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Is sexual prizing the key to her… ?

Is sexual prizing the key to her… Assume your sexuality. That is the watchword of my game. And it works pretty well.

I have desires, pulsions, fantasies. And I assume them. That’s it.

The thing is that women have too. And the fact that I am “worse than” or “like” them, reassures them. It puts them comfortable. They do not feel judged. That’s why it works showing your cards the first one.

Moreover, they feel a certain sexual confidence coming from me, so they say to themselves “Well, for once he will surely be a good lover, him. In addition, he bangs a lot of beautiful girls, will he want me? If he fucks me it means that I’m pretty.”

I do not like routines, lines… I do not like the game based on a physical appearance that requires an enormous work or an extreme social proof. I like the simple game, based on a state of mind. I love being an alpha male that gives them pleasure and makes women orgasm like crazy.

My advice ? I suggest that you make your interactions more sexual. I suggest you to go faster right in her pu… I do not want you to be stuck in too polite interactions, social interaction… (damn who said frustrating friendzone?)

Sexual prizing also works if you just want to find a girlfriend. Indeed, by training to fuck good, it is women who want more and some would pear so that I become their boyfriend. Being a good lover can retain! Not only men who can be held back by what they have between their legs.

I see myself as a pretty simple guy. I do not look like a womanizer. I am not trying to convince the girl I’m a good lover so she sleeps with me. I do not seek validation. I give her a chance to experience something unusual. I choose her, be careful, but she must proves she has the level and deserves to have caught my attention. I do not like stupidity either. I like girls, thin, firm, slightly muscled, with beautiful long hair, very feminine, fragrant with love and with some strength of character.

I want to see her reach orgasm. I want to give her orgasms. I told her. The naked truth … and if she doesn’t believe me (because most guys are bad in bed or because she is totally sexually inhibited and full of blockages), too bad for her. I’m not her shrink. But, I try a little to explain her the concept of comfort zone and everything. So she understands where her interest is and why she feels stressed. This way, I can see if she is prone to avoidance strategies too. We never change a person. Let’s give her a chance or two, maximum three. And if not, leave her in her shit. You cannot open the field of possibilities to people who are not receptive at all.

Thus, the reaction of the girl to my proposal (enthusiastic or rejection) is not personal. This is her relation with sex that is involved. I am absolutely not tied to the result, even if the chicks who deflate piss me off a little. But I know I will have others.

I do not either get big headed because I’ve fucked a pure hottie after only two hours of conversation.

The difference between most guys and me is that I don’t care about indicators of interest, having “a hypothetical shot” with a girl. Ultimately, I do not give a shit as long as she stays when I am pushy, when I am taking initiatives. I work just in time.

I do not try to please her before trying to sleep with her. My approach is not prudent. It is courageous ! Even bold, sometimes. And she, is she? I love bold women. It makes me hard. And there are more than one might think in reliance on appearances.

I do not dwell on trying to convince her that I’m an exceptional guy, that, she must feel it (or she will notice in doggy style). I’m not convinced that we have to seduce for hours before in order to get the right to try to sleep with the girl (frame of too romantic girls). I play by my rules. Does she play with me? No woman will decide on my sex life. If the proposal does not suit me or she pisses me off a little too much with her fucking doubts, I next.

It happened to me having sex with women just because I had touched them the right way, I had turned them on. They confessed to me after I was not their type but they enjoyed like crazy.

I would say that contrary to the strategy of most guys, we will fuck more and faster by declaring lover rather than future boyfriend. Note that I do not fuck sluts. I even deflowered girls like that. I had “serious” relationships that started like that too. Sometimes the chicks want a breath of fresh air or is looking for simplicity. They are not angels. They are curious, most love this sex a little hard little that guys do not dare to give them (the doggy style is not so widespread as we might think).

However, this does not prevent you from (and I mean it’s a DUTY) winning her trust. I rarely slept with a woman as soon as she walked in my door. We mostly discussed before, they tested my story (she’s right, but it should not be excessive either), reassures herselft (so she sees that I’m nice) and so it makes up the sexual tension. And I also need to be won, it is not a foregone conclusion for her because she has a pussy and I have a dick (basic frame of the guy ready to anything to have sex, widespread in our society). Even if her pussy is wet and my dick is hard.

It is during this phase of trust building that it is important to do not ruin the sexual tension with nervousness, keep it simple and humble, and tease her. Your communication and body language must be good (not need to be exceptional either). And you must dare. You must assume in front of her too.

