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First of all, because I give you free of charge two little easy to read ebooks (the titles are explicit) :

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ;
How and why to overcome social pressure.
(And it is some good work, not some shit I would have quickly written for the occasion.)

Then, because that will allow us to keep in touch. I mean, If you are on this page it is probably because you like my blog (or you like hurting yourself). Thus, by subscribing, you will regularly receive a summary of my best articles and my actuality in general. In other words, you won’t any more risk to miss the best of the blog.

Finally, you know me, I’m not a spammer. I’m not gonna write to you every day. I will only write to you when I will have something interesting to say. I am not going to harass you. I am not either going to sell your e-mail like a sucker. I hate the bloggers who do that… Our relationship is based on trust and quality works and it will always be like that.

What is my interest in all this? Two things :

1/ becoming independent from Google and from social networks to contact my readers…
2/ having more readers: I mean, if you like what I do, but if you don’t regularly have the idea to come back on my blog… you miss information you would probably have liked and I lose readers. It is thus a win-win scenario if you subscribe because we get closer.

The extra (or the bad point, question of point of view) is that my emails are written in French AND in English. NB, it is not at all annoying and it can allow to get acquainted, if one wish it, with another language.

Hoping to see you soon on my mailing list.

Your friend,


How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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