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Inequality between men and women

I would like to share with you a little experience that sums up the difference between men and women in terms of seduction.

Here is the link to see the whole experience: in the ebook.

I summarize it below.

A journalist had fun creating 10 false profiles on a dating site: 5 men and 5 women.

The only difference between these profiles: the photos (which range from “ugly” to “hot”)… for the rest, the profiles are identical, they have the same descriptions. In addition, the profiles are inactive: no solicitation, the journalist let people make their lives without influencing.

Of course, we see that the most beautiful girls receive far more proposals than the others. But the surprise is that over a period of 4 months, the “ugliest” girls receive as many solicitations as the most “handsome” guys. As for the other guys… almost nothing.

This tends to confirm an old observation: for a woman, unless she is suffering from physical or psychological problems, finding a partner is a matter of choice (accepting to be available, agreeing to make a choice in a panel of proposals, etc.)

But for a guy, except if he is very favored by nature: he will not receive any proposal unless fighting to stand out from others.

You can lament, you can stay in denial, you can use this little experience as an excuse to say that women are “all bitches who only want stupid hot guys”

But if you look around you: in fact, most people who get laid, who seduce, are far from all being models.

They just not remained passive waiting for something to happen. They took control of their desire. They have worked and learned (sometimes without the help of the seduction community). They moved their ass.

And you ? Which option do you choose?

The disproportion between the ability to attract a partner is thus unfair between men and women. And, even more unjust, people generally enter into complicity with people belonging to their to social, physical or ethnic circle…

Exception: the social mobility of a beautiful woman will be superior to the mobility of another woman (and her children, because they will be beautiful, will receive more care and attention than the others).

The statistical studies show that being a beautiful blonde counts as much as a good diploma to meet the soul mate in a framework of executives…

Social rules are not very romantic, sorry… And if you break them… watch out… your own friends can turn against you. But luckily, you can also use those rules to your advantage. In particular, those that have a strong influence but are not well known.



 “It’s pathetic” & “Does not seduction give a degrading vision of woman? “

 It’s well known, the future belongs to those who masturbate on their mum’s La Redoute catalog, not to the courageous ones who act… Let’s be clear: I do not give a damn about the lessons of uneducated idiots. I help those who want to learn. Too bad for the others.

Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur” (The world wants to be duped, let it be), said the rhetors of antiquity. Not me. I want the real truth, but it is only in what works and in the knowledge of the true nature of women, not in their idealization. To know a little, you have to study a lot, experiment a lot. That’s what I did. And that is why I am now legitimate to teach seduction. That’s why I love women, for what they really are!

Extract from : The basics of seduction

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