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Never change your plans for a woman

Never change your plans for a womanIt is quite difficult for me to explain to guys that they should not date a girl at any cost, at any time. I’ll explain why in two pages on Word.

I speak here only of girls who are not your girlfriend: of course you can make sacrifices for a girl once you are in a relationship with her, or in any case once she deserved you give her more value than your routine.

The other exception is if you did not have sex for a long time, if you are sure that the girl is open, and you cannot place her on another time slot.


It communicates bad things

First, why would I cancel my Thursday evening swimming session for dating a girl instead… so that it is precisely the only niche that we could meet up BECAUSE she does not want to cancel her sports sessions nor her slumber party?

You would communicate that you are really a sex-starved ready to anything for her by doing that. And since you hardly know her, she will not feel flattered unless she’s stupid, she will just lose respect for you.

If you were always available when she wants, you would communicate that your life is meaningless and you do not do anything interesting.


If it goes wrong

If it goes wrong, you would regret your workout in addition to the girl. Double disappointment, in addition of the fail with the girl: the one of having been ruled by your cock. Like a virgin !

Besides, you know very well that a lot of girls do flake… so if you have canceled everything on your side and that eventually she flakes (date canceled at the last moment), you are doubly fucked.


The balance of power

There’s more chance that that she is a pain in the ass for you if she makes no sacrifice to see you when you make a big one for her.

In this situation, she has invested nothing in you, while you really invested in her. The balance of power is so clearly in her favor. She will be tempted to abuse and break you. Give your hand to a woman and she eats you arm. No, frankly, taking a step towards the girl first, yes, but she has to make efforts too: remember that you are a chance for a girl (positive belief).


Do not put pressure on the girl

You need to communicate some cold blood. Your impatience can put pressure on the girl, put her uncomfortable and it will be tempting for her to say no, by ease, even if she likes you.

If you cancel something for her, you will put her necessarily some pressure to come and indeed (you will stress a bit like when you put money in a game of chance): she may feel it, not feel at ease, and therefore not come.


Do not be a spare wheel

Oh yeah the girl was not available but finally the guy she wanted to see canceled… ?! She therefore re-contacts you to occupy her free evening… you’d be stupid to accept if you had something else planned now on that time slot.

Women should not be a priority at the expense of your gym workout, your friends, your family, these things…

On the other hand, they may be a priority at the expense of a night alone with your TV…

But put yourself five minutes in the shoes of your friends if you cancel your football match for a pussy that you barely know … “He has lost his balls” they will think out loud!

The only hole that you can patch is… oh no there are three, but none is her schedule !!! 😉


Do not cancel a girl for another one

One should not cancel a girl for another one (even if she is better). Or you must use a very good excuse. The girls are not stupid … vex a girl like that in her ego and she will not give you a second chance.

Sometimes I dated two girls on the same day at the same hour, praying that one of the two cancels by herself, feels guilty and makes a counter-proposal. If it doesn’t happen and that my favorite confirmed, I so canceled the one I liked the less a priori. But it is only in cases of extreme urgency that I allow myself to do that. It’s about respect !

Finally, it regularly happens anyway since my free evenings for dates are quite rare (1 or 2… maximum 3 per week). And, in addition it has to be free for the girl too, so it’s not very easy.

The conclusion : do not cancel anything to see a girl who has not deserved this favor yet. Date her when it suits your. If after a while, it’s really impossible to do otherwise and you really want to see the girl: you can make a minor sacrifice. But … alpha male forever!

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