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Seduction and sport-that-makes-you-deaf, compatible?

Seduction and sport-that-makes-you-deaf, compatibleI still can remember the erotic movies I recorded discreetly, on Sundays evenings, on the video recorder of my parents.

Since the coming of Internet, pornography is so accessible that this industry was engaged in a real overbid to conquer a public more and more greedy for strong sensations. Some practices formerly considered as scandalous before were trivialized but it is especially the excesses of masturbation that worry the sex therapists : it is one of the big plagues of the modern sexuality.

Pornography (often abbreviated as “porn” or “porno” in informal usage) is the “accommodating representation – with sexual character – of subjects, obscene details, in an artistic, literary or film work”. The term becomes confused with its perception through the prism of the pornographic movies of today : a representation of sexual acts having for only purpose to sexually turn on the spectator. So, the actress Tiffany Hopkins defines it as “an object of entertainment which aim at masturbation”. An immense industry of pornography consumption appeared thanks to the use of video cassettes, DVD, and Internet. The amateur pornography also became very popular and distributes free of charge via internet.

Most of the guys are happy that their sexual life amounts to watch porns on the Internet. They are maybe not really excited, but they are satisfied. It justifies the fact that most of the men do not make the effort to go out to meet women in order to fuck them. Picking up women is very time-consuming and dangerous while masturbation is easy and without risk. Their sexual satisfaction is not any more their concern. But they miss something all the same… This connection with a woman. This feeling of being loved… affection! And you (fortunately) cannot download some feminine affection on the Internet. To get some affection, you have to learn how to get in touch with your animal side, your sexual side. If you really appreciate this feminine energy, you would do better to learn how to become a sexual threat.

But the “wankers” version 2.0 show a loss of appetite for real sex, insomnias, losses of motivation, irritability, depression. Masturbation is thus a kind of drug. Then yes it is something common (especially for young people), just like alcoholism, but it is not deprived of any risk. When the brain does not produce enough dopamine because of an excessive practice of this sport that does not make people become deaf, we thus observe anxiety, a reduced sexual drive, apathy… Furthermore, the excessive ejaculation acts as a brake in your enthusiasm: body regulates otherwise you would never stop to eat, drink or sleep… and would die.  Nature being well made, when we do it too much, we lose the relaxing effects of sex and we find ourselves with a kind of hangover.

Dopamine is nevertheless an essential element of human well-being, it plays a role in the circuit of the reward, by encouraging:
– The risk-taking;
– The motivation;
– The concentration;
– The gaiety;
– The pleasure;
– The anticipation.

Stopping (and not just decreasing) sometimes would allow to observe if yes or not you are addict. If withdrawal symptoms appeared, it would reveal the gravity of the problem and should encourage you to stop it for good.

That was the theory, now: practice. The only rational way of getting out of the habit of masturbation and of having quick results: it is fast seduction. As soon as you will understand that it is possible to seduce a woman quickly and to sleep with her that same night/day, masturbation will not be any more your only option to satisfy yourself immediately. You will be excited at the idea of going out to meet women because you will know that it is possible to get your pleasure quickly. Every day of the week, day and night.

Profits will be worth it : when they stop, subjects feel more energetic, sociable, joyful : it will strongly contribute to boost your REAL sexual life. It is all the same better than a VIRTUAL sexual life! Brain will relaunch little by little its normal production of dopamine but it will be necessary to wait longer to get rid of the habit itself. If it can make you feel better, there will be no effect on your production of testosterone. Slow down (not you girls :p) !

Physical masturbation, just like intellectual masturbation, thus leads straight ahead to inactivity with the women. Fucking vicious circle!

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