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Motiva(c)tion for seducing

Motiva(c)tion for seducingI do not say that without the game, you’ll necessarily end your life alone. What I am saying is that it can allow you to get a woman even cooler than you would with no practice.

Many people get discouraged quickly because it is difficult to understand and master the game. But if it was easy, any guy would ! Are you a man with real goals or just a big mouth, a supporter of least effort?

Yes, it necessitates effort and personal investment (it’s harder to catch chicks than Pokémon)! But it is an option that we then acquire for life: once mastered, you will never ever a be dog in heat looking for hot babes! You’ll also learn a lot about yourself and about other people around you. I think the game is really worth the candle… What does your instinct say?

Do you really want to be the king of oil or is it just words in the air? Is this a passing fancy (because you did not masturbated last night) or a real desire? Will you let your comfort zone ruin your life (you do not know what to say nor where to catch your problem then your mind will find millions of excuses to paralyze you by ease)? Will you let fear paralyze you or will you give love? Are you determined to succeed?

Nothing great has ever achieved by contenting with ease! I sincerely believe that the worst thing to do is to regret on your deathbed having never take the plunge! To have missed golden opportunities. Any PUA will tell you the real loose is to do not try. I remind you that many life philosophies encourage you in that direction: Carpe diem, YOLO, etc.

Personally, I like sometimes to rethink all the hot chicks that I fucks doggystyle (damn at 27 I already had a more fulfilling sex life than most guys in a lifetime). If it ever happened to you, tell yourself that if you were able to cause your luck once, you are necessarily able to do it again. And anyway if I was able to do it, then so are you! One of the main mistakes is to see that something works and stop doing it by laziness (respect yourself)!

Stop anticipate negatively, stop making excuses… to succeed, you need audacity, not perfection, and much less playing the security card. But the audacity is accessible to everyone! Get out of your comfort zone (this conditioning that keeps you stationary watching others having an extraordinary life while you feel bad), stop procrastinating! Successful people (regardless of the domain) are those who give themselves the means! Miracle solutions, we only see it in the movies!

What are you afraid of, seriously? That jealous people make fun of you because you are interested in seduction? Do things for yourself, not for others! Do not listen to jealous people (it’s a safe bet they wish they had the courage to start too)! Do not apologize for wanting what you want, because it’s healthier to assume that to be frustrated! Show them your balls and they will respect you. Do not allow chicks to tell you that it was better when you were an AFC in the Friendzone! You must be a sexual threat (not in the sense of rapist), you should be taken seriously, be regarded as a sexual guy!

All the personal development work is aimed only at achieving one goal: becoming more happy! Who could condemn you for that? Whether we are talking pickup or weight training, we pretty much have the same problems of motiva(c)tion (ask his opinion to Tibo InShape if you do not believe me)!

The seducer is not unhealthy, get rid of that fucking limiting belief. Connecting with another person to see if an exchange of love is possible or not, it is not unhealthy! Whether actively or passively, when we have not, we’re all looking for a partner. The challenge is not to please her at all costs, but rather to see if your intentions are compatible. The goal is even being alpha without being an asshole (we respect women).

Come on, do not make me believe that you prefer staying home watching TV rather than going out, meeting and kissing chicks. However, if you do nothing, you will get nothing! You probably think too much… and it’s not this way you’re going to put your tongue in the mouth of the beautiful Sarah, I guarantee you. Be honest with yourself ! And prove yourself that you are capable!

Certainly, you never can be sure it will work with this particular girl… but you should not let doubt invade you, because the process will bear fruit in the long term! The game will make you optimistic! Moreover, even if a girl rejects you firmly, if the girl tells you she does not want you, it’s still the logical conclusion of a history between you two in which you acted like a real man, this will make you grow and must make you proud of yourself. This is still better than living in denial like a virgin, you will easily agree.

Approaching a woman usually makes guys afraid because we fear a negative reaction, and no one likes to be rejected. But you’ll learn to cut your ego off from your results and to adopt an approach that does not challenge yourself in every interaction. You will, with hard work and determination, enjoy the ultimate power: the power of not giving a fuck! Besides often women by giving their bitches’ opinion think they are saying a general truth (just because they are women they imagine they know and understand women in general) but these are only disparaging thoughts that say more about the cunt they are than on you.

Trust, you’ll learn how to free yourself completely of the issue, to get a shield, to let you go! By stopping to want to be perfect, you can pickup effectively! Saying obscenities or being the perfect gentleman, everything is a question of style, and this is not what really matters. Because you should not flirt with the aim of getting something (as opposed to 100% of the sex-starved), but just for fun.

Do not try to make it complicated, say anything with a fucking mojo. Just start with something that will actually just be a test to see her reaction. Is she smart enough to understand the second degree humor?

And at worst, in the worst case she’ll reject you. But in this case, it will be exactly as if you did not approach her. The game is a game we can win the jackpot but we cannot lose. Put things into perspective, we all fail sometimes but we eventually only remember success. Before I went out a lot with a handsome dude, and he got rejected way more than me, thanks to this fact I became really uninhibited!

Theories of the game are made to increase your chances of making out with girls. Not to tinker an unstoppable shot against a particular girl, supposed to subdue her the point of being 500% sure of fucking her. That’s a novice fantasy, maybe the worst one. This is not a question of manipulation nor a contest to see who has the biggest dick… but a work on oneself, a work on the understanding of others and empathy.

Get out of the mold, let your complexes aside, see what happens with strangers. Do not try to think for them nor to imagine in advance what they might think of you (it is useless to torture yourself in this way).

As said Snipe (very good French PUA) in an article about motivation: “It is today that emerges tomorrow. If you do not act today, you will have nothing tomorrow.”

Follow the rules of the game and you will not be thought as a loser, you will be classy and you will have sex. Not with all chicks on Earth (in seduction, you are a specific product in a niche market) but still quite a lot. Enough to enjoy an overbooked penis. And too bad if then a lot of people are jealous, you’ll learn how to handle it!

That’s it, I hope I have helped you, and I really hope you will help yourself thanks to your awesome force of will.

Your wingman,

Fabrice Julien

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