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SPU & DG : How to approach women in the street (very direct and natural way) ?


“All true life is encounter”. Martin Buber


day game

Forget what you thought you knew about the day game (DG). This book is a new challenge for me, a new opportunity for you .

Here I offer you a guide for daytime game, an art that is being lost these days. (Fuck this shit, I want to believe that’s how my grandparents met, but I think it was more or less at their job. In short, we more or less all agree that it’s super romantic. Do you dream of meeting your wife on the street ?)

Daytime pickup is an art that I relatively neglected for a while. I devoted myself thoroughly to night pickup and online game but I only occasionally practiced street pick-up (SPU).

Then, when I moved from Aix-en-Provence to live in Lyon (France), I met a group of really nice wingmen. And among them, I made a great friend, Kent, who practiced street pickup (SPU) at high doses! We did a lot of SPU and DG together!

What I am offering you here is the synthesis of what my mentors and my wingmen have taught me , as well as what I have experienced in the field and which I in turn teach today to people I coache daygame. Value = 97$ per hour.

I do not claim to hold the ultimate knowledge, nor that what I offer is the ONLY way to seduce during the day. There are dozens of techniques for flirting during the day. I only claim that what I propose to you is a method that gives interesting results .

If you want to apply my advice, do it thoroughly. If you decided to pick only two or three things here and there, the improvement in your game would be minimal. I really advise you to live the thing thoroughly for a while, like a real lifestyle!

If you want to use this book to get into my mind and answer your questions about women, do so. A little in the spirit of The (inconvenient) truth about male/female relationships , I promised myself here to be very direct in my remarks. May this book give you as much mojo as my previous one.

I want to respect two strict rules in this book:
– writing what I say and…
– saying what I do in real life.

You won’t find any intellectual masturbation here (or very little). Indeed, it is important for me that my advice is applicable by you quickly!

How will you know if your game is improving? You will have success with younger, more beautiful women, faster and with less effort.

You will see your blocking points disappear one after the other. If you couldn’t approach, you will approach. If you couldn’t take a number, you will take numbers. If you couldn’t see the girls again and fuck them, you will see the girls again and fuck them. In short, you will move forward!

Admittedly, the game is not just about knowing what to do when talking to a girl to fuck her . There are in the game all these notions of self-connection and personal development which are important. But I think I’ve already covered enough of these topics on my blog: here, I’m mainly going to talk about the part where you interact with the girl in daytime pickup.

So I’m not going to talk too much about the passive game (if necessary, refer to my other books): play sports, eat well, dress well, earn money, have an interesting social circle, watch less TV, play less video games, have hobbies that make you vibrate and feel alive, etc. Even if by saying that I will not talk about it, I have necessarily just talked about it J

What is the game for ?

The game was created by men to meet the ancestral need “how to have sex with beautiful women”. It’s logical, it’s studied, it’s documented.

Women, who are not quite like us (though not quite different either), have never really been studied from this angle before us. [I make a remark here because I believe that some secret services like CIA or KGB had looked into the subject.]

Before, when we flirted, there was only the law of nature: are we beautiful? do we have resources? Where are you from birth on the scale of seduction?

But pick-up artists have broken the code of seduction and nature had not foreseen it.

A good player or a PUA can see the matrix. Just as a hacker can enter secure servers where he shouldn’t be… a good player can enter vaginas that are “too good for him” theoretically.

Women are not ready to accept that. That’s why it pisses feminists off so much. They feel like they’re being manipulated…even though they’re not being manipulated. We just know what to say or what to do to make them react positively to us. And we do not hesitate to use it !

But, like anything that works and empowers, it’s highly addictive. It’s very addictive to flirt, it’s very addictive to fuck, etc.

Your identity changes when you blame yourself for letting all those girls go. But remember that before you opened your eyes, you were blind.

Realizing that you are not doing the right thing and that it could be otherwise is the first step!

And then there is the ego. Because there will always be a better player than you. Must accept it.

Don’t talk negatively to yourself. Don’t say “I’m afraid!” Nor “I suck!” Don’t be hard with yourself, the game is hard in itself! And you’re one of the few guys brave enough to do it. So congratulations!

