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There is no magic formula for seduction

There is no magic formula for seductionThere is no magic formula in seduction: the ideal solution, easy, in three pages, does not exist. Too bad but that’s the truth !

The Game will not satisfy your desires with any power or revenge… but it will allow you to better know yourself and better understand others. More than words, it is therefore the spirit conveyed by the Game that must govern.

To create interest, then desire and envy : beyond the techniques, seducing is above all a state of mind, a “science of the other” that require deploying treasures of psychology and communication…

However, this knowledge can be used simply. It has already improved the sex and love life of thousands of people. Now it’s your turn.

Even if, of course, all the following is not efficient for 100% of the people you will approach because exceptions still exist (it is said that they confirm the rule).

I promise you many successes if you are serious in your learning!

The other day, I was writing for you and I thought back to my beginnings in the community of seduction. Several years ago, to initiate myself, I had copied and pasted on the big sites of seduction of the time, more than one thousand pages. I had read everything, analyzed and classified with motivation… like a true passion, yet.

I say to myself today that it would be very good if the people who arrive in the world of seduction can find an ebook recapitulating the bases of seduction, organized in the most pedagogical way possible. And, if possible, not in a 100-page plus document…

This would prevent them from getting lost in the mass of information available (God knows that there is a lot of bullshit on the web about seduction… but even good advice is scattered, so it is not easy to find things at the beginning). What you have in front of you will save you a lot of time and a lot of energy… that you’ll reinvest directly in the field with women.

My goal in writing this book is that you learn at the same time that the terms (the jargon of the Game), the principles and the techniques of seduction. Basically, I want to introduce you both effectively and in depth: you will know what words means, what is useful and why we do this or that. In short, I will not stay on the surface of things or ask you to stupidly recite your lesson at the end. My goal is that your sex life and love improves concretely!

I will also discuss the various obstacles that can be encountered along the way and which could slow down your way towards excellence in seduction.

I must admit that it was good for me to review the basics, even though I now have the rank of pick-up artist. It allowed me to take a step back and dust off some of the knowledge that I had left aside for a while, to see things from a new angle, and so on.

I wish you as much success as I have thanks to the game, and even more (why not)!

Extract from : The basics of seduction

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