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How to have a girlfriend ?

How to get a girlfriend

Have the following questions ever touched your mind? “How to make out with a pretty girl? How to be a couple with a sexy girl? How can I find a really interesting girlfriend?”

First, why a couple with a girl? I mean, in high school there’s a social pressure “ah you’ve never kissed a girl ?!”, In college, it is the same “ah you have never had sex?” The worst is when your friends are guys who have success with chicks… it starts to itch in the panties !!!

So, my first advice is not to put pressure on yourself by absolutely trying to “depucleate” yourself. My second advice is to put all the chances on your side by listening to the suggestions I make in this article. The third is to tell you “fuck off, social pressure, I will have a girlfriend!”

1/ Is it necessary to wait patiently to please a girl or should one provoke his chance?

The answer may seem obvious. In France, it is almost impossible to make out with a girl without approaching her. To be able to “afford” to be passive in love, one would have to be fucking beautiful or very popular, etc.

In an open environment like the street, you have about 0 chance that a chick will take the first step towards you to tell you that she likes you and that she wants to know you better. In a closed environment, like in a high school or college, I would say that you have 1 in 5 chance that it happens to you. On the Internet, chicks feel less social pressure… so, it happens a little more often… I would say that you have 2 out of 5 chances to be approached.

But even if you are approached by a chick, will this chick be for your taste ? No, you must take your responsibilities to be in control of your love life.

2/ Becoming more attractive

If you’re have difficulties making out with girls, it’s probably because your perceived value is quite low (which does not mean you have no potential) or you do not act very well (for example, you never leave your house…)

So, above all, I advise you to work on your reputation, behave in a more “cool” way, don’t spend all your days playing video games, improve your look, hang out a bit with popular people, say hello to pretty girls to benefit from a certain preselection, etc.

One very important thing, which is the basis of everything to achieve this goal, is to work on your body language. Do not neglect the power of making a good first impression!

3/ Show your balls

Do not send your buddies asking the girl in question if she wants to make out with you or not. Your buddy could have the priority like in the movie Nos jours heureux.

Do not pass by the girlfriends of the girl you like because it would communicate that you do not have the balls to take the first step. It would be absolutely not attractive…

The best thing is to go and approach the girl yourself or to get by to meet her and talk to her. Do not start saying “do you want to be my girlfriend?” : you would risk a kinda violent rejection. Try to create some attraction between you, especially with kinos. Then, ask for her phone number or Facebook and finally meet up again.

4/ Is this girl for you?

I admit that at the beginning of my career of pick-up artist, I didn’t give a shit about if the chick is made for me or not. I just wanted to fuck, satisfy my sexual urges and gain some sex experience.

Today, I am always looking for fun but I am seriously thinking about becoming a dad and founding a family. So, I can testify: for staying a long time with a girl met in the street, you have to be very lucky. Remember, we must have a girl out of nowhere matches us, it’s rare anyway! She must have the same vision of life, the same ambitions, and so on.

Because, yeah, throwing our sights on someone who does not really correspond to us is taking a big risk of living quite a lot of disappointments after suffering in a shitty relationship.

So, to optimize our chances of meeting someone who matches us (because “who looks alike matchs” in life), it may be opportune to frequent the same places as the type of girl that is hooked. To do this, we must ask ourselves and try to think about what we are looking for in women and then find where we can go to meet this kind of girls. There is also the solution to resort to dating sites that can be effective.

5/ Sexualize and conclude

Try to have a date with the girl you like. Sexualize of course during the date so as not to end up in the friendzone. And, at the end of this date, if it goes well and you still like her, you’ll have to kiss her… and fuck her.

And you have to fuck her WELL to make her addict!

Some say it is unthinkable to be a couple with a girl we fucked the first night. I get upset, I met a lot of my long relationships (including my current girlfriend) by fucking her the first night. The truth is that it does not mean anything at all except for bloody-minded people.

After the fuck, you have to keep in touch and see her again.


Anyway, remember that I think it is important not to put too much pressure on yourself to find a girlfriend at all costs. Because, who says “pressure” says “it works less well”. I always met my girlfriends with whom I stayed for a long time at times when I did not expect it, when I was not looking for anything special.

I was quietly fluttering, then some caught my attention and made me want to deepen the relationship. It’s still better than being a couple by default with the first coming who wants a couple with us, right? And even for them, it’s more rewarding than going out with a guy who has no choice in his sex life and who wants them because they represent his only chance to have a girlfriend!

See you later !

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