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Why not going to prostitutes?

Why not going to prostitutesIntroduction

A reader wrote me that that the game is something really complicated! He asked “why not just going to prostitutes?” It’s a good question.


1/ The game is an investment

The first thing to understand is that if you go to prostitutes, it’s in order to have sex. Whereas if you learn the game: it is to have sex, to improve yourself and to have a great girlfriend.

When you know that it is about 50 € per hour if you want to fuck a professional (time-clock), the purchase of any ebook allowing you to pickup chicks will quickly be profitable. The game is an INVESTMENT while the whore is a sumptuary expense.

Currently, if I want to kiss a girl, it does not cost me anything. I do not pay in general not even a drink or anything since I’m making them come over directly and they bring a bottle.


2/ You cannot kiss them

Do not forget that you cannot kiss a prostitute. While with girls we pick-up through the game, we can!

There are plenty of things you cannot do to a whore but that you can do to a lambda girl picked up in a bar. There is thus a much greater freedom of action when you do not pay you intercourses… and, in addition, there is no risk of getting punched in the face by the pimp (the guy who abuses the whore and takes almost all her money – I refuse to encourage such a trade).


3/ We do not really feel wanted

Because one pays, he does not feel what it’s like to be truly desired. Orelsan sums up the situation: “no matter what she does with her mouth, she doesn’t give a fuck.” So, yes, it satisfies a need but I do not think it really gives a good mood. Banging a chick who will not remember us the next day, it’s nothing flattering.


4/ This is not really exhilarating : it’s beforehand won

We do not feel the stress of uncertainty: is she going to reject at the last moment? Is she going to let me do things that no guy has done to her before? Will I be the only one in her life to make her come like crazy? “It’s stronger than me, I always want to feel special in their eyes.”


5/ An increased risk of STDs

The advantage of prostitutes is that they do not give us a headache, unlike an hysterical girlfriend. No tantrums, no whims, etc. €50 is the price of the peace of mind in a sense.

But there is always the possibility that the condom cracks or does not protect us (not 100% reliable). By going to see a whore, we have more “chances” to catch STIs, herpes or any sexually transmitted shit. We do not leave so serene at that level.

I have a friend who was banging whores in Argentina. One day, the condom has cracked, he panicked. He had to tell the situation to his mother who ordered him to take the plane to come in France to access to triple therapy! It’s still a fucking lose story!


6/ We are forced to put on a condom

In addition, we must always fuck with a condom (which will be accounted by a pimp). Whereas if we develop a relationship with a nice girl who takes the pill, we will be able to directly feel the heat of her pussy around our cock : it is priceless.


7/ We are not the price

This is not a very alpha state of mind to want to queue (wait your turn) in order to pay a woman to have sex with her. An alpha male is, however, supposed to be the price in the interaction. This logic seems unnatural to me. “I do all the work, it is her who should pay me!”


8/ They are not all pretty

There are prostitutes who are classy and pretty, but it is not the cheapest. So if I can get better, I do not want to pay to put my dick in a fat hairy girl smelling like shit and speaking a broken French.


9/ The environment is unhealthy

If it is to go cheap whores, smelling like sweat and who have not washed their sheets soiled with the semen of all the customers of the day, no thank you! All this for a stoic and impassive girl or a crazy that simulates… Fuck, the game is supposed to prevent guys from being sex-starved. One could say that whores are for desperate people, while the game is for those who still have hope and will.


10/ A sex therapy

As Gringe said, “whores is like a session with a shrink.” Even better : because they listen and suck. Anyway, the game is also a form of therapy then if we follow this logic. And it is much deeper because relationships are much more sincere because disinterested. Also, it meets more our hunger for affection.



For the record, my brother once went to the whores in Figueras, Spain. It seems they were sexy, and that hygiene was respected. He kept a good memory, but hey, he is not used to fuck sex-bombs. In Amsterdam too, it seems it’s not bad, the prostitutes in the shop windows.

It can be a rewarding experience to do, to go to whores, once in a life. I will maybe if I have the opportunity to do it in good conditions and with a girl who works for herself. The chick will be banged so hardly that she will understand why we talk about priced sex! After all, it is the oldest profession in the world, must be respected.

Moreover, before, the young men were initiated into sex by an experienced prostitute. It was socially accepted. I critique here those who make it a habit, not those who go there once or twice for fun. What I question it’s : those who prefer to pay to go to whores instead of working their game to attract more and sexier women.

That said, there are rich people who regularly hire call girls (or luxury whores) and fuck them. After all, if they are beautiful, experienced, willing, if they do not have 10 customers in the same night, and there is no pimp behind … why not? But hey, you have to pay the price. It is still a privilege of rich people to orgasm in the pretty young girl at the age of 80.

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