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Diary of a French PUA 4 : the diary of the training Cyprine

Hello !

I now have the pleasure to offer you to download and read Diary of a French PUA 4 for free.

diary training cyprine


Introducing Diary of a French PUA 4

This is the diary of the training Cyprine, so these are adventures that happened while I was preparing my training in spring 2017.

This is a period during which I gave myself thoroughly in the game, and it paid off! You will discover how I made a foursome with 3 girls and an orgy with 4 women.

There’s also an instant fuckclose in street pick-up.

I also broke the record of the number of FC in the seduction community (13 with 15 girls in a month).

I managed to pick up girls on all terrains: Adopte, Tinder, Lovoo, Happn, Facebook, bar/nightclub, street …

There are adventures happening in Lyon, Aix-en-Provence and Tours!

I do not say that to boast. If I speak to you of all this it is to show you that it is possible, the goal here being to enlarge your field of possibilities and to destroy your limiting beliefs.

Everything is told in a tone kinda fun, light but didactic.

In addition, I propose a training in videos, the training Cyprine, in which I show you how I managed to do all that, I prove it to you too, and I teach you how you can do the same thing.

It is a training for beginners and experienced players.

Unheard of in the world of the game: the most complete and most transparent training to date…


Download The Diary of the Training Cyprine

I propose you to download the PDF file of the diary of the training Cyprine.

It is a document of about fifty pages, formatted with illustrations.

I offer it for free.

You can also find on my blog my Diary of a French PUA 1, 2 and 3.

Do not hesitate to discover the underground world of real pick-up artists! No taboo, no false modesty, only frank and bare reality.

Wishing you every success,

May the God of the Game be with you too!

Your virtual wingman,

Fabrice Julien

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Diary of a French PUA 3: a kind “The Game” by Neil Strauss but in French and more recent

pick up diary

Diary of a French PUA 1, 2 and 3 are a series of collections of adventures of pick-up, seduction and debauchery (libertinage). These ebooks can be read in terms of personal development and constitute formidable manuals.

There are my best replicas of pick up, my ways of proceeding, my state of mind. People who read carefully my different Diary of a French PUA will benefit from a training of seducer.

I, Fabrice Julien PUA, tell as Cyprineman (my pick up artist nickname) my adventures since I started to have good results in the game in 2012 until 2017.

These are humorous books that are a kind of autobiography about how I became an expert in seduction and coach in seduction! Of course, I’m talking about my successes, but also my failures. These are books that can be confusing because of my outspokenness, the sincerity, and the sincerity of my words.

This is a kind of The Game (the book by Neil Strauss) but with French people and happening in the years 2010. A real diary of seducer, which can also serve as a formidable manual…

I have not seen this format anywhere else yet. You are also many mec and many women (yes, oddly a lot of women come to read my adventures on this blog dedicated to tips for men) sending me positive feedbacks. I think it will be more convenient to read it in PDF than directly on the blog (because it’s more organized, there are images, etc.)


seduction diary

Diary of a French PUA 1

In Diary of a French PUA 1, I tell my adventures of seduction in Aix-en-Provence.

I was already sleeping with just over two girls a month at the time and I was doing a lot of experiments. And it was at this time that I met Virginie, my open relationship.

If I claim to be a Pick Up Artist today (an artist of seduction), it’s not just because I slept with (a lot) more women than most people. It’s mainly because I had fun doing it in original situations. And you will see a lot, here, of original situations: I think for example of the girl I fucked in the street, directly on the asphalt.

Contents of Diary of a French PUA 1:

It’s not just a collection of one-night stands : I also tell about my failures, my thoughts, my life, the seduction methods I’ve tested, and so on.

There are quite a lot of girls with whom I slept that I met in the night parties in this book, there are also some that I picked up in the street and on the Internet. And my social circle played a decisive role at the time!

This book has three main objectives:
– sharing my experience;
– improving, thinking and making people think about the opposite sex;
– pushing the boundaries of what most people think possible in seduction.

And as a bonus, at the end of this ebook, there are adventures that took place before the start of DFPUA 1, in 2011 and 2012, but that had an impact on the meetings I made in 2013.

Included: my first threesome with two girls, my first foursome, the time I was assaulted in the street, how and why I stopped drinking alcohol and the birth of the concept of crash & burn.

Download Diary of a French PUA 1

You can download here for free Diary of a French PUA 1. This will help you a lot, I think, to understand girls and the opposite sex.