What is pickup?

Pickup is not simply looking for girls with whom there is a good feeling . Certainly, each “no” brings you closer to a “yes”. Certainly, by playing on the numbers, you will find your happiness.

(After all, it’s a law of the universe: when you’re looking for an apartment, you visit several, when you want to publish a manuscript, you send to several publishing houses, when you want a job, you send a lot resumes to lots of employers, etc.)

Playing on big numbers, OK. But pickup is also and above all optimizing your chances. Make clean approaches. And then, it’s spreading happiness and giving love. The goal shouldn’t just be to get laid. You have to try to make the chicks AND your cock happy.

And if you want to make these magical encounters? You don’t necessarily need to have an extraordinary physical appearance (your value will essentially be communicated by the fact that you’re ballsy), you don’t necessarily need to be rich (when you’re seen on the street, people don’t know your salary), or even having friends or a big social circle (you’ll just be you on the field, with your dick and your brain).

You have to motivate yourself to put one foot in front of the other… and to approach.

May this book be more than a book: an incantation. A voodoo energy pushing you towards the unknown. Your first step into the unknown J Daytime flirting allows you to meet very pretty girls who are healthy in body and mind (who don’t go out drunk in clubs every night, for example).

Dating apps are both a chance because you can fuck a lot with them. But they are also an excuse not to go on the REAL field, swiping from your sofa often means letting an algorithm lower your self-esteem, and finally… do nothing! I’ve seen a lot of guys interested by SPU but in the end never get started because “yeah, but now I’m talking to a girl on Tinder so I’m not going to approach a stranger in the street, it wouldn’t be cool for her”.

I would end by recalling that there are apps like Happn whose concept is to find the people we saw on the street who we liked. Might as well go see them directly, right?

Day game vs Night game

Daygame and night pickup are very different disciplines (I’ll come back to this but for me the night is much more superficial, based on appearances, intimidating for some).

But the two disciplines also have things in common.

*You have to stop a girl and this move should always be done in a masculine, manly, dominant way for best results and for you to look at yourself in the mirror with pride afterwards (even if you don’t get the girl’s number).

*You must always, if possible quickly, make it clear to the girl that you are interested in her. There is a progression that must be made between the meeting and sex with a woman. You have to win your reality over the girl’s mind.

*You will need to see her again to escalate to sex. The meeting will start calmly and then it will increase crescendo in intensity. You have to sort of hold way over her mentally (and physically but always be respectful and a gentleman) right down to sex.

*If you don’t have sex the day or night of the date, you should try to kiss her on the first date and fuck her on the second. The kiss on the mouth is useful because if it is accepted it means “OK, I am sexually attracted to you too”. But that’s all. [Here I specify that in the night gaùe; a kissclose has less value than during the day anyway, because of the alcohol and the light – festive atmosphere]. Kissing girls or taking numbers, we don’t care, we want to fuck !

Your goal shouldn’t be to pick up numbers or to kiss girls. Aim further. Be ambitious. Life has so many surprises and improbable things in store for us when we provoke our luck. We provoke our destiny, it’s up to us to make things happen.

*However, don’t expect 100% success. You need to be in the game more than in the stakes because the reality of dating can be brutal. After a few months of practice, you can hope to take the numbers of between 10 and 20% of the girls you approach.

Why not 100%? Because, when you approach a girl, there is always the “risk” that she is in a relationship and faithful, that she is homosexual, that she has herpes, etc. What about women who aren’t interested? It doesn’t matter, you will have given them a smile by giving them a compliment!

*When you’ve hooked up with a girl you like, you can calm down a little (even if I don’t advise you to stop pickup as soon as you’ve met an interesting girl… in order to avoid love obsession , the famous one itis).

Approach, meet, bond and ask on dates. Be serious and disciplined in your work on yourself and you will get dates.

*You will in no way waste your time because SPU is extremely formative. Already, you will improve in seduction. But since it’s ruthless, you will really improve A LOT, confront your fears and grow your mind. Your level of communication and your self-confidence will increase enormously and it will reflect on all areas of your life (work, family, etc.)

