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A young baboon has just left my girlfriend

A young baboon has just left my girlfriendIt is 4:48pm and a young baboon has just left my girlfriend. She had joined us, The Teacher and me, around 2pm.

She came early because her parents forced her to return home to Meyzieu for 5pm. She is 18 years old and is in high school in Villeurbanne… it had been a long time since I had not fucked a high school girl.

Making her come has not been very difficult. Her description on Tinder said “Free your mind and your ass will follow”. So I said « nice your saying and you are free to the point of making love to a couple?
– Thanks I always wanted so why not ^^
– Cool ^^ well we like you so if you want we can see each other at the end of the week or this weekend ?
– Well yeah why not, I risk being super stressed and embarrassed I warn you direct !
– I know it’s normal it’s always that when we do something new! But if you are motivated tell us what evening or afternoon you are available
– Yeah it works, well this saturday it’s no possible but sunday afternoon if you’re willing why not ? Anyway it’s been too long that I speak of it soi t is necessary to launch one day !
– Fine, let’s go for Sunday afternoon at tea time !
– My only imperative Sunday is that I must be in Meyzieu for 5pm, imperative family …
– Okay and well then let’s say at 2pm or if you prefer tomorrow night
– Yeah 2pm it’s better ! Tomorrow I already have something planned
– OK lol
– Do we meet at your place?
– Yes
– Fine
– Frankly, I’m not going to lie to you I’m really scared
– Lol it’s normal it means that it really gets you out of your comfort zone;) but that’s where we live the best experiences !
– Yeah that’s sure, I need to test after all… but already that I’m a shy base… 😀 then it’s stressful knowing that I do not know you at all I hardly seen you in photo: D

[At this moment I gave her our Facebook couple profile]

– Thanks ! So how do you imagine it ? Because some couples have certain rules when sleeping with another girl ! So I know a little what to expect …
– In fact we do not have precise rules lol. Especially do not stress !
– I can not wait to be there, it’s a positive stress;)
– It’s nice to read that ! »

She arrived by telling us about her problems with her parents. They are scolding her because they are worried about her because she is taking drugs. Her father even made a Facebook account to try a little to see what she’s cooking up. She showed us the comments he leaves. I thought for a moment to send him a message saying “MY GIRLFRIEND AND I HAVE FUCKED YOUR DAUGHTER” but I thought it would be naughty.

The girl told us she goes to “parties” and regularly takes hard drugs. She even told us that recently, she banged guys but does not remember the fuck. Yet she was dressed rather classy and was clean on herself, she’s a good family girl… we couldn’t imagine like that. We only knew her for a few minutes when she began to tell us all her sex life. She was funny, finally, she made me laugh. She was fully crazy and pretty cute so we took it as a joke and then we took her.

First of all, she was offered coffee… and offered to give her a four-handed massage. She put herself on a string to lie on the bed. We coated her with oil.

Then we kissed all three. She liked my girl more than me, she a little neglected me, but it does not matter, I do not care. She had a nice body still firm. The youth surely. Small breasts and good buttocks, her pussy completely shaved covered a tiny clit well hidden. She should enjoy now because with the drugs she takes, she may not keep it long, this nice body!

Well. The girls licked each other, after I massaged them both… then I licked them. The Teacher has orgasmed. The other asked me to stop because it was too sensitive. It was then understood that she did not control her sexuality well. She told us, on this subject, having fucked only 10 guys and 1 girl in her life. She defines herself as bisexual. And I’m her oldest, until then, she had not fucked any guy over 21 years old. Her fantasy is to get fucked by two guys at the same time… but she thinks that even her sex friends are too much attached to her. She would like the guys to be less “romantic”.

Finally, they sucked me in turn. It was good, I got hard. Because until then, I was rather soft. I do not know why, right now I’m not in a dazzling sexual form.

Then, the young girl went to smoke at the window. She is so addicted that she had to take a break during the fuck to have a joint.

She came back to watch us (The Teacher continued to suck me during this time) and said she liked the doggy style. So I fucked her until she came (with condom). Then it was the turn of my girlfriend and I ejaculated in her (without a condom, it helps). The girl got dressed, smoked a joint and left.

Updates on my life: We started looking at apartments to move in together. We found interesting things and it’s true that, financially, it would divide a lot of expenses by two.

Funny anecdote: At 11am, this morning in Guillotière, a drunk black has approached us. “She’s pretty, is she your girlfriend?
– Yes.
– She’s pretty but not you. » Thank you it’s a pleasure !

Otherwise, the other night, I went home quietly when I saw through the window that one of my neighbors was getting dressed. She was surely returning from work and changing. I admired her ass while her panties and her jeans went up along her legs. It was sexy and I did not see her face so I could fantasize freely. I even had a small erection. I would have taken a picture but I preferred to admire.

Finally, know that I managed to go 3 times to the sport this week and I decided to make an appointment with a dietician nutritionist, we’ll see what happens! But I do not want to become a fat chartered accountant like all my colleagues and yet I took a little this way. Dirty dynamic for a PUA!

May the God of the Game be with us!

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