Diary of a French PUA 2

In Diary of a French PUA 2, I still tell seduction adventures in Aix-en-Provence between 2014 and 2015.

At this time, I focused on dragging on the Internet. This is where I really developed my method to sleep with as many girls as possible by investing a minimum of time and energy.

I prowled my profile and worked my way to get girls home (or go to their places directly) and fuck them.

I had a rate of FuckCloses/dates of almost 100%. I think it was at that moment that I really became a very good lover.

It is in this book that I tell the time we made a sixsome (3 girls / 3 guys), my first MILF and the times we fucked girls in duo with my wingman Padawan (we made threesomes man-man-woman).

Note that I also speak in this ebook of the problems I had with jealous wingmen.

And this is unfortunately also the year when I had depression and anxiety attacks. Fortunately Virginie, my girlfriend at the time, did not let me down in this difficult time.

As a bonus, at the end of this ebook, I talk about adventures like that, which do not necessarily have a link with the Internet.

You can download here Diary of a French PUA 2 (free).


Diary of a French PUA 3

In Diary of a French PUA 3, I tell how I managed my professional life and the Game, how I integrated in a new city (Lyon), and how I coached the guys from Lyon’s LAIR to be sexually happy guys.

There is a bit of everything in this ebook: girls picked up on the Internet, in parties at night and on the street. I manage more than one news per week at this time.

I slept with more than 4 girls a month on average, so it’s more than 50 girls a year: not bad for a normal guy (neither rich, nor famous, nor working in the porn industry, etc.)!

I tell how I met my girlfriend (The Teacher – La Prof), I tell how we began to make threesomes, etc.

I am also very happy to say that I helped the LAIR’s guys: one lost his late virginity, another started to fuck several girls a month getting them delivered at home, another found a girlfriend etc.

As a bonus, at the end of the book, some left me a testimony to tell their progress, how I helped them and their advice for you.

This is the third part of my Diary of a French PUA. This one, I sell it at a symbolic price because I did really a big job of layout and illustrations. You will not be disappointed, I think!

You should also know that I am now in my account so I ask you a small participation for hosting the blog, etc. I’m sure you’ll understand (the other Diary of a French PUA are and will remain free)…

You can get it via this link in my online store.


french the game neil strauss

The diary of the formation Cyprine (Diary of a French PUA 4)

I will soon publish the journal of the training Cyprine for free on the blog. This is a kind of epilogue to my adventures. It can be said that it is the Diary of a French PUA 4.

I wrote it during the shooting of my formation Cyprine (thus in spring 2017). Period when I could prove that I am currently the best pick up artist of France (you will understand by reading it on what I base but it is objective). In any case, the most effective among those who are known (you never know what can exist).

See you soon for new adventures! 😉

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The basics of seduction

What most seduction coaches will never tell you… And how you can finally start making out with women you desire !!!

If, at the moment, you feel frustrated because you’re not able to sleep with women you really like… then what I’m going to talk about should help you!

But, before getting into the heart of the matter, let me ask you one simple question :

« Have you ever wondered what makes a man seductive? »

All the guys who had problems with women and who have become real seducers have necessarily asked this question one day or another.

If you have already asked yourself, you must have done a lot of research on the Internet and discovered a multitude of sites talking about seduction/pick-up. Very quickly, you have read many articles, seen videos but got quickly lost in the mass of available information…

The problem is that too many sites speak of seduction as something mysterious or complicated and that this “overflow of information” causes all the seductive apprentices to lose a lot of time, energy and money. Some become discouraged quickly without even accessing to the true power of the knowledge of the seduction community.

What most of the coaches will never tell you is that seduction is based on simple principles. Things that help you not screwing up when you meet an attractive woman. By using these principles, you will no longer wonder how to become more attractive because you will know it, you will simply wonder what points you need to further improve.

These principles are exactly what I am going to talk about now!

The basic principles of seduction are the principles on which you must lean to progress in your quest and finally become a seducer or a Pick-Up Artist… whether your goal is to sleep with as many women as possible, following the principles is imperative if you want to succeed!

Once you have discovered them, you will enjoy a huge advantage over most other guys who do not understand and will never understand why they struggle with women. By knowing these implicit rules, you will have a clear vision, a mental map of how you can become more attractive.

Before I say more, I will tell you a bit about my career…

My name is Fabrice Julien and here you can see me with some of my « friends »…

I do not like bragging but to give you a glimpse of the power of the game: know that I am a former phobic social but that I now fuck about 4-5 NEW women per month (despite my full-time job in an accounting office). And, no, they are not ugly… as you can see on the pictures.

