !!!

Instead, use a powerful sentence, such as a hijacked advertising slogan.

Above all, assume that you are on Tinder to seduce, so do not write “my best buddy registered me, wait and see, I do not really believe in Tinder”. This kind of shit makes women run away because assuming is one of the keys to seduction!

Other important things:
– Do not specify your size… I fin dit ridiculous.
– Talk positively about your job.
– Do not neglect spelling… if necessary, pass your text in a word processing software before publishing it. Avoid abbreviations, conjugate verbs correctly, use punctuation.
– Be creative.
– Ask yourself what the girl could use into your Tinder profile to feed the conversation?

Finally, I show you another of my profiles so that you can be inspired by my description (but be careful not to copy me stupidly because you are not me then it could turn against you when you meet the chicks) :

To go further with the online dating, I propose:
– My guide “Secrets for seducing on the Internet
– The module 4 of my Formation Cyprine “Online dating”

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Men on Tinder: decoding their profiles

Men on Tinder decoding their profiles

After a whole night spent on Tinder watching guys profiles, I can tell it is not awesome.

I think it is important to see what others are doing in order to stand out effectively.

We’ll see the profile types that bloom on Tinder through 15 categories (sometimes some belong to several categories). I’ll tell you what profiles are good ideas (you score points) and which ones should be avoided (you lose points) within each category.

If you are looking for inspiration to create your profile, or you if do not currently match with many girls, this presentation will enlighten you surely. If you already are successful, then the bad examples will just make you laugh (it’s good for you)! It should be noted here that it is not to be, and sometimes if you have not been receptive to a profile, others may be.

Girls have the right to give their opinion in the comments, but they are not secure from being the subject of a future study, too! 😉


Type profiles:


1 / those who write something funny as a catchphrase

There, it’s make or break. It is still advisable to avoid looking like a weirdo.

Asking a question after his joke may be a good way to initiate a dialogue, to receive instant messages from girls.

Warning: self-mocking, that’s fine, but on condition to do not devalue yourself.

Good example:

– “They call me elephant. I have a huge… memory. ”


2 / those who assume

Even if one just wants sex, it is advisable to do not say this explicitly because of social pressure. Be clear without being vulgar.

In this case, the photo, is really important.

Keep the writing neat, and the spelling too, absolutely.

And finally, when you assume, assume all the way… especially after, on the chat, with the girl. Nothing is more ridiculous than a guy who gets cold feet!


3 / those who do not assume

It is those who are trying to reassure the girls, talking as if women did not like sexfriends (basing on limiting beliefs) while spitting in the face of people who are just free… they do not deserve our respect because, in addition, it is often hypocritical. These are those who say “I’m not a dog, I’m better than those who think about sex.”

My advice :

– Do not lie about your intentions because your believe that the chicks do not like sex.

– You must also stop belittling people who are on Tinder, especially when you’re on Tinder too. Do not say you are there “just to see”.

– Do not ask girls to send the first message. If one is on Tinder, so let’s play the game.

– Assuming is a key to seduction, so this category is counter-productive.


4 / those who believe in the charming princess

On Tinder I found a distressing thing: a lot of guys start playing the holier-than-thou like chicks. They were contaminated …

My advice :

– Stop denying your sexual impulses, like thinking that sex is dirty. Especially since most guys say that sex is bad to be thought of as gentlemen… to actually fuck the chicks!

– Do not show that you are desperate. Even if one is sincere in his approach! Give a rather positive image of you!

– Do not write sad stuff to try to go for a romantic ( “I’m a wounded man …”) but that in fact just show that you have not forgotten your ex.


5 / the “not original”

For example, many that say “do not worry, we say we met at the wine bar / museum / supermarket, etc. ”

This kind of stuff shows that they especially do not assume.

Those who say “I am beautiful rich and intelligent, and I want a girl who understands the second degree humour” it’s the same!

These things were maybe a good idea one upon a time but it was too relayed by people and now it shows a lack of originality.

Avoid geeky stuff. And the stuff found on bad seduction sites.

“I do not bite… or if I do, it’s nicely! “Another thing we found on thousands of profiles!


6 / those who are too demanding

It is those who allow themselves to write a list of criteria: she must be beautiful (blonde, tall, big boobs…), smart (but less than me), she likes a certain artist, a filmmaker, she has a good sense of humor and she sends the first message. But if she says “hello how are you? “I next her.

My advice :

– Do not be aggressive directly.

– Do not sound too pretentious.

– Having a list of criteria to fill you will make you miss many nice girls.

– A meeting is mutual adaptation. Everyone must make an effort.


7 / those who shouldn’t have writen anything

It’s always better to attract attention by writing something, but sometimes it’s better to do nothing if we are not able to make a correct thing.

My advice :

– Do not start with “I do not know what to say,” especially if you have something to say later.

– Avoid anything that might suggest that you have nothing to say.

– Do not write negative things about you. As such you are poor or that  you only use Tinder in the toilets, it gives a bad picture of you! Although it’s pretty funny.

– Do not make huge monologues or big text blocks. It’s discouraging.

– Those who do not put pictures or not a picture of them, are also taking a bad start. Damn, a girl should be zoophile to like the photo of an emu!


8 / those who play it “Keywords”

At least that way, there’s no words so it’s difficult to make mistakes in these conditions (although some get there).

The success of these profiles surely depends on the mindset of the girl who sees it, if she belongs to the “hashtag generation,” why not. But this is not ideal!

It is yet less boring to read than the big text blocks.


9 / those who probably do not know how to write so use emoticons instead

Avoid, it’s not very seller and it feels really “teenage/kid”.

In addition it does not always make sense.


10 / those who use quotes because they can not speak for themselves, or have nothing to say

Anyway, always assume that these are quotes by putting “quotes”.

The good side is that it allows you to sort if people know this or that film. Same culture in theory = common discussion topics.

Avoid looking like a vulgar guy like bawdy song.

When hyper-known tricks are used, it just shows that the guy cannot speak for himself and has no inventiveness.

Choose a citation adapted to the context, on Tinder. There’s personal development quotes that are well suited. Example: “The best way to predict the future is to create it” for passive babes who are waiting for Prince Charming to do all the work for them.


