My ethics and my values

My conception of the PUA is not “an unscrupulous womanizer.” Rather: understanding women and wanting to do them some good. Never hurting them (even the stupid and nasty but they have a reason to be like that then we get some respect but do not hurt them). Even guys, I want to help them, so actually my goals is to be better than what the society wants us to be (quite individualistic people) and to do my best to do good (I’m just a man probably a little crazy… or it’s the guys that never dare to take their heterosexuality responsibilities that are crazy… depending on your point of view).

I advocate a “natural” game, I don’t want to create a method like a dictator “you MUST do this or that, and if it does not work it is because you did not make it well.” Moreover, beware of those who have blinders. You’ll understand: I am quite critical on profile coaches who are into demagogy to do just commercial for the money… and not really to help you. What I mean is that anything is possible with human so everything is possible in seduction. You can make a fucked up pickup and meet the woman of your life, you can do an incredibly good game and find yourself jerking off alone by thinking about a wrong number in the evening. This is the game, that’s it, do not get a headache and keep your confidence capital. This is the truth of the field : be humble because there are plenty of things we cannot control, all we can do is try our luck by doing our best. Then it’s just like football teams, sometimes they are good sometimes not, yet it is the same team. It depends on periods and many other factors too … even the Barça loses games sometimes!

My message is that you can seduce without headaches, without humiliation to achieve your goals and without lies, just by playing on statistics. You are not getting rejected, women are tested. And the fact is that when Fast Seduction works, one is never disappointed by the openness of the chicks. This is good to don’t always be fighting against windmills like I did at the beginning as a Don Quixote with my cock I was using a sword.

Most important: I do not think being an asshole.

Because I have an ethical.

I went through a depression and I questioned my lifestyle. Now I am a follower of Buddhist values. So: no lying nor advanced manipulation techniques to rack chicks brains. I put everything on respect, sincerity, simplicity, nerve and humor. After, in my conception of the art of seduction: it is up to them to see if they like it or if they prefer the guys who promise them mountains and marvels just to fuck them, they will not even orgasm btw, and plus they won’t call them back in fact. For me, hiding your intentions is treachery. And even though I surely would have more results by doing that (not necessarily best ones but well) I will not sell my soul to the devil.

With that said, I’m not an autistic because I am a PUA: I have a job in an office where I act normally. My life is pretty compartmentalized actually. And that suits me like that. That is why I am not doing this blog for money. And that is also why you can, I think, trust me rather than those who really rely on their small online business to live and who will tell you more of what you want to hear so you continue to buy their products rather than this hard-truth that will make you think and move on.

But hey, go ahead, rock out on me and leave amalgam comments while pretending you are a politically correct person. I cannot change you but I can change me. Remember we are in the land of human rights (in theory).

I said that I did not use manipulation … but that’s not totally true. Because we manipulate and are manipulated every day. Everywhere around us. Everytime by the media, by our loved ones, etc. But I personally put everything on natural techniques. And satisfaction of my partners.

The goal is not to fuck all the chicks (besides it’s impossible), my goal is to find really cool chicks who understand my humor and who share my state of mind or who want to try (have a strong will) to free themselves from social pressure.

I am a follower of the Fast Seduction, this is my school, and I increase my success rate by making personal development. Because yeah, most methods say that the physical appearance does not count, but you still have more success when you’re muscular and a little thinner than when you’re obese. When you dress correctly than when you look like a bag, etc. But hey, what is true is that even without having an exceptional body, there’s other ways to generate attraction in some women. A certain percentage of women among which there will be beautiful and ugly, and stupid and intelligent, extroverted and tight-ass…

But again, these are only statistics… and by playing on the number everyone can do it.

With me no lies or deceptions. The disconcerting frankness is my best weapon of mass seduction. With you on my blog just like with women on the field. I stand out like that. It’s my choice. After only smart chicks will appreciate that. For others it will sound like originality so it will mean “rejection” in their head. Going out a little of their comfort zone and really live off the beaten track it’s too much trouble for them. It is their choice. Anyway, it is my belief constructive belief. The one that makes me so successful and that allows me to do not be affected by failures.

Guys in France in general do not assume anything so the girls have strange reactions and sometimes nasty (or very good reactions but it is quite rare and that’s why we play on the numbers) when they receive male energy in the mouth like a fireball in Dragon Ball Z. But I have my pride and I’m not willing to do anything for a pussy. I will not make things easy for them by gnawing my brake. I’m a sexual man and I assume. Deal with it.

It is also up to them to show themselves worthy of the orgasms that I could give them. I want to free the beast who sleeps in them but they must do their part a minimum anyway. And I cannot take care of all the women, I have a choice so I am demanding.

In other terms, I test them. I have nothing to lose. It’s like betting €0 at the casino and being able to win the jackpot.
I know some people think I’m a jerk sometimes but I do not often forget that I am their superior in most areas. So when she is a bitch, I’m a bitch and a half. Another positive belief. Everyone lives in his/her own reality and I created mine which helps me.

Do you understand ? Everything depends on the mindset … and with time, you either have nothing more to prove to yourself nor to the others. In any case, that’s what I wish you. Do not get lost on the way. And have fun above all! The game is not a burden. It’s a chance.

I even have a girlfriend now who is accepting who I am and what I do: she reads my blog and she likes it. We are in an open relationship. And it goes well! And I find her awesome !!! By the way I kiss her if she reads this text one day.

In short, this was a summary on my values. The outlines. You will understand the rest while surfing the blog.

In the meantime: just think about it.

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