MORE IMPORTANT, I have coached many men who also, from now on, have the sexual and sentimental life they want! They no longer fail with women, they are sexually confident and have understood that if a woman rejects them, it is she who loses the most!


Here is a small overview of the many testimonials that have been sent to me:

« Thanks to you, I went from ghost to fuckable for some … I love your work, I am big fan! » Stéphane

« …as if several doors were unlocking at once! » Alexandre

« Thank you for your impressive work full of realism and efficiency. Indeed in recent years I have been interested in personal development (pnl, hypnosis, social psychology, etc.) and until then none of the ebooks I have read about seduction had been as simple and effective as what you propose. I finally found the motivation to get my fingers out of my… » Clément


Yet I have not always been a good seducer, I was far away from someone who could give advice to others about sex…

I have already told it on my blog : it happened to me when I was young to sleep with babes without daring to try anything, it also happened to me to suffer because I was in the friendzone… for a long time, I felt short, fat and ugly. Then I discovered the community of seduction. The idea was good but I have lost a lot of time unraveling the truth from the false (must admit that there is a lot of crap on the Internet). Then I identified the basic principles that allowed me to get a simple framework for progress. And see where I am today…

Again, these principles did not work only for me, I used them to improve the sexual and sentimental life of many men: some thought they were too small, too fat, too tall, too poor, too [insert your shitty excuse here]…

If you are reading this page, you probably have a goal. You may want to sleep with more women or to live a serious relationship. Unfortunately, if you do not do anything concrete, you will probably end up alone or even worse with a woman “you don’t really like”…

If you do not want to end up in one of his situations, it is essential that you work on the basics of seduction. Thanks to these fundamentals, you will become more seductive, little by little you will become more confident and no longer worry about whether you are going to die alone or not.

The principles I am talking about, I included them in a guide entitled “The Basics of Seduction”. You will discover the fundamentals of seduction and pick-up. These are basic principles that set a framework, and are meant to prevent you from messing up. Knowing these rules makes it possible to better understand the phenomenon, and to make much more judicious and effective choices. Whether your goal is to find love, be happy or multiply conquests (or all of them at once), the better you know the rules of the game, the more you increase your chances of success.

In this guide you will find :

– What a term means, what technique is used for what and on what principles we are based to act like this or that.

– The various obstacles you may encounter along the way and that could slow down your path to excellence in seduction. Perhaps you have already met some of them and have suffered for lack of advice…

– The techniques, the principles and the jargon of the seduction science. You will not feel totally lost in the community of seduction anymore!

The objective is that your sex and love life improves concretely! So it is not a collection of recipes and crap nor contradictory stuff. It is actually a good working basis that will help you, for example, overcoming your fear of rejection and your approach anxiety! I will inject you a good dose of my experience as intravenous !!!

Be careful, I see you coming. Some will tell me “it’s okay, but I was not born from the last rain, so why would I need the basics of seduction?”

Well, first of all, because even I, who now have the rank of pick-up artist, it was good for me to review the basics. It allowed me to take a step back and dust off some of the knowledge that I had left aside for a little while, to see some tricks from a new light, and so on.


Then, because it is not only about the “basics” strictly speaking in this book. All you have to do is download the free extract (click here) to realize that I included reflections that I have not written anywhere else.


Finally, because this PDF costs only €7 ! This is negligible !!! It’s 75% cheaper than my other ebooks and yet this book is no shorter or worse.

My goal in offering this guide at such a low price is that you enjoy it and that it makes you want to find out my other products. So, at that price, you have nothing to lose… Trust me and I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the content…

So, if you feel like it, buy this book and do not hesitate to read it several times because it will resonate each time differently in you… and it could cause new clicks in a month, in a year, depending on where you will have succeeded in your own personal adventure (because yes, in my opinion, learning seduction is a branch of personal development)…

I wish you as much success as I have thanks to the Game (and even more, why not!)


Your buddy,

Fabrice Julien


PS : some more testimonials…

 « You give very good advice. » Laurens

« You’re a little god, guy, keep going like that » Baptiste

« Great job » Marco

« Your PDFs have allowed me to take a step forward in my mind and to mobilize my energy during a party. It unlocked me! » Alonehero

« Very interesting thank you! You are one of the best French dating coaches » Mathieu

« Thank you for your clarity of mind! » Guy

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Communication, seduction and manipulation


My name is Fabrice Julien, I am an expert in seduction for more than 7 years… and in a little while I will explain why and how improving your communication can change your life!


