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The 7 Minutes Workout

7 minute workout

Two researchers in human physiology have developed a method for business men and women who have little time to devote to sport but still want to get the benefits from it. It is based on high-intensity fractional training.

Thanks to them, one can have the essential of a longer classical sports practice: one can get maximum benefits for his or her health, mood and intellectual performances by doing only 7 minutes of sport per day, without equipment.

The scientifically proven benefits of this program are:
– A quick and effective way to lose weight and body fat;
– An improvement in our cardiovascular health;
– A reduced risk of developing diabetes.

The 12 exercises are (to be done for 30 seconds each with 10 seconds of pause between each):

– Jumping jacks ;
– Wall sit ;
– Push-up ;
– Abdominal crunch ;
– Ste-up onto chair ;
– Squat ;
– Triceps dip on chair ;
– Plank ;
– High knees running in place ;
– Lunge ;
– Push-up and rotation ;
– Side plank.

One can of course do this training two or three times in a row… but, once a day, five times a week it’s good, according to researchers.

If you are interested, by typing “7 minutes workout” in the application manager of your phone, you will find many applications to help you. Personally, I currently use “7 Minutes Workout”.

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How to feel better ?

How to feel better


How to feel better Sometimes we get a little slack. After a rejection, a breakup or afternothing special (it happens sometimes, it’s just like that…)

So here are 10 tips to feel better!

1/ Pick-up

Sometimes I go through times when things are not going well. But it is enough that I pick up a receptive chick that really gives me desire for her and I find taste for life. So, do not hesitate to go out to and pick-up when you feel bad.

2/ Sex

Sometimes, I just have to fuck a sexfriend that moves well in bed to feel better. It’s true that a good fuck, it whips the blood! A good blowjob, it feels good and the post-coital hug is awesome! I take advantage of this point to clarify that on the contrary, when it is not going too well, masturbation makes me depress even more…

3/ Rest

Sometimes I do not feel right because I am (very) tired. It happens during intense pick-up periodes or during the season changes. You do not have to think too much, sometimes you just have to rest a little and it gets better. A good nap? A good night’s sleep ? Each his own solution…

4/ Take a walk in nature

When I made a fucking depression, a few years ago, it was good for me to go walking in the nature behind my parents’ home (it’s really the countryside there). I often went with my dog ​​and sometimes even took off my shoes: the contact of my bare feet on the ground helped me feel alive.

5/ Good food

Being lighter, losing fat or just eating enough fruits and vegetables: this may be enough to get back on track. The morale, after all, it is above all a question of biology and therefore of hormones. That’s why, giving our bodies what they really need (eating salads rather than hamburgers for example)… well, that’s good.

Attention, I have nothing against a cheat meal from time to time (like once a week), because it can do good to morale too…

6/ Omega 3 and Vitamin D

Everyone is more or less deficient in omega 3 and vitamin D today. So, it can then be interesting to complement. Or take the sun and eat more fish…

7/ Get a massage

A massage can do much good to morale.

8/ Playing sports

Sports make secretion hormones of well-being, so it’s a good way to feel better. But pay attention to do not get hurt: do not force too much if you do not feel well, because it is often in those times that one gets hurt…

9/ Going out, seeing friends

Getting out of your home is good. But seeing friends actually is better. Sometimes a good discussion and it goes much better! It changes your mind!!!

10/ The placebo effect

Many other practices work to feel better : acupuncture for example. We do not know if it really works on body and mind or if it is the placebo effect that makes feeling good but the main thing is that it helps, right?

If nonetheless your morale decline persists and handicaps you, you should perhaps consider making an appointment with a doctor…


In any case, to avoid too frequent morale drops, it might be appropriate for you to consider a personal development process…

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Sport, nutrition and seduction

Sport, nutrition and seduction

Sport, nutrition and seduction

Many guys see bodybuilding as a way to fuck girls. Many men try this way to become more beautiful and to have a better sex life. But is this the royal road?

The truth is that I do not regret having made my formation Cyprine by being a bit fat. Because I thus proved that one could seduce a bewildering number of beautiful girls without being an Apollo (up to 4 at the same time).

Be careful if you start working out for the chicks: when you’ll see less muscular guys than you getting laid with many beautiful women, you will be even more frustrated and aggressive towards them!

First of all, it is necessary to realize that there is no need to be muscular nor even thin to seduce when you have a good game.

Then, you have to bear in mind that not all girls are attracted by muscular guys (women do not think like guys so if the physical appearance is the first thing that attracts us in a chick, they have other criteria).

Finally, it must be understood that many guys start working out to compensate for something or by narcissism… that’s why women tend to be wary of bodybuilders. I take this opportunity to clarify that doping (ie endangering your health) to have bigger muscles, especially if one does not compete, seems to me to justifying women distrustful.

To finish, be careful: life is not the race to overbid… it is not “the more muscular I am, the more girls I’ll fuck.”

