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If the women had been born men…

bovarysmeA) REFLECTION

The “bovarisme” is a feeling of dissatisfaction (mainly female, you will understand why) inspired by the character of Flaubert: Madame Bovary. In the novel, Emma Bovary read a lot in her youth, especially romantic works. Her married life, far from complying with her dreams, only brought her frustration and disappointment (she fucked Charles Bovary, poor guy, and a few other lovers, bad ones too, where from her dissatisfaction). The bovarysm is a state of dissatisfaction, on the emotional and social levels which translates vain and inordinate ambitions, a leak in the imagination and romance. Clearly, this is “the romantic ideal facing the small things of the reality” (Flaubert).

Women have great aspirations for men, and as we are only human: they are inevitably disappointed. In addition, they have the “sexual power”: that is to say that they just have to waddle two minutes in a club or register on a dating site in order to have sex that very same night, without more effort than that, and forget that they are just human like us. And besides, the dudes offer them glasses just for the one and only privilege they sit with them. So they allow themselves to be pain in the ass, arrogant, pretentious, to let themselves go, etc. It is a vicious circle: it is so easy for chicks to get banged that they get big-headed and become even more demanding. Basically, they feel growing wings. On the other hand, the biological clock works even at 16 year old (or is it all the Disney movies they watched), then they feel the need to be in a relationship (and I have not said envy). Like all men are disappointing, she says, I will anyway take a bad one (or at least a shit at my level for not being forced to move my ass). It’s sad but it is a drift of today’s society. And it is not ONLY the fault of women, but the fault of men TOO. All those who encourage or condone the system are guilty. At the same time, the alphas are preferred for being lovers, and the great mass of pussies fulfill perfectly the role of “husband” so it suits everyone in the end … except women whose husband is revealed as boring rain.

1 / Where are the men? Like Aurelian says “they like effeminate guys like if they were lesbians.” I read that guys are afraid to let themselves go to be manly because they are afraid of the label of “macho” just like women fear the label “whore.” Poor France: yeah you’re a macho & a good guy; yes she is a good girl & a whore!

There’s so many pussies that it turns too often into a balance of power with chicks. If you win, you stay an alpha but their ego is bruised and as they are accustomed to submitted gays (it’s more comfortable even if they are not excited)… they try to put you back in your place reminding you that they can have sex when they want and even if you try to make them understand that having sex (or being in a relationship) with an alpha and fucking a wimp, it’s not the same level, they assume that “it’s too good to be true” and therefore necessarily that you lie and you’re a loser like the others. There we are entitled in the best case to three tons of tests to see if we are really so alpha, if really we do not judge the women who have fun, and if we are really that open-minded. If you lose the balance of power game, well then, you’re a beta so you are not that exciting anymore. In all cases, with stupid chicks whose brain was lobotomized, you cannot do anything and they ruin the sexual tension. As if it was something bad in itself. It is the inheritance of our catholic religion (or Protestant in England) that provokes this effect. If there had not been that to control people, it is true that it would have been a little mess, so much the girls are paradoxes: they watch our butts but do not assume, and then make the guys who do the same thing feel guilty. But on the other hand, if nobody watch their ass, they are sad because does not feel like attractive.

2 / Sexism is not only against women. You must realize that they have more lenient in court, for example (how many women get custody of their child to the detriment of their ex?) They just have to accuse a guy (harassment or rape) even if he has done nothing and he finds himself in trouble: the society assumes that those “poor little fragile beings” always tell the truth. It’s a bit the same principle with racism. We always accuse white people, but whites are also sometimes victims of racism sometimes. And they cannot say anything! Poor France!