*You will undoubtedly experience incredible things for ordinary mortals on the ground, in any case, I wish you so. You will be able to take on challenges. But even if you get laid, if you have a sex-bomb in your bed, it doesn’t mean anything at all.

Even when you get a girl who refused to sleep with a celebrity (it happened to me), it does not mean that you are better, smarter or more beautiful than this star. That doesn’t mean she didn’t regret her decision afterwards. It doesn’t mean anything.

The game is a game that follows the rules of the universe. Chance, luck, destiny, exciting subjects that have a lot to do with ours… So, stay humble and modest so as not to turn the god of the Game against you. Respect the game and it will be loyal to you. Betray him and you will pay it dearly!

Apply only 50% of what I tell you and you will be better than 98% of the guys outside.

street pick up
direct game

“What you encounter in life is destiny. The way one meets it is through personal effort.” Sathya Sai Baba

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How to get harder and last longer in bed

How to get hard? How to get a big boner? So, how to have a good hard-on? How to get it very hard? How to get a stronger erection? Here, I’m going to talk to you, first, about how to have a hard-on. How to get hard to the maximum? How to get a better boner ? And how to get a harder erection? How to get a big powerful erection? How to fix erection problems?

In a second part, I will talk to you about how to last longer in bed. How to last longer in bed? How not ejaculating too quickly? So, how not to come too quickly? How to stop being a premature ejaculator and put an end to rapid ejaculation? How to fix ejaculation problems? And how to say stop to premature ejaculation? What to do to fight against premature ejaculation? How to put an end to sexual precocity? How to fix premature ejaculation? And how to delay ejaculation?

In a third part, I will talk to you about ejaculatory control and how you can control your ejaculation. If you are interested in the subject of controlling your cock and getting a hard on command, the following should please you immensely! Say goodbye to male impotence (also known as erectile dysfunction)…you’ll no longer be an impotent man with these 20 tips, tricks and techniques.

how to last and get hard erections

How to get it hard and keep it long?

Ejaculation disorders are a taboo, delicate subject, but which concerns many men (often young people because, in general, controlling ejaculation becomes easier with age, but not only!) erections, meanwhile, are also a taboo subject, very sensitive, which concerns many men… but especially once the quarantine is over (again, not only!)

It’s really a sensitive subject talking about the power of his penis, his erection and his ejaculation… because loss of erection rhymes for many people with loss of virility (we also speak of “male impotence “).

Biologically, we are not here to fuck during a long time, nor to perform like porn actors: we are on earth to reproduce ourselves, getting a hard-on, ejaculating, and that’s it. The notion of taking pleasure, giving pleasure to our partner, holding on for a long time and giving a woman an orgasm is relatively new on the scale of humanity. Nevertheless, we all feel a big pressure, and today being a man, a real, powerful, virile, rhymes with having a very hard erection that lasts a long time.

Fortunately, getting a hard boner on demand can be learned.

Why would you want to have longer reports? Why would you want to have hard sex? First of all, to get more pleasure yourself but also so that the girl you’re sleeping with can have time to orgasm in bed with you.

In short, lasting longer is good for everyone! So no stress, you are really brave and generous for seeking information on this hot topic.

get hard

What is the “How to bend hard and long” program?

Discover here the program of the ebook “How to get hard erections and long in bed”.

The content of the guide and the solutions :

So, how to get hard and strong? How to get a big, very powerful erection and keep it? How to overcome erectile dysfunction or erectile dysfunction? And how to get very hard? How to get a good erection? How to get hard and have a big cumshot? All the tips and tricks in the first part of this ebook will help those who want to understand why they have these problems (psychological and physiological causes) and learn how to have a harder hard-on (ideally a big boner) and longer…

Premature ejaculator? Or just a guy who wants to know how to last a long time in bed? No matter. In the second part of the ebook, you will find techniques and advice to overcome rapid ejaculation, you will see how to stop being premature, how to be more enduring in bed, in addition to helping you to have it hard. I will give you solutions to no longer suffer from premature ejaculation, nor from rapid ejaculation and techniques to last longer in bed.

