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I went to the Eroticism Show in Lyon

I went to the Eroticism Show in LyonLast weekend, I went to the Eroticism Show in Lyon.

I was aghast: first of all in this stuff, they make you pay the entrance. But you pay for what? They make you pay to access the stands where you can buy things (sextoys, fluorescent condoms, accessories, clothing, lingerie).

Frankly, isn’t it a big joke? Anyway, whatever, I’m not a sucker. Basically, I went there (not by curiosity as would say a girl who does not assume) but to approach libertine girls. There were actually not much to approach: only couples and men. There was all the same two or three groups of girls that I have approached but they were lesbians.

Then there were free shows : strippers dancing, playing with fire, undressing. Downside: most are smashing but not handsome. By the way, strippers are still often prettier than porn actresses anyway. That’s what I noticed.

There was a guy stripper too, who made his show, he wanted to warm the ladies: a guy, a fucking bodybuilder (too muscular for an ordinary mortal). Not beautiful, not tall, just very muscular. He pretended to undress but we never saw his cock. It’s a little bit ridiculous, I think. Does he have a small cock or what? In any case, to warm a woman through photos on Snapchat or anything: you have understood, never show your gun unless you can use it. This is how the professionals do. For the girls who want to strip, it is based on slow and anticipation. Like, before removing their string, they make a break then take it down completely!

For the modest sum of € 10, you could attend a filming of a porn movie scene. So I was pretty “curious” to see that. There was the actress Kelly Pix (apparently she is famous in the world of porn but I know no one except Jacquie and Michel). At least she has not fake boobs, that’s something!

In this show: she arrives on stage disguised as a policewoman and begins to touch roughly her pussy with her baton. Then comes a prisoner, Tony Caliano. She made him sit down and abruptly pulls out his big cock (something huge it’s really excessive) and begins to suck it greedily (he was hard yet does it take drugs?). Then he fucks her (still without hug, kiss, nothing) in several positions and she cums (not him). Frankly boring. Zero. A waste of time. A purely mechanical sex. Not what I like! It was impersonal. I have not even felt the beginning of an erection, rather a vague sense of unease.

The funniest was the leader: a real cartoon of a guy who works in porn (porn producer). A guy with no hair, short, fat, vulgar loudmouth. His punchline “ass, it is not only useful to sit down.” Lol! I was wondering if these guys really fuck the hotties from the world of the X (like in the cliché) or not.

In the alleys, I have been approached several times by girls. In fact, the concept is that fucking sex-bombs smile you. They do like sluts. And if you smile back, they approach you “do you want a lapdance?
– Fuck yeah, what’s the price?
– €60 for two dances ie 7mn, €100 for a sextoy show. ”

Damn !!! She must be very hot so it worth it. I’m talking about the sexy dancing, because the show with dildos, it’s not my cup of tea. Chicks try to make you feel guilty when you say no, “I am not to your taste, right?” Frankly, they all are not beautiful. And when you propose them to meet up outside or give to give you their number “it’s forbidden by my boss.”

I toured all the stands, sometimes it was the pimp who approached me “you seem timid
– Yes very.
– Do you want a young novice in the world of porn? a future star? for € 80 she give you a show and then because you’re young and not aggressive who knows what can happen…” Seriously! The guy hopes I’ll believe that. Like if the girl was going to shake you and suck you. He sells dreams. There’s not written pigeon on my forehead! I’m not a guy missing in lack of sex led by the end of his dick!

The guys who bought a strip then waited that the girl is done with her previous customers. I remember the usual prices of prostitutes: €30 a blowjob, € 50 sex. So, for that matter, I’d rather buy a pure hottie prostitute at the Spanish border for fun.

Finally, there was a Jacquie et Michel stand that had put an ad like what they were looking for actors/actresses. I asked how much it was paid €200 for guys and €300 for women for a scene which lasts on average between 1 and 2 hours. By cons, they take only single women or couples … how surprising . Bis repetita, I wonder if these guys do fuck the hottie we can see in the movies while they are old and ugly.

A thought for the girl of the body painting who, since she tasted the joys of striptease in Australia, continues to practice in Paris. Despite her psychology degree, she has a strong character! At least, I can say that I banged a stripper.

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