The first thing I want to tell you is that bodybuilding itself will not really help you to seduce (except a few superficial babes/in specific environments like a nightclub). However, bodybuilding just like most other sports, have very good sides:
– it allows to relax,
– it increases the level of testosterone,
– this leads to a gain of self-confidence,
– it can improve the way you stand up.

I do not advise against muscu, far from it. But, please, practice a sport (no matter which one) for YOU… not to please girls. If you don’t do it for you, you may not stay motivated and diligent for a very long time.

Yes, sport, at a reasonable dose, is something that girls like. Yes, being stronger, healthier, more confident, more cool, can attract chicks. But no, a simple practice of bodybuilding without a personal development work and without any interest in the community of seduction will probably not be enough to make you a Don Juan (contrary to the popular thinking).

Personally, I have been fat as I am now, I have been thin without being muscular and I have been more in shape. This never proved to be a determining factor with women. Because, seducing, it’s IN YOUR MIND !!! The sports that helped me to feel good were: taek won do, swimming and running.

Today, I pay for my period “accountant in cabinet that makes more than 45 hours” and I do not like what I see in the mirror. I do not really feel very good either. So I decided to do a fitness over 9 months (until next summer) by starting in September. I will make a follow-up (1 video per month) : my goal is to lose fat and build a bit of muscle. I’m not trying to become a titan nor anything like that (so I do not even want to take protein shakers and I want to avoid stuff like Herbalife), I just want to achieve my goal with the utmost respect for my body and I will appreciate each of your advice in the comments.

I know that the results will not fall from the sky so I signed up for a class at the gym and I began to improve what I eat. I will share from time to time with you the nutrition or sports advice that will have helped me most and I will avoid the bullshits. For example, I do not understand the influencers who advise to drink alcohol, eat honey pops or 3 cheat meals a week.

I leave you with the first episode of my fitness:

See you soon, friends!

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The overspeed pick-up artist

Image : Shining

It’s hard. It’s hard to get up on Monday morning to go to work. It’s even harder when we fucking a lot and that we went out during the weekend. The alarm may sound and sound, the body of the overspeed PUA is tempted to stay and rest, inert in this cozy bed perfumed with thelove juice of his conquests. “I could make one or two more erotic dream, if I had not this fucking boss who is pitiless waiting for me to exploit me”!

Sometimes I increasingly too much overstep the mark. I am completely empty. The nights end at dawn, different fuckfriends want to enjoy, chicks are waiting for their turn to have a date with me. I also have to take care of my apartment, my dishes, my shopping, do the cooking, sports, etc. But mostly, this fucking job because of which I work more than 45 hours a week paid 39.

Damn if every person who read this line gave me € 1 or could buy one of my ebooks, I could live quietly and go to Australia and write for you awesome field reports after having fucked surfers with my tanned cock!

The boundaries that should not be crossed to don’t end overspeed are fucking until 2am when you work the next day, going out late during the week, sacrificing your hobbies because of work and babes… such as sports. All this stuff is a mistake, is it really worth it after all? Also, do not always postpone your appointment with your family and friends. How your seduction life and your work/social/personal life can be combined? It’s very difficult and I have myself more and more difficult to follow the rhythm.

The best compromise I’ve found is to pick up on the Internet at work. To never date on the outside but to convince them to come to my place early, around 8pm. Then I fuck them until midnight and they return home! So I can sleep. I’m only going on the field at Saturday night (I do not even take public transportation I live next to my workplace) but I confess that fatigue and envy are rarely here when I go out. I’m missing my student life…

Going out can pose financing problems too. Paying for dates, paying for clubs, it’s damn expensive! Subscribing on dating sites is nothing compared to that. I advise you to stay of course in the free places and please do not systematically invite babes in paying dates. Me, I quickly did the math: Adopt it’s €20 per month and I stay warm during the winter. It does not really impinge on my free time, since it is like if I was answering text messages on my cell. And the chicks come to me directly by bringing something to eat or drink. Perfect!

Your state of fatigue inevitably attacks your modjo if you do this mistake : you are more irritable, you will less responsive and will lack of initiative on the field and at work, etc. And it will be obvious! And then your learning curve will be reversed! When you’re too tired, physically or psychologically, it is not a good idea to yell and gesticulate in all the directions to compensate. Take a break and put some order in your life for a fresh start.

The Fengshui will tell you: coming home in a clean, airy and pleasant place will help you to have a better image of yourself! And that makes sense! Also, when you invite a girl at home, it will be reassuring for you to know that she will not accidentally sit on a piece of stale pizza. So start from there!

Also note that only 5% of the population may be in good shape with less than 8 hours of sleep. If you violate this quota, it may expose you to risks of depression and other accidents or health problems more or less serious. It is also clear that by being in better shape, your times out will be more productive and you will more enjoy going out.

To be more successful, I logically recommend you to try to have a balanced life, but not too busy (take care of yourself) … and an interesting one. Continue to learn the art of seduction and fucking, but keep going out to play sports and see your friends who are not in the community of the seduction. Also see again the girls you like!

You can make a beautiful encounter at any moment, so do not overlook anything. The best would be that seduction is part of your life in an integrated way (except at work where it’s delicate anyway) and not compartmentalized.