Every man is different so you will find over 20 potential solutions to your problem to find the one(s) that works best for you!

Want to have total control over your ejaculation? I’ll show you the way! Finally, in the third part, we will talk about ejaculatory control (sometimes called “injaculation” or “dry orgasm”). Sex-tao and Tantra can help you get a hard penis and maintain erection.

Here you will find tips, tricks, advice, techniques and exercises on the subject of “how to last longer in bed”.

Quick results and thorough work with this manual to put an end to quick ejaculation

Some will give you results quickly (there are solutions solutions to ensure immediately and without waiting, if you are in a hurry and you have to see a girl this evening, for example), others will take more time but will lay a solid and more stable foundation.

There are practices you can do alone and others with a partner. Why ? Because a girl who understands your problem and your difficulties will be more understanding, caring and forgiving. And know that she will be even more so if she has in front of her a voluntary man, motivated to get out of it. Who does not give up at the first failure and who gives himself the means to succeed.

No stress ! Any man who is motivated and invests in solving such a problem can succeed in overcoming it! Your girlfriend will be proud of you!

last longer in bed

Who am I to teach you how to get hard?

I am Fabrice Julien, coach and author, expert in sexuality since 2010.

I own the successful Youtube channel “Le Grivois” which talks about sex (more than 200’000 subscribers). I help men (and women) improving their sex lives. They call me the doctor of love.

I have slept with 350 women and many have called me “the hit of the century in bed”.

But it wasn’t always like this…

My story and my past as a premature ejaculator

The first times I made love, I lasted about 3 back and forth. I had a hard time getting past 3 minutes. It took me several weeks to pick up and flirt with a girl for just a few minutes, it sucked. I began to doubt and lose my confidence.

When I started sleeping with girls, I only lasted 3 or 4 strokes of the kidneys… and I suffered from it! It was stronger than me: I wanted to satisfy my partner but I couldn’t control my cock.

I know too well what it’s like to ruin sex with thoughts like “I hope I can last long enough”, “oh no, not already!” (Sentences that stress, in addition, and only feed the vicious circle).

Afterwards, I felt ashamed and a little selfish to finish so quickly. This prevented me from really taking full pleasure because I had pleasure in giving it… and so did she!

How I trained to learn to control my cock

Since I found it humiliating, and that girls did not want to see me again because of that, I decided to find out about the subject. I trained myself, I learned from ebooks and training videos. I also fucked a lot to practice what I was learning, which gave me more experience.

The challenge was not easy, to tell you the truth. It hurt my ego. Especially since this type of training has a bad reputation (it’s the kind of shit with which we are spammed in our emails). But it was definitely worth it. When I measure the progress made, I am very proud.

Today: I control my cock and my ejaculation

Today, accidents are rare, and sometimes I even last more than an hour with a cock so hard it looks like a piece of wood. Women regularly tell me that they have never seen this… especially since I am 33 years old. I feel so powerful when this happens to me… I wish it happened to you too! (Without drugs, products or medicines or anything like that, of course.)

Sex is an important pillar for the development of a man, as for a woman. And therefore for the development of a couple.

I wish every man to be able to fuck his girlfriend or his wife like a god and feel what it’s like when a woman looks at you with admiring eyes, like a real sex beast.

last long in bed

Who is this ejaculatory control program for?

This program is for men who want to get harder, stay hard, quickly get a boner and more easily and last longer in bed. We also talk about those who have trouble “finishing”.

It is aimed at men who suffer from not having control over their cock and their ejaculation. And for those who want to enjoy more, longer, with a better erection! Even if you are not early or premature, that is to say, if you last more than 3 minutes, it still sucks. Sorry for not taking gloves, but it usually takes at least 10 to 30 minutes for a girl to enjoy. A good (third) leg lasts and is hard! 😉

If you are concerned, if you are sad, frustrated, desperate… or even depressed: know that I find it very noble and courageous to want to solve your problem, to take care of yourself (as well as your partner) and to want to take back your sex life in hand.

big erection

Getting hard and not being premature : a problem to be solved so you’re not a helpless man

I understand that it’s a problem that haunts you to don’t get a hard-on or to come too quickly with a girl you like, and I intend to help you overcome this sexual anxiety. Even if you currently have few (or no) experience, even if you’re intimidated by the next girl you’re going to have sex with, even if it’s your first time sleeping together (or your first time at all), etc.

