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How to feel better ?

How to feel better


How to feel better Sometimes we get a little slack. After a rejection, a breakup or afternothing special (it happens sometimes, it’s just like that…)

So here are 10 tips to feel better!

1/ Pick-up

Sometimes I go through times when things are not going well. But it is enough that I pick up a receptive chick that really gives me desire for her and I find taste for life. So, do not hesitate to go out to and pick-up when you feel bad.

2/ Sex

Sometimes, I just have to fuck a sexfriend that moves well in bed to feel better. It’s true that a good fuck, it whips the blood! A good blowjob, it feels good and the post-coital hug is awesome! I take advantage of this point to clarify that on the contrary, when it is not going too well, masturbation makes me depress even more…

3/ Rest

Sometimes I do not feel right because I am (very) tired. It happens during intense pick-up periodes or during the season changes. You do not have to think too much, sometimes you just have to rest a little and it gets better. A good nap? A good night’s sleep ? Each his own solution…

4/ Take a walk in nature

When I made a fucking depression, a few years ago, it was good for me to go walking in the nature behind my parents’ home (it’s really the countryside there). I often went with my dog ​​and sometimes even took off my shoes: the contact of my bare feet on the ground helped me feel alive.

5/ Good food

Being lighter, losing fat or just eating enough fruits and vegetables: this may be enough to get back on track. The morale, after all, it is above all a question of biology and therefore of hormones. That’s why, giving our bodies what they really need (eating salads rather than hamburgers for example)… well, that’s good.

Attention, I have nothing against a cheat meal from time to time (like once a week), because it can do good to morale too…

6/ Omega 3 and Vitamin D

Everyone is more or less deficient in omega 3 and vitamin D today. So, it can then be interesting to complement. Or take the sun and eat more fish…

7/ Get a massage

A massage can do much good to morale.

8/ Playing sports

Sports make secretion hormones of well-being, so it’s a good way to feel better. But pay attention to do not get hurt: do not force too much if you do not feel well, because it is often in those times that one gets hurt…

9/ Going out, seeing friends

Getting out of your home is good. But seeing friends actually is better. Sometimes a good discussion and it goes much better! It changes your mind!!!

10/ The placebo effect

Many other practices work to feel better : acupuncture for example. We do not know if it really works on body and mind or if it is the placebo effect that makes feeling good but the main thing is that it helps, right?

If nonetheless your morale decline persists and handicaps you, you should perhaps consider making an appointment with a doctor…


In any case, to avoid too frequent morale drops, it might be appropriate for you to consider a personal development process…

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