11 / those who advance strong arguments

It is those who, to sell themselves, put forward a well-chosen quality supposed to seduce girls.

My advice :

– Avoid “hello how are you” and “I am not wicked.”

– Say that one knows how to cook, especially pancakes or pasta, you should know that it is quite common.

– I’m not a fan of writing down your size and weight in the description. It looks like these men are either boastful or complexed.


12 / those who play the “poets”

Avoid cliché ellipsis “…”

Although we can say true things, it’s often ridiculous. Do not write stuff that you could not assume in front of your friends.


13 / those who play the “rebels”

It is those who want to take the opposite view of classic profiles using irony. The girl needs to be able to interpret the lines as humor then do not be too hardcore.

My advice :

– Do not show hatred or frustration in your profile on Tinder.

– The best is when it’s easy, funny and powerful, like “I love the spinach at the canteen. ”


14 / those who play the card of mystery

Putting pictures where we never see your face, it’s not very seller.


15 / those who have read my ebooks and play the “PUA”

For more tips, have a look to my ebook about online dating : Secrets for seducing on the Internet !

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How to find partners for threesomes ?

How to find partners for threesomes

It’s crazy how, today in France, it’s hard to find a partner for a threesome. I have tried almost everything and this is my conclusion.

In the bars, you get looked like fools when proposing a threesome with a girl. Or, some women are interested but disappear on the dancefloor with their girlfriends. It is well known, leak is the easy way …

On OnVaSortir, I organized a “sexy card game” party. I proposed to play and that, when someone loses, he or she would remove a garment… until underwear (I was reasonable). Well, my party and my account were deleted in less than two days. The excuse given to me is “the party should not be illegal.” I did not know it was illegal to play cards in lingerie during summer. OVS is a site that claims not to be a dating site, but it still has a function to scroll through pictures of members to see with who you can have a match. Bad faith, when you hold us…

On AdopteUnMec, I created a female profile (free – the problem may come from there) with the photo of my accomplice. I made a description as if it was her who was keyboard saying she was trying to make a 3some. We then added babes “as friends” and we proposed to join us. In two days, we found 3 or 4 interested girls. It seemed promising… but even on this site, which yet officially encourages women and men to let it go and have fun, we were rejected. Their excuse is that the profile was not consistent with the TOS. Damn but it does not hurt anyone and it even gives pleasure to their “clients”! Do they really want the happiness of their members or they just want to do business? When one wants to play the “cool”, one assumes all the way if wants to be credible!

On Netechangisme, there is almost no girls alone. These accounts are usually fakes or they are so stressed they do not respond. It has not worked either! In the libertine clubs, is the same thing. There are very few women. And those who are are usually just a couple. The world of debauchery if one is not a single woman or a couple that wants to swingers, it is not awesome! On the other hand, for 4somes, it is awesome!

The only dating app that allowed us to make 3somes is Tinder… By looking for girls who like girls, and writing in the description that we are a couple looking for a playing partner, we had a lot of matches. Then we were very direct “interested in a threesome ?” As usual, many got cold feet at the last moment, but we still found several who enjoyed playing with us.

I still find it shameful to be censored like that. The 3some is the fantasy of more than one / two men and more than one / four women. So why should it be a taboo like that? I think this is because most people do not fulfill their desires because they are often accompanied by a sense of guilt. They could not let people quietly enjoy their lives? Who decides what is normal or not, seriously? Who benefits from this moral and ambient judgment that makes that most people are tight-asses who think they know everything? I guess people prefer talking than acting.

If you have a friend who wants to make a threesome with you, here’s my advice. Try to fuck unknown with who you will have no more contacts after. Some people like to do this with people they know but the two main fears of the girls when they propose a threesome WWM is that the boy prefers the other girl and that it changes the relationship with her friend.

They are people who also refused, saying that it must happen “naturally”. This is of course an excuse because the idea excites them but they apprehend. And the more they have time to stress, the more they are likely to get cold feet by giving you a shitty excuse.

The idea is that you both must love the idea of plurality or exhibitionism, you must do it for you, and the third person is, in this scheme, just a toy. But a toy that is welcomed and enjoys during the party, anyway.

However, if you are a guy or a couple, this will be your job to you to search and cause your chance. In 6 years on the field, no couple ever asked me to come with them and no girl ever came to ask me to fuck her and her roommate (btw that would be very exciting).

Technically, I think it is easier to make a good WWM than a good MMW because women have much less performance anxiety. Indeed, during MMW orgies, lots of guys have trouble staying hard. But as there are more M than W on this market, some straight guys are ready to masturbate cocks for a shot with a girl.

In fact, a threesome MMW is interesting, in my opinion, only if:
– The guys are bisexual (in this case everyone gets off equally);
– If the man’s straight but likes to see his girlfriend with another guy as long as he participates (it’s called candaulisme but it’s pretty rare);
– You’re taking a girl who is just a sexfriend with a bro (for fun).

A girl who seeks sex with several guys for herself can be afraid of being thought of as a whore and of not being able to walk for a week after because taking too hard. She also may have bad porn film image in mind, or even trash ones with double penetrations, etc. This is less the case as part of a threesome with another girl because she can always claim that she did it just to please you. But I think you both need do it if you really want it. The idea is not that you fuck two chicks it’s three people who make love together.

There is another risk: that after the act, it is you who starts seeing your girlfriend as a slut. That’s why I do not advise you to do MMW with your girlfriend. For the girls, it’s different because the girls are generally more jealous if you have feelings for a girl than if you just fired a shot with another. But here, it really is the penetration that makes us jealous, in general (cf. evolutionary psychology).

That said, if your sexfriend is hot and free, it will not hard to find a second guy. There will be no real challenge, if only not to take the first comer but to choose one that will meet the situation and that will not be there just to get laid with her regardless of your presence. Also he must not be there to make a dick contest. If you are afraid of the comparison, do not start there, it could make you depressed.