I’m thinking of all those men who feel handicapped, who aren’t getting the best lover in their girlfriends’ lives, who find it humiliating not to perform in bed… to all those who don’t dare sleeping with a woman because they tell themselves that they are not going to do well in bed, those who are afraid of losing their partner or being cheated on, those who “give” their wives to other men (threesomes or candaulism) not out of fantasy but so that she is finally satisfied…

This “How to Get Harder and Last Longer” guide can really change your life. Improve your erection, increase your erection! Say goodbye to precocity problems!

Imagine having a nice, long erection before you dive into reading this guide! It will soon be a reality! 😉

how to last and get hard erections

Click here if you want to know more about this manual.

Your coach in seduction and sexuality,

Fabrice Julien

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How to get women witout pickup ?

how to get women without pick up

How to get women without pick up ? How to get women without effort?

how to get women without effort

The absolute fantasy

It’s a bit of every man’s dream that I promise you here.

Imagine that women come to you to sleep with you. Let them offer themselves and even make efforts to seduce you to have your cock.

I don’t know any heterosexual man who wouldn’t feel like the king of the world in such a circumstance.

I lived it…

Well guess what? I experienced this. Yes me and my size (5ft57), me and my very banal physical appearance.

On my scale, yes, I live that. There are girls who contact me to sleep with me.

But even if none contacted me, I would know where to go to find a woman who wanted sex. You can relax, I have a secret!

I’m not going to lie

But first, I want to clarify that I’m not claiming I receive constant flows of girls who, every day, would come knocking on my door naked to suck my dick. No, that would be lying to you.

On the other hand, I can tell you that there are regularly (several times a month) women who make very explicit sexual advances to me by email or on social networks.

Some came from Bretagne or Blois just to sleep with me. So we can say that they were motivated! And I thank them for that…

The ability to fuck wherever and whenever you want

I can also certify that I am able to get laid almost whenever I want. Imagine that I am alone, single and idle: I know a lot of strategies for sleeping with women. Thanks to what I discovered, the uncertainty of being able to fuck or not in the future, sexual misery, is only a distant memory.

I can fuck or cum in a girl’s mouth about a week after I decide I want to fuck. And I say “one week” but I generaly need less time …

I see so many men who haven’t undressed a woman for months, sometimes for years… despite sometimes a lot of effort (they give flowers, they pay for a subscription on Tinder)!

Thanks to my method and especially to all these LIFE HACKS  that I propose to you here, forget sexual misery! Say hello to sexual satisfaction!

How do you no longer need to pickup and enjoy this famous sexual abundance?

I want you to be satisfied. You know it if you’ve been following me for a while on my Youtube channel: I’m not the kind of guy who make promises that I don’t keep. So you can expect something powerful in this book.

I’m not saying that all of the following will be easy to set up. Indeed, many men have mental barriers, blockages, which may prevent them from applying my advice at first. It is essential to open your mind and agree to think outside the box.

Here, we want to think differently from the competition, to act differently from the mass of other men. It is by thinking like this that we can have different results. The other guys find themselves begging women who make them struggle by pleasure. That’s not at all what I’m suggesting here. But to have access to this dark side of women, so that they show themselves with you in their most sexual light, you have to do otherwise.

What do you say?

Do you want to adopt one of the lifestyles (which I will reveal to you) to be supplied with women without having to flirt?
Do you want to know how to become a woman magnet?
How do you get them coming to you naturally, with a sexual intent?
Do you want to know the life hacks I’m going to tell you about that help you find women who are beautiful, hot and enthusiastic about having sex?