Be hungry of pretty girls, it’s cool! But know how to recognize when you’re exhausted and you stir the air. Reframe yourself before doubting about yourself. The desire and energy are the main drivers of PUA therefore must be protected.

It is obvious that when I fucked two chicks the day before and the afternoon, I have no envy when I go in a bar after in order to try to pick up. Do you see what I mean?

Making 20FC per month is not a sign of good mental health. Like in everything, some moderation is necessary!

It’s not a contest, stop wondering who has the biggest dick (it’s your black friend).

See you later alligator !

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My opinion on Mathieu Valbuena’s sextape

I don’t like gossips but I will make an exception.

I just attended to a preview of the dissemination of the sextape of Mathieu Valbuena in Pathé Plan de Campagne with the entire team of the movie. I brought my little camcorder so I filmed everything in the room (sorry for the quality). In exclusively, I suggest you to download the sextape of Mathieu Valbuena………………….. I’m just kidding.

Seriously, I’ll tell you briefly what I think of this case.

I think that’s going a bit too far to be just a promo shot. Benzema will surely be fired from the soccer team of France. And I don’t see what interest he would have to do that: his international reputation will take a hit. He can no longer aspire to the same salary expectations. In the worst case, he will even go to jail.

Seriously, tell me why this guy needed to participate in the blackmail of Mathieu Valbuena? He does not make enough money already like that or what? That’s the image he wants to give to all young people who take him as a model?

Personal grudge against Valbuena? Jealousy crap? Pure bullshit? What to create another Zahia affair? Mathieu has banged Benzema’s girl ? Or the contrary ?

When I lived in Aix, one of my girlfriends made out with Mathieu Valbuena. Well, she slept with him. She was a waitress in a bar/club at 20-minutes from the city center by walking (for those who see what I’m describing). He had decided to use his fame and money to bang this chick.

Anyway, she told me that he was not very good in bed. Well then, it is of course subjective, and then it goes back to a few years but … Nevertheless this is what she had told me.

After sex, she showed me the SMS he sent to her … and I must say that he was quite needy. It was almost ridiculous. He, a footballer of the team of Marseille, famous yet at the time and rather fit had problems to bang a waitress? It’s hard. These guys must have all bitches at their feet.

With that said, she did not say anything about the size of his penis. She was respectful. I forgot to ask her if they did weird things in the bed.

So now, can we say that Valbuena freaks like that because he is scared that all France realizes that he is not good in bed while watching his sextape? It’s just a theory, but the question is worth asking.

Seriously, me if I had a sextape, I’d be proud of it. It would make me some free publicity. We would see how much I’m not bad and even more chicks would contact me via my blog to orgasm with me.

Besides, she was filmed how and by whom, this sextape? And how did she get into the hands of Benzema’s friends?

Anyway, don’t worry too much, Mathieu. It’s been years since I want to see the sextape of Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf) and I have not found it yet. So well…

No, seriously, just a review to finish. If the choice is between Benzema and Valbuena for the French soccer team, I prefer Valbuena. More regular. I hope this story will end well. But I hope I will understand one day why did he leave Russia so fast ? An orgy that turned badly ?

But in any case, such a grudge in the France team would be too harmful. The balance of a team is more due to the atmosphere than to individual talents. So if we really come to this extreme, we will have to do without Benzema. That’s what I think, anyway.

Oh well. And maybe we will get even better.

The good point for him, it will leave him free time to bang Rihanna. I’m sure she makes him hard since she wrote him a tweet.

Look, I’m also sure that I’m a better lover than him. Sextapes contest when you want, guys! Rihanna to decide between us.

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Seduction and sport-that-makes-you-deaf, compatible?

Seduction and sport-that-makes-you-deaf, compatibleI still can remember the erotic movies I recorded discreetly, on Sundays evenings, on the video recorder of my parents.

Since the coming of Internet, pornography is so accessible that this industry was engaged in a real overbid to conquer a public more and more greedy for strong sensations. Some practices formerly considered as scandalous before were trivialized but it is especially the excesses of masturbation that worry the sex therapists : it is one of the big plagues of the modern sexuality.

Pornography (often abbreviated as “porn” or “porno” in informal usage) is the “accommodating representation – with sexual character – of subjects, obscene details, in an artistic, literary or film work”. The term becomes confused with its perception through the prism of the pornographic movies of today : a representation of sexual acts having for only purpose to sexually turn on the spectator. So, the actress Tiffany Hopkins defines it as “an object of entertainment which aim at masturbation”. An immense industry of pornography consumption appeared thanks to the use of video cassettes, DVD, and Internet. The amateur pornography also became very popular and distributes free of charge via internet.

Most of the guys are happy that their sexual life amounts to watch porns on the Internet. They are maybe not really excited, but they are satisfied. It justifies the fact that most of the men do not make the effort to go out to meet women in order to fuck them. Picking up women is very time-consuming and dangerous while masturbation is easy and without risk. Their sexual satisfaction is not any more their concern. But they miss something all the same… This connection with a woman. This feeling of being loved… affection! And you (fortunately) cannot download some feminine affection on the Internet. To get some affection, you have to learn how to get in touch with your animal side, your sexual side. If you really appreciate this feminine energy, you would do better to learn how to become a sexual threat.

