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How to please a girl?

How to please a girl? We’ll see that. How to please women? Yes Yes. How to please girls? I understood… How to please a woman? In short, we will see together what you need to know to understand how to please a girl you want to seduce.

How to please a girl

Pleasing a girl: Everything about your lifestyle

How to please a girl? Get a life.

Success attracts success. The mojo attracts women. That’s how it is, sometimes we are in a positive dynamic and we succeed and sometimes it is a little more windy.

If you’re in the depths of a depression, you’re unlikely to please women (their nurse side has limits). So, to please girls, I advise you to start by reading this article that explains how to regain your spirits.

To please women, play sports

Women generally like the idea that their man is athletic. You do not have to be an Apollo, but tell them that you play sports.

In addition, women love the idea that a guy can lead them to seventh heaven without being out of breath, so fitness is important to please women.

More than your physique, it is the image that you send back that is important.

If you take the example of Gainsbourg, he did not have an easy physique but he liked women. How to please a girl then?

Gainsbourg was intelligent, elegant, talented, famous, kinda rich… but, above all, he had a reputation. A sexy reputation! A reputation of libertine.

He had a reputation as a slugger and a big fool, who did more than half the job for him. Make yourself a reputation as a seductive guy (and so that women are interested in you – this is called preselection) or a reputation for great leg can help you please women.

how to please a girl


Take care of yourself

Taking care of yourself will never hurt women unless you become a really effeminate twink.

But, to a lesser extent, they like it because they hope that you will stay alive for as long as possible. The self-destructive side may be attractive, but, again, there are limits.

The healthier you eat, the cleaner you will be and the more successful you will be. You will notice a difference that is all the more significant if you are currently very far from this healthy lifestyle.

Do not overdo it: for that the neglected air can help you

As we said, you must not overdo it. Women do not like try too hard men. A slightly neglected hairstyle, if all else is fine, can even make you even more attractive.

It will give you an air of “I don’t give a shit” which can be very charming. Especially since many women like nonchalance.


How to please a girl: your attitude

How to please a girl? Look confident in some areas

How I have already explained, if you are not in the virtuous circle of success, you must enter it. Anglo-Saxons say “fake it until you make it” and that’s what you need to do to please women if you’re not a successful guy by the time you read me.

Without doing too much, you must appear more alpha, more confident, especially in certain areas (no need to broast all the time). Women love when a guy is expert in something.

Interested in gender relations

Still wondering how to please a girl? Talk to her about her or what interests her. Then, I’m not in her mind but it’s a safe bet that the girl you like likes to talk about gender relations, because it is a subject that fascinates women, that, the relations between men and women.

Do not hesitate to talk to women as often as possible and you will see that they like it, when we try to understand them and to please them.

Assume yourself as a man

Many women are fed up with these guys who do not assume they want to fuck. They do not like the sex-starved either, but they hate the guys with no balls.

So, assume yourself as a man, assume that you want her, that you like her, etc.

No need to wait for three appointments to kiss or to sleep with a chick !!!

Respect yourself

You think that by behaving like a stooge or a little poodle, this girl will end up liking you? Well no ! Respect yourself, even if you lose that girl. You have to be ready to lose a girl to win her.

Why ? Maybe she will say that you are finally a real guy who does not let himself be pissed off and that will please her. But even if she is not smart enough to get this information, at least the other girls will respect you in the future.


Do not smile all the time, for everything and for nothing. But smile, just without excesses. Smile, it will allow you to be loved.

Use sexy humor to make her laugh

It is often said that to please women, you have to make them laugh. Yes, but not no matter how! Do not be a jester. You have to make her laugh with sexy alpha humor. This same humor that often use men to women in movies and TV series.

The body language

To enter the virtuous circle faster: adopt a confident body language.

Do not get put in the friendzone

When I say that you must be a man who assumes: forget the strategy of doing friend-friend before showing your interest for chicks. This is a monumental mistake made by many men and that’s why I have writen Friendzone & Sexualization.

Be tactile

A good way to avoid the friendzone is to dare to touch her. I do not mean to put your hands in her ass but to make kinos on her forearm: only that will make you look more attractive to her.

Make a good impression

How to please a woman? It is of course better to make a good first impression, from the first 5 seconds when you talk to her.

Choose your first words, have a confident voice, a firm handshake, especially no shy eye contact, and hold yourself well.

How to sexualize your conversations with unknown women ?

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