SPU : the daygame bible



The contents of the guide:

– How to meet and attract women on the street;
– The mindset of the street seducer (as opposed to the street pick up artist);
– How to ge THE VIBE and become that man around whom beautiful women always gravitate;
– How can you recognize girls who are likely to be receptive to your approach?
– Avoid the classic mistakes that cause most guys screwing up when they approach a woman they like;
– How to approach, transition and take numbers (step-by-step method);
– How to deal with fear of approach and the fear of rejection (INCLUDED: MY SAFE TECHNIQUE FOR APPROACHING A WOMAN WITH A 0% CHANCE OF REJECTION);
– What to do depending on whether she is standing, sitting, walking, not moving, wearing headphones, etc.
– How to get the girl to engage in conversation and be interested in you;
– How to take numbers and seduce by SMS (INCLUDED: MY TIP FOR AVOIDING FAKE NUMBERS);
– How to get instant dates;
– How to successfully date a girl you meet on the street (THE ULTIMATE STRATEGY);
– How to kiss and conclude;
– How to do instant fuckcloses;
– Advanced daygame techniques;
“And much more wealth!” If you want to be on top for this adventure, if you want to flirt with the most beautiful women in your city in an original way (few men have what it takes to do that) then I’m proud to tell you that this book is for you.

I transmit here more than 10 years of study of the game and experiences in the field.

I added 20 concrete examples of openers (approach sentences). 10 flirting routines that will help you if you don’t know what to say. And text-game analyses.

50,000 words that can change everything for you, and for her. Are you going to take that step towards the unknown?

Price and discretion

At 37€ excl. tax 29€ introductory price.

It will not be written “this man is picking women up in the street” on your bank statement but “stripe” or “fabrice julien”. It depends on the bank but it remains discreet anyway

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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