Some guys really take pleasure watching their girlfriend getting fucked by another one. If you get to be completely free of jealousy, this is a chance, but this is not the case for everyone! I think there are also a lot who are swingers just to get a new girl and too bad if their girl is fucked by another boy in exchange (they enough fucked her anyway). It is not the healthy debauchery, that! Anyway, this kind of experience can also reconcile and reunite a couple.

In conclusion, if you are a woman, you will probably be sought everywhere. Do not miss your chance just because you are afraid (that’s normal it’s adrenaline): it’s a magical experience! If you are a couple, I recommend Tinder, and good news it’s free… If you are a single guy : or you have friends in the libertine environment, or you must find fuckfriends!

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4 types of text messages you should never send

4 types de textos à ne jamais envoyerWhat are the 4 most common mistakes that guys make in their texting?

The following mistakes annihilate any attraction and communicates the guy who sends it is sexually desperate. Are you making some of them?

If you now avoid these four common mistakes in your first exchanges with women, you will see that they will answer you more often and your success rate will increase.


Mistake # 1 – Sending short but not original messages

I’m thinking of the kind of messages “hi how are you?” Or “what’s up?”

I would almost say it is better to send nothing than writing that shit so much it communicates bad things about you.

It’s so… so commonplace! I remind you that in Pick Up Artist, there is the word “artist.” I thus advise you to try to do better than the crowd, if only on principle. You must be different!

On the other hand, this is against a good idea to restart the conversation about something positive that you talked about when you met the girl. If it was on a dating site, it’s even easier: you can continue the conversation like if nothing had changed. You just have to answer the last message you received on the website but by text directly after she gave you her number and the transition will be a good one (the girl too I hope for you).


Mistake # 2 – Asking too many questions

If there are more than two “?” In your text message, then it is too much. It would really seem too needy after.

Too many questions and girl would feel like in an “interview.” Know they all hate the interview mode in a date. Besides, I also hate it when a girl is trying to force the conversation with me by doing it.

But you can do the same thing by making statements or diverted questions. Such as: “I wonder if you love pasta.” Or, “I hope you had many orgasms last night” (just kidding but you got the idea).


Mistake # 3 – Being needy and naive

The needy guys do not fuck much. Period !

So yes you may feel that this girl is so special that you have to quickly open your heart to her. But damn, regardless of the circumstances: you must resist the urge to prematurely tell her how much you like her.

Normal women do not like being put under pressure like that and if you do a “Ted Mosby”, know that it will make them flee. This expression comes from How I Met Your Mother, because in an episode before he was supposed to fuck a girl, Ted believed maximizing his chances by saying “I love you.” Result: he had no sex because she was scared.

It also reminds me of the story about Jerome the 28 year old virgin who thought finally having sex with a girl. She was at his place and everything was good and instead of destroying her ass he broke the sexual tension by saying “I am already in love with you” (it was not a joke)… he met her less than 48 hours earlier. It, once again, had the effect of scaring the girl.

Fuck, in a goal situation, do not start thinking back to the times when your mom told you “women are looking for love and a good husband.” Maybe so, but in such circumstances, a girl especially wants a dick in her pussy.


Mistake # 4 – Sending too long text messages

The first texts were limited to 140 characters and it was fine.

Girls do not want to read an essay, at least not at the beginning of your relationship. Especially if you write like a goat. Send text messages rather short, catchy and make women talk!

If you are able to make them write more than you (in quantity and/or number of messages) then you own the interaction. It will be a very good sign!


Concrete example

I now will give you an example of the first text I sent to a girl I met in the street and I fucked after. I wrote two days after the numclose “So you are studying in St Etienne and you come back the weekend in Lyon if I followed? I’m in my office now… I hope you had a good weekend and the bar where you went out on Saturday night was good J”

Analysis: I restarted the conversation directly about what we talked about and I think I communicated rather positive things. I also tested the waters to see when we could undress each other. She responded by describing me her night out and by telling me when she was in Lyon and she also asked me questions about me. We texted during one week with one or two messages per day and I fucked her the following weekend.

Remember this advice I give very often: Strike while the iron is hot and try to meet up with her again soon! Your chances in general decrease with time.


Ah, I almost forgot: it’s not worth signing your text message with your name. She is supposed to remember you. At least, you should not seem in doubt because you’re supposed to be an alpha male who is used to be remembered.

Oh and it goes without saying but do not send 50 texts to a girl who is not answering you.

This is the end of this short article on texting. It was very basic but it cannot make time wrong to return to basics sometimes. See you soon !

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10 details for selecting my targets on Adopt


I share with you today the 10 most important things I look for to decide if I will contact a girl on Adoptawomanizer or not (I will not say usual things like “the feeling”).

1/ Either I use the Quick Search (most often): I alternate between “new” and “old” profiles, as I’m running ages. Either I pass by the page “research” and I open them all and then I send a charm to the beautiful babes who visit my page in return (or I expect instant messages).

2/ The first criterion I look at is the distance. In general, I put 10 km. For a girl, driving a big distance to fuck a stranger (who will probably be disappointing), it’s not easy, she would really have many reasons. It would take a lot of effort…

3/ Photos: she must have a cute face and multiple photos on which she doesn’t look closed. She must be my style too, the riffraff (even if they are pretty): I zap. I know very well that I would have no connection with them (they like feather dusters like David Luiz or the footballer style like Griezmann – sorry but even if a cock can fit into a pussy, everyone is not compatible with everyone). I am wary of too-hot pictures stinking fake like I am wary of too alluring descriptions. I like to see a little natural pictures that show what the person looks like in real life, and a genuine description.

4/ Since the goal is still to fuck, I look at her body and especially the ratio height / weight. Ten kilos less than the size (like 1m70 for 60kg) it’s OK. 15 is ideal. 20 it’s either brilliant or disastrous (anorexia). I look at her figure, like “balanced, sporty”: it shows how she sees herself in her mind.

5/ She must having been connected on the last 48 hours. I do not want her to answer me in 6 months.

6/ I look at her description. All those who are beginning to put “the sex-starved disengage”, “no sex friends”, “I’m not an easy girl like other chicks on this site I respect myself and I have values” or any other kind of caveat: I zap. It will probably be a pain in the ass to fuck. She probably will be a pain in the ass period : so much hatred toward men and sex makes me flee. “I’m looking for my one true love”… can you tell me what it is plz ?

