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The (scandalous) syndrome of the bitch

Today we will talk about the (common) syndrome of the bitch that makes many guys suffer daily even if they can’t name it.


How does it manifests, this shit?

If you are active on the field, you’ve probably had to deal with girls who had this syndrome: a 5/10 that rejects you wickedly, a 6/10 that makes fun of you and lead you down the garden path or a 7/10 that orders you to leave her alone even before you have opened your mouth to talk. In bitches, I also put the 4/10 that prevent their pretty friends kiss… jealous!

Many women are haughty, pretentious and rude in France. I do not know if they realize it but they talk to us most often like if we were shit until we prove otherwise. This is a real social problem. And it is getting worse. So much that, now, when a woman politely replies that she is not interested, it’s very surprising. We’re almost glad to do not be barking over or ignored royally. Basically, not being interested should not prevent a woman from remaining courteous. Like being rejected should not prevent a man from remaining correct and polite. We do not live in the jungle… but the world is not right either.

Normally the bitch shield is a defense mechanism that sex bombs use to not be stressed all the time by wimps. It’s like the Protoss shield that protects they from the first enemy attack: they adopt a bitchy behavior to keep away those who have no balls. But why some 5/10 do adopt bitchy behaviors even if they want a dick in this case? The poor ugly girls already are very lucky that you are flirting with them (even if you just do that during your warm-up phase). And yet… instead of being happy and seizing their chance, they behave like bitches. That’s the bitch syndrome. Knowing that, very often, these girls are not real bitches in fact.

5/10 do not support very well negs, it works better with a hottie who has a bitch shield. Which brings me to the conclusion that these girls do not really have a bitch shield. This is just something that looks like it… like if they wanted to do like the hot girls or like those they see on TV, without thinking.

Snapping women should understand that it does not make them more sexy to play the bitches (I would not fuck Camille Cottin). In spite of that, it makes you want to blow off steam by smashing their ass in doggy style but without respecting them, which is not what they want, I guess. In fact, we say to ourselves she’s ugly, cold and stupid, next! All the girls are not Blair Waldorf…

The problem is that if you do not accept this and you speak like that in a trendy place and you reframe them as they deserve: You might being kicked out by the security guards if they make a scene. Indeed, people will always tend to give reason for women in this kind of situation. You’re just an asshole because you are a guy speaking coldly to a poor defenseless woman.

Be careful not to confuse the bitch syndrome with the fact that maybe you approach like a riffraff, that you are not confident, or you’re dressed like an accountant in the 70’s. If the rejection is what you inspire almost every girl (the cute like the uglies), then you have a problem, not them. If you are a loser, take classes on the blog. ALL the girls do not suffer from this syndrome either… don’t be paranoiac!


Where does the bitch syndrome come from ? Mars or Venus?

We do not live in a Hollywood movie. The girls that are worth 9/10 physically speaking, I do not see even one a month and yet I am on the lookout. Yet girls farting higher than their ass and who are ready to act in a condescending with me, I see every day. I wonder if this is not a fad, a game or a consequence of those fierce feminist campaigns against pick-up artists.

In fact, it’s not just the beauty that is rare. People who feel good about themselves and individuals socially well calibrated are even rarer in France than elsewhere. This is due to our culture that is based on fear and assistantship. Now the bad beliefs of the Average Frustrated Chump and the way of acting of riffraff contribute to the fact that women are as regularly approached in our country as elsewhere. Or even more. And in a way that is often far from pleasant for them. What does enter in contradiction with the fact that women are not confident and strengthen the fact they do not like themselves.

The constant stress and the lifestyle in general in the big cities make so that the French, on average, have a less natural tendency to socialize than girls in other countries.

Finally, the social frame that fact that women are regarded as goddesses who would be the “Super Prize” is very well established.

Of course, other things much simpler can result in a girl who can’t afford on it behaves like a bitch: a guy cheated on her and dumbed her recently, she had a bad day, she’s in a bad way, etc.

The syndrome occurs mainly in young people, students, low social status girls, women who do not have much money, Parisian, people from Aix-en-Provence and the idiots…


What are the root causes of evil?

The two main root causes of the syndrome are:
– Low or fake self-esteem;
– The negative reaction to your approach.

Self-esteem is composed of three things:
– The level of happiness;
– The self-confidence ;
– The well-being.

The following is the description of complex and varied psychological mechanisms behind the bitch syndrome spreads in our female population.

If the girl is ill at ease, she may want to project her malaise and thus prevent others from being happy (her girlfriends like the guys who approach her).

If the girl is not confident, she can narcissistically prefer you to fail. Indeed, the protection of ego, it is safer and easier. If the PUA communicates a strong survival value and replication: the girl who is not confident will not take the risk of being rejected or being dumped. She will therefore take her dose of ego and reject the guy herself preventively.

Of course, it is possible that girls do pretend to have tremendous confidence in them or a very high opinion of themselves while this is not true. Or are in a period when they feel too much confident but it is only temporary. But overall, behind an unjustified bitchy and repeatedly attitude, is hiding some discomfort and a lack of confidence. Or at least something that sounds wrong to that level. Like some manic depression.

The girls may also criticize your pickup while it is not so bad. They can be very creative when it comes to finding ways to make you feel bad. They will try to fuck up your pickup momentum, your motivation, your morale… There are diverse degrees of gradation: it can go from girl who refuses contact and crosses her arms to girls who will directly attack our physical appearance or our approach. The diagnostic element is the disproportionate and unfair aspect of her reaction.