But before, let me ask you a few questions:

– Do you feel “stuck” when you want to approach a girl you like?

– Do you feel uncomfortable when you talk to a very beautiful woman?

– Do you have difficulty in making women want to know you more, in creating a real “connection” with them?

If you are getting tired of this situation, what follows will probably help you.

Think back to your last nights out…

Think of all the women you have never approached or with whom it has not “worked”…

When it happened to you, if you’re like most people, maybe you said to yourself she was not the right one, that it was not your night, that the next one will be the right one…

Except that the night after, the same thing happened and the same thing happened again and again during your other nights…

You may have thought that you had bad karma or that something was wrong with you…

Do you want to know the main reason why most people have problems when it comes to seduction ?

I have helped thousands of people in their personnal development process to become more attractive with women.

After observing many people, I came to the conclusion that most people who do not have the sex and love life they want have a bad communication!

Be careful, I’m not saying that you do not know how to communicate, I guess you have friends with whom you have awesome conversations…

My question is rather: do you know how to communicate like the greatest seducers?

I guess the answer is no and that’s why if you want to become more seductive, you must learn these secrets of communication.

Seduction is a discipline that has many common points with marketing and communication. Except that, the difference is : instead of selling a product, you are selling yourself!


How to go from lambda to guy women are interested in ?


I personally had problems with the women until I discovered the community of seduction. I even thought I was very ugly so much it was difficult for me to seduce women. Then, I learned techniques and principles of communication that have completely changed the game! I learned how to free myself from unnecessary apprehensions, how to be more relaxed with beautiful women, how to be more persuasive, more convincing, how to no longer be a « sucker », etc. I have since lived many threesomes with two women, I have slept with more than 200 (beautiful) girls (I’m 27) and I had several “serious” relationships.

Since the beginning of my career, I have helped many people who wanted to learn to communicate better and improve their success with women. I receive many requests every week but unfortunately I do not have the time or the possibility to help everyone… so I had the idea to create this guide which aim is to teach you powerful but accessible methods. These methods are used by the world’s greatest communicators (like our dear politicians and advertisers). Their secrets will no longer be so “secret” to you, once you have read this manual I titled “Communication, Seduction and Manipulation”.

Warning : my book is not for you if you do not apply the advice (unless you enjoy intellectual masturbation). If you really want to improve your communication, you must commit to ACT! Moreover, my ebook will be a source of motivation for you and will help you to find motivation…

Trust me, the game is really worth the effort: imagine that your communication becomes really excellent.

Imagine the pleasure you will feel when you’ll know how to talk to seduce a woman…

And that’s not all: better communicating will not only be useful for seducing women, but it will also help you in everyday life to make a presentation, pass a job interview, ask for an raise, etc.

By implementing “Communication, Seduction and Manipulation” tips, you can start improving your communication today. This is not an empty promise!


Here’s what you’ll find in the guide :


Part 1: Improve communication with yourself

Full of passion and humor, this book will guide you to the unexploited resources that are dormant right now in the depths of yourself. Thanks to it, you will improve your communication with others, certainly, but also your relationship to yourself!

What would happen if the content made it possible for you to improve your living conditions in almost all areas (even if we will mainly talk about seduction) and your way of communicating with others? How much would that be worth to you? Success ? Women ? Happiness ? Why not you ? Why not now ?

You are just a click away, I’m not kidding !!! 😉


Part 2: Improve communication with others

When talking to a woman (or a man), directly or by text messages : you will not be reduced to hoping that she (or he) will be in a good mood and to bet on this hope to get a date… You’ll have an accurate strategy that will allow you to create rapport and convince in a short time.

Every day, in one area or another, you have to convince a number of people to accept your point of view, whether it’s the person you desire or your employer, a recruiter, your banker, a client, a prospect , an audience, a partner, your ex, a member of your family, etc.

So… it’s a good idea to train, right? Whether you are a man or a woman, the content of this ebook will be very useful, very often. Moreover, it is not for nothing if, in my last survey (at the moment I’m writing), you were 96.08% to tell me that you would like to have this tool.

Most people believe that communicating is an “innate” gift, that one has it or not. Well, that’s wrong! It is an aptitude that can be acquired. Just like a foreign language. Little by little, this becomes a habit that you can always work, deepen and develop. You will eventually naturally become a good communicator… you will not need to think about it anymore, you will have integrated it, it will be part of you!


