The basics of seduction

the basics of seduction

What most dating coaches will never tell you…

And how you can finally start making out with women you desire !!!

If, at the moment, you feel frustrated because you’re not able to sleep with women you really like… then what I’m going to talk about should help you!

But, before getting into the heart of the matter, let me ask you one simple question :

« Have you ever wondered what makes a man seductive? »

All the guys who had problems with women and who have become real seducers have necessarily asked this question one day or another.

If you have already asked yourself, you must have done a lot of research on the Internet and discovered a multitude of sites talking about seduction/pick-up. Very quickly, you have read many articles, seen videos but got quickly lost in the mass of available information…

The problem is that too many sites speak of seduction as something mysterious or complicated and that this “overflow of information” causes all the seductive apprentices to lose a lot of time, energy and money. Some become discouraged quickly without even accessing to the true power of the knowledge of the seduction community.

What most of the coaches will never tell you is that seduction is based on simple principles. Things that help you not screwing up when you meet an attractive woman. By using these principles, you will no longer wonder how to become more attractive because you will know it, you will simply wonder what points you need to further improve.

These principles are exactly what I am going to talk about now!

The basic principles of seduction are the principles on which you must lean to progress in your quest and finally become a seducer or a Pick-Up Artist… whether your goal is to sleep with as many women as possible, following the principles is imperative if you want to succeed!

Once you have discovered them, you will enjoy a huge advantage over most other guys who do not understand and will never understand why they struggle with women. By knowing these implicit rules, you will have a clear vision, a mental map of how you can become more attractive.

Before I say more, I will tell you a bit about my career…

My name is Fabrice Julien and here you can see me with some of my « friends »…

I do not like bragging but to give you a glimpse of the power of the game: know that I am a former phobic social but that I now fuck about 4-5 NEW women per month (despite my full-time job in an accounting office). And, no, they are not ugly… as you can see on the pictures.

MORE IMPORTANT, I have coached many men who also, from now on, have the sexual and sentimental life they want! They no longer fail with women, they are sexually confident and have understood that if a woman rejects them, it is she who loses the most!

Here is a small overview of the many testimonials that have been sent to me:

« Thanks to you, I went from ghost to fuckable for some … I love your work, I am big fan! » Stéphane

« …as if several doors were unlocking at once! » Alexandre

« Thank you for your impressive work full of realism and efficiency. Indeed in recent years I have been interested in personal development (pnl, hypnosis, social psychology, etc.) and until then none of the ebooks I have read about seduction had been as simple and effective as what you propose. I finally found the motivation to get my fingers out of my… » Clément

Yet I have not always been a good seducer, I was far away from someone who could give advice to others about sex…

I have already told it on my blog : it happened to me when I was young to sleep with babes without daring to try anything, it also happened to me to suffer because I was in the friendzone… for a long time, I felt short, fat and ugly. Then I discovered the community of seduction. The idea was good but I have lost a lot of time unraveling the truth from the false (must admit that there is a lot of crap on the Internet). Then I identified the basic principles that allowed me to get a simple framework for progress. And see where I am today…

Again, these principles did not work only for me, I used them to improve the sexual and sentimental life of many men: some thought they were too small, too fat, too tall, too poor, too [insert your shitty excuse here]…

If you are reading this page, you probably have a goal. You may want to sleep with more women or to live a serious relationship. Unfortunately, if you do not do anything concrete, you will probably end up alone or even worse with a woman “you don’t really like”…

If you do not want to end up in one of his situations, it is essential that you work on the basics of seduction. Thanks to these fundamentals, you will become more seductive, little by little you will become more confident and no longer worry about whether you are going to die alone or not.

The principles I am talking about, I included them in a guide entitled “The Basics of Seduction”. You will discover the fundamentals of seduction and pick-up. These are basic principles that set a framework, and are meant to prevent you from messing up. Knowing these rules makes it possible to better understand the phenomenon, and to make much more judicious and effective choices. Whether your goal is to find love, be happy or multiply conquests (or all of them at once), the better you know the rules of the game, the more you increase your chances of success.

In this guide you will find :

– What a term means, what technique is used for what and on what principles we are based to act like this or that.

– The various obstacles you may encounter along the way and that could slow down your path to excellence in seduction. Perhaps you have already met some of them and have suffered for lack of advice…

– The techniques, the principles and the jargon of the seduction science. You will not feel totally lost in the community of seduction anymore!

The objective is that your sex and love life improves concretely! So it is not a collection of recipes and crap nor contradictory stuff. It is actually a good working basis that will help you, for example, overcoming your fear of rejection and your approach anxiety! I will inject you a good dose of my experience as intravenous !!!

Be careful, I see you coming. Some will tell me “it’s okay, but I was not born from the last rain, so why would I need the basics of seduction?”

Well, first of all, because even I, who now have the rank of pick-up artist, it was good for me to review the basics. It allowed me to take a step back and dust off some of the knowledge that I had left aside for a little while, to see some tricks from a new light, and so on.

Then, because it is not only about the “basics” strictly speaking in this book.

Finally, because this PDF costs only $7 ! This is negligible !!! It’s 75% cheaper than my other ebooks and yet this book is no shorter or worse.

My goal in offering this guide at such a low price is that you enjoy it and that it makes you want to find out my other products. So, at that price, you have nothing to lose… Trust me and I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the content…

So, if you feel like it, buy this book and do not hesitate to read it several times because it will resonate each time differently in you… and it could cause new clicks in a month, in a year, depending on where you will have succeeded in your own personal adventure (because yes, in my opinion, learning seduction is a branch of personal development)…

I wish you as much success as I have thanks to the Game (and even more, why not!)

The basics of seduction

Your buddy,

Fabrice Julien

PS : some more testimonials…

 « You give very good advice. » Laurens

« You’re a little god, guy, keep going like that » Baptiste

« Great job » Marco

« Your PDFs have allowed me to take a step forward in my mind and to mobilize my energy during a party. It unlocked me! » Alonehero

« Very interesting thank you! You are one of the best French dating coaches » Mathieu

« Thank you for your clarity of mind! » Guy

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