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The dolorism

The dolorismDolorism, the passion for moral and physical suffering, the inability to question the cards that have been distributed, are absolutely detestable things.

Aspiring to live as happy as possible and giving yourself the means should be the ultimate goal. But happiness has a price. Are you ready to leave your uncomfortable but reassuring life to pay for it?

Many of us are ready to face unimaginable suffering to avoid an effort a bit piquant but able of giving them joy, self-confidence and a fulfilling sexual life. This is madness!

No one dies of being rejected by a chick. Neither by 20. On the other hand, we can die of loneliness.

“I prefer to die than to realize that life is not in accordance with my dreams and hopes…” this kind of sentence deserves a big kick in the ass!

Life can be more terrible than the worst of your nightmares and more wonderful than the most fabulous of your dreams. It all depends on what you do with it.

Seduction is not a purely intellectual skill because it forces you out of your inner little world. Seduction puts you at the foot of the wall. It forces you to stick to reality. To the other.

And it’s a truly exciting challenge. Especially if, until then, life has not given you gifts.

What do you learn by approaching strangers under a variety of pretexts? Whether one gets rejected or welcomed, one does not die. We sometimes get shamed. We sometimes have meet wonderful people that make us forget the bad days. It’s the game. We have fun. We do not control everything.

Then, one learns finally to be comfortable. Or how to pretend to be so until it is really the case. “Fake it until you make it”, advise some people…

A true pleasure of seducer is to give birth to a smile in a unknown woman. Then, all the art of seduction consists in amplifying the positive reaction that one provokes. The whole thing, without insisting like a weirdo.

Men and women are quite different on this point. In general, male desire can ignite very quickly, like a button that is pierced. The feminine desire can be just as intense, but generally rises more slowly (imagine the knob that adjusts the volume of a TV).

One turns the first notches by showing attention and interest to the other (and by “emitting well-being”). It is the base of everything. Then, it is just as simple but there’s a range of possibilities that you will learn to master only little by little. From the most direct to the most refined way to proceed.

The simplest is the frankness. It’s very stupid, but a cool guy who tells a girl he likes her and would like to see her in another context, it has the advantage of courage… in short we are fr away from the asshole weirdo who make proposals more or less salacious things and from the slobbery who usually beat about the bush.

Note: You may not be aware of this, but the girls are much more approached than us, and most of the time by suckers. A cool and frank guys, it is enjoyable, in general. It is not victory assured every time, but for a girl with whom there’s a feeling, it is enough. Why making it complicated when it can be simple ?…

“I will never dare,” retorted some, as a defense shield preventing them from moving their ass. If your ideal in life is to die by having loved in secret, free to you… Personally, making this kind of confession freed me. When I became aware of this, I stopped wasting opportunities by not trying anything…



“All this stuff just to bring a poor woman into your bed…! “

Yes, it is supid to have to work so hard on yourself to please women who are by nature so generous, so pure, so solidarity and so frank…

Women are so much better than men… so much more understanding… Fuck that bullshit! It’s a thought of foolish nonsense who must put women on a pedestal and believe that the guys in the community of seduction are horrible manipulators.

Women are strictly no better than men. They may even be even more cruel. The worst enemy of a girl is usually another girl, younger, more intelligent, different…

I can tell you, women are not even less cruel than men. They are, for the most part, less violent directly but are the first in terms of, for example, psychological violence, violence against children or against elderly…

A Canadian study, conducted in 2001 by the Government of Canada’s Department of Health using the WHO definition, shows the following results for child domestic abuse:

– Physical violence 31%
– Sexual abuse 10%
– Negligence 40%
– Psychological abuse 19%

The perpetrators of all these acts of violence are:

– Biological mother 61%
– Biological Father 38%
– Stepfather 9%
– Mother-in-law 3%
– Host family 1%
– Other family member 7%

In France, the National Child Abuse Reception Service also publishes very reliable statistics. The organization, which receives 700,000 calls annually to report abuses, conducts audits and transmits to the General Councils only in the most credible cases, requiring social and judicial monitoring: 9,000 per year. In its 2006 report, the statistics, which confirm those of previous years, show that the perpetrators of reported maltreatment are as follows: mother (52.3%), father (29.6%), stepfather (7.8%), all other categories being less than 2%. And by gender: women (56.3%), men (43.2%), the other cases being not defined.

For information, here is my opinion on what a Pick-Up Artist is (and I am in a good position to talk about it I think): there will always be people here to say that PUAs are not, basically, balanced people And that they seek to escape a profound discomfort. This is true and false depending on the case. Some PUAs are not models of inner peace, others are more than the majority of people. The ideal of a real PUA is, however, to continually improve, to find a way of balance and respect in his sexual and social relations. Seduction goes beyond the mere fact of adding women to your hunting bag : it is a way of finding one’s own identity, of locating oneself in relations with others and of becoming more mature. For many, it is a quasi-therapeutic way to overcome shyness and to become assertive in society. Being a pick-up artist, in my opinion, is finally respecting an ethical code: we are not heartless assholes… and those who behave in this way are still far from having finished their apprenticeship.

I repeat: seduction is a school of personal development. This involves taking power over one’s own life, and using seduction as a tool for reflection.

In light of these elements, I really do not understand why so many people criticize the community of seduction. Or rather, I understand it too well… jealousy!

Extract from : The basics of seduction

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