But the “wankers” version 2.0 show a loss of appetite for real sex, insomnias, losses of motivation, irritability, depression. Masturbation is thus a kind of drug. Then yes it is something common (especially for young people), just like alcoholism, but it is not deprived of any risk. When the brain does not produce enough dopamine because of an excessive practice of this sport that does not make people become deaf, we thus observe anxiety, a reduced sexual drive, apathy… Furthermore, the excessive ejaculation acts as a brake in your enthusiasm: body regulates otherwise you would never stop to eat, drink or sleep… and would die.  Nature being well made, when we do it too much, we lose the relaxing effects of sex and we find ourselves with a kind of hangover.

Dopamine is nevertheless an essential element of human well-being, it plays a role in the circuit of the reward, by encouraging:
– The risk-taking;
– The motivation;
– The concentration;
– The gaiety;
– The pleasure;
– The anticipation.

Stopping (and not just decreasing) sometimes would allow to observe if yes or not you are addict. If withdrawal symptoms appeared, it would reveal the gravity of the problem and should encourage you to stop it for good.

That was the theory, now: practice. The only rational way of getting out of the habit of masturbation and of having quick results: it is fast seduction. As soon as you will understand that it is possible to seduce a woman quickly and to sleep with her that same night/day, masturbation will not be any more your only option to satisfy yourself immediately. You will be excited at the idea of going out to meet women because you will know that it is possible to get your pleasure quickly. Every day of the week, day and night.

Profits will be worth it : when they stop, subjects feel more energetic, sociable, joyful : it will strongly contribute to boost your REAL sexual life. It is all the same better than a VIRTUAL sexual life! Brain will relaunch little by little its normal production of dopamine but it will be necessary to wait longer to get rid of the habit itself. If it can make you feel better, there will be no effect on your production of testosterone. Slow down (not you girls :p) !

Physical masturbation, just like intellectual masturbation, thus leads straight ahead to inactivity with the women. Fucking vicious circle!

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The sport

Image : Jamie Chung

Most of people go in for sport for health and esthetics reasons only. But much more than your physical well-being, the sport also improves your mental strength because it teaches a certain rigor, how to set goals and to build up to a mental of winner thanks to the self-confidence which it allows to acquire. Health profits linked to the fact of having a sports activity are really too numerous to be quoted in a exhaustive way… The heart, the breath, etc. For the esthetics, the sport allows obviously to sculpture the body.

It is generally possible to find a physical activity adapted to every person. However, if you begin in sport, a medical examination will inform you about your capacities and the contraindications you can be the object of. If you are lucky enough to be physically capable of going in for sport, take advantage of this chance to feel the well-being which it gives you (in particular the liberation of endorphin in your body). Otherwise, walking is a good way to do it not violently.

Because 20-30 % of your capital of attraction depends on your physical appearance: more you will be good-looking, more you will notice a change in your interactions with women.


Good ideas

I recommend a subscription in a club, because it is more rewarding and more effective than working out alone and because that obliges to personally invest and to avoid big mistakes. I think that the atmosphere in the group is the most important. I speak about this atmosphere : we are all here to improve, not to kill or humiliate the others.

– A combative sport : Martial arts correspond well to the realities of the life of a modern man: we let off steam, it inculcates values, we meet interesting people, we work the mental. We all need to develop our confidence, our strength because we all have emotional and psychological weaknesses, hesitation or a lack of aggressiveness in a domain. What is good it is that it transfers in the studies, the work, in brief in the daily life. All the other things seem less grave by comparison with a fight with a big sturdy man: we are neither not intimidated anymore by the other men or the girls taller than us, nor by drunk and aggressive people who threaten us in the street. And this training of the body and the spirit is almost made without risk because the trainings are secured. I do not think that all the combative sports are equal, my personal experience with the tae kwon do nevertheless allows me to recommend it because very complete. The wrestling in string too.

– The Yoga: To discover and control our energies, to meet (a lot of) women, to be self-aware, to become supple, to learn how to meditate, to open to other ways of thinking, all this can appear to you a waste of time but learning how to use the breath of life is in fact very important. And how to keep it. Not only the expenditure of energy: learning and exchanging is important too.

– The dance: Dancing with a partner increases the self-confidence, increases the comfort in this discomfort that is an interaction or a contact with the other sex, especially if the dancers are extremely attractive… And quite finally without real risk of rejection.

– The swimming: it is good because there is almost no risk of physical wound. Attention on the hygiene of the swimming pool. Do not forget stretching.

– The running: Again, do not forget stretching. It is more annoying because you should not run in a bad way at the risk of finally doing more bad than good to yourself (like in many repetitive sports) but the good thing it is that we can easily have a contact with the nature.


How does it work ?