The bitch syndrome can manifest itself even in the case of an indirect approach. Even if you do not show your interest. Often an indirect approach on a Low Self-Esteem triggers this type of reasoning “he is not approaching me because he likes me => one more asshole => I feel bad => I’ll play the bitch to save the face.” To minimize the likelihood of facing these ego reactions, prefer an intriguing opener or a semi-direct one (show your desire to meet her without initially showing sexual interest but do not deny it either).

A bitch syndrome can occur after a long good time. For example, in the ugly girl, once she understood that you wanted to fuck her pretty girlfriend and not her since the beginning.

You may in fact even be dealing with a syndrome of the bitch with a 9 (but rarely, above 8 it’s rather a bitch shied). Do not rely on the physical of the girl. What is happening in their heads is sometimes surprising. Some girls are very hot but are not at all confident. A 9 even cried after I teased her too much. The poor had no bitch shield and saw herself as a 6…


What solutions do we have to survive and reproduce in a so hard world?

Theoretically, we have three possible causes of the syndrome of the bitch, and as much ways of action :
– Low self-confidence;
– Low level of well-being;
– Temporary/superficial boost of ego.

Above all, remember that playing the bitch is a form of test. You will still be judged on how you manage it. By the girl or by people around…

The syndrome is linked to negative emotion that you have caused or whether due to a malfunction in her head. So try to change her feeling or the way of thinking of the girl.

Do not hesitate to ask her directly, to verbalize the discomfort you feel. Why does she react like that when, in your viewpoint, you have been courteous? She will either calm down and understand that she is dealing with an intelligent or she will explode (next in this case).

Try to reframe her negative reaction to bring the communication to more positive things.

Put her more comfortable. With platitudes, your body language or mirroring. The goal is to establish complicity with the girl.


*Low level of confidence:

To diagnose it, see if she is able to look at you in the eyes. If she looks much her feet. If she talks a lot nervously (or is nervously mute). If she makes you weird blame. If she protects her ego. Try to detect any form of narcissism. Analyze if the notion of loss appears in hers speech. Does she have a tendency to flee or an instinctual behavior?

If so, try to put yourself in range.

You can try to label her: “Hey, you do not look in your plate I’m sure you’re a good girl and you do not treat people who have not deserved it so badly normally…”

Optionally, try to make her verbalize what she needs to be reassured (but do not say it’s a lack of confidence that you’re trying to explain). You have to see if it’s at a physical or intellectual level, for example…

“Hey, if I approached you it’s because I like you so do not talk to me like that…” (An indicator of interest often changes the mood of the girl and therefore the issues of interaction).

However, be careful : some chicks are psychologically devastated, they are pathological LSE. If you go against their certainty of being crap, you will not score points, on the contrary. The inconsistency in their mind could make them trip. Prefer listening carefully and direct her to the fact that she has the right to enjoy life too.


*Low level of well-being:

To diagnose it, see if the girls project her unease, complains, manifest anger or sadness, depression.

If so, listen to their problems and sympathize a little (not for hours). Then, offer a different dynamic, a quick succession of emotions, to lead to a more conducive to orgasms universe.

“Hey, your goldfish did drowned or what?” (A dose of teasing fun is always good)

“All you sexfriends have dumbed you on the same day that’s why you’re sulking? Do not worry, we’ll find you some new and better ones! ;)”


*Girls who come to boost their ego through the environment:

To diagnose it, see if the girl is in a competitive environment, has a yard of suitors. Lots of makeup. If in addition, your wingmen tell you they would not have approached her in the street, you’re facing a case of girl who plays above her means…

This is, unfortunately, very common in clubs. I think we should do the opposite of the other guys in these situations: let’s communicate that we are not sex-starved. Try to create a bit of complicity or rapport. Why not giving her a small validation, or on the contrary a light disqualification which would actually be a bait to make her react and try to revalidate ?

“Mmm I feel that this guy over there is on you. You’re a lucky slut… He will offer you a lot of flowers and chocolates …”

“You’re smart, you’ll drink for free tonight thanks to all these losers who approached you…”

In the case of a “spontaneous” confidence that has no particular reason and that is not due to any competition nor anything, you can attack directly asking her to qualify (you challenge her). It works even if she just ignored you…

“Uh… You look very confidence. Is there a particular reason for that?” You will see what  is in her mud pot (no pun intended).


*Girls who come to boost their ego with the situation:

If it’s her birthday, if she is drunk, if she just landed a promotion… More generally, these girls spit us their (pseudo) wellness in the face. They may even believe that they can fuck who they want.

In this case, ignoring the bitchy syndrome is a very effective tactic. Play with it (since in fact they are looking for the welfare they do not really enjoy in their daily life).

Most of the time, listening and diverting the interaction, it’s enough. Except if they are very high.

“Wow looks like you’re having a lot of fun… Are you celebrating the release of the new season of Girls on DVD?”

Then look for the report in her reply to consolidate her need to boost her ego, before moving on a common fun to create complicity. We always come back here, in fact.

The goal is to reduce her to an adequate level of confidence and self-esteem for her to let it go. You must also demonstrate that you are within range in terms of value (not too superior but not inferior). Basically, if she really believes she’s too good for you or if she thinks she is not good enough for you in fact, you have to somehow bring her to a gamable level through your communication.

My final tip: never put comfort without attraction (this is called the nice guy’s trap).

I hope this was understandable because these are difficult concepts to explain, my darlings. Big up! <3

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