I also zap when it is not assumed like “I do not believe in dating sites” or “just here to see” or “a friend registered me.” She will probably never meet anyone on the site. Or a slacker who will bear her shitty attitude and will need three months to have sex with her (it will be bad and she will not call him back after) and during that time I will already have chained 15 one night stands and found two awesome fuckfriends among them.

I also next the sectarian ones like “only blond” or “only more than 1m80” (when you know that the girl is 1m60, you laugh) or “only Muslims please.” Because the attraction is not really based on that, you truly must have a closed mind to think otherwise.

I finally zap the teenagers, those who think we should support them whatever happens “I warn you I am very boring well it’s normal I am a girl” and those who cannot write correctly. I hate morons, and it’s a shame for me because there are many. Some will say that just for a sex session I don’t care but frankly I would share nothing with such chicks so…

7/ I send a “outgoing / teasing” first message so I can see if she has a sense of humor. It is a test for her. I use either her description or her photos for the first message. When there’s nothing to do, I bounce on the fact that her profile is empty. I do not send a standard crappy message like “hello how r u?” Last thing, the more her sexo his column is filled, the more I approach directly.

8/ I send a second message that starts sexualization. I see if she fit into my game or if she blocks.

9/ I feelers to meet quickly enough (maximum the following week in general). If she begins postponing or inventing shitty excuses like what that’s impossible to meet up, “I am in Shanghai for six months” or “not so fast”… I zap.

10/ If it does not come directly over (or invite me to her place) despite I explained my intentions, we have done a bit of comfort, and I have a minimum excited with my pen :
– Or her reasons are admissible and we meet up in a neutral location not far from one of us, she has the right to be prudent and to test me and everything but I hate when stupid principles hinder spontaneity ;
– Or I know it’s just a way for her to postpone the day she lay in the water and it simply will not work even if I move my ass out of my apartment and make efforts to reassure her, I zap.

It’s still a fucking big sort, I grant you, but I assure you that if you’re having 2-3 new interactions per day, at the end of the month there is a way to fuck half a dozen.

It also avoids a lot of disappointments. Or flakes. And other bullshit. There always always a few, but well…

Some chicks will surely insult me ​​by reading it, they will say that I judge too quickly, I do not give a chance luck to everyone, I cannot know them just through what they have written on a profile, etc.

This is partly true, but if cold reading exists and works it’s because we can “read” people roughly speaking rather quickly with an acceptable error rate.

What I can tell you is that those are MY personal criteria, and it works for me. I have already made exceptions for chicks without photos that approached me for example and I spoke to them but they sent me pictures anyway before we meet up.

I also watch other stuff like does she makes sport, what she reads, what kind of music she listens to… Finally, I am suspicious of those who put their name and surname as a nickname on the site, I find it weird.

I am not intolerant. I am demanding. What pisses off people is that we can quickly almost identify them while they all believe being totally unique and original.

Follow my advice and you’ll be in your warm place in their pussies. For more tips: Secrets for seducing on the internet!

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Why denigrating online pickup?

Why denigrating online pickupIs online dating effective ?

I do often read crap like these:
* “Real pickup is much better (street, work, sport, college etc.) than on the Internet …”
* “If there are so many people on the applications/dating sites it’s because they do not have the motivation/balls/skills to go SPU/NPU and meet people. ”
* “This is for the guys who do not have the courage to step out of their comfort zone and confront reality.”
* “In terms of results and personal satisfaction, the OD and the NPU/SPU have nothing to do.”
* “It requires less balls, and it is less euphoric.”
* “Seduce is a SOCIAL and HUMAN skill that is learned by confronting to the REALITY of gender relationships.”
* “When you pickup online, you cannot say you know the entire seduction process, so you cannot claim you’re a real seducer.”
* “The OD brings me much disillusionment and reinforce my behavior of supporter of the least effort, the more time passes the less I am good IRL.”
* “The virtual is a waste of time.”
* “Girls are easier online”; “There’s online ugly chicks online.”
* “These companies are capitalizing on the desperation of people shamelessly, and it disgusts me. So I refuse to give them my money and my time and contribute to make them live, just a question of ethic…”
* “I would not look for a serious relationship there. But for a FC if the 2 are OK…”

SPU = street pickup
NPU = night pickup
OD = online dating
IRL = in real life
FC = fuckclose (sleeping for the first time with a chick)

There’s a little intellectually limited guys who think the chicks they are fucking thanks to online dating are not real in real life. If I meet a girl on a dating site, she also meets me on a dating site. Now, I have a full life next door so she does too. QED.

There’s guys who think the online pickup is a brake on the development of the seducer. I do not agree. Indeed, a dating site removes a lot of barriers and allows direct access to the first date (but you still have to get it). But precisely, it helps to learn to be good on the first dates. Moreover, if we fuck the chicks after, it enable you to become more confident and thus to shine more in all other types of pickup. Finally, the first date or the sex are IRL therefore we must also like each other: BL and communication aspects come into play. These are not date in which we throw each one on the other when we meet: it happened to me a few times and it was not the coolest dates of my life.

Dating sites are only a tool to put two people in touch. Just like, the nightclubs. But, a month on a dating site is often as expensive as only ONE good night in a club. We can criticize companies that capitalize on singles but we can also criticize the mafia of the night that does exactly the same thing. The trick is to don’t fall in commercial drifts like offering virtual flowers to babes for the modest sum of $ 5, pff (they don’t care about virtual gifts lol)…

We have taken a number in the street, in a bar or on a dating site : then, phone game. Then we get, if all goes well, a first date. And finally, the rest happens IRL. Period. We also confronts the reality if we pickup on the internet, keep it in mind.

Why online dating would require less effort? To make a profile, etc. Granted: it’s easier to click on a mouse than finding HB in a particular place and a particular time. However, isn’t it a return on time and effort? And is it not therefore a form of intelligence? “Pragmatism”.

