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The window of opportunity in seduction

The window of opportunity in seduction

The window of opportunity, what is it?

This is the period of time during which a woman would agree that things go further with you. But as it is a girl, she is waiting that YOU take matters into your two hands. And this is where it goes bad !!!


What types of windows of opportunity ?

There are several kinds of windows of opportunity to address. For example, approaching directly after having an eye contact in a club. It is sure that if you do nothing and you approach an hour later like coming out of nowhere: your value will be seriously reduced in her eyes.

There are windows of opportunity to numclose, to kiss and to fuck. There’s periods or evenings when women want to have fun and sex. And others in which they prefer to be in a serious relationship or to sleep with their best friend.


Why are the windows of opportunity closing?

Most women quickly change their state of mind, mood and opinion.

When we talk of attraction, men are rather binary (that is yes or no). For women, it is rather some gradual thing, constantly evolving, changing.

And because they have the CHOICE among a lot of men, it’s okay for them to drop the matter with you if you do something that cuts them some envy.


How long does a window of opportunity last ?

The duration of a window of opportunity depends on the circumstances and on the patience the girl can demonstrate to you if you’re a AFC. But this is not really the time in minutes that counts… the important thing is to shoot when you have a window of opportunity. Like any good hunter!

Seriously, put yourself in the shoes of babes two minutes. If a girl you was warming you hard for several days, and that when you decide “Okay I let her suck me,” she did nothing more. How would you live it?

Understand that many women (like many men) are in lack confidence and are very sensitive. They will maybe be vexed if you give them the impression you make fun of them of that you’re not really interested: they will imagine that they are eventually not beautiful enough for you, that you were making fun of them, or I dunno what (they sometimes have strange ideas). They will be annoyed if they feel that you are a small dick unable to take action or who is afraid of women.

You do realize from that perspective that if you’re looking to give a good image of you by playing the over-respectful gentleman, it’s not a good idea! Avoid spending too many opportunities in the future…

In fact, it may happen that the window of opportunity never closes! But this is a very rare case, so do not really count on it. This is when:
– There is a great complicity between the man and the woman,
– They met without explicit seduction (they were introduced by a mutual friend, for example)
– If the girl idolizes the guy a lot.
And provided of course that in the meantime la girl did not couple and decided to be faithful.


How to recognize a window of opportunity?

Learn the reading of IOI (indicators of interest) and everything. Sharpen your social and relational intelligence to better identify the windows to opportunity, be (more) confidence to be able to act, and do not let your natural shyness paralyze you.

If you missed the window of opportunity, the interest of your target will seem screeching halt. For example, she was touchy and offered you many things and then suddenly she changes her attitude and becomes colder.


Why men miss opportunities?

There are any problems like “approach anxiety” and “sexual anxiety” to take into account of course. But not only.

There’s also a lot of guys who want to “do too much”. You can tell they put a little too much the girls on a pedestal. They want to wait to be ABSOLUTELY sure that all lights are green… but one is never sure of anything in life, so they do nothing, and that fucking perfectionism turns against them.

Even with experience, we are never 100% sure … So, when in doubt: put our egos aside, perform a presumption of interested girl and let’s go merrily !!!


The risk

The main risk if you miss a window is to have regrets. To regret chicks we did not take the number and therefore we will never see again, the women we have not kissed in clubs when we could have, the girls could we have fucked because in hindsight we realize we had a big chance of success… but we tried nothing.


The advantage

The advantage to recognize a window of opportunity is that we can have women we would never have had otherwise.

You should know that we are not obliged to please them a lot for fucking them if we’re in the right place at the right time with the right attitude. Even if they like “hmm he is just OK”, we can steal the priority of the handsome guy of the college who was busy getting drunk at the bar with his friends during that time.


“Yeah, but if I go too fast and she gets blocked after?”

From experience, I would say we have the best chance to make out with a girl in the early days after the meeting.

Because :
– Of a certain mysterious magic around us;
– We had not yet enough time to do too much shit;
– If she is hot and cool, she will not stay long on the market;
– If one tries quickly and takes a rake, it will hurt less.

Does it matter if we have just kissed her because we took the opportunity and we did not sleep with her after ? Or if you slept with her once, it was good but she does not want to meet again because doesn’t assume ? I do not think it’s a big problem. Let’s say that it’s something. We are happy with what we had. We should be a little philosopher in life, damn!

And anyway, nothing lets me think that you would have had more by taking your time (if ever you wanted more). You’d probably even had nothing at all. It’s one of the things I have the most difficulties making the beginners understand, this: “Women sometimes forgive whoever sudden occasion, but never the one who misses it. “Talleyrand

Let’s meditate together on this.

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