Testosterone, adrenalin and endorphin are hormones of your body which participate in the regulation of the effort because the muscular effort comes along with hormonal deep changes, which allow the realization of the performance. The increase of your rate of testosterone will make you more virile, whereas the adrenalin and the endorphin will get you pleasant sensations of well-being. Know that endorphins are also naturally released after an orgasm. It is what provokes the relaxation and the desire to sleep of the men after the sexual act. The sport thus allows to evacuate the stress and to fight against a possible depression. In fact, isn’t happiness a simple story of hormones?

If your body resists the hunger, it will defend itself by decreasing its spending in calories… Which is not interesting for us, thus you should not resist the hunger. More you will distribute the daily total of your intakes in a large number of meal and more your body is going to spend calories and is thus going to lose some fat: Favor several small meals rather than three big ones.

It is very important to drink some water to compensate for the losses in trace elements and mineral salts which causes a session of endurance. However, eating should not be done before one hour after the end of the effort.

The rest and the sleep are important factors for a sportsman almost as much as the exercise and the balanced diet. Give yourself 2-3 days without intense training so that your body can rest. So, try to sleep 8 hours a night. Try not to go to bed late every evening. Indeed, during the sleep, the body builds muscles, on the other hand if we do not rest enough, it increases the risk of hurting. The sleep also increases the production of testosterone in your body. A high level of testosterone leads you to produce pheromones of attraction of the other sex, favors the muscular growth, equalizes the humors and boosts the confidence and the dynamism.

If we are diligent, we shall be motivated by the improvements noticed from day to day. Anyway, we are not all equals in front of the muscle building. The supplements are not necessary of course because we can consume all the nutriments which we need from a good nutrition. The supplements are just supplements: They should not replace the normal food and cannot bring nothing more than a good nutrition => just annoy (cancers).

The intelligent women generally prefer the strong and powerful men rather than the attractive boys who took the winning ticket at the genetic lottery (effort > chance). However, it is necessary to develop the muscle with delicacy: develop the muscles without fat but not too much developed (do not to make more efforts for fewer rewards). Furthermore, it is necessary to be balanced, nothing is more ridiculous than a muscular trunk and little runt’s small legs or than abs on a not V trunk. Thus here are the muscles to work first and foremost (attention to also develop the muscle of the complementary muscles to avoid having troubles of imbalance like for example wounds) :
– Shoulders
– Arms
– Abs
– Pectoral muscles
– Buttocks

Stretching allows to calm muscular tissues and articulations, it increases the dynamism of muscles and our body then enjoys a better mobility. Stretching help to overcome small troubles (tensions daily accumulated in the work or in the house). Stretching after a sports activity allows a better physical recovering, stretch out muscles and tones up the silhouette. After the session, stretching avoid spasms and aches. It is necessary to avoid stretching when a muscle hurts. To avoid hurting, it is necessary to stretch also before practicing. Do not forget to breathe. To make a success of a stretching, the position is very important: you must not be too much bent. If the pond is badly positioned, you would risk to have a backache. It is also necessary to warm up to prepare the heart and the other muscles for what is going to follow.

Dressing well, going in for sport and having a healthy diet will help everybody but more particularly the 30 and more years old men. Indeed, we obtain a higher status and become naturally more dominant with the years, then, if in addition we have a flat stomach: the improvements are even more spectacular.

Keep in mind also that a guy who would be a 10 physically speaking but who would turn out to be a depressive dish mop remaining made limp all day long and trembling at the idea of speaking to a girl that he has just met, wouldn’t have a lot of success with women. A good attitude is essential!

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The food

Image : Malia kelly (

I am not a doctor but I am long enough interested in the food to have understood its importance. If through this text, I manage to tempt you to make in-depth researches and to improve your lifestyle, I would be delighted. Moreover, if you wish to dig the question, two doctors seem to me particularly interesting: Kousmine and Seignalet. I insist on a point: We speak here about lifestyle, not about diet to lose weight. Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food Hippocrates

It is curious to notice that the western medical world saw itself during the last centuries facing new diseases, varied in their forms and their aspects, but having quite in common a direct link with a general and progressive reduction in the immunity of the man. As a consequence of the evolution of the civilization, the cancer and the psychic diseases more widely developed. In this end of century appear new diseases linked to the viruses and, developing at the same time, diseases said “of system” : The autoimmune diseases. Roughly, our body poisons itself and does not work anymore correctly: it is thus necessary to purge it. We are thus going to really go farther than a simple subtraction INTAKE – NEED = LOSS OR GAIN OF FAT. We shall go farther than the usual logic “IF I WANT TO GO ON A DIET IT IS TO BE THIN”.