I also grant you that there are many girls (and guys) who are very unattractive, on dating sites, but neither more nor less than IRL. For those who are just looking for a sexfriend, and found a partner on the same wave length: this is perfect and the net can sometimes allow to be frank where there might be some misunderstandings IRL and therefore a heart broken in the end. For those looking for something else, a girl to carry their child, people with conversation, there is also stuff in stock. I have not only met chicks for a one night stand online.

The danger of online, it is losing touch with reality. Congratulations to those who draw their game with the online pickup but I give a yellow card to those who do only it by default. My opinion is you should include it to your whole game: we will always need a sms/chat game, but we must not forget reality because it inevitably comes back… and a few rakes in a bar allow to keep your feet on the ground. It must be used in addition to the real pickup! But “real” = ? the only not real pickup it’s the fake FC, right ?

But it is no different from SPU, or NPU, in the sense that if a player practices only it, he has not a complete game. It is not miraculous either, the OD, if you just come up and say “do you want to fuck?” You will not go far.

Picking up on the Internet, it is neither an act of cowardice or weakness, or even ease. This is the opinion of those who are not in and observe from afar those for who it works. The girls are not easier, but some of assume more online than in front of a stranger in the street. Why a solution nof ease? Because it generally works better than SPU? This is common sense, especially seen the climate with the attacks, terrorists and everything. Why weakness, because the legend says that girls are fat, ugly, full of problems? Stereotype, idea received, a red card.

Then, never believe the legends (my blog can be confusing): the net does not allow to get laid as soon as a girl visit our profile. There’s not on one side chicks of the bars/clubs and on the other side chicks who are registered on a dating site.

Seriously, can’t I smell a slight whiff of jealousy ? Those who succeed online and fuck a lot are just efficient. At one time, I read “yeah but in the night it’s easy it is cheating, the SPU is the only real thing.” This was already the exact same problem. These people do not assume so denigrate. It’s always a little bit a shame to be on a dating site, but a PUA must be better than that and assume.

Let’s keep in mind that the point of the pickup is still to meet and fuck beautiful women. Not to stir the air for the sake of art. However, the time invested for dates got from the OD cannot be carried over the SPU/NPU and if in addition we fuck the chicks: envy when we go out on the field has inevitably diminished.

There’s also people for whom it is a matter of common sense to practice on the Internet:
– Those who have a job and no time (or a good schedule) to do SPU nor too much NPU except on Saturday night;
– They can pickup at the same time they do something else on the computer or on their phone;
– They like to write, it is their strong point;
– To screw the married women;
– If they are suffering from school phobia or agoraphobia (this was my case);
– Etc.

There’s plenty of chicks that will connect online because do not like bars/clubs (do not drink alcohol/do not use drugs) are practicing chicks sports, studies where there are only girls and gays, have a taking work. So, remains the street and the internet to fuck them… what is the probability to cross them in the street? Low. But are they worse than women met IRL ? No. Clearly not.

Furthermore, I see no reason why the percentage of fuckable chicks would be higher in the street or the subway than on the Internet? I observed around me the other day and my conclusion is: there’s not much fuckable woman if you take away the old, ugly, fat, chicks in a relationship and faithful, etc. I like to venture outside the circle (which I always find too small) but between fucking a 6 met in the subway and a 9 met on the Internet, the choice is quickly made!

Communicating by networks, virtual message and conveying emotions, communicating in writing, it is a part of the social dynamics that is playing an increasingly important role in today’s society. It would be stupid to don’t use it. It’s easier to develop an idea by writing than to repeat it all the time if you want to use it in a big scale. Additional argument: all times, humanity has written kinky letters. Although this written communication is different from the rest of the game and still a minority, do not denigrate it because it basically communicates the same messages than the other Game schools. Rather denigrate those who took refuge in a particular segment of these dynamics but who claim to know everything (which is right of course for the online, but also for the NPU and SPU).

I know here in Lyon people who practice only SPU (you do not know why they do not even come to NPU). They have no job and do that all day. The guy I know has done it since September and has just got 1FC (in 4 months). Yeah, he’s good in the street… so what? During this time they are out of breath in the street, I have FC 18 girls and have been good at work.

I’d say these guys criticize opportunistic guy like me because they are jealous (just like the guy who says a HB8 is a 6 if she doesn’t want him but is she wants him she is a 10 it is bad faith). They want to play and the cocky men but they do alone a dick contest: I’m the strongest even if I fuck less because I approach “for real” (because me, of course, I approach “for wrong”). That’s their problem if they want to find shitty excuses for their failure.

There’s chicks that make a profile on the Internet only to feel desired. OK, but they are people in the street that will take your number with kindness too. And you’ll never meet them again! There’s not only fakes and sluts. There’s it’s true a lot of sites where there are hostesses (fake profiles) but hey need to sort before registering, it’s like when you go to a bar where there’s only balls.

This should be beneficial to the moaners who practice in the street because they have less “competitors” on the field. So I do not see where is the problem for them …? Must explain to me … that’s where we understand that their reaction is irrational, like hatred is in general. They may be afraid that we fuck the chicks online and then in the street they don’t want them anymore? Must move with the times, too. I know guys who pride themselves to have no phone. It is ridiculous too.

It’s a bit like those who make their living on the net. Why criticizing? Good for them (they earn €, I fuck HB7/8/9/I never give 10). They may be smarter than us, we, the idiots employed by an asshole.

Snipe in the interview I recorded, talks about online dating. So if one of the best PUA of France says it’s good, it’s not lamdbas guys on a well known forum that will have the last word and that will make me change my mind. Cajun and David de Angelo agree too. Personally, I’ve until 6 FC in a month online, it’s good. Call me liar, if you want, we will good laugh during my third diary when I will publish the evidence! Meanwhile, here are my tips and routines to get laid online!

The bottom line. Denigrating the online pickup is in my view the same level of false beliefs than “ugly girls are easier to fuck than beautiful ones.” It would be logical but wrong because when you say so you think like if we could remove everything that is fear, complexes, principle of coherence, etc. Online, theoretically, we should be able to fuck more than we do but the fact is they are ashamed to be on a dating site too, they are afraid, etc. You need a high level of persuasion to bring a chick directly are your place. In terms of quality, you have to learn too, first of all the rule of the 10kg (always at least 10kg of difference between her size and weight – 1m70 60kg okay, 1m70 55kg she is very hot 1m70 70kg noooooooo), several photos are needed too or try to find her FB.

