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Why, when and how to call her back

Why, when and how to call her backTaking her number

It would be necessary that it doesn’t look too formal nor too serious ” I would like to drink a coffee, that would be nice that you come with me” (you are a cool dude). It would also be necessary that she has the impression that the Rendez-Vous will not last for a long time (lesser commitment at first then we see). “It was very nice to meet you but I have to go now, we could see again each other one of these days”. Approach rather the women alone in the street, and if they answer positively, take the number. It is you who dominate: if you do not seem to give it too much importance, she will do the same because she will think “this one does not look like a weirdo who is going to harass me every day during 3 months”. Avoid scheduling a date when you cannot have sex after… It is not to trap her, only to avoid frustrating both of you if the desire appears !


Utility to take her number (or her FB):

– To agree on a date (it is the official purpose) ;
– To test her (discover her level of interest for you according to her answers);
– To excite her to simplify the continuation (doing sex by telephone).


When to pick up the phone ?

Contrary to the ideas receipts, there is no rule on the subject. It is necessary to take into account the fact that you should not be thought of as excess applicant (needy), but also that she does not forget you, and that she can think of you and wonder why you did not call her back yet. The rule is however: it is better too early than too late (but attention “being excessive” can make you appear as “starved”)!

More we move forward towards the end of week, and the more the meetings tend to be postponed to the following week, because most of the time, she will have planned things the weekend with her friends, because you date only super popular girls. 😉

It is a good thing to take into account the rhythms of her days and weeks… but it is very subjective ! Cleverness is to call them back more or less at the same moment as when we took their number : they were available, there are chances that they still are.

After a date, two days seem a good compromise, because we can so see if it is not her who is going to call us meanwhile (she would so reveal a big interest for you and it would be won unless saying a bullshit).


How to call her back ?

Mindset : You impose nothing, you just do her the incredible honor to speak to her. Cleverness is to do something else while we call her to do not look too needy. Be friendly if you fall on one of her friends and don’t leave a message. Do not force the conversation, return naturally on what you spoke during your meeting (the cool things). That will put her back in the atmosphere!

As virile man, it is not necessary to remind her who you are nor where from you know her: she has to remember you (otherwise it is necessary to punish her)! Speak a small moment and fix a date “I am very busy at the moment especially with work and sport, but it would be nice to meet you around a drink. When are you are free ?”; “It was a pleasure talking to you”.

Do not say “call me when you want”. It is not good to look too available! ” I shall call you when I shall have time, we shall go to have a coffee”.” I am with somebody (mysterious), we watch a DVD, I call you soon and we talk again of it”. Or then if you want to lick her boots (if she is a little a LSE) try something like “call me / Propose me something and I shall make myself available”.

“It is too soon to say if I like you, we have to see again each other”.
” We should meet, we could become “friends””.
There is no way for her to refuse to be your friend even if she has a guy. And then, you seduce her…

If you do not know what to say in the first seconds, scan her quickly, to create some rapport with her. Example: “Hello, it’s ___, whatareyoudoing ?” It allows you to know if she is alone, or accompanied and if she is in a situation in which she can speak to you calmly (why not about sex). By text, that can be more discreet but well if she has a friend in front of her who distracts her, there are few chances that she touches herself and thus that she imagines “you giving her some pleasure”… rather than she shows your messages to her friend and that they make fun of you (thus be wary if she sends hot things in a disproportionate way).

You took her number and you know nothing about her. It is the moment to have a fast idea of you are going to meet again. On the menu, the classic questions, “You do you do for a living?”, “How old are you?”, and to tease her a little over the end, why not, “do you often give your number to unknowns in the street? ” As for myself, I don’t like the phone, and I don’t like the interrogations, thus I often ask a question then I make her talk and if she is interested it is often her who asks the boring questions. But it is convenient when we take a number hastily (in the street or on the Internet) to behave “normally” at first so that she sees that she does not have to deal with a “weirdo”. Indeed, if we act like a crazy guy, even if it is to have fun, she can be suspicious, and we cannot even really be mad at her. Let’s put ourselves a little in her skin!