In pick up, they have a fucking advantage but it is double-edged. In fact, they assume that a guy who does not approach them or do not dare to take initiatives is necessarily a guy who is not interested. Few assume it may be a loser who has no balls, since they worship the pussy who will be their husband. Thus, the fucking winners who take initiatives are mistreated, and the poor guys who do nothing (who are unhappy too if not more) make fun of them and remain quietly in their comfort zone. It’s convenient. The trick here is that a girl who would dare to take some initiatives, or even send feminine energy (not the fierce and tight-ass energy but sweetness and feminine sensuality) would come before all the hotter girls. Even alpha winner will not approach all the time, because sometimes, well he is bored by those almost automatic slutty reactions. So if the girls would approach, they could surely have this guy that they like but who has not seen her or does not have energy to go there now knowing that he has a 90% chance of approaching one more time an idiot. Sorry girls, but we are not soothsayers huh. Furthermore, when a guy does not sleep with a girl, the general opinion thinks that it is because SHE is not interested and thus finally that she is too good for him… While he would maybe have been more successful by being a little more inaccessible. But in the practice it is the same problem as when you let your girl invest much more than you in your relation: after a while, that is going to bother her to have this impression to be a stopgap and to not have enough rewards (Here if we play too much the inaccessible guy she is going to believe that we really are so, and she will save her time by investing for guys with whom she feels that she has a chance). Well, I finish on inequality in pickup by talking about Internet dating: the girls often do not answer and even complain when they receive a shitty message like “hello are you?”… And yet, when they see a HANDSOME and decide to try their luck, sometimes they send “hello are you?” Therefore you must stop asking fun when you are unable to give some.

I very often heard that I am a “sex maniac & disrespectful misogynist” and still I am soft, said by chicks who have not read my blog or “diagonally”. It is therefore unfounded and an automatic reaction aiming to defend their sexual power, to deride everything that touches this taboo and to prevent men from understanding women because they fear that we find out that there is nothing THAT glorious with them in fact. “You have a blog? Oh yeah about what?
– Seduction.” They sometimes run away calling me a psychopath then go to the nearest bookstore to buy a women’s magazine titled “how to seduce guys this summer” or “who is the best fuck in Secret Story 7?” That’s exactly the same hypocrite principle with the intimate pictures of Jennifer Lawrence that were uploaded on the net, everyone criticized in front of the others “ooh that’s a shame, that does not interest us, it is her privacy” and everyone watched them once back home. The single thought, well-thinking, call it how you want… it formats people and in the long-term, they feel that this dictatorship of the opinion, well, actually it is their own true opinion.

For the defense of chicks, there are actually “seduction coaches” who do that because they hate the woman in fact and because they are narcissistic and liars… and in this case, OK it’s unhealthy. But ultimately why did they get there? because women made them suffer. And why did those coaches suffer? So women finally go back home alone, touching themselves, thinking that eventually, it would have been better if it was a nice and a bit alpha guy who did it. I’m not trying to defend the guys who hate women, but just to make you understand that we are all human and we all have to build ourselves. And for some, well, it’s harder than for others (there are girls too, especially fat ones, for whom it is not easy life but btw I think that a lot of women hate men too).

3 / Me too, I would like that the girls I fuck all have Megan Fox’s body. So, should I be disappointed and refuse to consider any offers? Seriously, this shitty society bombards us with images but you have to realize that these girls do not exist. Megan Fox as we know her only exists in the pictures, it is made up, enhanced by lighting, the angle, etc. Well, I understand that chicks want to fuck Chuck Bass or Damon Salvatore, but know that in the same way that our sex symbols do not exist, yours neither. And even if they existed I do not think you could have them. Back on Earth everybody, please!

It is so obvious that everyone has problems or insecurities. Even Ian Somerhalder, it is obvious that he would like to be a little taller. Even Padawan, my handsome wingman, sometimes has doubts and has been often rejected. Sometimes chicks see that he likes my articles on FB and he receives messages like “I do not understand, you do not need any tricks you… because you’re very handsome and everything…” yet they do not sleep with him and take him for a idiot like the others… haha, QED.

Another example of the fact that the chicks have more imaginary problems in seduction than guys is an episode titled “I dunno what… pranks” in which a guy shows the Badoo profile of a dude to girls in the street. Because the dude in question is a model, women say “yes it is the man of my dreams for a date, I would kiss him right now if I saw him, etc”. And the joke is that he makes a rappelling and just appears in front of them. And we see their true reaction: there is even one girl who acted hottie for him in the abstract who JUST RAN AWAY when seeing him IRL. Others said he was even better looking in real life than in pictures but just gave him a kiss on the cheek. The reverse experiment was done with a hottie, and the guys kissed her huh and it was not fake French kisses. What does it show? It shows that most of the problems between attractive guys and attractive women, are that women are too often a headache (like some guys probably) and they want to prove “I do not know what and we will never know” so it busts the balls to everyone.