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Facebook vs Phone

There are plenty of players who refuse to use Facebook. Or to upload their picture on it. For me, Facebook is yet a good source of fuck-closes. And not being on this market, makes these guys more marginal than anything else. Warning : of course, use Facebook to your advantage, because there are many pitfalls! But the game is worth the candle. This is only my opinion. Anything that can make you get in touch with chicks is good for your game.

Why should you use Facebook?

– To remember the girls that we took contact. By typing their phone number into the search bar, you can easily find their profile (a lot have given their number to FB). You can take directly their FB too, which is less intrusive than phone number (they so give it more easily) but it’s the same in practice as they receive notifications on their mobile. For alcoholics, it can be used to realize that they actually have kissed a yucky chick last night in a bar and do not recall her.

– No need to take more than one contact to find and close the whole group to whom we spoke. Then you can make a batch invitation in an event, something like “big orgy for Fab’s birthday.” Convenient ! It’s also a good way to be easily invited at private parties!

– It allows to stay in touch with chicks who live far away from you. It prevents their numbers rot at the bottom of your phone, exceeding the expiration date because the calls abroad are expensive! In addition, they can meanwhile fantasize about your life and your photos! Then one day, if they come back in your town, maybe they will send you a message!

– It helps for making a large-scale social proof. I do not suggest you to take your picture surrounded by bottles of alcohol at 100€ the bottle at the back of a nightclub as some do. But rather to let ostensibly visible messages of girls on your wall, post holidays pictures that can make them wet, which will of course be commented by a lot of people!

– It allows you to fill information: I do not suggest you become a cyber stalker! But knowing who your friends in common with your target or when she goes “single” on FB is always useful information that help you to better calibrate!

How to use Facebook?

– Use it as a tool to create an identity. What you want to communicate with chicks! Be your own community manager! As explained in my ebook about online pickup, the goal is to work on the marketing of yourself!

– Be active! Post simple and fun stuff (it avoids going creepy). If it goes up in smoke delete it or leave it sink into the history of your page (in I don’t care mode and I assume I don’t give a shit about your tight-ass opinion).

– Do not deprive yourself of posting images and videos. Or songs! Interact with people, even if it is not about you or something you’ve done, it can start conversations!

– Be active on the pages of others and they will be more likely to be active on your page!

– Keep your contacts: just like in an IRL interaction when you expect to be rejected, you do not eject yourself alone on FB. Here, do not delete your contacts (except the spammers and other fake profiles) but keep them under wraps. We never know. It happened to me that chicks talk to me more than a year after I added them. And I ended up making out with … I would have been a little stupid anyway to delete them! You can intelligently sort your contacts with the “lists” (Security Settings / more personalized visibility).

How to avoid that Facebook turns against you?

– Do not complain about your boss, your income, your taxes, your other personal concerns… Also avoid racist, misogynist, messages causing damage to human or animal dignity or promotion of illegal stuff … Your potential employers can fall over at any moment and even then it’s not very good for your image.

– Life is no shortage of reasons to depress us. Anyway, try to stay positive and fun on FB. Otherwise you might scare everyone (except depressed and depressing people). Also avoid messages that the only point is to draw attention to your spleen, like “how awful what just happened to me” and when people are worried about you answering “come on private message my best friend I do not want to tell everybody about it”. Why not talk to her in private directly to your BFF? Personally, I want to distribute slaps to such people.

– Avoid sham. Avoid clichés pictures with strangers. It’s a bit ridiculous and it only highlights the fact that you complex and need to prove that you can make out with girls… we all know that ¾ of the time you don’t make out with these girls, btw.

– Do not become a fan of cyber-babes. Do not like all their photos, not commenting with “waw beauty! “You are not a AFC, fuck! Your likes must have a value. Your comments even more.

– The chat is a good pickup tool but do not do shit with it. I mean that if you talk two minutes to chicks in a party and take their FB then once comfortably at your place you start your game. It’s a bit counterproductive! You will not fuck by interposed computer! Also avoid sending the same message to two friends … otherwise they could make fun of you, like both answering the same things or falsely warming you.

– It’s better to ask the FB of chicks instead of adding people who you did not dare to speak in the party. I mean, you still have to show that you have balls if you have not dared to approach this party for sure it’s easier on FB but that does not necessarily communicate good things about you! In case it is a girl with whom nothing links you (like a dummy profile found by chance in a group on FB), you have nothing to lose by trying … but the odds are low!

– Couples: Avoid sugary crap messages to your girlfriend. And avoid photos that spread your love to light (especially if she do not do the same). It sucks, and then you would be thought of a jealous pussy! Do not become paranoid by interpreting all the news on her wall as a threat to your relationship!

– Please, do not pollute the FB pages of your contacts by posting crap, inviting them to shitty games, by tagging them on stupid publications … etc. Even if you are a hottie, I could refuse to fuck you for that.

– Do not make FB become a full time job. It can quickly become addictive and time consuming! This must remain a communication tool.

– FB is less intrusive than phone calls (just like text messages). Though now there’s calls on FB that personally piss me off! In short, I find it’s better to manage your response time than being pressurized and sounded like Nestor by Captain Haddock when he wants his whiskey! Personally, it’s just the people lost to come to my place or who have something to tell me urgently who phone to me… everything else is organized by FB or texts.

Text messages type or prepared message on FB can help to warm chicks and set dates. Being a supporter of the least effort does not make you a man without balls as some claim on seduction forums (the anachronistic weirdos)! The calls, me and it pisses me off and in addition it is often bad news! So I sympathize with chicks and send them an texts or a message on FB. And I remain alpha because I’m not doing this out by cowardice but because I prefer.

Last warning : take good care of your spelling, if you prefer this option, you too! Unless you like picking up illiterate bitches.

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How to show to a woman her own contradictions

Patricia offers you the possibility of chatting with her. Do not hesitate to send a message to try to fill her shopping basket!