I often talk directly about sex. In fact, I start most of my interactions speaking of sex. And then I reveal myself if I feel like it. It’s a strategic choice and being clear about my intentions avoids me friendzone. I first test the women, their relation with sex. If it is bad (often in today’s society) I do not fuck with her because I know from experience that 99% chance are she pisses me off. If it is good, we can have an interesting conversation that will surely lead to good sex.

Women love good sex, the thing is that many do not even know what it is. Too few guys are able to procure it. Raising her sexual desire, OK, but you have to be good after. Otherwise, it would be ridiculous. The guide of good lover is here for that purpose, don’t worry!

The isolation, the atmosphere is also important. That is why the dates in a bar piss me off. They do not help to raise the sexual tension thoroughly. Since we know we will have to move anyway before fucking. And it surely will cool us a bit. It’s still easier if we are sitting on a bed together. Intimacy helps keeping it a secret too.

I’ll get you in the opposite position to explain better sexual prizing: you talk to a girl. You do not really like her, she is a 6/10. But she describes you very subtly how she sucks, that she knows how to make some guys come in less than 4 minutes with only her mouth, and she tells you how a guy told her that her ass doggy style was the best in Lyon. As you begin to imagine the scene, you will be cooked. It sparks your sexual desire. And if she then invites you to come (if you are sure that this is not a trap to kill you or rob you), you surely would go fucking her. She won (you too).

The thing is, we’re trying to do them the same thing. It works pretty good too to send erotic news to the chicks to describe a fuck session with you (speed seduction). The thing is that it must be imagined, in her mind. You put her the idea in mind.

– Bet on your pussy licking, and you will fuck more and more! Few men are able to make a woman orgasm with only their language (and/or their fingers) but I swear they love it!
– Make her understand that you are not an amateur nor a sex-starved. That she will not be frustrated after a penetration of only two minutes while she imagines and hoped she would enjoy like a little crazy. Emphasize that you attach a great importance to the orgasm of your partner, even after having finished.
– Show a little value and that you are not a pervert (humor, social intelligence, teasing, etc.)

What’s difficult is to communicate your expertise in the bed without seeming to brag nor anything. As if it was completely normal. And unfortunately we must respect some basic conventions (we should not mention sodomy in front of strangers, for example).

Discretion is paramount too. A girl I fucked in another life told me that the chicks were not scared to warm me, sending me crap by texts or anything because they knew that I am very respectful and discreet. It’s probably not obvious with my blog but know that it is impossible to recognize a girl that I fucked. I am very careful to detail.

Indeed, socially, it is hard for a woman to take initiatives with a lambda guy. They do not want to have a bad reputation in their chest or work because they behave like guys (what an injustice when we think about it). So again, do not judge. And make them understand that we do not judge. That it is not deemed makes the girl more confident. They dare more under these conditions. And above all, if you are an “unknown stranger” for her, she will be better able to let it go in the bed. And you too. It’s been a good egg! It’s a win-win scenario.

Please do not act like a needy. She must realize that she has as much to win in sleeping with you as you do.

I advise no man to wait until the woman offers sex for free or come and seduce. It does not work if you’re not Bradley Cooper or the hot waiter in a famous club, I guess. Warning eh, I would love they usually come picking me up by displaying their desire to fuck me that same night. But doing that would require it to be written on my forehead “exceptional lover.” Yeah … it’s not really the role of a woman to do our work for us. They will dress sexy, will make prolonged eye, yes, maybe … but for the rest…

The girls are the “price” because there are plenty of guys as sexy as us (sorry) outside. But the good guys in bed, it does not run the streets. So become the prize, sexually speaking. Classic scenario: you kiss a chick in a club and one hour later she is kissing another guy (which does not mean she will sleep with someone that night: too many inhibitions and social pressure) . On the other hand, fuck her like a God and she will have eyes only for you.

There will be not more resistances or shit like that, in this situation.

Offer her first sex with no consequences, just to test the sexual connection between both of you. This will facilitate your fuckcloses. And then nothing will prevent you to continue to see her. But they do not all want a couple (and it does not question that they are good girls rather it shows they think and do not put the cart before the horse despite the pressure exerted on them by the society).

That was the moral of the story.

Note that many still refuse sex without consequence or anything even if it would make them feel good. Too much fear in them. Too much social pressure around them. Negative imagination probably too. Too many past disappointments. Religion (even if some take it in the ass) ? Too much shit so we’re all happy and fulfilled (there’s not only sex in life gnagnagna assholes will say and I agree, but it’s important for our balance so it is not surprising that we all are neurotic in today’s society). You know the drill. Now that you know the rules, your turn. For you and for them.

May the God of game helps our rehabilitation approach.

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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