Thus here we are, this shitty logic which is propagated by the dykes of feminists who are in media mattering posts would push the average guy to lie every time to a girl he likes. “I want a serious relationship” he will have to swear that on the Holy Bible before trying to pick up a girl, otherwise of course, he would be demonized. Then, because this kind of blind arrangement works almost never or then because he would have consciously lied to try to get his own way and because it is easier than assuming what he really wants for the moment (with possibility of course if that goes well to have a serious love story then but why already signing the marriage contract?)… well, the chicks will conclude “They all are assholes, I knew that” (while sometimes it is them who want just to quench a drive, moreover there are more women out there who cheat on their husband than the opposite). In fact, it is them who urge most of the guys to act like that: it is maybe time to realize it.



Once upon a time, I made a threesome. It was cool. Story: I was kissing again a girl with whom I had slept a few times and there was another one that came sticking us. So I a little motivated her and went having sex all three together. Except that on our way home, the redhead I had already banged kept saying stuff like “yeah I have theater class early tomorrow morning.
– The other girl: If you want I go back home huh.
– No, no.” And then when I warmed the other one on my couch, the redhead was sitting on a chair on the other side of the room. What was happening? She was freaking out, she did not assume…

Few months later, that same redhead got fat and then had sex with one of my buddies (he dared to be sexual because he knew what she had done with me otherwise he acted every time like an AFC but he will say never thank you, you see, in brief this is another story). She was haughty with him. Kind of horrible, and said unpleasant remarks. The kind of stuff I would not dare to say even the worst fuck of my life. What was happening? Nervousness, compensation, etc.

My point? Most of chicks are in this case. They do not have a perfect body, are arrogant, demanding, rude, traumatize the guys to compensate for their discomfort while trying to save face… But we fuck them so they continue. We accept this shitty frame! We should not, we should reframe them. Give me a bomb that kills sex-starved-to-death guys and I change the rules. If men stopped to behave this way, it may balance the sexual power and everyone would pay more attention to self recover.

In your opinion? It is increasingly easy for a woman to be banged, then what? They do not make any effort and they consider all of us by default as starved uninteresting and bad in bed. That’s why there are more and more fat girls, etc. It sucks. Poor France! I say it to you guys, let’s change the rules !!! But we must do it together for the good of future generations.

I want to develop the debate now. Ladies, if instead of being bitches, you were guys: know that you would not have sex. You’d be big chubby bacon, with a shitty personality, and an AFC attitude: the chicks would not like you. OK then, you would also have been born in a poor African country and we must thank God for what we have. But still, think about it: only one chromosome has determined that you are a woman and not a man. You would have had more chance to be born here in France with a pair of balls than to be born in Africa. When you are in that club and behave horribly with a guy who was finally addressing you a compliment, do not assume that he is a big shit and do not be offensive with him. It looks like it was an assault, seriously. Go a little in his skin and know he needed a lot of courage to make that step for you and he is not necessarily sex-starved (well if it’s a fucking AFC or a rude dude it is another deal). Keep in mind that the aggressiveness of a woman is whether she is uncomfortable in her own skin, or is not in the mood, or that she felt aggressed, or you arrive at the wrong time or simply that she takes you for a shit (it happens).

I think the attitude of some shitty chicks is due to the society and not to the woman in herself. We give them too much power. And these shitty fictions are encouraging them. If women were born men, I hope for them that they would behave differently. This is also why I laugh when I hear a guy saying “if I was a woman, I’d a bitch.” Nope Blockhead, if you were a woman you would undergo the pressure of the society and you’d be a pain in the neck before fucking. You’d probably be too stupid to see beyond the tip of your nose where is really your interest and stop worrying about conventions.

The game rules are like that, there’s nothing else to do than to try to improve the image of men… maybe women can understand us and know how to take their game (and no there I do not just talk about sex eh but to be honest wanting to build a relationship without sexual tension is as silly and uninteresting as going shopping at the supermarket and only buy stuff that we will never eat).

There is a foreigner who told me that her French friends had recommended to her to “do not sleep easily” and “behave badly” with the men here because French are too often seducers. Thus, she is sexually frustrated seen that she is a not bad-looking East girl with another culture and that a lot of charming guys tried to pick her up. The truth is that her French friends told her it because they were afraid of the competition and wanted at the same time to weaken both her and the men by lowering their self-esteem and thus to keep them untouched (certainly for them later). If she knew how to think by herself, she would have been able to find a good guy here! Too bad for her…

Carpe diem !

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