Patricia says: Unfortunately I think you have wasted one of your rare charms (I am flattered btw ;)) because it seems I am one of those girl stereotype, who takes relations upside down according to you and am tight-ass … Certainly because I fell only on bad lovers :)!

Fab answers: it’s your choice, but do not forget that by doing what you’ve always done … you will get the results you have always gotten.

Patricia says: What I always get me probably suits me ;)! But I cannot prevent myself to approach men like you thinking that I’m special enough to make them see things differently. But I would have to realize that I am not special;)

Fab answers : Yeah that’s it! It suits you so well that you give moral lessons on Adopt… so approach guys like me, as you say, and you will have lots of orgasms. Otherwise, every woman is special in one way or another… don’t worry!

Patricia says : I am not giving you lessons of moral :)! People are as they are and it is useless to invest energy to try to change them! Then if you’re happy that’s the most important !!! I would not waste my time to make you a lesson, you assume what you are and that’s what counts. I accept people as they are, I just know if they can bring me something good or not! If I condemned your way of life I would not have accepted your charm and praised the effort put in your description :)!

Fab answers : Welcomes therefore the effort I’ll put in licking your pussy now.

Patricia says: Haha I do not think so! But I don’t want to question your qualities as a lover 🙂

Fab answers: I HOPE SO, YEAH! 😉 Otherwise explain me why a girl like you is going to refuse free orgasms without judgment and with a guy who turns her on a minimum… is it a principle or there’s something else? Because it seems so stupid that I cannot conceive it so you would be nice to explain.

Patricia says: Let me clarify that I find you a little pretentious (I find it fun and at the same time I don’t know if I most want to see if you say the truth or to shut you up ;)). As you stated in your description, I’m locked in my principles;)! I believe that sex is important but the couple must already be a couple for that. And to be a couple we must have a minimum of connection before the act. With that said, I appreciate the idea that you do not prevent yourself from living something nice if it comes to you. Many men do not want to expose themselves to a normal relationship with a woman. I may also be very stupid 🙂 but I do not like this idea!

Fab answers: So, you have not been able to give me arguments and you are contradicting yourself in your paragraph. PS = of course that you want to check, deeply.

Patricia says: I have no argument except that I am what I am;).

Fab answers: So you transform a win-win scenario in a lose-lose scenario and you’re proud in addition? OK, you consider sex as important but to be a couple before. So why do a lot of couples break up because sex is bad? They go on dates during several weeks and then sleep together and it sucks then they will not meet up again. Wanting the guy to commit before sleeping with him reveals a lack of confidence in your ability to keep him after sex. This is not very encouraging…

Patricia says : I will not calculate the number of dates before sex, I’m not such a stereotype than that, thank you;)! It depends on the connections with the person. You are certainly right, I am not really confident even though I’m wonderful haha! But it’s because we fall on guys who make us believe things while they just want to undress our firm buttocks;)

Fab answers: Yeah and then you’re mad at them because they lied. But as you can see that the franchise does not work with you…

Patricia says: I am suspicious, that’s all! You pay the piper for your fellow, I cannot deny that and I do not hide it!

Fab answers: If you knew how I could repair a part of your mess, you might not give me the same speech. What could you lose by trying, by the way?

Patricia says : I don’t like to be taken for an idiot, if not be taken for a ham. It hurts my ego too badly, I have a minimum of pride! And then it makes me lose my confidence… what a vicious circle!

Fab answers: Yeah I understand that but the question is: What do you have to lose by coming enjoying with me? I’m not a stupid asshole : If you’re talking to me for an hour and everything it’s because you’re tempted a minimum…

Patricia says: This is not compatible with me.

Fab answers: You watch too many TV shows, you. It makes you answer stupidly.

Patricia says : Guilty !!!

Fab answers: Yeah, maybe you come to live in real life just one day. I wish you to fall on a dude who will make you discover another aspect of your own sexuality one day. But do not forget that you are in a competitive environment so the pain in the ass like you who contradict themselves and are full of rigid principles are bypassed by babes a little more flexible in their head who 1/know where is their interest and 2/dare to take the plunge. See ya

For more informations about how to handle this damned women’s logic : here.

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Funniest messages received on POF and FB

Like I said, I had created a fake profile on POF and FB (a girl). Here is the best-of of the messages I received with. I did not even have to provoke them nor to wait for a long time to be entitled to it! Enjoy !

“how u doing”

“hey whats up”

“Hey there what’s up”

“Hello 🙂 how are you??”

“Heyy, how are you?”

“Hey there beautiful 🙂 how’s it going?”

“Wanna be my girlfrien? I forgot the d because you can get that later”

“I find you attractive and I will cut the chase by asking that do want to discuss the proposition to meet tonight?”

“Sexy! 🙂 Good morning :)”



“hi u there”


“Hi! Up to anything crazy this weekend?”

“hi u so beautiful ^^”

“Hey you have such a beautiful smile”

“I’m Marc. I’m a few years older than you and not knowing if you had any preference of age range I figured I’d introduce myself anyway. Your profile doesn’t say a whole lot about your interests so I’m not sure what we might have in common.”

“Hey sweetie”

“look at that face”

“Bonjour love, how’s a chat,drink and food sound?”

“You look absolutely yummy. 😉 Where are you from?”

“Nice picture”

“Hey I just wanted to tell you that you have a gorgeous smile. My name is Joe it’s nice to meet you. How is your day going?”

“Hey, I hope you’re doing well. I just read your profile and I enjoyed what you had to say. I’m 43 years old, young at heart, fun and looking for an intelligent and attractive woman for an ongoing mutually beneficial relationship. Maybe you just need some spoiling and support each month. 🙂 I also enjoy meeting new people and I’m looking to find someone to hang out with for such things as dinners, drinks, shows or whatever else we both enjoy. It’s also very important to me that we establish some sort of friendship and connect on some levels. I would like to hear more about you. I’m also willing to send you a picture if you’re interested in talking. Please let me know how I can reach you to chat further. Talk to you soon. :)”

“sure u looove black cocks”

“hello can we make a friendship :)”

“Hieeee can I be ur frnd”

“peace luv unity”

“Life is going to be better when these is someone like u”

“Bonjour beauté 200euros pour une fellation (200€ for a blowjob)” from a old fat dude

“My lucky baby how are you ! You are very beautiful !”

