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The link between Comfort & Sexualization

The link between Comfort & SexualizationI have a reputation as aggressive player that follows me like a dog would follow a girl to sniff her ass. It means that I am one of those who sexualize the most… the and faster. Let’s say my overall message is that I recommend trying to be “offensive” with chicks to quickly realize if there is a way to fuck or not. I do not like when an interaction lasts too long.. and I never fall in the friendzone. I also have an easy “next”.

The basis of my technique is fast sexualization like in fast seduction method, the % of success is enhanced by personal development. Then when we fuck the girls, sex skills are used to give her a so great fuck that she wants to see us again and she becomes addicted to you or you simply achieve FuckCloses after fuckcloses.

It works well on some chicks, to go straight to the point. But sexualization works better with the girls when there is some comfort built before… rather than on an unknown caught on the fly and cold-sexualized. For example, when I’m with my friends, and a friend of friend I do not know is there : I first talk normally, and without transition, I send a big teasing (with a smile). If she responds with a smile in return, and says something like, “You’re an asshole” while giving me a punch on the shoulder, I continue my ride. I’ve already fucked chicks without much comfort (like in this FR) but it was not the best fuck of my life (not theirs I guess).

I like to do like if I was tactless. But in fact, I use this technique to test the waters. I try something and I observe the reactions. If good reaction, I sexualize, and in case of bad reaction, I next. And most of the time I have a good time… with the girl or at her expense. If my sexualization takes, I spend a speed (and then she will play with my shifter). This way, I do not even take “rakes” in the strict sense.

When the girl is shocked or outraged or whatever, that’s when it goes bad. In this case: either it comes from my teasing, that was a little too strong or bad taste, or it’s the girl who has a problem in her mind (lack of confidence, hyper-susceptibility, tight-ass morals , etc.)

If my teasing was poorly chosen, I would say her reaction is understandable. Need to go in her shoes a little. If a girl I do not know in a party tells me “fuck, you are very ugly you,” I do not think it would make me very hard nor that it would make me want to know her better nor to play with her. So be careful with the “negs”. I prefer light jokes and double meanings.

Teasing a girl, it works well in general (but they are people that have no humor). No matter who you are dealing with, if you want to conclude, you need that interaction remains “healthy” … it must be done like in a tennis match where everyone returns the ball in a cool atmosphere. This dynamic even if it is based on teasing and provocation is often conducive to a doggystyle in the toilet. But, being “too aggressive” and “shocking a girl,” if it is in a wrong way… it just make you being a stupid jerk. The limit is to wonder : if we behaved in the same way with a guy, would he punch us in the face?

Ideas that Work:
– Play a little “the alpha man” and see if she follows your frame ;
– Ignoring her a bit at times, showing a little less interest in her, to drive her crazy. A guy who ignores a girl, it can have a big impact. If she comes back to us, make out with her.
– Blowing hot and cold, it can work well. But she must be a minimum interested at first. Otherwise we would just be a weird guy who asks questions and who ignores her.

WARNING ! If a girl is afraid of us, it means that we have sent her a strange image (weirdo). Some girls are nervous when they are attracted, but that’s absolutely not an absolute truth. I do not like these generalizations! Some girls, especially when they are not in high school anymore and assume, stop being nervous virgins when they are attracted to a guy (just like you no longer jump around when you talk to a girl that you like. Well, I hope for you).

The ambiguity, confrontation, innuendo, hints, the game and all that, it is fun… it often amuses girls. But honesty, rationality, it does not necessarily bother them. A girl who is bored: this is the worst thing that can happen, of course, but that’s not why you should not be honest and sincere. Do not adopt binary reasoning! Not everything is black or white in life, it is usually a matter of shades of gray (almost 50).

Human relationships are too complex so it can be said that rationality and honesty create boredom. They are far too complex so one can say anything, anyway. Yes, a punchline attracts attention. Yes, it’s better to be ambiguous and to play… but in order to create a deeper connection we will probably have to go through a spiritual an opening spiritual/personal/psychological phase. In short, talking a little about our lives, our passions, what makes us up in the morning. And it’s nothing necessarily boring. It is also part of the game.

A tactical approach (a strategy as another but which illustrates what we just talked about):

1) To don’t be thought of as a pervert because of sexualisation, it is important to first show that we are socially accepted. When you approach her in a private party for example, may it be with a punchline or not, it’s good to talk about your friends in common so she is reassured.

2) Then you can tickle her on her lipstick, if we feel that the current flows smoothly: “This is the lipstick you put when you want to make out with a guy right?” If she laughs, it’s good.

3) After, we create comfort: We can laugh with complicity of a too drunk guy who dances like an epileptic earthworm. The discussion goes on drunk people, then on the parties. She talks about a party in Amsterdam where she saw a guy throw on himself before slipping on his own vomit. “Ah, you went to Amsterdam?
– Yes I lived there a year blah …
– I also love traveling blah (connection).”

4) Next, we isolate her and we can tease her again “I serve you another drink?
– Yes.
– Shit, your lipstick smeared on the glass. It’s disgusting ! We’ll just get another one in the kitchen!”

5) We continue to tease a little from time to time like that to spark the flame or taking another slap on our shoulder. Girls often tap my shoulder by calling me an asshole. That’s cool, I guess. Must say that I love to make a mess (on facebook or in bars) and then to make out chicks that are “fun.” Well, and once they have passed all these tests, we can try to kiss her with a low risk of failure.

The moral is that you can piss her off a bit for fun but you can also share sincere and profound things. This is perfectly compatible (it’s not boring at all on the contrary, but it’s your job to tell your story in an interesting way and to talk about interesting things) but it is especially DESIRABLE.

There is a theory that says we should not play it dirty like that because the more a girl perceives us as superior to her value, the more we can fuck without any game.

I partly agree with that. This is even why we invented DHV (demonstrations of high value), storytelling, etc. But I’m not a fan of these techniques, I prefer the natural game, empathetic and sincere.

As I often say, Ian Somerhalder probably does not need to make much effort to fuck. But, I’m not sure that being Ian Somerhalder but NEVER making jokes or any effort would allow us to keep a great girl for long. I would add one final subject: what the field has taught me is that if one is too far above or below the value of the girl, it will be difficult to conclude.

Indeed, once again, put ourselves in the shoes of the other to think : if we see a celebrity like Melanie Laurent, we would be stressed because her value would be much greater than ours. It does not put us very comfortable, and, as we all know: being comfortable is the basis of seduction. This suggests that the same goes for the ladies. A too high value would not necessarily make her wet outside the cinema. How would they react in front of the actor on whom they fantasize? They probably would get cold feet.

The ideal value is therefore a little above her value. At least, I speak about your perceived value, your projected value compared to the value she gives to herlseft in her mind. The purpose of the game is still to bang chicks better than us. To realize capital gains. Anyway, this is my vision of the thing. Always playing higher league. If you are already super handsome, super rich, super everything, sorry but you have no merit to fuck models. It is my vision of the thing too. The game is done so that no exceptional guys bang in exceptional circumstances great girls!

After it is sure that, Melanie Laurent, I would go without hesitation. But it’s because I worked on myself to have more nerves !!!

A + playboys!

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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