No longer need to beg or lie to make them let you give them orgasms? It can make some men dream, it is reality for others!

how to attract without pick up

No it’s not the perfume lol (Axe)

This is too GOOD

Most guys who live in the same reality as me, in sexual abundance, don’t share their discoveries because they want to keep the “loot” for themselves. Some have discovered one of the hacks I’m going to tell you about by chance and, because this sooooo good, don’t talk about it around them for fear of having to share it.

For my part, I have fucked more girls in 30 years (and it’s not over!) than 25 other men in their entire life. Indeed, men have on average 15 partners in their life. I’m over 400… and yes, I have a girlfriend! So I can afford to help my neighbor.

How did I find out about all these tips?

In my case, I discovered these little life hacks by testing ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING I could find, read and listen to, about flirting and seduction in more than 10 years. Even the craziest methods. I behaved like a real researcher and experienced almost everything.

I must say that when it comes to having an easy, fun, satisfying sex life, some of my research has led to dead ends (I’m thinking in particular of mind control) but others have turned out to be the gold bar (the 27 hacks to get women without pickup that you will find in this guide).

If you want to be sexually satisfied on demand, which I think is important for any man, you are reading the right guide. If it’s been a while since you’ve slept with a woman, you’re going to be in awe of the shortcuts I suggest you take.

Ooooh the judgments of people

I suspect that some people will try to make fun of this guide, just to show their virtue. For example, I know that Youtubers like to make fun of dating coaches. But hey, with over 10 million subscribers, they can give a damn about pickup because they activate the fame hack. That said, when we know that Norman or Cyprine hooked up his young subscribers after his shows, we can see that they are no better than us.

The end of seduction?

I am also sometimes asked if I am not afraid to sacrifice my business on seduction by teaching men how to fuck without pickup. I say no, I’m not afraid. I’m not afraid because it’s not the same thing! Let me clarify: sleeping with someone else’s wife in a swinger club, for example, is good… but it’s not the same as finding a girlfriend. So this is a complement that allows you to find sexual satisfaction but in no way a substitute for the deep process of personal development that you should undertake if you want to have a great girlfriend.

I teach you this so that you no longer suffer from sexual misery or frustration because I think the world would be much better if everyone, man and woman, had their fill.

In this guide, I’ll talk to you raw, I’ll talk to you real. Sensitive souls should refrain from reading me. It is not a guide for those who want to find love in a silly way or for those who live under the illusion of thinking that women are fragile little angels.

It’s a guide for clever guys who love sex, who want to give pleasure to women, who know that they are sexual beings (not objects), and who know that love, true love, will come when they have had a lot of sexual encounters (statistics).

Be sexually satisfied to find a great girlfriend

Thus, they will not make a default choice, guided by their sexual desert, when getting into a relationship, but a choice that really comes from their heart. Indeed, when you are not frustrated, you take more time to choose the woman of your life. Finally, we are more lucid to make the right choices and avoid disasters.

A lot of men get into a relationship because they’re not sure they can get sex any other way. I’ve seen so many men hooking up with shrews just to get some sex. They bitterly regretted it in the long run.

I want you to be in a relationship by choice, knowing that there are other ways to have sexual satisfaction.

For women, it’s not the same

Women are very (too) often solicited for sex. This annoys some, others make a business of it on Onlyfans to make ends meet. But what is certain is that men and women are not housed in the same boat when it comes to sex. For us, “normal” men it’s very complicated. There’s some sort of pussy embargo that’s driven up its value and makes a lot of guys go crazy to get a fuck even with a lousy chick!

A lot of guys are willing to pay $150 for restaurants to women they don’t even really like, just because they think there might be a way. Many work hard to earn a lot of money, or spend their time at the gym to build muscle, hoping it will help them for getting laid. But it doesn’t really work that way. There are plenty of good-looking guys who don’t fuck, plenty of guys with a great job who don’t fuck either.

The easiest solution? Knowing the hacks I’m going to tell you about 😉

Fab, who writes what the god of seduction tells him in his ear.

How to have women without flirting?

sexual passive income

Visit here the presentation page of this excellent guide!

To my knowledge, this concept does not exist anywhere else.