“my awesome baby . I wanna see your sexy pics.”

“send it on private”

“Oh ya your very beautiful in your pitcher 😉

“Hello my favourite are you?”

“hey how is goin on life there:)?”

“Hi sexy you and i can go to town”

“i’m looking to this lady infront of me, sexy as it can be tonight i want a slut , would u be mine ? i heard u was freaky from a friend of mine now i hope u dont get mad at me, but i told nate u was a freak. he saids he wants a slut, hope u dont mind, i told him how u like it from behind ;)”

“hey babe how are you?x”

“Hello beautiful girl 🙂 my name is aytül I’m from turkey. How are you ? What is your job ? How old are you ?”

“hi how r u sexy”

“just got pulled over by a cop writing my first response to you. He gave me the whole “texting and driving” shit speech and was about to give me a ticket. But I showed him your picture and and explained what POF was. He let me off with a warning and said that I better get your number.”

“Ohhhhh sex…..”

“ewaths your nam”

“are you online honey”

“ciao bella” (or Spanish messages)

“ciao dolcezza”

“bonjorno come stai bene”



“If u or your friends ever want AMAZING weed…call or text me at XXXXXXXXXX any time of the day or night. Great quality and counts. Pickup only. Pass it on to anybody u know that smokes please and thank you:)”

“you can come to me in the summer to spend your holidays and I’ll show you my country “the” Morocco “””

My boyfriend and I noticed you on here and found you extremely attractive and down to earth. Would love to see if you would entertain the idea of getting to know a laid back couple for fun, adventurous times.”


Now, translation of French messages:

“hello i’m porn actor (dorcel tv) I guess we met there?! ;)”

“Hello I’m Stephane’s wife , thanks for not chating with him anymore”

Hello!! 07XXXXXXXX can be useful, or not, see you soon I hope!!!”

” Sorry I’m late”

“It’s hard to be interesting… I admit I work for the SNCF(French National Railway Company)… and you”

If you want to get acquainted with a mature and nice guy do not hesitate ;)”

” Hello, are you waiting for the prince charming?”

” I want to eat you!!!”

“You don’t like me :(?” It’s a first message, yes yes !

” Hello ! Are you coming from Venus ?”

Good evening,
I would like to get acquainted but I am quite hopeless to approach girls I think !
Anyway if you want to talk you are welcome.”

Hello your profile is really different from all the other profiles I have seen…”

“Hello how are you? My name is Arnaud. Sorry for the a little bit basic approach ^^.”

Nothing would more please me than discussing with you. Your profile hardly left me unmoved. I thus seize my keyboard to meet you with the hope that this short text tempts you to know a little more about me. Hope to read you soon”

“Hello miss.
I want to tell you that I’m not here talking to you because I have nothing else to do in life. I’m here because I’m looking for a serious and human relationship !”

“My initiative is simple and humble , my sobriety wants to get acquainted and why not meeting you while going out of this virtual world and promises you a world full of knowledge , smile, tenderness, respect, listening and more….”

Above all, I am anxious to specify that I am not a kind of “fat obsessed pig” or a weirdo….”

“Hello. I’m here.. Finally found you .. do you wanna marry me?”

“Hello, Yoann 23 I live with my dog the only female who lives with me :p can we talk?”

If you want we can discuss to see if we have common points.”

“yooooooooooooo what do we do tonight?”

” I had decided to try to pick you up because you are perfect but I am a little tired now so you’ll have to do the job for me”

Opened or closed?”

“hello I live in senegal.”

Hello, if by any chance you want to meet a beautiful and soft guy and not a horse of the whole, answer.” …………… “baby ?” ……………….. “???”

“hey honey”

“Hello I’ve already seen you in a party, unless she was your double lol “

“Your eyes are like a shotgun, I’ve no body amor but I’ll take the risk because you’re so hot ;)”

“Hello master!! I am subjected to the feet of the women… Fetishist of feet and shoes” … “I’m ready to pay to be the doormat of the girls..”

“I am a Cro-Magnon man”

You are too beautiful it’s serious!!! I’m melting”

“Woow very nice eyes perfect mamamia lol”

Hello I like you and wanna meet you , I know it is direct but nothing is compulsory it is a simple request”

“First time I send a friend request on FB to someone I don’t know not but Madam is really hot…. then I innovated!”

“Snapchat: XXXXX37 add me and you’ll see everything!!!”

“I would want to photograph you for my project of art “sublime machine” !!!”

Knock knock?”

“Naughty ?”


“u’re so ugly I want to kiss u…………….. ”

“hello can we talk ?”

“are you faithful ?……;-)”

“sorry for this intrusion but I find you so attractive with very sexy lip:-)”

“yo plz give me ur phone number to talk my name is mamadou”

“hello, did we already meet?? ^^”

Kisses of love and friendship “

“hello it’s me”

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything?”

I am depraved, I am going to humilitate you “

“hello where are you from? do you want a sexfriend?”

“If you don’t mind I would like you to do something I love??? always shave your pussy”


hey sexy, do you want to meet me ?? I am sarah , a 21-year-old Moroccan, and I have a webcam !!”

“you’re so hot… stay as you are”

“Do you like threesomes?”

“I kiss you everywhere”

“Lache moi ton phone-tel, j’ai pas l’temps de te parler … It’s a song of Booba, he is a great man!”

“Hi. I know you have a lot of friends but if you give me 5 minutes , answer to my texts , so we know better each other I would be happy”

A rare beauty!”

“I saw you and tumbled off my chair”

“Hello are you looking for a job ????”

I like your sweet little face do you want to go have a drink to chat?”

“Do u want some weed ?”

“good weather today… board ride ?”

“if you’re single give me one single chance to live with you and to marry you , I work hard , I have money , I’m looking for a serious wife , I’m 31 , I work in a restaurant”

“escort ?”

Extract from “Secrets for seducing on the Internet