Be attuned to all the elements in the conversation, and do not hesitate to introduce them into the conversation if they appear to you to have an importance. For example, if she answers you, and if she has a soft and tired voice, ask her if you do not disturb her and if she does not prefer that you call her back later. If she looks very satisfied and happy, tell her that you did not expect such a warm welcome, but that you like it.

If you hear one or more voices behind her, ask her if she is with a friend (do not forget that you are a confident alpha and not a jealous person and that you encourage her to have fun because then it will be with you héhé). Interacting in a global way in the conversation allows to create more rapport, and to better synchronize with her. According to her availability on the phone, the way she answers, it can be more or less relevant to propose her a date by text message later. The advantage to get her on the phone is to be able to feel directly in the tone of her voice if she is motivated, hesitating, or not at all interested (in this case, she can even not answer), and thus anticipate the last minutes cancellations, most of the time linked to a lack of motivation and concealed by a phony excuse. It will be necessary to calibrate or if it is too much effort for the reward which is not worth it you can give up and proudly break the interaction! Attention, there are also those who want to urge you to do so to don’t feel guilty for putting you a rake.


Some traps:

“Who r u ?” At this moment, it is not your humor which is going to change much (“toys r us”), she just wants to know if she is in touch with somebody she wants to see again or not, and you are certainly already on one of the two list (or will be soon).”

“She cannot answer! ” There are lots of reasons why she could not answer when you call her, among which the purely logistic reasons : her telephone has low battery, she is in class or at work…

“She does not want to answer you!” She knows that you want to propose her a date, but her personal situation is not clear. She finds you nice, but she still makes out in an unofficial way with her ex. She can also avoid answering or diverting the conversation as soon as you ask intimate questions or take initiatives… Either she is afraid for her image of good girl, or she is shy, or she is an attention whore, and does not dare, or it is dead for you and she is too kind to tell you so.

“No voicemail at the first call !” Give some time to yourself before leaving a message on which you could let show that her absence of answer affects you. Some like making the guys suffer, it is sad but that is the way the human being is, some have a little of power and that makes them freak out.

“Wait at least one hour !” If you call her back several times in a row, you risk to be perceived as very sticky and attached to her answer. If you decide to leave a message, do not prejudge reasons why she does not answer (the aggressiveness can call the submission but often calls the aggressiveness in return).

“Organize your contacts!” Place for example a Z in front of the first names taken hastily. All the girls who do not answer you for the moment will so be placed at the end of your telephone book, and you will not be tempted to try to call them back frequently (that would be making them too much honor and make you depreciate for them… at least they will not knock you too much down if you try to pick up one of their friends one day).

“Certain girls take time to answer and are very difficult to contact.” Always stay calm and think that they certainly have a logistic problem. Do not taking things personally allows to keep control and to do not depreciate pointlessly (Zen attitude).

“Always re-confirm the date that very day by leaving an exit to the girl to show her that she can cancel at any time.” Never suppose that everything is beforehand won. It allows to stay humble and to do not put her the pressure. Anyway nothing is beforehand won with the human being, and the flake is frequent.

“Do not worry if until the last moment, she does not answer her phone.” She is maybe simply busy, or missed the call… As for me, I am very difficult to contact with the telephone, because I don’t like that, and nevertheless I am rarely against an interesting meeting or an adventure out of the ordinary.

The fact that she is not contactable does not necessarily mean that she is not motivated or that she does not want you in fact. But all the same, we can well ask her this small effort! So, that is not useful to harass a girl, a motivated chick will call back you except force majeure and otherwise it would finally be too much a headache.


The texts

You can play with words (ambiguity) and on the waiting time between your messages.
Respect the same rules as previously studied in the class on the state of mind.
Evitez de laisser plus de trois messages sans réponse (amour propre).


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