How to get women… without pick up ?

The Original Guide to Enjoying Passive Sex Income*!

*Passive income is a form of income that represents a flow received on an ongoing basis that requires minimal or no follow-up effort on the part of its recipient to maintain it. To my knowledge, there is no other guide on the subject.

how to get women without effort

Since 2011, I have been exploring everything that is done in the seduction community. I met all kinds of experts and tried many techniques (even sometimes weird ones…)

At one point, I asked myself the following question: what is the best shortcut to sleep with the maximum number of women with the minimum amount of time and effort?

I discovered 27 tips that allowed me to get women without practicing pick up. Every man’s dream, right?

Thanks to my method and especially to all these 27 HACKS of life that I propose to you here, forget sexual misery! Say hello to sexual satisfaction! 🔥

Some of you have been following me for more than 10 years on social networks… if I was a quack, I would have disappeared with the loot a long time ago! No, if I promise you 27 ways to quickly get women in your bed without pickup, it’s because I’ve listed them. I use them a lot myself. I tweaked them.

Would you like to receive ultra-direct messages from women like these ?

how to get women without pick up 2

“I am very open sexualy and I would like to spend a moment with you in Aix or Lyon”

“I’d love sleeping with you (if possible)”

how to get women without pick up 4

“I would like to sleep with you and learn a lot of things. Do you accept my proposal ?”

This has happened to me regularly for years. I use hack #8 from the book for this. And it’s not even the most powerful.

These 27 tricks obviously work regardless of your physique, age, skin color or bank account. I myself am not very tall and slightly chubby.

They are just the result of years of research and experimentation. It’s about weak points in the female spirit that allows an average man like me to fuck in abundance and especially at will (when I want).

Of course, to succeed, you must not take the same path as everyone else. You will have to open your mind and agree thinking outside the box. If you feel it’s not for you, then too bad… it’s ok for me !

Let me ask you a few questions:

Do you want to add these few tricks to your life to be supplied with women without having to pick up ?

Do you want to know how to become a magnet for women (therefore attract them effortlessly)? How to make them come to you, with a sexual intention behind the head?

Do you want to know these 27 life hacks that will allow you to find beautiful, hot and enthusiastic women to have sex with you?

Do you want to be sexually satisfied on demand? If you haven’t slept with a woman in a long time, you’re going to be pissed off… you’re going to find that nothing keeps you frustrated and there are easy shortcuts to take.

Do you want to master the passive attraction levers ? That the uncertainty of not knowing if you’re going to fuck tomorrow become an old memory?

On the other hand, I must warn you: in this guide, I will speak to you very directly, wild, I will speak to you real!!! No stupid bullshit, we are here to talk about how to fuck.


When I fucked them, I used hack #20.

Men often spend a lot of money to get women: Tinder subscriptions, nice clothes, flowers, restaurants, etc. I don’t think it’s efficient at all.

I suggest here that you no longer need to pickup and finally enjoy a form of sexual abundance.

Of course, I’m not the only man on Earth who knows “tricks” to get women easily. Nevertheless, I think I’m the first to share them with you in such a transparent way. The others keep the loot for themselves.

These 27 hacks will probably make you fuck next week if you apply them. BUT they do not replace a successful personal development process to become more attractive. You’ll have a better chance of finding your perfect girlfriend if you’re not “sex starved”, of course, but that’s not why you have to stop working on your seduction. I think the world would be a better place if everyone had enough to fuck !

The risk ? That you put yourself in a relationship with the first girl who wants to sleep with you, for fear of not being able to find sex otherwise. Ending up with a shrew for that, it’s not worth it… there is another way!

If you’re a bit of a victim of life who just likes to complain and prefers staying frustrated, then what follows isn’t for you. If you’re a “nice guy” who thinks women are fragile little angels who don’t think about sex, then clearly, this is NOT for you.

If you’d rather kill yourself at work, or at the gym, thinking that being muscular or earning $10,000 a month will make women  jump on you… you’re not ready either.

On the other hand, if you are a respectful man, who wants to give pleasure to women while waiting to find the right one, then this is SURELY for you.

The contents of the guide:

The detailed explanation of the two psychological principles that allow these hacks to work.

The 27 life hacks to have women easily.

Concrete examples of how I use them in my life and/or how some of my friends use them.

Precautions to take for when you are successful with women…because there are dangers in becoming a very sexual man.

Price and discretion

At $27 excluding tax, the price is derisory compared to the benefits you will get from it. The cheapest escort-girl is worth $200 per hour so… well… The entry into a libertine/swinger club is $80€ for single men… Tinder is $40 per month for the subscription without guarantee of getting laid.

I think putting each hack at $1 is good, it’s symbolic as a price in these times of financial crisis. It’s better than the price at the pump (ouh, what a pun !).

Of course, it’s not necessarily about using ALL 27 hacks at once. But they are all so powerful that you have to take the ones that suit you and that you can integrate into your life easily. Personally, I use 3 of them all the time. They’re precious to me !

The purchase is obviously confidential, 100% discreet. I totally understand you for wanting to remain discreet on this subject.

Be smart! Refuse the sexual misery experienced by 80% of men.

Your seduction coach,
Fabrice Julien

PS: No, it’s not too good to be true.

PPS: click here if you want to read the introduction of the ebook.

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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