Part 3: Manipulation and persuasion

My eBook also explains why some people are gifted for persuasion and how it is possible to improve yourself in this area. This document reveals all the psychological secrets behind the dangerous human tendency to be influenced. It will teach you how to protect yourself and even, if you want, how to use it sometimes to your advantage…

You’ll learn how to sell yourself, how to make people want you, and with this ebook you should never say “yes” when you think “no”! 😉

You can now master these persuasive techniques and know how to convince with clarity and confidence even if you do not like to put yourself in the limelight (like me), even if you doubt your charisma.


Part 4: The dark seduction

I will finally introduce you to this formidable branch of seduction, mysterious and almost legendary, based on hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), on which there is very few documentation on the Internet…

You will finally know what to think about hypnosis and mental control in seduction.


The price

I have asked many people how much they would be willing to invest in the knowledge that is contained in this guide (stuffed with tips to improve communication with yourself, with others, of marketing techniques and, also containing a point on the main principles of manipulation plus an introduction to dark seduction) : this would be worth up to €100 !

I propose it today for €27 so as not to hurt motivated people (even young students can save €27 on their outings (by going to free clubs, drinking less alcohol or smoking less for example) while €100, it would be really hard… as for the people who work, it will be just a drop in their budget) !


Communication, seduction and manipulation


Ah, it is not just over! If you want a taste of the product before purchasing, I give you here a free extract of the ebook. You will be able to judge its quality…

Do not let this seduction weapon to others! See you soon!

Fabrice Julien

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Friendzone & Sexualization

I recently asked for my newsletter readers this question: to improve your game, what product do you feel the need?

They were more than 60% to need a product explaining how to sexualize their interactions and how not to fall into the Friendzone. This seems to be a widespread problem!

So I hope to help many people with my new ebook…

Most girls you date stop answering you after?

Have you given up sleeping with a woman and claimed to be a respectful, gallant or “hard to get” man… while you were in reality just too nervous to make the first move?

Have you ruined your chances with a woman because you did not dare to take action (eg, kissing her) at the right time?

Has a girl you would have liked to fuck already said :
“You know, I love you much… but just as a friend…”
“You’re a great guy, you deserve a great girl… but it will not be me…”
“I do not want to spoil this beautiful friendship between us…”
“You’re like a brother to me…”

Or other crap like that?

First, know that, me too, I’ve liked several girls who just saw me as a friend, I know how frustrating this is. Besides, I tell you dandy personal anecdotes in this book.

Before, women did not consider me as a future potential boyfriend but as a nice guy, just like the many others they meet every day.

Before, when I met a girl who was interested in me, when I felt there was a way to go further with her, I was wasting it, because of my lack of confidence and because I did not dare sexualization (I did not even know how to do that).

The good news is that all this stuff can be learned through the game… and that learning is fun!

Now, I waste no time and fuck more than 45 girls per year while many of my fellow unfortunately live a hard sexual frustration (I knew this feeling).

I wish to communicate my experience and my knowledge through my book.

With this ebook (135 pages), you will:

*understand why girls often consider you as « just » a buddy (and how not to end up in this kind of situation);

*understand how to be manly and sexual without being thought of as a pervert;

*how you can sexualize without being vulgar or needy;

*discover the verbal and non-verbal sexualization;

*discover how I start my kinesthetic escalation when I’m alone with a girl (at my place or her home) to sleep with her (works about 9 times out of 10);

*discover the concept of sexual humor;

*understand how to avoid falling into the Friendzone;

*understand that there is no need to hide your intentions to sleep with a girl;

*learn how to seduce a girl who is in your social circle without having to tell her your feelings;

*beef up your game of seduction;

*and many other things, so I invite you to discover my free ebook excerpt before purchasing, so you will get a more precise idea of the content.

This guide is an immediately downloadable ebook and your investment is only €29  HT.

You can order without any apprehension or embarrassment. Your personal information will never be given (nor sold) to anyone. This purchase is completely confidential… and your credit card statement will state “SM Conseil”. 100% discreet!

Just after ordering on the secure form of 1TPE (my partner for several years, this platform is 100% reliable), you will have access to a private interface and will be able to immediately download the English version and the French version of the ebook and then start reading !

The advantage of digital products is that you do not have to pay abusive transport costs (plus it is environmentally friendly)…

« I want to learn sexualization, overcome my sexual anxieties, learn how to assume and let express my manhood to finally become that confident man who attracts women… »

It’s your turn !