Understanding the problem


The enzymes of the human body cannot digest numerous food stemming from the agriculture which dates only of 10 000 years. The modern farming perturbs even more the natural process of growth of vegetables by contributions of artificial elements, as the artificial fertilizers. It is obvious that more our body is poisoned (even if it has a natural capacity to clean itself) less it works well (because often we dirty it more that it can clean up itself)… but it is sometimes difficult to make a discernment between addictions led by our society, what seems beneficial and the vital necessity. Nevertheless, a return in the healthy and simple diet which we lost is thus beneficial against three categories of diseases:
– the autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid polyarthritis, stiffening spondylitis, rheumatism psoriasique, spread erythemic lupus, sclérodermie, multiple sclerosis, coeliac disease, etc.);
– the diseases linked to a “cellular accumulation of dirt” (cancer, acne, fibromyalgia, degenerative osteoarthritis, migraine, manic-depressive psychosis, nervous breakdown, type 2 diabetes, spasmophilia, etc.);
– the diseases of elimination (psoriasis, nettle rash, bronchitis chronicles, asthma, colitis, tiredness, etc.).


Stop poisoning


I start by speaking about what it would be necessary to avoid eating. Because it is what weakens us, tires us for nothing, and disorders us eventually.

Exclude animal-derived milk (cow, goat, ewe) and their by-products (butter, cheese, cream, yoghurt, ice cream), as well as all the products containing among others ingredients : the powder of milk. The milk does not suit to the adults for several reasons: its first function is to make an animal baby get fat in a few months, its proteins are allergenic and its content in calcium is too high. It contains besides many hormones. So, several adults do not produce any more a lactase, the enzyme which decomposes the lactose (carbohydrate of the milk). So : either an inflammatory difficulty of digestion, or a total intolerance. At the level of plant milk, almond oil it is good (without added muck) but be wary of the soya.

Exclude modern cereal : wheat, corn, rye, barley, oat, kamut and spelt. It is about cereal containing some gluten (except the corn) and from which the current forms were obtained by selection, transplantation, hybridization or genetic modification. Avoid these cereal as well as all the food which are diverted from it (bread, pastas, pizza, cakes) because they are difficult to digest. Cereal containing some gluten could give at certain people intolerances (or inflammations) and autoimmune reactions. Moreover, from a strictly scientific point of view, cereal are poor in nutriments, compared with other food as vegetables.​ They are also rich in a substance called acid phytique, which prevents the assimilation of essential minerals in the intestinal wall. Nowadays many people are certainly cereal intolerant without even knowing it. It would be preferable to use cereal which were not altered over time in term of hybridization: whole, Saracen rice, millet, and possibly the “big” spelt (grand épeautre) (which replaces the traditional wheat).

Exclude products cooked in a temperature superior to 230 °F. Consume especially the raw food or, if necessary, cook them in a temperature lower than 230 °F to limit the denaturation of nutriments driven by the heat (among which vitamins, omega 3 and most of the antioxidants). In a higher temperature, chemical compounds which are not inevitably comparable by the body can appear. Avoid especially the oven cooking with microwaves which produces an extreme thermal motion.

Exclude oil extracted under heat or cooked. The industrial processes of manufacturing of oil and margarines may distort them. Sophisticated and modified fats are it industrially for a long preservation. This process makes toxic these fats because the bowel and the body generally does not know how to manage them and stock them. No butter even organic in this logic which excludes dairy products… It would be necessary to replace the butter, the margarine and the oil refined by some virgin olive oil, some colza oil, some walnut oil and some oil of hazelnut stemming from the organic farming. Eat regularly fishes of the cold seas for their contribution in fatty acids omega 3 (and avoid the breeding).

Consume organic food. Favor the biological certified food to take advantage of their nutritional quality, to limit the potential risks associated to pesticides and to avoid the pollution of the conventional agriculture with its chemical additives, its veterinary antibiotics and the very doubtful food of animals. Avoid also extremely toxic, industrial processes of the conventional agriculture and the conditioning for our body which submit it to an aggression which eventually overtakes it. Organic food eliminates largely, the component pollution of our modern food and it is something anyway won on the potential pathological grounds of our body. For fewer risks, choose food of seasons produced if possible the closest to our place of life.

Unlearn the sugar taste. It is not natural for the man: what is pleasant to our senses is not always adapted for our enzymes. Our food too rich in sugar and in proteins modified the normal flora of the bowel and favored the development of a flora of pathogenic, aggressive decomposition for the body because of toxin which it contains. This state has repercussions on the general state and deteriorates the system by favoring the racing of the immune system. Finally, the chronic lack of certain vitamins and certain trace elements caused, in the long run, an acidification of the body (by blocking the catabolism at the level of certain acids, not being able to end in the terminal products due to the lack of catalysts) weakening the body and provoking a chronic fatigue, a bigger sensibility in the infections and aggravating the painful phenomena. Besides, sugar is a drug. Avoid thus the food which have a low report volume/calories like ice creams or candies. Also eliminate calories liquid as sweet sodas or fruit juices (or make it yourself). Drink rather some quality water (if possible filtered: reverse osmosis). Also avoid the alcohol which contains more calories than fats. Besides, for the sportsmen, it was proved that the alcohol slows down the muscular growth.

Avoid drugs. I do not necessarily speak about hard drugs (it is an obvious fact that it is necessary to avoid them) but even the coffee, the alcohol, the medicine and the chemical food complements and the fucking cigarette.

