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The notion of Comfort Zone

The notion of Comfort ZoneA. The Comfort Zone…

…is a key concept when practicing the game.

CZ is reflected by the usual behaviors that a person uses to be maintained in a not or few stressful state (but not really stimulating state). We remain in what we know and what do not stress us, which reassures us …

It’s a kind of comfortable prison and it leads the person to build walls at multiple levels, which gives him or her a sensation of security… most of the time not real.

In this area, the person has set limits, stood guides and rules, established beliefs… to maintain a certain degree of comfort, he or she looks for routine and known situations that minimize risk taking.

Except that this comfort is far from optimal. But either he or she faces the resistance to change. Humans do not like that one shakes his habits or his way of seeing life.

People prisoners in their comfort zone do not dare to confront the new, the unknown and what seems to them uncertain or difficult to control.

They prefer staying home alone, even if it is annoying rather than going on an adventure. The problem is that the one who never finds the courage to leave his comfort zone may regret and miss many cool things, and they progresses more slowly than someone more daring (this concept applies in personal, love, working life, etc.)

– This is you when you do not approach a girl.
– It is you again when you do not dare sexualization.
– It is she when she does not come over at your place while she wants to, she is turned on.
– Etc.

It can go very far, the comfort zone. When I had my anxiety attacks, leaving my house scared me. Playing sports as well. My comfort zone had become tiny: with myself in my room.

Fortunately, the game taught me to always seek to go further, to me always climb a step higher. It helped me to survive this.

That’s why I laugh when chicks fucking freak out and invent crappy excuses or insult me to ruin everything. The stress can make people incoherent. I think that these people did not understand life. Never lived anything. Always had it easy…

You should not always see evil everywhere, either we do nothing. So if there are more chances of making a cool experience than being pissed off when we have nothing better to do than watching TV, I suggest you to keep in mind the following quote:

“Life begins out of your comfort zone.”

You will never do anything extraordinary if you always stay in your comfort zone. There are those who are capable of (5% of the population) and the others. It often has a big connection with creativity, self-confidence, optimism…

“It is better to live with remorse than regrets.” Act, and you will see (but don’t do stupid things) ! Your CZ will become bigger.


B. Related Concepts:

Social pressure is the influence of a group whose result is to impose the dominant standards of attitude and behavior. This influence leads to behavioral changes, attitudes, beliefs, opinions or feelings of individuals. Thinking for yourself helps combat conformism and submission to authority.

Example: It is she when she does not sleep on the first date while her pants are wet and she does not plan to be in a serious relationship with you.

Avoidance strategies: This behavior is a defense to not be faced with a feared or anxiety-provoking situation. So if various strategies are not or no longer enough to maintain a sufficient self-esteem, the individual may have to resort to an avoidance strategy. We find among them the strategy of lack, leakage, aggression and many others…

Example: This is where from come the false excuses (female or male).

The term right-thinking is a term criticizing a conformist or moralistic point of view, who agrees without further reflection to the alleged values ​​of the established order. A do-gooder is someone whose ideas are conformist, traditional.

Example: it is those who insult me ​​because I am a womanizer while they would be happy to do the same in fact (conscious or unconscious frustration).

Political correctness refers primarily to denounce the attitude conveyed by politicians and the media, which is to soften excessively or change formulations that could hit a categorical public, particularly in terms of ethnic groups, cultures, religions, of equality, of disabilities, social class or sexual orientation.

Example: it is those who are shocked because I dare to write “doggy style” even if they like my ideas in fact.

“For getting girls like you’ve never got, you will have to do things you’ve never done before” … which also will take you to think differently.

Do not tell me that the quotes are Dolteau’s like an idiot said the other day PLZ… because translating English quotes (often consensual) to put them on photos of hot chicks to get likes on Facebook don’t make of someone a great author, a god nor a genius. The lack of culture of some people shocks me some day.

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