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Evopsy & Seduction

Preface proposed by my proofreader.

Evopsy & Seduction decrypts our romantic behavior with a tone scientific and funny, but especially liberating. You will understand the why and how of our behavior in love. No doubt everyone will recognize into it.

If you do not understand women but that you’re interested in understanding them, this book is the key to understand their behaviors and thoughts. If you do not understand what men want but that you’re interested in understanding them, you’ll find the explanations in this book. After reading it, everything will become so simple, so clear, that you will regret not having read this book earlier.

Need a brief taste ? Download a free excerpt => here (pdf file).

Why do we love? Who do we love? Does beauty impose its own rules, and what would be the rules of beauty? Why do we want children? Why fucking in parallel a husband and a lover? Why infidelity? Why so much injustice and so much conflict? Why do men have the almost automatic reflex to stare at women’s buttocks? How do we choose a partner? How do we attract? How do we keep a woman or a man? How do we break-up with someone? Where do the eternal conflicts between men and women come from ?

Answers can be found by looking at the past of our species.

A new scientific approach, the evolutionary psychology (Evopsy), provides solid answers to these questions that concern us, or at least that affect us all, integrating the findings of many disciplines (anthropology, biology, ethology, genetics, neurobiology, psychology…) as part of the Darwinian theory.

This scientific ebook, easy to read and very educational, explains in a clear and entertaining way the main concepts of Evopsy (from the genetic influence to sexual competition), the main criteria it uses (dominance, beauty, fertility, pheromones…) and describes some of its everyday applications, including those found in the Game. It is an indispensable tool for understanding the world around us!

This book is also very rich: studies support the arguments, making this analysis more serious and credible. It will appeal to those who are interested in the complexity of gender relations.

Did you know that 10% of children are not made by their alleged father? That only 1% of sperm cells are fertile, the others just exist to fight their rivals? Did you know that our impulses are genetic, since they are the result of the evolution of humanity for many thousands of years?

Inherent constants exist in human condition, which come from the dawn of time. This perspective on gender relations allows each of us to approach them with more serenity.

“A book you should read if you want to better understand your own psychology.”

“A must-have, a very interesting book, a really great book.”

“This book is really relevant. Brilliant and compelling. “

I would add personally that the price of this ebook, this eye opening on the world, will always be €29… unless I do not sell a lot of copies, in this case, I will increase the price ! 😉

Good reading.

Buy here :

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The awesome lover’s manual

A PUA teaches you how to give women orgasms : how to make them come like crazy

I’ve got some questions :
– Do you want to turn women on even before touching their pussy ??
– Do you want to know several ways to finger them ??
– Do you want to know how to lick in a better way than Hank Moody ?
– Where is her fucking clitoris and how to take care of it ?
– How do you know if it was a real orgasm or if she faked ?
– What should you do with your hands during the sexual intercourse?
– Do you want me to recommend you some positions to drive them crazy?
– Do you want to last longer?
– Do you wanna get hard all the time in the bed?

My point while writing this ebook is to help you to give to girls the most incredible sexual experiences of their lives ! I guess I’m not the first pretentious guy who wants to write such an ebook… but I am Cyprineman, sexpert famous for licking pussies like a God (it’s my gift)..

But, I won’t only talk about licking pussies here. I also want you to know at the end of your reading the spots on girls’ body to touch – and how to touch them the good way – to make them scream “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH you’re the best lover of my life” !

I will explain to you the good mindset that lead to some good sex, and the good things to do when you are having sex with her : how to warm her, how to finger her, what key-positions to master, how to last long enough to satisfy them, how to stay hard, how to recognize a real orgasm, etc. I want this ebook to be exhaustive. Everything about sex here.

After my ebook about Online Dating, I thus propose you by now another practical ebook (by opposition to theoretical) : no intellectual masturbation. Only things you can use next time you’ll sleep with a girl… to drive her crazy. It’s not very complicated things, but it’s things you must know and use. I want to keep it simple but effective. For example, about lasting longer : we will talk about “tricks” that help but we’ll stay on realistic things… because anyway the more you’re used to fuck and used to fuck beauties, the more you’ll last and become good naturally.

And it’s not just about giving orgasms and connecting with the other sex, it’s so much more than that… When you are a good fuck, you feel proud… you feel like a real man. You feel like you have an ace up in your sleeve that gives you a mysterious confidence. All the women and men that you meet will treat you with respect because of this sexual confidence. Sexual skills really do MAKE the man and people can tell because it gives you an aura.