Decrease the consumption of animal products: Favor an alive food (walnuts and raw or germinated seeds, raw or dried fruits, fresh vegetables or lacto-fermented.) The animal products as for them, consumed too often, can according to Ayurveda drain the trace elements of bones and long-term muscles at certain people and in certain conditions.

Eat to live, do not live to eat. You could be surprised discovering that you eat a lot or not enough without knowing it (force of habit).


What else ?


Your mood swings and your physical appearance depend on what you put in your body. We are what we eat because our body does not stop dying and being reborn thanks to the new intakes. Then, try to feed decently 80-90 % of time even if you are busy. For example, 30/35 meal a week. The will is the key.

Pay attention on the way you feel more than your physical appearance and you will find even more reasons for following these dietary rules on the long term “ (Taylor Kitsch).

The body is a whole thing. Except the specificity which represents the nervous system, with its omnipresence of lipids and thus the necessary protection which it is necessary to bring to it, the good food for our cells stays the same, which they are in our cortex or somewhere else. Our bad habits thus have repercussions at every level… FORTUNATELY, our good ones too.

The results of numerous studies show that by taking care of our body, we can:
– Decrease the bad aggressiveness, the waves of tiredness, the memory lapses, the stress;
– Improve the capacities of socialization;
– Improve the school results, ideas, inspiration, concentration;
– Improve the quality of sleep.
We can imagine the good consequences which these improvements will have on your capacity to seduce. However, it is necessary to wait several weeks of modification of your lifestyle to obtain stable results on the long term.

The structure and the functioning of the brain, as those of our heart, change, improve or deteriorate according to the food of the person, medicine which he/she takes and the exercise he/she does. It is a surprising organ which grows, shrinks and change according to circumstances.” Jean Carter, American specialist of nutrition.

It is thus a choice : the one of considering that our body can very well handle it alone and… come what may (it has of enormous capacity of adaptation). Or we can choose, more rational in my opinion, to give a little bit of help in our everyday life thanks to the food which plays an essential role at every level.

First thing to be known : There are the good and the bad fats. The bad, the saturated fats, damage the state of the body in particular the brain. It is thus necessary to avoid the junk food. It is also necessary to avoid all which contains trans fatty acids, saturated fatty acids and hydrogenated fats. If we eat some meat, rather white and not often (once a week). The question “but where can we find proteins then?! And I am going to have deficiencies” is a nonsense.

Antioxidants protect us from free radicals which attack the brain, they form a kind of biological armor under our polluted heavens. We can find some in the vitamin C (parsley, pepper, kiwi), the vitamin E (fishes, shellfish, eggs), carotene (carrots, tomatoes), the polyphenols (grape, red wine, tea)… It is thus recommended to eat : fruits and vegetables (especially fresh spinach and organic), onions, chive, parsley and thyme vineyards, curry and turmeric with the pepper, the cinnamon, the ginger, the artichokes, the family of the cabbage, the lamb’s lettuce, the avocados, the tomato puree, the kidney beans, the tomato especially cooks, garlic, eggplant, red berries (strawberries, raspberries) and purple (blueberry, blackberries, grape, plums, prunes, blueberries, raisins, wolfberries), the pink grapefruit. It was proved that a half-cup of blueberries every day increases the short-term memory and the capacities of coordination. The chocolate, to be good, must be dark, rich in cocoa, and low-fat added. Trick: eating a piece of chocolate before a DATE allows to be in a better mood. The tea must be chosen of quality, and infused at least 5 minutes for enjoying 85 % of its antioxidizing capacities, 10 minutes for 100 %. 10 portions of fruits and vegetables a day is a minimum.

To feel well, we need sugars. But the glucose in excess is as bad as if we were in deficiency. We shall thus be wary of carbohydrates: sweets, starchy foods, chocolate bars.

The reaction of yoyo caused by the contributions in sugar with high glycemic damages the brain. It is thus necessary to avoid: the sugar and the flours refined, the white bread, the mashed potatoes, sweets, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, certain medicine like the aspirin and the paracetamol, beta-blocking and certain antibiotics, heavy metals in vaccines, precooked products, cereal of the breakfast, the dehydrated potato flakes, the melba toasts, the yoghurts, the carbonated drinks, the jam, the cubes of white sugar which dirty the body. Avoid absolutely to have a bit of snacking. We shall eat rather some honey, some Basmati rice because the glycemic index is the lowest. If we are obliged to eat things with high glycemic index, we mix it with low glycemic indications to balance, salad and lemon juice can also help.

The studies showed that less we burn calories in our life, less our cells are damaged. Roughly more we eat, and especially more we eat badly, and more we age fast. A calorie limitation about 30 % compared with the needs which people generally believe they have is thus beneficial.

Avoid dyes and preservatives (that seems obvious but it is necessary to favor fresh and quality products).