Very few men are good in bed. Really good, I mean. Knowing you’re good will give you an incredible advantage in your mind. To get the girl and to keep her if you wish… because she’ll be addicted. You will invert the balance of power between men and women by proposing her something rare: a good lover.

You will not anymore be afraid of the competition. If you knew how many guys I saw going into trouble while trying to pick up a girl then not daring to turn up at her place the day of the meeting because they were afraid of screwing her badly. You already have an advantage on the others… because rare are the guys who agree to learn on the sex. They are way too proud! And even if they brag, it is a taboo subject for them!

By the way, how do we know that we are a good leg? When the girls tell it to you every time you sleep with one of them, for example. When you inspire them comments like “fuck but where did you learn that, you, it was awesome!”  That happens to me all the time now (nevertheless I leave by far) then sorry if I am a little big headed now ! 😉

“which orgasm did you prefer ? tongue, vagina or fingers ?
– fingers ! but I loved the others too”

“you’re the best lover in the country”

– Listen to me licking her –

Over time, what happened was that through my own experimentation, I became able to make women cum ONCE AND OFTEN MULTIPLE TIMES. I could get hard and stay hard for ONE HOUR if I wanted to.

I am going to reveal you why so many people say that sex is wonderful and you’ll finally understand why in the practice it is not often that awesome !

56% of men who have affairs say they are in love with their wives. Currently, women are initiating 70% of divorces. 25% of married women will also have an extramarital affair (for 40% of men). 54% of people will never know their partner has cheated. 30% of people on dating site are not single, 38% of people on those sites are looking for one night stands (source : IFOP).

After you’ve read this book and internalize the programs I’ve prepared for you, you will feel so confident about your skills and knowledge in bed that you will not be paranoid nor insecure about your lover (or girlfriend, or wife) leaving you for some other dude (or woman) with more money, better looks, and better sexual skills than you. You won’t have sexual complexes anymore!

Number one reason why women cheat is because they are not sexually satisfied in bed (sorry if it happened to you). Millions of guys are having problems satisfying their women sexually, and it’s creating horrendous relationship problems like depression, cheating, divorce…

If you are thinking that being just OK in bed is all you want, that it is enough, think again! We are in a COMPETITIVE environment ! Do you know in how many discreet ways the girls can cheat – and I’m not only speaking mentally – but physically actually meet up with someone and fuck (I’ve often been this someone)… and you NEVER know about it??? Online dating, social networks, all kinds of sites for men and women who want to have discreet affairs. Temptation will definitely be there for her to cheat. Men try to pick up women ALL THE TIME. EVEN IF THEY’RE MARRIED ! If you’re not good in bed, you’re in danger…

These problems you’re having, problems I used to have : these are the problems of an inexperienced (and lost in front of this mysterious science) lover. With that said, you don’t need to have sex with 100 girls like me to get enough experience and be good in the bed. Once you know WHY most guys struggle in bed, it becomes easy to flip the switch and rock her world.

No more not feeling like a man. I don’t want guys who did nothing to deserve that feeling this pain and this shame like I did.  You have a dick : it’s a responsibility. Learn how to use it. Be proud of it ! Prove yourself worthy of that ! You are less of a man if you decide not to man-up and change what’s wrong in your bed !

I will tell you now the story of a dude who asked me how to give strong powerful orgasms. But this guy pissed me off because he wasn’t humble nor modest : he told me he was sleeping with dozens of girls at the same time and was already a God in the bed. So I logically asked him why he wanted my advice.

To make a long story short, I took the guy aside and he finally revealed to me he’d only had sex twice and he came in under two minutes. A lot of guys get trapped in the same ego-trap. They lie to others, lie to themselves, and don’t even know why ! On my blog like on this ebook, I want us to be honest with the another ones…

It’s the same thing with seduction : most of guys are way too proud. They reject the advices but read my blog all the same. This is ridiculous. You need to admit when what you’re doing isn’t working (or could work better) instead of making yourself too proud to prove we-don’t-know-what. If you think you’re yet a fucking sex god porn star, this program’s obviously not for you.

Otherwise, you’ve got to realize that you CAN improve your sexual skills. No matter how bad you are today (or not), they WILL improve. And no matter how good you think you are (or really are), you can still get better and get new ideas. It’s OK to get help to become excellent. I think we are on Earth to help each others. Myself continue again and again to document and to experiment! But I want to help only motivated people, fighters who deserve it by giving themselves the means!

NO ONE IS A NATURAL GOD WHEN IT COMES TO SEX. Guys that have a lot of sex really early in their lives and get experience with a wide variety of hot women might seem “natural”, but they are not because they learned too, like us. Differently, but they did. And only if their girls were curious…

The crazy thing is that there’s proof everywhere that people can evolve in bed, and they do change, but you just don’t see it because you don’t watch your best friend nor your next door neighbor having sex. You don’t watch other people having sex. The only sex that you see is with your girl… or in pornography, which is completely different, they’re professional naturally gifted (and it’s often faked). You have to learn the skills.

You won’t see the change unless you believe it. If you’re thinking “this isn’t going to work” then it won’t (or not much) ! But if you keep doing what you’ve always been doing, you’re going to get the same results! And bad ones, for sure !

Of course we are not animals so I will give you ideas to make the temperature rise before having sex… as a delivery for both of you. I do not plan to be disrespectful nor misogynist here. START TODAY actively believing that you can have good or great sex with (quality) women no matter where you are today on the sex-scale and that they will thank you for that (they’ll suck your cock with appetite). Because it is my mission, to make you become a real animal in the bed ! And I accepted it!

You can give women orgasms and your girl is capable of having mind-blowing “Full body Orgasms.” We can say that these orgasms are overwhelming because when women have such an orgasm they don’t know how many times nor how long they came. It’s an awesome experience for them !

HUNDREDS of guys write to me saying that their girl is different. That this stuff works on “slutty” girls (or whores) but their lover is a more serious, more classy woman. OF COURSE, DUDES ! Guys, what you’ve not understood is that women respond incredibly to Incredible Sex. These are just psychological principles. You are having a belief system problem and you’re blind so start trying with putting some inner conviction in it before saying it doesn’t work. Don’t be stupid, every woman has a goodgirl and a badgirl side… but often hidden…

Your lover IS sexual you just AREN’T GOOD. If you doubt about it, it’s just because you’re not good enough so she reveals you this part of her. She doesn’t tell you just to protect you. Let go off your ego and improve. I understand that is intimidating and that it hurts… but this book is here to help you. I’ve seen even the most uptight, tight-ass, coldest wives or working girls act like crazy slut teenage school girls after having sex with me. And that, believe in me, it is fun!!! (And in addition it is a good deed!)

When you’re having sex, it’s just you naked on top of her. You’re equal. Creating an amazing, mind-blowing sexual experience for a woman is all about your sexual abilities, which are completely LEARNED. And you’ll learn in the next pages…

If you want to be “the man” or better a “real man” in her eyes then : become good in bed! It will change EVERY aspect of your sexual life! It will even change YOUR MIND by improving your inner  confidence !

Motivation is more than important to apply my stuff. Have you got the desire and/or the need to improve in the bed ?

If yes, welcome to this ebook that will tell you all my basics and advanced stuff to totally rock your bed. 47€ for this PDF file (200 pages).

In addition, this ebook will focus on :
– the orgasm in general (physiologically and psychologically speaking) ;
– knowing when she fakes orgasm and why she does that ;
– why orgasms make people fall in love ;
– the erogenous zones ;
– how to break the last minute resistance ;
– alcohol and sex ;
– the supplements and drugs ;
– how to get hard naturally in spite of stress ;
– how to last long even if we’re fucking really excited ;
– how women works when it comes to sex (mentality) ;
– what kind of lovers drive them crazy ? ;
– what turn them on in bed ? what do they expect from you ? ;
– how you can use porn to improve ;
– the kinesthetic pattern of the kiss that really turn them on ;
– how to use massages to drive them crazy ;
– how to finger them ;
– how the female sex works ;
– the welcomed method to give very powerful orgasms ;
– how to master pussy licking ;
– the position so that your sex looks bigger ;
– all the key-positions to make them come ;
– what is a bad lover ? ;
– how to be a good kisser? ;
– what to do after sex ? ;
– how to make her want to make a threesome ? ;
– my opinion on the sextoys ;
– the contraception and the sexual diseases ;
– the best condoms ever according to me ;
– the female ejaculation ;
– the sexual fantasies of women ;
– the G-spot ;
– the clitoris ;
– some ideas to pepper the act ;
– the tantrism ;
– a lot of other stuff…

You can read here an extract of the ebook if you are motivated. Know, for you information, that I always quote my sources and give free bonus at the end of my books.