Did you know that…
– Your tastes and your disgusts are “experience” and not “innate”? Roughly, you are conditioned by your experience of life. Those who believe that what is good for the health is necessarily bad to the taste and conversely are in fact distorted.
– When we have too many choices to feed, like in our current society, we have difficulties in seeing what is good for us.
– Even if we have no deficiencies strictly speaking, if we increase the rates of vitamins and antioxidants in the blood, we increase the intellectual faculties, we decrease the risks of depressions and diseases, we limit the degeneration due to the ageing, we are in a better mood, we increase our capacities of learning, memory, attention, response times.
– It would be very good for the health to clean up (diet, cure of clay and/or fast) at least once a year (the religions speak about it and it is not for nothing).

It is essential waiting to be thirsty. Drink rather some plain water at room temperature. Rather not during the meals (otherwise that complicates the digestion) and without nitrates (which decrease the oxygenation of the blood – look at the label).

The tea is a very good antioxidant on the condition of verifying that it does not contain aluminum. The green tea in particular, on the condition of letting it infuse ten minutes. We can put lemon inside but especially no milk nor sugar. Do not drink tea at the end of a meal if you don’t have enough iron in the blood otherwise it is good to do so.

The wine : Rather red, one drink at noon but if we can avoid it is better. Without sulphites.

Avoid : The sweet, sparkling drinks or the steps, the bottles, the sodas… Besides being bad, the brain has difficulty in counting calories absorbed in liquid form.

The case of the coffee: its effect depends on people but it makes addict and weakens bones. 1 cup a day if really we like that, it is OK. Attention not to take it in case of fears, of problems of sleep, osteoporosis.

Avoid at all costs:
– Hydrogenated fats, palm oil,
– Candies, sodas, corn syrups, white sugar cube,
– Sugars with high glycemic,
– The alcohol which destroys the intellectual cells,
– The glutamate (Chinese restaurants): neurotoxic risk,
– Pesticides, fungicides, additives, colouring agents and conservatives which give brain tumors “E-something” (we shall thus favor fresh and quality products),
– The addictions which favor the ageing of the body.

The oxygenation is essential: Get a breath of fresh air, walk calmly, go in for sport on the outside, be careful all the same on the too much polluted places.

I yet hear well-thinking people saying : “yeah but there are countries where fat people are considered as attractive because that evokes the wealth and everything”. I shall answer them: In the countries you’re talking about, the people are poor and are ravenous, that’s their biggest danger. In our countries, rich and intelligent people eat well and have the means to take care of them. They are attractive because are in shape, healthy. I do not think that the prehistoric man was obese: he was not confronted with the junk food and had to make efforts to get his food. In our society, sheeps, those who are not endowed with critical mind, the victims of the advertising, and the poor people love the junk food and have a potbelly. In two words: what is attractive, it is the possibility of being a good parent. A man in shape is one potentially better parent than a poor man suffering from malnutrition or who is on the contrary a big bacon full of saturated fatty acids.


The set of teeth


Our teeth have a big impact on our physiology. It is thus essential to have a correct oral hygiene and to visit your dentist in a regular way. We shall btw have less and less need of it when we eat better.


The critics


« His diet did not prevent him from having a cancer of the pancreas, the doctor Seignalet ». It is certainly the most just criticism, but it is easily understandable for whom knows the functioning of this gland which we do not respect enough because it is fragile. The fact of consuming almost exclusively raw food could force his pancreas. This is why he made enzyme tablets come from abroad which had to relieve him and help his digestion so much protein part of meats and more or less hidden fats which they contain are hard to digest. In reality, he certainly poisoned himself with pre-enzymes which tired his pancreas in the point to stimulate sleeper cells which multiplied in the excess, until spread towards the liver and the ganglions of the zone around the pancreas. We will avoid…

« It’s such a headache ». It is true that it is complicated to don’t be eaten by the society. But that is worth it, right? Be careful all the same not to fall in the inverse excess: the fruitarians and the crudivores. I respect Thierry Casasnova and his followers but I am well afraid that, as all the excesses, it is uncontrolled. Especially in society and for a man who wants to seduce. There are already problems : people there believe that if you are sick it can be because you ate two food which do not mix normally like the grapefruit and the tomatoes (it is true that mixing certain types of food perturbs the digestion but it is necessary to be reasonable… everybody does that). In brief, they explain everything by the food. It is a drift because they are people who feel superior (as long as they are healthy), who give lessons (because they are healthy and think that they will always be) and believe that they risk nothing (which is FALSE). Do not fall in this trap to give you good consciousness or to belong to a group. As always : think by yourself. For example, you should eat muck occasionally, because otherwise your body would unlearn it and you would become a sick person if you were obliged to eat it someday for a reason or another one.

It is imaginary to want to change the world and the others. Understanding that it is necessary to change at first is showing wisdom. Yet, starting to put some consciousness in your food is the beginning of a change. It is having responsibilities at the level of the health. Consciousness and responsibility have to become both watchwords of our time as regards our health. This is at first individual responsibility by a healthy diet, a healthy life, the taking of vitamins and trace elements in the changes of seasons to make counterweight for the pressures of the modern life. Teaching a healthy diet to his children, which will protect their health in the present and the future. And understand, please, that without the health, even in seduction, you would not do much.